How a prawn curry in Delhi landed me in Goa?! | Cinematic Vlog | Gazal Garg


Man…they serve a mean prawn curry! But you know what… I wish this place also… had more of a Goan vibe like the curry! “Hain?!” “You want a Goan vibe…in Delhi?” Yeah! too much to ask? “Yeahh!” I’ll just take this “Go for it” Dude… Are we in Goa?! That’s bizarre!! “Well…this video is pretty bizarre anyway” “so let’s just go with it” that’s true “Alright, so what do you wanna do?” Ummm… What anyone does on a full belly wear a swimsuit and go to the beach! Let’s go! woke me from my nap I wanna go to a hidden private island away from all these commercialized beaches of Goa “Okay…so why don’t we?” Yeah… Let’s go! I wanna do something cheesy I’m the king of the world! The best part I can take a dip in the ocean without any creepy men looking at me like… I mean it happens in India okay See ya! That was fun! This sunrise can cure any hangover! “Whatsup?” Nothing… “Okay” “Should we get the check?” Yeah, let’s call for it

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