Hot Wheels Long Jump Challenge 2! With Spider-Man Superman Mario and More Super Hero Cars by KIDCITY

Hot Wheels Long Jump Challenge 2! With Spider-Man Superman Mario and More Super Hero Cars by KIDCITY

everybody welcome back to kids city
today we’re doing Hot Wheels long jump to Hot Wheels long jump to everybody little flash is going to be our
carburetor he’s going to drop them down our 20-foot long distance jump down our
slide into the ramp and over our kind of crooked ruler there this is of course
our beloved referee at kid City and assistant referee Ava tell us about our
cars so we bought a new spider-man homecoming the Ironman and this fireman
hung made-up soup uh-huh the homemade suit so we got ant-man that one the last
one yeah so there was some controversy surrounding ant-man
they said that he bounced to win and this time we’re going to change the
rules a little bit so that we don’t run into that again yes we got the cloud
colors we opened in our up our operation yeah our operation video we got the
Aquaman that it’s kind of like smash splash he opened up and uh the new
Aquaman new style your style Superman yes man uh
venom that kind of looks like the Superman yeah it is a super brain it’s
the same base model car and this is a special edition venom that fits on
tracks actually what the Marvel version does not fit on tracks okay who else we
got Rocket Raccoon oh we got the spreader on
try or move you mm-hmm we’ve got this x-wing fighter yeah
x-wing fighter that Luke Skywalker in his x-wing fighter
we got Rhino rhino cool that’s in the special editions Marvel character car
Super Mario yeah ah all right we got Doc Ock Hawkeye and
daredevil yeah when’s your pick you picked we all picked our favorites
that we think is going to win yeah he’s pretty like he’s pretty white like one’s
funny local little flash is going to do cloud cutter dad said he picked this
Luke Skywalker in his x-wing fighter Ava picked Rocket Raccoon I think
because he looks cuddly he’s not though he’s going to add to problem she looks
totally but he’s not so Ava is rooting for Rocket Raccoon mom city picked
spider-man homecoming homemade costume so we’re going to judge it on the bounce
so say it’s initially and then bounce bounce bounce wherever it ends up and
that way we can leave them all in place and then judge the distance by their yes
right yes all right everybody in agreement let’s do it taking our
position American comic blowing just we are rooting for ya let’s do something
will work first up is Superman not very high okay that’s pretty good
cement come up by the nine next goes we have duck off wait a minute
we’ll give him one more shot doc Ock’s did not make it
io he destroyed the whole place this is oh she’s called it Doc Ock is
disqualified all right here we got next oh my
amendment more than the others look at this you got rocket boosters Wow okay
but there are different colors and blue okay Oh special edition five five point
what one and a half yeah five point one and a half we got now Mario Mario miswired
he’s still got to cancel Wally Mario is currently in second about eight 8/2 in
eight two and a half all right who’s next buddy oh I’ll keep her present hi
he’s free to hide he just he just blind can’t do nothing
they’re doves are blind he has been counted out right I got to do brother
shredder Oh another crashing burn from shredder
let’s get him one more shot just in case Oh shredder it on a second attempt came
up with a 1.3 great ship one oh I tied with shredder for an embarrassing
1.3 we got here got rocket racoon a buddy once win I’m feeling heavy Davis
pick Rocket Raccoon pretty heavy yeah Oh 6.2 right now right now there’s a truck
Rhino yeah dump truck I don’t know if he’s gonna do very good he’s pretty big
oh he came off the rails let’s give Rhino one more shot look at
that Rhino crashed and burned nothing who’s up next
RINO is disqualified we’re having it man Ant Man
all right yeah champion reigning champion controversial champion oh it
men seven point two seven point two mom City pick spider-man homecoming 35.3
nuff said average out of the pack oh yeah venom black special edition car Oh been and knocked out spider-man that was
cool how it happen I’m sure too so we need to we need to say something here
venom not spider-man a little further than he was so now he is actually right
tied in with Mario he’s very close to Mario with an eight-point-two what do
you say we do the top three in a final jump ah yeah after a brief intermission
in the poopoo break for Ava we’re going to turn this back on and reset up for
the final three which are Luke Skywalker cloud cutter Luke Skywalker cloud cutter
and Aquaman you ready to do it yeah Luke Skywalker ooh Luke Skywalker ended up right now
next to spider-man didier job spider-man he did Luke Skywalker has edged out
spider-man with an 8 – awesome he’s in the top 3
hi who’s this oh ok hi oh he knocked out Ironman tied with rocket racoon what is
it 6.2 who’s next last one before we get the
final three o’clock oh great yeah whoa whoa cloud Carter cloud cutter has
edged out how Luke Skywalker yes Disney called you kid huh Ben we’re
going to arrow they tied I say their time okay the judge says they’re tied
we got a top four people we’ve got we got Superman
Mario cloud cutter and Luke Skywalker let’s have our jump off all right
Superman this is the finals by the way this is
the finals and they get one shot at this okay Wow all right
here comes Superman oh my goodness Superman failed he didn’t even register
one point one whose neck oh my oh my goodness
Super Mario scores eight point one and a half eight point one and a half all right who’s next buddy your favorite
Luke Skywalker what whoa Luke Skywalker oh no that’s what do you think it’s
right here got a ten I think that’s that’s in between we’ll just keep it
right there and between nine and ten Luke Skywalker is in the lead last one
cloud cutter has to get over nine over he’s got a register at ten point one in
order to win three two one whoo cloud cutter – it’s seven point two seven
point two Mario it’s Becca please and your winner is the last Jedi Luke
Skywalker look at the agony of defeat that is yeah what you doing girl that’s
not a good thing able with a shotgun Oh dr. bronze medal
did get the bronze medal but we’re not giving up metals so he is bragging right
yeah Yahweh’s where he’s where Luke Skywalker remember to subscribe skid
City and hit that like button and comment down below and tell us who you
were rooting for yeah we’re gonna give you a link to more Hot Wheels challenges

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