HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena Overview & HEXBUG Soccer Gameplay Demo

HEXBUG Robotic Soccer Arena Overview & HEXBUG Soccer Gameplay Demo

[Music] hey everybody this is my overview in gameplay demo for the new Hexbug robotic soccer arena i’m gonna go over some basic functions show you a quick match at the end of the video and then we’re gonna do a quick little wrap-up at the very end coming up next I’m gonna show you how these work alright we’re gonna go over some basic functions with this radio and the first thing that you’ll notice is that it’s on channel 1 we bound this up on channel 1 the other one we’re gonna set it up on channel 2 and to bind it all you have to do is hold down that button and push the power button at the same time and it syncs it up and it’s ready to go and as long as you’ve got that set up on a channel that’s not already taken that should work great alright so the other thing this is the attack button or kick button so I’m gonna push this button right here now got a point about it alright so that sets it to kick I’m gonna push that again and it’s got a nice strong kick I’m really impressed with that as strong as the magnet is in the front I wasn’t sure how well it would release from the front but it does a terrific job so that is really cool it’s pretty nimble left to right just like the hex bug battle box so that is good backwards board it’s not slow either so that’s definitely pretty cool and that’s gonna conclude the basic demo that I’m gonna do for you coming up next we’re gonna do a soccer match alright so the kit doesn’t necessarily come with official rules on how you’re supposed to play the game so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna play the first person to three goals that’s coming up next alright this is the start of the game and when I count to three we’re gonna race to see you can get to the ball first one two three [Music] one two three go Wow how’s a nice shot one two three go go one two three go [Music] [Music] go team USA one two three go [Music] go and that’s the third and final goal alright guys I hope you enjoyed that quick match as you can see the kit is definitely fun easy to use and of course it’s uncle Ryan approved this is way too much fun not to be uncle Ryan approved like comment and subscribe and uncle Ryan is signing off you

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