How I Learnt To Juggle A Soccer Ball With My Head | Learnt In A Week

How I Learnt To Juggle A Soccer Ball With My Head | Learnt In A Week

and welcome guys it is Connor from persistence is key here and today we’re gonna be starting a new series that is cold every day for a week but every day for the entire week the full seven days twenty thirty minutes however long I’m gonna be learning an entire new skill that I’ve never done before and never even kind of attempted whether it just be like a cool little trick whether it be like juggling on your heels or juggling just with your head or practicing free kicks every day testing your touch every day any different thing like that doesn’t matter what it is I’m gonna be practicing it the video is gonna go live every Sunday so one a week obviously seven days in a week so we get one a week and today’s video we’re gonna be starting off with just juggling on the head I’ve always seen people just waltz around like juggling on their head absolute ease whereas me I get about like 6 max anyway I want to be like mr. Wu by the end of it where he just kind of controls the thing on his head but maybe not that good but we’ll see how we go and let’s get into day number one alrighty guys so getting into day one here if you’re not interested in watching kind of this bit skip to just here and you can enjoy just mixing what my results were and how I went but for my non casual viewers that have most likely already subscribed and enjoy my content I want to thank you for God for being here thank you for enjoying my content if you’re still watching and you’re not subscribed have a look at my channel see if you like it you might like it might not but if you do be sure to give me a subscription greatly appreciated you know these kind of videos take a little bit of work to do but anyway enough of that let’s get into the commentary so first of all day one I was just trying to suss it out see how I go my best was like I think was twelve or sixteen or something like that somewhere around there but initially in the first five minutes I didn’t get more than like six as I said before so going for a bit of improvement also I was going for see how long I could stall it on my head for as well it just as a side bonus just because from if I’m doing head as I may as well practice keeping it on there as long as I can that that was actually where I ended up seeing the most improvement but I’d only get into that just yet day two into it not much of improvement day two I started sussing out what kind of what makes it easier what makes it harder so I found that like obviously bending your knees moving keeping on your head so for day two I kind of started tossing out how to actually improve and get better at it I um kind of notice like instead of scrambling around running around and stuff just kind of plant your feet and like a little bit of Bend in the legs and kind of Kate focus don’t keep your head keep the full head nice and flat don’t look too much forward because on the ball will go forward or vice-versa too far back and will go back so that’s when I decided to head on in to my room and try it on a bed so that means I’m just focusing on the contact point and kind of breaking down the skill so on the bed it was much more difficult there’s like ten times more difficult because obviously you’re not allowed to move on the ball you can just kind of I guess bounce and just head it and then that’s when I saw the day for I saw a massive improvement in my headers also my balancing on my head I want to honestly think that’s because I’ve hit on my bed bed a little bit so I’m gonna let you guys just quickly watch the rest see you guys looks like I’m racing a little bit of a plateau which I’m not happy about but keep going another 5-10 minutes try break some records otherwise call it a day sleep on it wake up practice on the bed again are we back in tomorrow [Music] I can take that 17 or 18 on the bed means next time what are my legs to just even more you bend those it’ll be even easier [Music] [Music] [Music] and the right guys so just before we get into the results I’m gonna give three quick tips if you guys want to do the same type of thing so first write it down each day you do it the main thing is persistence persistence is key nurse my motto I believe in it 100% second of all in regards to the headers keep your knees bent and try hit it right in the middle of your forehead and it would just happen naturally third and final tip have fun don’t make it a chore and in no time you guys will be able to do it too and we’re at the end of the video so this is the results section I’m gonna go over the results quickly first of all we’ve got here I’m gonna put it up it was my results for my headstall I put it in a little graph so on the first day I managed seven seconds which even then I think that was a bit lucky but um by the end of it I was reaching 21 seconds so the first day I was kind of running around trying to keep on the head and then by day seven like it was just stuck to my fall eight almost and there were times where I’d lose control and on the side of the head and I was actually able to get it back up and in place again so I was really impressed with that second off we have the actual amount of headers so obviously I went from six and max of sixteen on the first day which is pretty good so obviously it took me about thirty minutes to get that result that’s just shows how 30 minutes of training can increase you about five times like before I could only get like five or six on my head at all so I’m really impressed with managing to get eighty seven on the final day which was pretty happy about you can see in the graph that there was little divots they were from when I was on my bed and didn’t have my feet to move around and stuff so not really a big deal there but you can see after each day they did do it on my bed that actually increased a lot more than if I’d just gone outside so I think that was a good little tip to practice without you feet and then focus on where it hits your head so you’d be able to obviously get more jobs finally the average amount of headers put them up here again that was what I was impressed with the most because it was just always increasing except for one day but it had it showed the most like gradual increase and really show how much had actually improved in the last seven days because at first I was like I’d be like one two and then off but by the end I was hitting like fifteen or twenty constantly so I was really happy with that and that’s pretty much it for the video as this is the first one in the series I really want to get any feedback you guys have I really appreciate you guys stopping by and watching it if you enjoyed it check out the other content on my channel and feel free to subscribe like and also give me that feedback but besides that I’ll catch you guys next time just remember persistence is key [Music]

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  1. was your head numb for doing this on a daily basis? Do you feel this has negatively impacted on your brain?

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