Hey guys! We are Football4Broz. Today we’re challenging us in a distance battle. Splitted in 2 challenges. Challenge 1: Who can score from the longest distance? Challenge 2: Who can kick the ball from the closest distance over the goal? Well, we kinda have an expert over here.. No problem guys, I’m gonna show you. Let’s go then! Rule: Everyone has 3 lifes. Just until one, right?! We’re starting from the middle circle. Marco, you go first. Loris you second. I’m gonna miss. Over! Minus 1 life! OVER! Woah, what a great ball! Now I’m gonna lose in the first round or what? Try Nr 2. Beckenbauer. Outside of the foot. He’s gonna miss. I’m always shooting too hard. Like Karol. Getting him out of focus. Tactic guys. Tactic! Great ball! Pressure on you Loris! Fabio is gonna do it easily again. Easy! You moron! Everyone but Marco have to shoot again. A good horse jumps just as high as it needs to. Don’t film me walking away. This was so cool.. Stop it! Very clean strike.. very clean. Marco 2 lifes, Fabio 2 lifes and I have to score or I’m out. It’s a miss?! Unbelievable. Bye! Loris you’re out. Would you please leave now. Guys I’m gonna seesaw now or whatever. I’m specially wearing my raiders pants for today. What the hell was that?? And I’m out.. There it is the picture of misery. Miss. One try left. Marco shouldn’t win! He’s gonna talk about it the next 3 weeks.. “Lads, you remember the distance challenge I won?!” Sure.. Fabio come on! Save our honor. I think I’ve never heard Fabio swear ever. I go first. Safety first! Weak foot. Pure arogance.. Let’s go Fabio! Do the same. Goalie.. That’s what I can do.. You’re so boring. Easy man. Easy. Oh Fabio has had his problem on the 16m mark. Just because you guys make it so boring. You gotta enjoy smashing it! Well you notice it’s a passion for Fabio. ” Too boring. Gottta do it with violence!” I call you’re not scoring. Well bascially you’re right. You guys do it so masterfully. That one was really close! I hit the ground too hard! First you have to make it as well before judging me. Ohh, 2 lifes left for Loris. Hit the ground as well. Yes, tha counts. Yes! Now Fabio is gonna make it, I call it. I hope you don’t make it! No way! Let’s go Fabio! I’m the loser of the hearts! Wait what.. no.. Winner of the hearts. There is gonna be a sudden death if you both miss, right?! Yea, but I’m gonna score. That one was really close. No! I hit the ground again.. Now Marco has the chance of wining! Who won Loris? Well you gotta admit that he won. You don’t have to. Yeah he’s right you don’t have to basically. For the next 3 weeks he’s gonna celebrate now. As you can see Fabio and I are still sad. We both clearly lost the 2 challenges against Marco. Marco is “the best”.. No comment. Comment down below which challenge you want to see next! Don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for watching Broz! See you soon!


  1. Schreibt uns in die Kommentare, welche Challenge ihr als nächstes sehen wollt! 🚀
    Im letzten Video läuft noch das Gewinnspiel, wer's verpasst hat! 🔥

  2. Ich hab noch nie gesehen, dass sich jemand so sehr darüber freut, dass er den Ball aus 4,5m in die Wolken gehämmert hat😂 aber ein echt geiles und lustiges video👍

  3. Ich finde die 2. Challenge extrem lustig und kreativ! Es ist nicht Lattenschießen oder Elferschießen was jeder als Challenge macht! Sondern etwas sehr kreatives!

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