Hovercraft + Soccer = Air Power Soccer Disc

Hovercraft + Soccer = Air Power Soccer Disc

Come on. Come on. Go. Go. Go. Aw. Watching the soccer game. It’s a football match. Oh, yeah? Then why do they call
it a soccer ball? Really? We could debate what
to call this game, but that would take time
away from showing you this, the Air Power Soccer Disc is
a multi-surface hovering toy. Everyone knows
hovercrafts are awesome. And the Soccer Disc
is no exception. When powered on, a
motorized fan floats the disc on a curtain of air,
so it sails over hard surfaces with ease. Since the disc glides
over wood, linoleum, and even low-pile
carpet, the soccer disk is ideal for kicking
around the house. The foam bumper protects
walls and other objects, so you shouldn’t need to
worry about damaging anything except fragile egos. You monster. Those were good men
I lost out there. Medic! The soccer disc glides on
smooth surfaces like cement, opening the possibility
for all sorts of games. Buy the floating Air Power
Soccer Disc now at vat19.com. vat19.com.

100 thoughts on “Hovercraft + Soccer = Air Power Soccer Disc

  1. Soccer and football are both fine to me, but I have a question. How did American football get it’s name?

  2. Kid:let’s do pens
    Other kid:ok
    Kid:smash it
    Other kid: How
    Kid: Ummmmm just throw it
    Other kid: sure

  3. Can we stop talking about what to call it because that is really pointless and not gonna achieve anything!

  4. Instead for using that it uses batteries just use a hover ball it has no batteries N works the same your welcome

  5. I already tried this
    But I didn't buy this because I didn't know it was from Vat19

  6. It’s all fun and games until someone kicks it too hard which sends the disc flying and the fan at the bottom cutting someone…

  7. I used to have one then I gave it to my friend teddy xxxxxx love you and thanks for making things and being you and your the best and I'm only 10

  8. Where i’m from we call it a “Fodbold” translated directly to “Football” but are a Soccer ball

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