History of football South American Superpowers

History of football South American Superpowers

Subtitles downloaded from www.OpenSubtitles.org For Shilton. For the goalkeeper Shilton.
All goalkeepers are useless. You’re not an exception. Relax.
You were had – but don’t worry. When we were in the shower
after the game, he said to me Jorge Valdano
Argentine International
“During the whole move, I was waiting for the right time
to pass you the ball, as you were running alongside me
on the other side of the pitch.” This is why I say that the mind of
a genius works at an extraordinary pace, and with amazing complexity. It’s not that he just saw a bIue and white
shirt of an Argentine player – he knew it was me and not someone else.
To me that seems a miracle. Diego Maradona
Argentine International
I always say England allowed me to score the best goal of my life – a goal scored in a World Cup, a dream goal, a goal scored with the hand! La picardía is a grade of “badness” which takes genius a little
beyond the boundaries of the law. How beautiful! What have you done? Diego, what great happiness you’ve
brought to the whole of the Americas! In Argentina we celebrated the bad goal
more than the good goal, because it was against the English,
who seemed to deserve it. Shilton. You think that
you’re the hero. the phenomenon. If a ball crossed just over the line, and you swept it away
without the referee seeing it, would you go and tell him
that it was a goal? Narrated by Terence Stamp When the Sky Blues play, I play too. When we play, we play to win. Tonight, whatever it takes, we need to win. Argentina lead 2-0. He plays it too far.
It’s out of play. Up go the hands. Throw-in to Argentina, who lead 2-0
in the Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires. Recoba to Rodrigues in the area.
In goes his low cross. It’s a goal for Uruguay, for me an own goal. Goal for Uruguay. Argentina were winning easily –
now there’s suspense. They went to Europe to try their luck. Eduardo Galeano
Author, Uruguay
and gave the world a new kind of football. They thought that Uruguayans
would be like all the rest – a child of English football – and that was true. But what happened in South America was that this British father had children
that didn’t take after him very much. The Uruguayans put on
a disastrous training session. They didn’t score a single goal,
they kicked the ball into the clouds, or missed it completely,
kicking the ground instead. and they bumped into each other –
it was a disaster. The Yugoslavs reported back
that Uruguay would be a piece of cake, that they were a useless team
who couldn’t beat anybody. This put Uruguay,
a small unknown country, on the map. The big star of the 1924 team was black – José Leandro Andrade. He was called “the Black Marvel”
by the French press. I’m going to tell you something. The only countries they talked about
back then were Argentina and Uruguay. Francisco Varallo
Argentine International
Brazil played,
but I don’t remember how they got on. People didn’t mention Brazil. My father was at that game,
and he had to shout “Uruguay, Uruguay”, or they would have killed him. He had to hide his Argentine flag. Waldemar Victorino
Uruguayan International
The Garra Charruía is our idiosyncrasy. The whole of Uruguay has it,
not just footballers. We always want
to push ourselves further, to come first. We’ve always liked difficult challenges,
and for us, football was a difficult challenge. The Brazilian players
felt the impact of the equaliser. Roque Maspoli
Uruguayan International
If one touched them, they felt cold. We realised then that although
we might not have enough time, we were close to beating them. The Uruguayans have a lot of self-love. Alcides Ghiggia
Uruguayan International
They go to the games,
and they don’t like to lose. So if you mix self-love
with that passion for winning, you sometimes get results
which aren’t expected. Hundreds of people were in tears,
crying, crying, crying. Juan Schiaffino
Uruguayan International
It was incredible, everybody was crying – the Brazilians because they had lost,
us because we had won. The Garra we will not lose.
The day we lose that, we will disappear. But it will always exist. Ezequiel Fernandez Moores
Journalist, Argentina
The scene of collective grief
after that defeat had a big effect here. Perón saw how a defeat in football
could affect a population, and he didn’t want
the same thing to happen here. Alfredo Di Stefano
River Plate
A forward line called “The Machine” was formed. It was Muñoz, Moreno,
Pedernera, Labruna, Loustau. They were truly a football machine. They could play from memory with great ability. They played beautiful football. In the 1950s, the stadia had more people
in them than in the year 2000. All of these stadia
were built with Perón’s money. Paradoxically, they were
golden years for Argentine football, but at the same time Perón
was scared that Argentina might lose if they played outside the country. If football was the national pride,
they couldn’t lose. We thought there were representatives
from European teams watching us. Humberto Maschio
Argentine International
But we honestly didn’t think
we would be transferred, because we saw Europe
as something very distant. José Sanfilippo
Argentine International
In the Americas, we were the best. Brazil and Uruguay had already played
in World Cups in 1950 and 1954, so the whole of Argentina, not only players, but officials
and the people of Argentina, thought we were already
champions of the world. It wasn’t the same thing
as playing against South Americans. The Europeans, with simple, cIumsy football, beat us easily. Why? Because we didn’t know how to mark. We were good with the ball, but none of us talked about
marking, or playing one-touch. No! If you gave us the ball, we had to
show everything we could do with it. From that moment,
Argentine football suffered a cultural attack. Cesar Luis Menotti
Former Argentina Coach
They started to say that to win,
you had to prepare yourself physically. But instead of integrating that with the creativity, talent
and imagination of Argentine football, the teams were transformed
into teams of aggressive fighters. It became impossible to beat anybody,
because it wasn’t our style. We played Real Madrid
in the Intercontinental Championship. Alberto Spencer
Here in Montevideo we drew 0-0,
in Madrid we lost 5-1. 20 minutes into the game
in Madrid, we were losing 4-0. The Europeans think themselves
better than the Latins. Pelé
The great dispute
between Latin teams and European teams creates a great rivalry, because the Latins think their football
has more technique and is more open, while the Europeans think that
their football is more organised and stronger. Peñarol, in 1960,
had just started a period of rebuilding. That’s why, in 1966, this rebuilding paid off. We met Madrid again,
and this time we took our revenge. The bad atmosphere surrounding that match was caused by an Italian journalist. Fernando Riera
Former Chile Coach
He must have been a bit stupid, as the Italian team were all here. But he said
“The women over here are all whores.” Leonel Sanchez
Chilean International
We told them with anger
“You Argentines have sold yourselves.” “You should be playing
with Argentina in Rancagua, not here with another national team.” I played for Italy, and I defended
the Italian shirt with all my might. I got a punch on my nose just because
I was Argentine and playing for Italy – that’s the way
they understood it, the Chileans. What a coincidence, that an Englishman
refereed the Germany-Uruguay match. Antonio Rattin
Argentine International
Uruguay had three or four players
sent off as well. And look! A German refereed
the Argentina-England game. It was all prepared beforehand
that we couldn’t go through. I showed him my captain’s armband,
and he said “Out, out, out!” And he sent me off. How did he understand what I was saying? He spoke German,
and I spoke Spanish. He’s a liar. He died a long time ago –
may God keep him in glory up there! But tell God not to let him come down
to referee any more games! Juan Veron
We know that we wrote an important page in the history of South American
football, here at Estudiantes. It was a beautiful page for all small teams. It even got to the stage
that they were sending women to the opposition’s training camp –
it was constant gamesmanship. They even studied
the private lives of their rivals to wind them up on the pitch. Gianni Rivera
We were already on the pitch
when the Argentine players came on. They were all carrying a ball. As soon as they got close.
they all kicked the balls hard against us, to show us how the rest of the match would be. That match should be eradicated
from the history of football, because it was anything but a football match. It was a manhunt from start to finish. Carlos Caszely
Chilean International
We were in camp, and at about midnight the president, Pancho Fruksan,
turned up to tell us that the Soviet Union would not play,
and that we had qualified. We still had to turn up,
which I considered absurd, start the game, and score a goal. It was a symbolic thing.
They didn’t come because they said they couldn’t travel to a country
under a dictatorship, and where the national stadium
had been a concentration camp. When the military government
took office in March, Juan Alemann
Former Argentine Finance Minister
there was a consensus in favour of the military, because Argentina was in a chaotic
and ungovernable situation. It was the case of “The Disappeared”.
In reality they were dead. What happened was that the military
didn’t follow the normal methods of a quick judicial process –
they simply disappeared. There was no ceasefire. The military had effectively disarmed
the subversive terrorists, quite simply by killing them. A training ground is where artisans prepare to create the great personalities
in a game of football. With the will to be efficient,
yes, because you compete to win. But it has to be from
an aesthetic point of view and more linked to the sentiments
of the people. otherwise it doesn’t interest me. I cried a lot when he left me out, but Flaco Menotti didn’t make a mistake, because he won the World Cup. You can’t criticise that. We were aware that there was something
strange going on, even in the first game – Roberto Rivelino
Brazilian International
the way things were being done. And then Peru inexplicably lost the game
when they were playing so well. It is something I consider to be very strange. In all, it was a World Cup that
doesn’t make much sense to me. I think it’s disgraceful that somebody can say that a professional footballer in a World Cup is capable of doing that type of thing. I find it simply cruel. Mario Kempes
Argentine International
Holland had their chances, but we were more decisive
when the time came to scoring. When we got to the 14th minute, that psychologically important
moment just before the break, there was another move up the left flank.
The rebound, the excitement… The whole country
was willing me to score that goal. In Europe, it was said “If you have
one Argentine, you have a great team.” “lf you have two Argentines,
you have half a team.” “lf you have three Argentines,
you don’t have a team” – as if to say that we
couldn’t play as a team. The people had a great need
to show the world that we really had very good players, and that we were at the highest
competitive level in the world. It was his first own goal. Santiago Escobar
Brother of Andres Escobar
Unfortunately, their behaviour was savage, and that drove them to murder my brother. I think they were the only people
capable of doing that, because Andres was loved
by the whole country. Just for a bet that was made
at the World Cup in America, Andres lost his life. It was rough on the streets.
At that time in Colombia, Francisco Maturana
Formaer Columbian Coach
the situation was that
someone would say something, there’d be a reaction, and before you
knew it, a fight would end in a gunshot. Not only the death of Andres Escobar,
but all deaths are bad. Rene Higuita
Columbian International
There are nice deaths,
like when you are asleep in bed, but when they kill you
in that way, nobody deserves that – and even more so a person
as special as Andres was. The ticket receipts here
for our professional games were $5,000. Alfonso Senior
Former Millonarios President
That was for the good gates at the time – not only in Bogotà, but in Cali,
Medellin, and even Barranquilla. The gate receipts weren’t great. I presented Pedernera
so that he could salute the crowd, not as a player, but as a future player. That day, for the presentation of Pedernera, I received $35,000 in gate receipts. “The Ballet in Blue.”
It meant we were dressed in blue, with white shorts and bIue socks. It was if we were dancers in the theatre. It was a great team. When the state does not act
there is a vacuum, and this vacuum existed. Willington Ortiz
Columbian International
It’s undeniable. So the money from
the drugs trade found its way into this vacuum, and ended up controlling this vacuum. So money came into football, and that helped football develop better. To be honest, since I have been in football, I haven’t known the cartels to be
involved in the teams I have played in. Colombia, champions of America!
Colombia, champions of America! National, champions of America!
Colombia, champions of America! Colombia, champions of America!
Colombia, continental champions! Colombia, continental champions! My country! My beloved country! Hernan Palaez Restrepo
Journalist, Columbia
Everyone, even Pelé, was willing to say that Colombia
would challenge for the World Cup. The people heard this, and they became convinced
that we would be world champions. Faustino Asprilla
Columbian International
They were going to kill Maturana,
the family of his assistant, and a player, so there were lots of threats. That was where our dream ended, because with all the threats
and everything that happened, we stopped thinking about football. We were thinking about
our wellbeing and our families. In the middle is a nation of people
who don’t know where to turn, and don’t know
where the next bullet is coming from. But they believe in their country
and feel that this situation will improve, because this country deserves
a better life than it is living. Francisco Sa
Argentine International
I think that the source
of Argentine football has no limits, because even if you sell them,
more still come through. So it’s not a problem for us. Mexico participate in their local championship, Antonio Carbajal
Mexican International
in the Confederations Cup,
in the North American Cup, and in the Merconorte, and in the Libertadores, And what happens? There isn’t the capability to achieve our goals. He who takes on a lot, grasps little. Hugo Sanchez
Mexican International
I prefer quality to quantity. I would prefer it if Mexico
didn’t go to World Cups, because we don’t deserve it. If we deserve it, by competing
against the best, we will improve. With more competition,
we will have higher standards. We’ve made no impact at world level
because we haven’t had that competition. We had the enormous Iuck to encounter
a Maradona from another planet, a Maradona at the peak
of his football career. At that time, Diego was capable
of transforming to greatness any team. I had already tried so hard in 1982. I dreamt of lifting that cup,
and it didn’t happen. 1986 was my big opportunity. They were very calm. They said to me
“We are going to win, no problem.” There was a great serenity
and confidence in the team at that moment. It’s like touching the sky with your hands. It’s hard for me to define it. Sometimes there are good games
and sometimes not so good – but there are no bad games.
Football is great fun. Football, I carry it inside me
– even today. at 91 years old. I see the ball and I see that lovely
green grass when I’m in the stadium, and I still get that urge – it’s so beautiful! ENGLISH Download Movie Subtitles Searcher from www.OpenSubtitles.org

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