How I Planned The Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 Holiday Video

How I Planned The Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 Holiday Video

Hello hello, hello now you may have seen recently on the sidemen channel we posted a video called $100 vs $10,000 holliday, or the other way around. If you’ve not seen that video. I would highly recommend watching that first Otherwise this video will make absolutely no sense But on my twitter it’s going crazy this week because the feedback on that video has been insane now Basically, I was the organizer of the video. So I’ll quickly give you like a Quick breakdown of how that works and then basically as you can tell from the title this whole video will be like kind of like a Behind-the-scenes of how it was all planned how it was organized cause a lot of people was actually quite interested But then I guess it’s a video that different than usually that actually requires a little bit more moving parts and cogs and wheels Etc. It requires a lot of things that’s go right for you. So I’ll talk about how that all happened It’s kind of it’s like it more interest video. I’m trying to post more on this channel in the first place. Well, you know what? It’s a good title It’s good thumbnail, chance views and it’s also an interesting video so you get win win win win anyway So sidemen Sundays in case you don’t know already We post a video on the sidemen channel every single Sunday, but we’ve also start posting on the More Sidemen channel every single Saturday So make sure subscribe to that channel as well. On top of that, wearing ZRK We are dropping a new collection Saturday, which hopefully when this video goes out is Saturday, but it could be Sunday So yesterday we dropped something. But hopefully it’s Saturday when this video went out. So yeah it’ll be down below zrk.London Anyway, we move on we go into the key part video. So Sidemen Sunday’s typically, we have like a little rota that goes around and each week one person is in charge of the video so we come up with the Ideas together as a group and then one person takes the video the liaises of who’s going to film that video who’s editing, etc And the actual uploading process of slightly edit the title the thumbnail ect ect ect basically makes it a lot easier For us lot to work in an even amount So everyone can do a video got the rota and we got a tally of who’s done what videos there are ect ect. That’s how that works I don’t know if that’s common knowledge or not I think people do know that but some people don’t but yeah So the $10,000 vs $100 holliday have been in our ideas list for quite a while It finally got chosen in a long video idea list of like tons and tons of videos and we kind of like pick and choose Based on like a week of them or rating this up. It’s a long story, but we have tons of ideas We’ll put together as a group and we pick and choose as we go, so anyway, this one got picked out And then what’s to do? I’ve got assigned doing it and we decide as a group It was best if I planned it all and nobody else knew anything because it then gets you the best possible content So obviously if you do like YouTube and sometimes as you know Some YouTube videos are staged or faked Or there’s like little things, little white lies here and there this one was a whole point of like, let’s make completely completely legit So nobody knows nothing Is that English? No one knows anything So that way where they give the best reactions when something is put in front of them or they are surprised or something Okay, that’s the basics now out of the way and we go on the actual video to the key part actually matters So first off you need to pick the two teams, so you made like just a blue team and a red team Just thought that’s what made sense You know opposed like team one team two just say different just do it by color scheme to seem like an easier thing to do Anyway, so I wanted to find the random way of choosing each team Supposed to be picking it so you have to pick it and I could say okay I’m gonna put JJ and Ethan on opposing teams Or JJ and Ethan on the same team because even a same team they kind of wind each other up like I could have tactically put JJ and Ethan on the bad team knowing that that would create great content because them two in a bad situation is always funny ehh Good reference would be Morocco in the Sidemen Show And they got put together in that, and that part is golden so I could of Faked it and done that, likewise they are my friends I didn’t want to screw any of them over and put them in a crap one on purpose just for content Purpose even though would be funny I guess content does come first at the end of the day, but I decided you know what, want to do this legit I wanna do the way where no one can even question How did it so I know the lucky wheel app which you saw very briefly in the video But I have a screen recording. Did you want to see them if they want to see them? I had that that’s one reason why I picked it. So I’ll kind of like some evidence So there’s no guys questioning me I could go look here is the video Tell me something about it So you can argue against it and other the fact they could argue how many times that’s been in et cetera But the whole spiel is there like the point of me scrolling down pressing record Spinning it for the first time and then choosing the first time done That’s how I beat the team so luckily it worked out in the end because we had Harry even a bit Great combo and JSON tables again was a great combo We have JJ and Ethan opposing teams makes great content even being in a bad place is always funny Harry was insanely good in that video as well I went Harry has his rant about hopeful to meeting the subs and not get in penthouse It’s that drive that make great content and JJ being in a good one was always a very creepy content as well Cuz about the partisan stuff, so that was very lucky I’m really lucky with that an interesting point that I just loaded down as well is that I saw a lot of comments after between Saying that it was actually a fake video because if you watch it, you’ll see the Simon Toby and JJ Arrives at the car park with suitcases which is weird. Like it’s not even planned. They knew nothing no told to come meet me I 11 a.m. At that car park. I booked two cars Identical to leave a half 11 and I put in the group chat. These are the items you to bring and pack with you So like it’s like an overnight stay I said to me in trance everyone I said like a dinnerware and Just a time where and that’s why I said basically I’ll end your like normal toiletries it would take sort of no, they’re staying overnight somewhat like it’s just like a Character thing like vehicle wave packets really like because it’s tiny. Anyway, maybe not so much anymore Good old fixed are one two, three and Harry normally does Bowl about in a huge suitcase He travels from Guernsey to London a lot. But spy things happen in just a backpack and I guess it even had like Holder, like a duffel bag type thing opposed to a suitcase. Yeah, that was quite weird So I wanted to come and say that because when you go back it And I guess I love you did premium cloth onto it. So you improve throw who knows? It’s not a fake video I have no exposed that fart video to you. Okay. So now the team is up pics I now have to secure Locations for each one. So let us go with the Cheating first we refer to it as cheating and rich team or tech Cheating which team or blue team red team clerk in team colored Satine colors will let grim reminder away as well right now Let’s go if the Huns will attend this saved above the price amount. So stop 100 other teams So for that one, I was scouting around for like air BnB ease or like the cheapest hotels down Does that whole trend going around right now? Which is like I stayed in the lowest rated hotel in my city and this happened There’s that whole trends I try to looking for someone done it in London trying familair hotels I tried by an air B&B. I find lots of things like 7000 it–and at hostels But the issue I had is that like I had to make sure the guys were safe for one So I couldn’t put them in the ends I couldn’t put them somewhere in London where that there was gonna be a charge of me in trouble because not only are they it’s Gonna be in a rough area potentially They’re also filming the whole time expensive cameras and being who they are Which is big-headed But being today are the chap who were recognized in sometimes you who aren’t that nice to you because of who you are how to make sure they’re in a safe and by kind of a controlled environment so a hotel instead and luckily from our own UID list I had like I’ve stayed in the smallest hotel room in London and it happens as video idea for my main chat with a channel So you know why I donate that to the blue team or the chief team rival team is and looked up and luckily there was placed on Facebook because I didn’t also explore the chance to maybe staying on a farm so Ethan viv can Harry you’re lucky you could have been on a farm and actually working for today because that was one of my ideas Well, you know what? We’ll save that for another time Yeah got free rooms books at the easy hotel in Kensington, London Which actually a cool talk about it later that has facts in Kinston adds a lot more to it anyway And then we’ll move on into the 10th another team and that one was again It’s got one I went for initially was going to like London hotel suites like the Ritz All these like big famous hotel is like Mayfair and stuff and no I don’t like that absolute great hotel suites But it’s not a thing is just like wow LT is black but it’s not like for video and content it wasn’t the best Because I was worthy I put them in separate rooms. It’s hard to find a suite with free bedrooms. They’re all be nice bedrooms They decided to go with the Airbnb options and looks around. I felt like six seven alien bees were like as viable The actual guy who owns the any watched outside behind in the seat video the first one when it’s like like ten million views The guy who owns that house another house and you’re in here that his house for it we’re picking up the one that they got in the end now see that house does not cost ten thousand dollars to Be a Clickbank title there for you. I think like a thousand something per night There’s obviously a lot of an election so I did they get a better experience and more expensive experience Also just add on top of that with the air B&B I could get to film and do extra things I have it without the fighters and stuff Where the hotel? That was meeting possible and some hotels My opinion said no filmy or liking like in a public areas and I said what you feel in your own hotel room and become from the public areas or at the reception desk and start just Ensure that there was no issues with that for them So now we’re gonna move on into the probably Oh after the carpark so organized in the what happens There are thoughts they get in their cars and stuff What what to do for our whole day was especially the star was crate like a roller coaster motors erosions rollercoaster of emotions I was why how it is quite a bit. So you’ll see that the hundred on the team Why you hid this is the house went for that? Anyway, like this another’s and then the pimp and no team did this and anis they’re both competing polar opposites The whole aim was their same times on a team. They had the whole ruse of them getting even a rolls-royce Going to Kensington, which is notoriously a very nice area in London’s very expensive to be brought down batter When they are pulled up outside of the easy hotel, whereas the 10-month other team they Got into a train station and then what a book tickets bought them in their envelopes and They have then get a cab from a translation when it got to this nation And I wasn’t booked them again Eve us today their whole days kind of start off badly because every kind of hints them in their head is like well, He’s not done this for us. You know this for us being a train we’re going to slap It’s not like that’s not a notoriously really super nice area. It’s our bad area It’s not something that’s like oh wow like sour so all I think about perfectly heads quite easy hotel being canceling is so perfect because It added so much more because if they were like driving into like let’s say I couldn’t in any area but pepper They’re driving into like any area number that isn’t that great wouldn’t work as well. Where would this one? It’s a like sushi hotel Yes Super expensive area and the funniest and hardest part of that whole process Is obviously so I had the two cars where you can put it outside the car park They’re identical take them away And that’s ensure they go on the right one obviously as well the hardest part will sustain to the car companies They let me try to book a cab and say into a cab. I want to go from this location to the same location try to explain captain car company and It’s like doesn’t compute that like what you mean like ice Okay, that’s the zero power fair because you’re not going anywhere. I would here forward five steps so luckily Karthik I used understood explain this film in and that I would like just them to go around genuinely in a Circle the twenty minutes a little sightseeing tour up off the street and they made their area and then come back in a circle Directly to same spot. They’ve been at fifteen twenty minutes because I needed enough time For the rolls-royce to come in straight after they had left I should have filmed that part One thing I mistake I made I didn’t film myself worked out process. Sure I should have filmed meeting the rolls-royce guy driver and organizing a whole process like then guys leaving So those two cars left the car park we don’t see is I then call the rolls-royce drivers say right go go go Come here, and he parks up. We will be a wait for the guy to come around minion that works out Super super well, like Tyler net was impeccable because I was so like anxious That’s omelet up late for filming and so Spencer guys that I’m perfectly on time Always want to talk later now Then delay the whole car process it like reading the roles where I was the guys were there to say like yo it’s a bit late and it was expected to be that involved a lot of luck and The guys as being on time basically, that’s what Sunday I didn’t like put like a little 10-minute lenience Had to be late a little bit but luckily everything went smoothly there and that works out great. I think it was most skeptical Still not going look his face Would you record when he’s he’s got smoke on it? Harry did his whole that dollar is great content, but big was most gets cool And I think like try to be cool about it understood How my brain works and knows that I’m gonna throw in some twists and turns whenever I can now something you don’t actually see happen in the video is that I gave them a book to Inside of like to said don’t be concerned. You’re back in the parking bag look for a car that JJ can’t say Okay, you can’t say the word brought the words Rolls Royce it’s like rolled whoops or something I know he does hello people riddle, and now thought she did make this video because I Was there with the Rolls Royce and that’s what say that I made I actually have disappeared I guess now a kind of way to see the reactions The reactions that means forgot that I should have been there the whole point was they would leave I Secure the Rolls Royce had it in place and then they would just then arrive and I would have be there And it didn’t have to find grows worse themselves and excitement So actual what works better now because I finally came push him back then I see hurry up film with me to disperse UD’s in my face. It’s not always a smirk on his face Don’t know what actually would work better, but I want to say that actually made in the video You should actually see don’t you notice. I guess also just realized while go furrows there I think I was Simon or whoever bought the tickets for the trains money well I need to cyber Li sidemen needs to pay Simon or changer who paid the actual train tickets the money because I think he paid My first plastic is and then he get reimbursed at any rate randomly moving on to the gold travel part No just about here is like the fact dose. They’ve got the envelopes just because that allowed me to communicate with the guys In tools during the day without me having to like track them the whole day mark out what they were doing And also I think it’s about cool I can scan or try another key about you Just like David did it like you’d go somewhere. It’s fine like an envelope or like a Clue didn’t use that clue go somewhere else. How like that whole concept like TV says and stuff I think like we did it again if you got much better at knocked over later for clues Lots of critical turns now has a cool part any other notes a call. I said think it use that work use that much Like it could have been but in the future I’ll try and work on making that like a Even more the story arc and more like twists and turns through those envelopes and start for anyways communicating with them So I guess I now just cover the two guys as days Just great with what was planned what didn’t make in video what didn’t end up getting planned? what plans went into place to make your way it was except for us, so The $10,000 team obviously, you’ll see they arrived and that point nothing the plan for the office They’ve got the train we have to give it find the train time Which is very simple to do there was gonna get that the right time so then I could then book everything else So when they arrived that arrived at time people would be there. So are things you booked now? Say we because I worked not alone there. So like there’s someone else who’s behind the scenes of the sidemen team. I Mentioned her name but shouts you know who you are So yeah the tips they arrived and they greeted in the most passionate way possible They were greeted with a extreme quartet Orchestra, which we booked ourselves the red carpet who bought them brave rolled down ourselves and then I’ve seen the free butlet’s which aren’t actually Butler’s right and Now those beings come in the house They are all just from production companies and stuff like that an axis because the it’s hard to say to actual butler’s Who by respective today and say to them? Oh, yeah, I want you to do like the most of Serb things so it’s so over the top I want them to be the most over-the-top puppets as possible that always dressing them as sirs or misters just making them feel like they are like kings of the world since about the fine details like There’s two champagnes an apple juice if the total something alcohol that often or if ever So go after the apple juice for that the orchestra plays if they arrive They’ll get taken to their rooms like leave your coats like a super five-star hotel. You would get taken to your room by like oh, Yeah, so more in America is like a bellboy You see in the film. So, you know the guys the white gloves Milo’s money’s yeah They were all great sports like insane Libre sports. I think they outdid what I expect them to do You’ll see and certain clips something to make into video. Anyway, you’ve seen his clips, but like the butler’s feed The guys grapes which again wasn’t that’s what I plan to do I just say that obviously to do ever you can Both of systems go that far and even the guys said that they were really good a song And he come down the stairs, you know, that wasn’t planned I didn’t ask that but they just we’ve got in character and who were insanely good It’s a shout out to you guys The butler’s you were sick at your job and you made the videos much better because you cycle through their day activities They had a masseuse but for them they had a manicurist. But for them, is that what you call it? Another season sun-shining those Souls have a barber and that was my initial plans Before I decide the teams And an issue the barbers was assigned to me and JJ could all require very different barbers Society against Danny and because it’d just be too confusing to do and also what you don’t want a haircut like Musically emotional nor on Asajj or at least we’ll try massage and mostly call get a manicure Invented travelling for because why not? I mean I might have haven’t I but it was there why not do it might as well then also if you had lunch Afternoon tea and in a five-course was for the free course sprinkles mill, which was cooked by sarah decide been chef Who obviously cooked the food for JJ his preparation for Logan port and rowella fights and she worked alongside another chef the she knows And that meal was insane and I actually just cheap legal myself in on that meals. So that’s good Well played by me I think I also has a plan attack the scientist area a vegetarian option plan flat as well, which obviously she’s salted I mean, I gotta say is remember sizes variant, so I didn’t do much des Can I see much credit for that one on top of that? They didn’t have a cocktail Clara which prepared? Pina coladas cuz that’s why Masseria drink the most part You know struck me daiquiri, which is January most far and he had none out tonic cocktail as well, but Toby The smokestacks his favorite drink just because again doesn’t drink that much alcohol and also they’re either frame style drinks I’ve got rums and primarily rum drink up. So I’ve got Ramos the whole realistically so Simon condoms cause that very quickly understood What was doing, you know those things where am I headed? Like things like a book or you trying to find anything like a book for them? I want to get like either sort of a form for them So what I get at Jamie needs turn up and to perform but we really awkward to do like a free person concert or performance I was I may be not magicians Clear, there’s a silent party. Sometimes they are you good At all, I think the magician actually pulled out on us but Ivan plans I wasn’t trying to find an actual house had tons of glands that you might buy a key more like so that awesome a driver Activities in a date I did decide even when in London I would take them on like what I would take them but give them booked in on like a personal shopping trip But it could spend money on I could do that alphy in Selfridges got all the plans, but they’re placed outside London There’s too long travel in London and back out London Chinese anything else stuff? I was gonna try and get for them But these I mean, I’m sure it’s ton there’s tons and tons of tons of things That we could have done or I tried to do and didn’t happen but the most part on their team side everything went to plan and we go over to the Cheaper team or Hans on the team and there one was a difficult one because I try to find something it was boring Not reborn, but the great make things they wouldn’t find that great, but was to make great content which is where the open top bus comes from so photos great like You get to see the size of London sits a great thing I can’t think of too much because London is a great great place I’ve seen Tons of tourists will come to London and go on that bus. I’m from London that have been on that bus myself inside fun So why not? Let’s do that. I want to try and get them in like a pottery class or a life drawing class So, I mean it would be really all good They know that when ones where like someone poses they’d hit and you have to sit there and draw them want to get that for The guys couple that means such great content. You never seed a person they were drawing but just having their reactions We’ve been I think Insanely funny but was so hard was he to get that to happen and booked? And it didn’t happen and pottery again was hard being to get books. It’s fighting hard to get people to actually be filmed staying down they can get drawn by free random guys and Surprisingly see, I feel like I put it on death up with that team overall Got you. Gotta Scrabble for the evening But I feel like looking for my point of view from someone who watched it as like wearing something. That’s up I watch it like their day you started off insanely well with the whole girls worse being and then they Down from graves and then the whole bus talking was so funny after your brain was so funny the Poncho’s and like they’re not eating food properly and we’ll get an outcome getting drunk on the bus was great and then we’ll then even being great sports and buying like The tourist stuff at a London taxi hoodies was great And from there one in is like there to Scrabble and they had the meal I thought I would have done better there and a few chillies bearing that part just to make sure that both days are coming I through because a good team had like start from the point of arrival always at bedtime Whereas that team kind of had like off 6:00 p.m. It was kind of like they Scrabble and film content I mean the plan was actually going to be that I was in a give in the last envelope that have like no vote for Which like okay here is now like what’s up when it’s time fit enough It was about twenty pound in there and it’s be like here is your budget to get yourself like a take away like a try And take away your Weber at kebab or something I mean the end I’ve spent like I’m even think at the end in the end I understand just eat any local cafe and annual thing that still fake thing where I said that all The tables booked under Kevin because there was no book that place is empty I just we gotta bust and I said go in there because I had to rush off and go to the other team As a travel to me like an hour-and-a-half travel from the point where you see me outside a cafe where I really liked how I was moans at me to point at me get into the house like an hour and a half an Hour forty minutes. So traveling two teams would want to make sure I’ve got content at both places Well, it makes sure both guys haven’t saw me And obviously I was bein cheeky and making sure that I got myself a nice little dinner maybe show yourself earlier, they really and got me there for the Silent stuff by God, actually, I’m actually glad devotion bust or cat was fun I just realized I’ve only spoken about how I even got on the bus and knew it was so luckily Vic shared me his location When I was on the bus, that was super lucky That is what way do you want to try and get on the bus as in no house? I was he in lunch We’re back to takes a lot of errors for us And then I think wasn’t called me and I checked where I was on the bus and I got super super lucky But the fact they were headings on the route where I knew one was started by Marble Arch and luckily ahead They actually got on the bus that was heading in that direction. So I knew that I was like right cool pack up lunch We’re going Like I’m gonna go meet them gonna be great like me to bump against them whilst on the actual box post and meeting them After finish their bus thought I was mutual plan. Mitchell plan was I wasn’t meet them after bus tour And then trauma Chi sent two of them. That could be like boring slash cheap She and I worked out like super less super super lucky that actually happened in the first place something that made that whole bit so much better the fact that I feel like Meet them that’s priceless as well It’s great Yeah, I feel like that covers most of their pool behind the scenes and like back in part on video Well, obviously I got like I’ve got a lot of crowd take a lot of credit Taken I received a lot of credit and like Congrats on that They’re being great because it is insanely well on YouTube like their response no need to distract the viewers The views are bound but the actual likes dislikes and the comments and the feedback but so particular credit is ultimately yes I planned it but it’s exactly the guys are so great or reacting to things and the fact that they just were great sports all Time like Harry’s brand is so finely like general them a lot. And that in the big house is like so funny as well So they’re reacting to things perfectly how I wanted them to and with them doing exactly I want into some basic It’s so much better and makes it away is if I can take a little credit I feel like I’ve taken a bit too much credit though video, but I guess it makes sense to introduce it like hi I’m Josh and I will raise this video a lot a lot but On that topic, is that one topic I discussed in the video um But yeah because of you have done so so well We are now at I work on more and more concepts that look like that I feel like that so the only ideas like that then feel free to put them down below But or tweet them to me, but yeah, we’re doing more of those videos in the future Obviously not super super soon because in time to plan it plus we’re very much someone very much alone We ramesh people who leave gaps Do you think you’ll see that Highland seed comes out once about 3-4 months? So far as you could spam out hide-and-seek’s once every week and be pointless They would be as great anymore it simply just about finding like dynamics and things that work be well But the game shows like we well for us This works any work for us hokey works again in the future The carrier video where you are for us like a blog type Dane Dane lifetime video And I was whoever by other formats with you that challenge kind of formats are the inflate We’ll start with Wi-Fi all different slides football cetera who try to build as many concepts as possible like that that we can keep Kind of churning out and we doing again again in different ways So in the video I said that in the future we’re doing internationally that hope you will happen That’s going to be an interesting one to try and plan out and luckily. The guy said that I should do it again so Any twists and turns you’ve got stretch them to me privately somehow I don’t know how I’m feeling to me, but try not to hang the guy in it Well, I’ve had a lot of comments say, you know You should send one team to Syria in a war-torn area and one team to like how our Hawaii which Again, like I said the start, how did the guys safe that won’t happen? I want you to track between the two teams So bring it to somewhere quite close to each other, but it’ll be great. I’d love to the video where I plan it again imagination up at the airport It’s never get away right have no idea where they’re going. I’ve got their passports. I put two all for them There’s no idea where they’re going and I need to summit like I claim their teams and go right? here boarding parties inside envelopes Do not open them until you get to X point where you need to show them Manning how good that would be Hey, just open it. Open it. Okay, we are going to don’t That would be insanely good. No, and I don’t know what other team is going you guys like what I know They’re going to same place Are they going somewhere else there knows that’s a good thing like I could send one of teams to really nice place But put them in a bad hotel. I was told to bad place We’re not a very well known place put them in insanely good hotel. And sometimes I do that as well Can that be great and yeah We’re working on more more concepts that are similar to it. 19 is holidays other things you could do We’re like, there’s two teams separated and they don’t know what’s going on like a pocket master like me so to speak but yeah always gonna be quite interested to do and then if it’s actually given you hope you give me some insight into behind the scenes video not be much kind of things content to show you, but I’m speaking it and I hope you Put some stuff on the screen for our videos. I’d like give you context and stuff. Yeah I hope you enjoyed it. If you did leave like it as always I’m gonna try and get more mortgages on this channel Which one keeps saying a lot of videos? I’ve got like five videos Stop pilot right now as I’m recording this one. This will come out first all of them. We’re trying to stop parents Go ahead and we’re trying get good rhythm and posted channel often. I want to post a lot more than I do So I put a lot of effort. It’s my second channel my gaming channel I feel like this one’s it’s been wasted for a long time on either Turn it around turn a nice corner and put some good videos out on this channel They require some big effort new videos, so hopefully they’ll come in the future and hopefully I can stick to that word right there But yeah you know if I only make sure you are subscribe the channel and make sure you stack the bell what you have because we have No five videos that I do post in the future and Make sure you subscribe to both decide my channel more the channel and check out my website Okay to London, but I think you like it It’s not merchandise just to pay update but like a fashionable clothing line that kind of design and get bigger bigger So yeah if you like it and you have any friends who are into Street where fashion anything link YouTube share it still there’s some good stuff on there We’re trying our best to get better and better. So yeah, check it out And I’ll see you guys next time check aou my freind channel at thi link bye

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  1. Next you should bait a team by sending them to Paris in good transport and everything, making them think they’re gonna have the luxury but then get like a cheap airbnb for them. Then you should send the other team to a random place like Bulgaria or Switzerland make them think that they will be staying somewhere bad but end up staying in mansion on the beach

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