Hillsborough Disaster 1989 – Liverpool Football Club

Hillsborough Disaster 1989 – Liverpool Football Club

there are a new findings in the
hillsborough disaster dating back all the way to women occur in nineteen
eighty nine regarding justice not yet being served but a step in the
right direction for the ninety six people that lost
their lives at sheffield wednesday’s hillsborough stadium many americans are
not aware of what happened there not familiar with what happened they
don’t know all the facts under that many of you guys are of the report fans you
are from europe you already know this story if you do uh… i will leave a comment below regarding the new findings on
anti-abortion into those but firstly on april fifteen
nineteen eighty nine the f_a_ cup semi-final uh… at sheffield united against
liverpool and nodding in forest was a rematch from the last year’s f_a_ cup
semis in nineteen eighty eight the liverpool fans were given to be electing
the wayne and which actually that was the smaller pens even though it they had
a more followers and fans attending
mismatch kickoff was set for three o’clock at two thirty the pens were
already uncomfortably full one survivor who spoke about this dark days who was in in the corner terrace overlooking
pens three and four was quoted as saying they section that he was it was quote
surprisingly empty liverpool fans or filing in like crazy and the reason for that being
was that there was simply no crowd control there was no direction
for any of the officers and one officer phone into david dot
canfield saying that they need to all pin one of the gates to relieve the pressure duck infield relayed back to them to open exit gate c which forced more people and and as i stated previously they did not filter any danny defensible
left to go right even stand infront of the at the central pens which is what they did last year they would stand there if they were full that again it was not traveling
unfortunately the central pans more a death trap all of these people these
innocent people we’re getting crushed and trampled and pushed into the fences
many then were face to face nose to nose not even knowing if they will survive this day
and unfortunately many of them did not many defense never getting crushed tried
to jumpa over the fences and onto the pitch but the police officers thought that
they were just trying to invade uh… upon the game so they push them
back in once they realize what was actually going on and they hope in a few small minuscule gates to try and really more pressure fans filed onto the page they climbed over fences at three oh six
india once is work all forty two of them were sent that only too too went on to the test because the
situation was reported as problem rest not that people were getting kill they called a crowd unrest so the ambulances drove off the stadium
jim wishes located behind the north and was used as a more chill where many then
wanted to kiss their loved one one more time they wanted a hug them and a police officer simply would not let them because they said
that they belong to the corner now they’re not your property anymore many
employees offices there asked questions to the parents like how much did your child have to drink
how much did your barber one have to drink police officers took blood samples
from kids as young as ten years old to see if they had been drinking alcohol
what resulted with all this is that this incompetent fucking loser david dot
concealed decided to place the blame on the fans for this tragedy because he
claimed that they had forced open gate c the media blame all the fans four being
drunk hooliganism and not having ticked in the
wake of more than ninety people losing their lives at hillsborough the sun ran this right here firstly the title of it is the truth the bullet points some fans
pickpockets of victims something’s urinated on the brave cops something’s beat up he see giving to
some life no witnesses at all back this up the
editor of the son of the time was calvin mckenzie who is an incompetent losers well-to-do
editor of the son his name is dominic mole hand has come out and apologized
over and over and over again and uh… many people to this day will not
buy the sun will not read son will not be vin looked at it if it’s in a new step
toward us this day or was appointed to investigate this matter and basically when he came up with was
that uh… this week affectively is ruled a disaster waiting
to happen and could have been anne set of supporters at any stadium at that
time kickoff of this match was at three o’clock the coroner three fifteen three fifteen ruled all the victims debt here on the brain dead or dead it would later come out that forty-one at least of the
ninety-six could potentially been say one ambulance driver who gave an
interview to end english television station said that many many could have been saved because he was one
of the few out there aren’t easily and he’s c said not only that many of them
could have been rescued but he was also never called to give
evidence with this case one strong piece of evidence is the story of kevin williams the sun
of and williams kevin was carried off an a police officer told and that evidence had lived long past three fifteen he was photographed at the
far and receiving medical attention he was carried to the gym but he was having
trouble breathing a female officer said in an interview that she was about
to give c_p_r_ one another officer tapped her on the shoulder and told
their to just leave the reports that came out said and that he had neck injuries that did not allow him to speak so there
was no way that he could speak after this differentiates analyst looked into
the situation and even said that with those neck fractures kevin could still talk he did now he also said that with the right
medical attention kevin coulda survived these tragic
events are terrible unfortunately the aftermath was just as bad the ignorance that was shown
to the families uh… to the victims’ families are indescribable because the inquest jury seven-time kept ruling that these were accidental
deaths meaning that they did not blame anyone no public prosecutions were brought and private prosecutions failed repeatedly one hundred thousand people signed a
petition triggering a parliamentary debate about the kevin williams case and hillsborough independent panel
established to examine unpublished papers so the new
information that came out today it was that the britain high court overturned the
original ruling that the death of the ninety-six was accidental this
search has been going on for twenty years by the victims’ families the
families have been seeking fresh in class to be held and police are now even
launching a new investigation wrongdoings were exposed and the panel
also examined previously unseen documents david cameron the british prime minister
apologized for the if forties failures and the initial in clear in class had been completely overturned interest in may britain’s home secretary made an
announcement and criminal charges main loop if you’re asking yourself and
what exactly was uncovered here’s more that sit a sophisticated attempt by senior
police officers to shift the blame onto liverpool football club fans and
the and they told officers to change the statements to protect themselves and the rains smearing the fans never
killed and those who survive they insinuated that many of these fans that attended
the f_a_ cup semi-final in nineteen eighty nine in hillsboro were drunk and had a long reputation and track record our
history uh… drunken foolishness and criminal
behavior which is obviously absolutely wrong we
stated earlier that forty one people of the ninety six could have possibly been
saved dr bill car cup uh… uh… i’d member of the
hillsborough panel concluded that fifty eight people who died quote definitely or probably could have
survived beyond three fifteen pm which is one of the
corner decided to say none of them none of the victims could be saved
because they were dead our brain in total one hundred and sixty four police
statements were altered are harder and sixteen m_m_ sector removed four unfavorable accounts about the police handling of the crisis so the two big things that
we learned today about possible justice for the ninety-six that lost their lives
in nineteen eighty nine is that the initial inquest were overturned and they’re no longer accidental deaths which we all knew was
bullshit in the first place the second is that now police are
opening up a new probe a new investigation into this matter it is not
be victory were still were starting to green in
that direction we’re starting to put our best foot forward in this investigation and bring the people who are responsible
for ninety six people losing their lives to justice came down police who attended all ninety-six funerals treated this
today two-thirds past the crystals today for the hills pro-family ps your support has been unbelievable look
i’ll be honest when researching this story it really hit a nerve with me
because the fact that ninety six people lost
their lives when they did not have to uh… it’s it’s unexplainable it’s indescribable and something needs to happen whether it’s david dot concealed whether
it’s many the police officers who decided to
put the blame on these poor victims who lost their lives unlawfully under willfully something needs to happen they’re going to be changes made i believe that in the near future uh… justice will be served but overall it was emotional for me to cover and
research and know it like the back of my hand and although i’m not in europe but i’m
not from liverpool on an american uh… my heart goes out to all of the families and i just hope that
someday whether it’s justice through this in the
near future that they could find peace and they could have some sort of
comfort with what happened at hillsborough nineteen eighty-nine so
to all the european football fans watching this to all the liverpool fans
watching this you’ll never walk alone

100 thoughts on “Hillsborough Disaster 1989 – Liverpool Football Club

  1. Such a tragic event. Good vid to summarize the whole situation. I also think that justice will be served to those families.

  2. I'm so glad you covered this Rick, a lot of respect for you for doing so. With all the slander associated with this tragedy more people need to know the truth and hopefully truth, justice and some peace for the families is on the way . As a Liverpool fan and just as a human being this affects me every time I watch a game. I often wonder what Steven Gerrard (who lost a cousin at Hillsborough) when representing the red shirt. YNWA

  3. Rick, I am assuming these seats were unassigned? Do they still have First Come First Serve seating in Europe? I know I can only think of some bleacher sections at MLB stadiums that are unassigned seating.

  4. none of them were seated, it was standing terraces at the time, because of this disaster all top level stadiums in Britain are required to be all seater

  5. It was not enough that the police actively participated in the deaths of some of the victims by pronouncing them dead before they actually died and refusing to give them life saving aid, which in my opinion is murder, but they then had to go and ruin the reputations of the victims. At the very least, these new developments will at least clear the names of the victims. At the most, it will give the grieving families the truth about what happened to their loved ones.

  6. Saying the story is awesome was not what I meant, but the way it was explained and laid out was good. I had heard of this before but never really knew the whole story. Sorry if you or anyone else misunderstood what I meant.

  7. It's OK I had a feeling it wasn't what you meant but you never know with YT commenters. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I'm glad you enjoyed it.


  8. I've followed this for years as my dad is a red til the end, but damn rick you're a powerful reporter. Thank you for covering this, and to anyone reading these comments search for the justice collective on itunes.

  9. Extremely good coverage Rick, this is a tragedy that really touches a lot of people because those fans were just ordinary people going to have fun, and it could have been any normal family that this happened to. Everybody knew the initial report was a complete whitewash. It's nice to see that it's finally being given some recognition by our government.

  10. If I'm not mistaken, I think there was a similar incident in Estadio Nacional in Lima, Peru. I think it was due to a fire in the stands and the gates were locked and thus many people lost their lives. Very sad and tragic events.

  11. 1) 5,000 fans turned up to the game without tickets, thats fact,
    2) The people who died were in early, didnt drink
    3) The scousers were drinking in the pubs till near kick off.
    4) Yes, duckenfield did open the gates.
    5) There were faults by the South Yorkshire Police
    However, 1 Thing scoucers never accept, THEY WERE PART OF THE FUCKIN REASON THOSE 96 ARE DEAD!.
    I am a Sheffield Lad, i have spoken to plenty of people including landlords that owned pubs around the area at that time.

  12. Hardly, look into the facts,
    The scoucers were drinking till gone 3, the ones who died were in early, 5,000 fans of liverpool reguarly attended without tickets. I have friends who owned pubs around the ground, they were bragging how they always go with no tickets.
    The Scoucers are pathetic. the 96 were murdered by their own drunk ass fans.

  13. Lets talk about HEYSEL, oh wait, we dont want to, we all know what them cunts are all about. 96 dead, why? the liverpool fans themselves.

  14. Juventus fans tried to climb over the wall to escape. Many succeeded; however, the wall could not withstand the force of the fleeing Juventus supporters and collapsed

  15. Why aren't you blaming the football/soccer culture in these countries as one of the precursors for the ongoing violence at and during games. The fact that you have to separate the fans into different sections in itself creates tension.

  16. You have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. The Hillsborough tragedy happened 23 years ago. What does that have to do with modern day sports culture? These fans were victims of sheer incompetence of the people that were supposed to be there to protect their safety that day.

  17. 1. No it isn't. The capacity of the stadium was not exceeded.
    2. A quarter of the fans who died entered through Gate C.
    3. The crush outside the stadium formed 25 minutes before kickoff. Therefore any fans in pubs near kickoff had nothing to do with causing it.
    4. Yes.
    5. Many.
    And yes, I believe you're from Sheffield. Sheffield people are always reiterating the debunked shite of the SYP. As though they were ashamed of their city's failures and want it kept quiet. I WONDER WHY THAT IS…

  18. These are not 'facts' though. If they are, you will presumably have a reliable source for them? Oh yes, your source would be the South Yorkshire Police, wouldn't it? The ones who were trying to hide their own failures, yes, we can be very confident of their word, can't we?

  19. Irrelevant. Interesting how scouserphobes like you, wanting to kick up a stink about Hillsborough but finding they have nothing solid to make accusations with, suddenly change the subject to Heysel all the time.

  20. Why not go onto a video that is actually ABOUT Heysel, and discuss it there? There are plenty of them. Dragging it up on here is just changing the subject, which is usually a sign that you're not confident of your ground. You know nothing about Hillsborough, and I suspect you are far less well-informed about Heysel than you think you are as well.

  21. I live in sheffield mate. I know people who worked the game. I know what happened, the liverpool fans who turned up late, drunk, need to accept responsibilty for killing to sober early fans at the front.

  22. Please ask the people you know to read 'Hillsborough, The Man Under The Table'. Can they confirm any of this? For example the complete lack of instructions issuing from the control room. It will be very helpful to hear what they say.

  23. So happy that something finally happened regarding this terrible tragedy. The hope is nothing like this will ever happen again and the people responsible will face harsh punishment.

  24. This is a terribly sad disaster. This happened a few years before I was born, I never knew about it before. I'm so sick of the way the media puts the blame on the common people and shields the ruling classes from any criticism. Free press my fucking ass.

  25. LFC always R.I.P to everyone that lost there lives and I do feel for the people who lost there family members to this terrible day my uncle was here with his friend and I guess they were just so lucky to get out unharmed !:( x

  26. For anybody watching this video now I heavily recommend watching ESPN 30 for 30 Hillsborough Disaster. It is very informative and interviews the people at the heart of it. Not only am I Liverpool born and bred, my Dad's back was crushed in the disaster. He did not receive medical treatment when he needed to and refused to deal with it emotionally by trying to forget it happened. He is now disabled and has been since before he was 50. For years he couldn't listen to YNWA and only managed it at the 23rd anniversary memorial. There were people he saved that day but he gets angry that he was in the middle of it and he survived whilst others didn't. If he died that day I wouldn't be born and my mum would be left a widow with 4 young kids. JFT96 YNWA xxx

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