How adidas brazuca is manufactured in China

How adidas brazuca is manufactured in China

Hi, my name is Silvia, I am Italian
and I do sustainability communication at the adidas Group I had the incredible opportunity to fly to China and to visit the supplier that manufactures the Brazuca,
the official World Cup ball. I have a day to spend before I go into meetings,
it is 10:30 and I am ready to rock the city now. The reason for my trip to China was to take some pictures
and make videos about all the production steps. And as a big football fan, this was an amazing opportunity
and an amazing experience. The reason why the ball is produced at this supplier in China
is because the supplier has got the technology and the know-how
that is needed to manufacture the World Cup ball. Back in 2006 adidas did a collaboration with the “Longway” supplier
to open an engineering ball center at the factory. The first output of this cooperation was the Jabulani
and now it is the Brazuca ball. This is the one ball that everybody is going to be looking at
in a few months. This is Brazuca. For me specifically, as I work in sustainability
it is great to see that the supplier applies very hight standards when it comes to social and environmental compliance. I have to say it has beeen a fascinating experience for me. I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment
because it doesn´t happen every day to actually get to see and touch such an iconic product
before everybody else.

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