How Socialism Ruined My Country

How Socialism Ruined My Country

Many American millennials seem to be drawn
to socialism. They came out in big numbers for Bernie Sanders
in the 2016 presidential primaries. They rail against capitalism on their college
campuses. They wear Che Guevara t-shirts to signal their
socialist virtue. I know a lot about socialism. I live in Rio de Janeiro and I work throughout
Brazil as a journalist for a popular magazine. In the early 2000s, Brazil’s economy was
growing rapidly. The government had enacted economic and monetary
reforms and divested holdings in some state-run companies, giving the private sector more
room to breathe. Inflation—a chronic problem in Brazil—was
dramatically reduced. Foreign investors poured into the country,
eager to catch a portion of our expanding economy. The future seemed promising. But today, our economy is in shambles, unemployment
and debt are massive and powerful politicians are being investigated for involvement in
the largest scandals of fraud and corruption in the country’s history. What happened? In 2002, a socialist politician named Lula
da Silva ran for the presidency. He was a socialist, but painted himself as
a modern, cool kind of socialist. He would be the politician who would heal
national divisions and unite everyone. He even had a nickname, “Lulinha paz e amor”,
which means “Little Lula peace and love” in Portuguese. But the old message about the need for income
redistribution to decrease inequality was still there. The media, academic elite and celebrities
assured Brazilians that by transferring the money from the rich to the poor, the poor
could finally be richer. But the only ones who really got rich were
Lula and his corporate and political friends. It only got worse under his successor, Dilma
Rousseff. The socialists increased government spending,
deficits, and debt. They called it a stimulus. They increased the minimum wage and the benefits
of social programs. They called it social justice. They increased the salaries and retirement
benefits of the civil service. They called it investing in the future. They handed out thousands of jobs in the government
and state-owned companies as favors to their political allies. And they called it good governance. It worked for a while. Socialism always works at the beginning. But government spending just kept going up
and then Lula’s socialist paradise fell apart, and the economy fell with it. The outcome: from 2008 to 2015, government
spending grew nearly four times as fast as tax revenue. The economy shrank 3.8 percent in 2015, the
worst result in 25 years. That same year, a World Bank survey found
Brazil’s economy to be one of the world’s worst. Out of 189 countries, we were the 16th hardest
place to open a business, the 60th most difficult nation in which to register property, and
the 12th most complex place to pay taxes. Economically and morally, the almost 15 years
of Socialist policies have greatly harmed Brazil. We also remain among the world’s leaders in
murder and robbery, and we rank near the bottom of industrialized nations in terms of education
and health care. Americans take it for granted that they can
be born into the lower class and reach the middle or even upper class. Many Brazilians take it for granted that they
can’t. But finally some things are starting to change. There may be reason for hope. Today, more and more Brazilians see that capitalism
and limited government are the only way forward. Thankfully for Brazil, Lula has been charged
in several lawsuits for corruption, involvement in a criminal organization, influence peddling,
money laundering, and obstruction of justice. Rousseff was impeached in 2016 for falsifying
the government’s finances, and illegally using money from state-owned banks to run
the government. This crisis prompted the new government to
freeze federal spending, reduce the government’s role in state-owned companies, and to encourage
some of the massive federal workforce to resign. No one knows whether these basic measures
will be enough to rescue Brazil economically. Truthfully, the damage has been so extensive,
it may take decades for the country to recover. But if we do, it won’t be socialism that
saves us. American millennials take note. I am Felipe Moura Brasil for Prager University. Hi Everyone,
I am Felipe Moura Brasil, a journalist and columnist in Brazil. PragerU videos have made a deep impact on
me and many Brazilians. If you have been impacted by these videos
too, please consider making a donation to PragerU. Your support will help ensure that PragerU
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97 thoughts on “How Socialism Ruined My Country

  1. Socialism/communism (Marxism) is a cancer for the economy, it destroys the economy and thus impoverishes the population. Examples: Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, etc. The more socialism there is in the economic policy of a country, the more poverty it will have.

  2. The government in Brazil is Mafiaism. It's who you know and who you have to pay tribute fees to in order to gain progress. A very loving people but very arrogant to social progress.

  3. Felipe Moura Brasil é um gênio do jornalismo! Fico feliz em ver ele junto aos gringos.

    Que Deus abençoe o Brasil!

  4. Socialism ruined my country during 1970s. Thnkx we managed to overcome this wronh ideology

  5. Socialism is a cancer. It eats the country from the inside out. Not one, not one of the socialist countries in the world is ever doing anything good for its own people, starting from Soviet union to eastern bloc to China to Vietnam to Cambodia to Cuba to Venezuela the latest example.

  6. Prager U shall be a hub for both left right, and liberals.( Saying liberalism is left just because it opposes the rights, it’s not true). Prager U shall be neutral

  7. Socialism is settling in my country, Spain… I know their politics won't work, but we gotta face the radical left fallacies and demagogy.

  8. Thank you for your sobering message. If socialism worked, I’d be 100% for it. It never does so I’m not.

  9. Using Tax Money to Hire you, what does it called ? giving contract using Tax money to Private corp, what does it called ? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    even the Expert can get confused by this system ?. and you dare to claim an expert ?

  10. Socialist ruind Sweden and i knowe that brazilian whas going to get ruind by it to. Im half brazilian and miss the contry.

  11. All socialist countries have failed economically becoming poorer. Why so many people are so obstinate about this crazy ideology? Take a look at Eastern Europe for example, the ex socialist countries have not recovered after 50 years of socialism yet.

  12. This is legitimately what is going on in Romania right now.
    No, people don't get richer with socialism.
    Only corruption gets richer.

  13. Para de mentir seus filhos da puta. Estamos com um presidente miliciano fascista e corrupto graças a mentiras de vocês mentirosos do caralho.

  14. Recently che's daughter came to India and said she needed a revolution in my country to become equal society like cuba.btw if Cuba is so good why don't people migrate to Cuba and to USA?

  15. Everyone needs to listen to this gentleman he has lived it this is what Canada is kind of going through with their Neo liberal leader Trudeau he is a very disgusting pathetic corrupt little sorry man. And people that support him should be ashamed and we feel you are disgusting also

  16. Your all deceived. The socialism of today is huge protests and non compliance with the state or big business. Leave the governing up to the people.

  17. You could be socialist on the surface for political affair, but the whole social, education and economy SHOULD be capitalism for steady grow. It is the lession my country wish we learn sooner.

  18. When socialism burns capitalism fats, there is good, but when run of fat…socialism can't burn for itself and collapse like a starving body…

  19. He's not even hiding it, this guy is a Russian "bot", what's wrong with you people, geez, get an education the founding fathers gave us this country motto, "e pluribus unum" with translated means "our of many, ONE". The motto of the United States of America was created by the founding fathers as a definition of the country, a socialist republic. Examples of socialistic programs that none of you scream bloody murder when anyone even talks about touching it is Social Security, Medicare, Army, Navy, Air Force, and it goes on and on and on, so which one of these socialistic programs would you like to cut, hard to imagine how lazy one has to be to not even look up the definition of Socialism and just assuming that socialism and communism are the same system, "spoiler alert" there NOT

  20. Millennials are advocating for socialism because they don't want to work for a living. They realized they messed up by going to college with no clear direction and now they have a shit ton of debt and no purpose in life. Instead of taking responsibility, they want others to bail them out.

  21. Thank you Felipe Moura for your reality. The dems just don't get it because they want total control. Look at all the people that got pocket moniey when obumer was in office…

  22. These idiot brainwashed American college kids believe this is way to go. Funny though. Interview them 10 years after graduating and they r angry for paying for all the deadbeats in the country. Lol. My daughter and her friends were as liberal as they come. Lol. It’s funny to here them bitch about having to pay for everyone’s crap now. I just laff

  23. JFYI, not just American ones, but all millennials are attracted to socialism. It just the brain washing of edu institutes…

  24. Scocialism is alway for the corrupt politicials . Freeloader who dont want to work for their money alway s support such politicians. I am an Indian and so glad my countrymen rejected the socialist policy called NYAY which one of national parties called INC was promoting shamelessly to get back to to power and continue looting our country.
    By rejecting Socialism in elections of 2019, indian has secured its future and avoided going the Venezuelan way to doom.

  25. Lets Accept One Little detail you forgott to menchen. THE old monarchy of Brazil Stole that whole nation & they used slave Labours refused to pay their taxes to portugal and thats before socialism or Democracy. I doubt it was THE mengeles or Salazar that made Brazil so great and larger than life. Europe have almost exterminate THE culture that once owned Brazil and not even THE Samba carneval is a brasilian cultural phenomena. Its an old myth that royalism was better of that THE world was great when Rockefeller ruled America. THE only Solution to THE worlds problem is to start WW3 with all its capacity. THE Catholic church of Brazil has not really anything to do with THE acient tribes that was conquered by Europeans. All religion & political systems has failed so far & Will countinue to fail. Lets just Boris Johnson be THE man that starts WW3 as a tribute to Royalism.

  26. Ó pá socialismo comunismo e ao contrário do que muita gente pensa fascismo é a mesma coisa isso é tudo da esquerda o problema é que a maioria do povo é ignorante mas agora temos o Bolsonaro a melhor coisa que aconteceu no teu país

  27. I always believed in Brasil's economy and the economy will increase again.
    Don't compare Brasil with Venezuela because Brasil has much more mineral resources, fresh water, fruits and so on..
    The country has learned a lesson and will improve.
    I believe in a good future for Brasil!

  28. He never mentions democratic socialism which is different. Or the fact that most industrialized and developed coutries such as Sweden have universal healthcare. Free college. Enough with these videos trying to confuse people with false correlations. Bye dude!

  29. "That wasnt really socialism". Says all leftist everytime a socialist economy falls, which it always do eventually.

  30. No corruption ruined your country backed by the US, socialism its been working fine in many European countries.

  31. Do you people really want a socialist country? You better think before you vote. Democrats want this. They want to CONTROL YOU !

  32. Socialism seems so nice. Free goodies, who doesn't love it? All the young people are thinking that they will just receive free healthcare, education, etc. etc. But who pays for it? The capitalists of course. How will you collect that kind of money? Through taxes. Americans youngsters are really, really stupid. The national debt is HUGE, the government already spends a lot more than it collects in taxes and the socialists want to increase spending even more? Idiots. But hey, if you promise free goodies, of course you get votes.

  33. I don't get it. Socialism works well enough in the Scandinavian countries.

    Seems to me corruption ruined Brazil, not socialism.

  34. Share the hell out of this video & videos like it so that we can show the true face of socialism & the terrible evil that it really is.

  35. Brazilian here. He only told truths.
    Screw communism, socialism, PT and all the other leftist parties, Dilma and specially that SOB called "Lula". I hope he rots in jail.
    I really hope Brazilians learn the lesson.

  36. Socialism = GivIng money for lazy people

    Socialism = Being wealthy and happy is a crime, except you are a corrupt politician.

    Socialism = Evil system for humanity

  37. Soclisam has also
    Kill every bit of capitalism in Australia ????
    Why because of massive accumulated taxation .
    To pay for lazy dishonest people on welfare .
    And fat fat fake public servant's jobs
    ,, Middle class welfare,,
    Australia the only game in town is
    Go ugly Earl make lots of
    Baby's and go on welfare

  38. What's up Felipe!!!👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏🤩🤩🇺🇸🇧🇷🇺🇸🇧🇷🇺🇸🇧🇷 MUITO BOM VIDEO MEU AMIGO! GOD BLESS BRAZIL.

  39. It sounds to me like corruption and ineptitude are to blame rather than socialism and let's not forget that capitalism is a pyramid scheme which gives the rewards of hard work only to the people at the top. If capitalism worked for everybody nobody would be complaining and wanting a different system…

  40. So if the U.S. could take everyones guns they could run the same system, which ironically is the only reason they are not there yet. Picture a food shortage and no guns and everyone standing in line and when the gov't mafia show up when the food does and take it- everyone goes hungry. Now picture a food shortage with a lineup of armed citizens waiting for their food and the gov't mafia shows up to take it all. I think you know how it would turn out.

  41. I have a friend from Brazil, and after watching this, I now understand why she kept telling me Brazil's not a good country to be in.

  42. También arruino a Chile. Una nación qué supo progresar y superarse a pesar de toda esa miseria de racionamiento, hambre, largas filas, escazes de todo tipo, violencia y odios.
    Un ejemplo!
    La Argentina lo ha tenido difícil, pues el populismo socialista prende fácilmente y ha enceguecido a la mayoria.
    Si, voz no podías caminar por los pasillos de la reserva del Banco Central, estaban hasta el tope de barras de oro en el año 47.
    llegaron los de siempre! 😂
    Los mismos que mantienen a latinoamerica en la pobreza, la miseria y la charlataneria populista del Socialismo nefasto.

  43. Sorry, but true socialism isn't tried still.. Haha! 😂
    Fidel Castro had 700 millions of dollars when died.
    So Socialism is a very interesting concept if you are a leader.
    Meanwhile, your idiot ppl who believe in you, is starved to death.
    Dont believe me!
    Ask to mr. Maduro! 😂 😂

  44. There are many different types of socialism. And to be honest Brazil has not really witness true socialism. Socialism doesn't work because the rich doesn't want to give it's fair share so they leave the country that tries to make it fair for everyone and goes to another country were laws are relaxed to the point were the country and the people of that country are being fully exploited. Once the people have enough of the gap that capitalism creates between rich and poor through inflation and other unfair means they demand a change. It's a natural reaction. Capitalism is more dysfunctional then socialism. It's a controlled chaos.

  45. Cuba, the greatest lie in history. Take a glance at Nicaragua and Venezuela. History never lies. Dont let anyone fool you. Socialism does not work.

  46. Socialism gives money, tickets to gym and swimming pools to those who dont do anything. And for those, who are constantly whining at healthcare clinics. But when you go to work, the bureucrats see you as an imminent enemy and they dont give you anything. You must be a loser to get anything from Socialist gov. Believe me, i did 1500€ money from engine assembly job just recently, and they took 1000€ away of me because i didnt get an permanent job immediatly. I worked for free, and now i am gathering drunkards bottles to get food and coffee, as they wont give me anything as i have been working. This is all true, and this happened in Socialist Finland August 2019.

    If you dont believe me, i can send you screenshots of Socialist Governments verdict how they took my salary away, its all in Finnish though. I am moving away from my home country now, in hope somewhere else they do appreciate the work instead of seeing me as an enemy.

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