Home of Football

Home of Football

Football’s a massive part of our national psyche, We’re at the very roots here. This is where the modern game was invented. Hallam Football Club is the oldest football ground in the world It’s at Sandygate and there’s been a football ground here from 1860. Today was really, really good for us just to show where the game actually started. We’ve had four schools involved in this project today quit playing by the polls 1858 Sheffield tunes which have your lease
rules in in existence they’ve done a really good
job have gathered that heritage in history
putting together we so the old school for the world that you
don Corp we went online recess tomorrow if I found out more information they’ve
spent a lot of time researching chief useful heritage on its really just come
together on wonderful sunny day today will be
wearing hats way mustaches playfulness awesome still
be how their loss that States project which
is called the home football is a tremendous example adversary Heritage Program because it’s aimed at
people who are exploring their local culture and heritage as well as living history today they
felt special like playing football for the got football gonna I was the referee on
the sidelines making sure the lime pie is conducting himself from the game and
that’s it for a profit on a about comments did not consume it was
you meet in terms of basketball that the for I’m was no it doesn’t have to go
through customs it was really enjoyable and it was very
in Chessington find out how they played in the 1850s
these process by the HLF really brilliant I think you know it’s
not just fun this is something about of communal past people in their communities are
fascinated by how they became who they are sharing heritage is a wonderful grants
program because it’s really using to apply for as long as your
nonprofit group we welcome everyone its grounds three thousand pounds to
10,000 pounds which allows local people to investigate there culture their traditions them important
wildlife even sporting heritage just about
anything you can think of it has to do with the local culture heritage you can build a project around that and
Heritage Lottery Fund is here to help into it’s a wonderful thing to do it
home skills it brings people together most cool the kids you pride in your

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  1. England gave the game of football to the world……..football was born in Sheffield England, it‘s the biggest secret in football.

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