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– Hi, it’s Parris from Epic Review Guys. Here with my official soccer ball tester. Now when we’ve tested out
sports equipment before we’ve gone over to the playground, but in this box I have the Hover Ball, the first soccer ball you
can play with safely indoors. (guitar music) ♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ The Hover Ball is an As
Seen on TV soccer ball or half soccer ball. It’s basically like a
soccer ball cut in half that you can play with indoors. It slides all around,
supposedly has a hover effect. They don’t put it in a very
fancy box to send it out, but let’s see what you get in the box. In the box we have the ball, the Hover Ball, some dos and don’ts
but no real instruction information. I guess it’s a ball. What instructions do you need? This is the Hover Ball. Now it does look like half a ball. Feel that, it’s kinda teft laudy smooth. I guess that’s part of
it’s secret so it can slide on different surfaces, and then it’s squishy, rubbery up here, so that it doesn’t damage anything if it hits the floorboards in the house, and maybe the design keeps it like this so it doesn’t tip over. I guess the only way we’re gonna know for sure is to try it out on some laminate flooring,
simulated hardwood, so we’re gonna try it out without shoes, which I don’t think is a good idea, but you wanted to try it that way, so kick it to me. See how your toes feel. Slides pretty well. – [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Parris] Let me send it back to ya. Yeah, it does slide pretty well. You haven’t hurt your foot yet? – [Voiceover] No. – [Parris] I guess if
you use the side of it to kick it so you’re not, whoa, you got it past me. – [Voiceover] Goal! – [Parris] But, can you tip it over? I’m gonna kick it a little harder. Still say upright. No, we haven’t been
able to tip it over yet. That’s pretty stable. Oh, ha. Did it tip? – [Voiceover] Halfway
it stopped on the door. – [Parris] Oh. Here we are on carpeted surface, not very clean carpet, but carpet, and this is actually the
best surface for it they say, and it really, with just the
littlest amount of effort does slide pretty well. Here let me kick it over to ya. Uh oh. – [Voiceover] Tip over. – [Parris] So it did tip over there without too hard of a kick,
so it’s not untippable. Send it back to me. – [Voiceover] This is fun. – [Parris] Yeah, well it seems
okay to do indoors honestly. I mean we haven’t broken anything yet. Oh, I flipped it that time. If you’re trying to, you can flip it over. Okay here we are on some ceramic tile, the entry way of the house. Hit it to me softly. A little too softly. – [Voiceover] I’m gonna
check the bottom for anything dirty, like in some – [Parris] Ah, yeah they do
say if you’re gonna use it on anything other than
carpet, you oughta clean the floor first, and
clean your Hover Ball, or else the dirt will slow it down. – [Voiceover] It’s all scratched up. – [Parris] Mmmm, just in
this amount of time, huh. Get good sound effects out of it on this. Now this is for indoor use only, but we’re gonna try it outdoors and see how it does in the grass. Okay, send it on over if you can. Oh, well, – [Voiceover] Tipped really easily. – [Parris] Try it again. It’s not gonna slide very well out here. Now they also advise against using it on asphalt or concrete, but let’s see what it does in the driveway. Medium speed. That’s not too bad. – [Voiceover] I think it’s
just all the twigs and leaves we have around here. – [Parris] Mhmm. I think it works pretty well out here. I wanna know if we’re
scratching up that surface, and it’s not gonna recover from that. Okay, this is the bottom
surface after playing with it outside and oh yeah, I
can see the scratch lines. Now if we clean up the
dirt, that might help some, but I don’t think those
scratches are gonna come out of it. Okay, we’re back in from outside. It did get some scratches on it. I don’t think that’ll effect it on carpet, but just to make sure, let’s go ahead and hit it a little. Seems the same, seems
like it’s moving less. What do you think? I think this is better not
to take outside at all, huh? – [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Parris] Just have it as, it’s funny to be saying about a ball, but as an indoor only toy, really. Yeah, cause once you scratch that up, it still works, but you’re
gonna lose the smoothness of it, seems to me, but it still works pretty good. – [Voiceover] Yeah. – [Parris] How do you like this? – [Voiceover] I love it. – [Parris] Really? – [Voiceover] Honestly do – So that’s the As Seen on TV Hover Ball. I think we got it for a
total of about 15 dollars with the shipping, and
I’ll put a link down below this video if you’d
like to check it out online. What did you think of it? – I loved it. – It was fun it seems like it’s probably not gonna fly up in the air and damage things on shelves, even when it did, we did manage to tip it over, it stayed
right on the ground. – Yeah. – And it’s rubberized all
around the outer surface. Now we did wanna look
at what damage we did by taking it outside, so let me zoom in on this as we clean it. You may be able to see
how scratched up it got. You hold on to it, I will wipe it with, these are just baby wipes, so there’s no soap or anything, and that’s what they say to use, just a damp cloth. Oh, I can feel around the edges all the scratches we got in it. Shouldn’t of taken it outside, but now we know. Okay, still a little damp, now let’s see how the scratches look. Still there. We got clean scratches at least. I think we would both give
the Hover Ball a thumbs up. It did work pretty well. I would say it seemed
reasonably safe to use indoors. Now let me zoom out and show you the latest status of our wall. We have our newest entries
across the top here, and pretty soon I’m not gonna have room to add any more and zoom out and still fit them all in. Here on the top row you can see the latest entries to the wall of Epic. A lot more impressive, very nice things, some people who obviously
spent hours working on them, and we appreciate it so much. If you have other questions
about the Hover Ball, maybe other surfaces that we didn’t try, if it would work on those comment down below this video, and we’ll see if we can give it a try and get ya an answer. ♫ Shopping is easy when
you know what to buy ♫ At Epic Review Guys we give stuff a try ♫ What does the fox buy, nobody knows ♫ But before he goes shopping ♫ He watches our videos ♫

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