Halloween, TYT Meetups, Fantasy Football, TYT’s Growth, Fatherhood, Big Business

Halloween, TYT Meetups, Fantasy Football, TYT’s Growth, Fatherhood, Big Business

cookies coming now this is a dramatic Twitter
storm because this is ambassador jenny’s last live to our
store okay she’s moving to Chicago she’s
throwing error masseter bash in new road trip abut last time in
the studio together for Twitter store unions I’m a little while don’t cry accord janie yeah I let’s go for ok first question from and he is do you
remember your first Halloween in the states was there a culture shock from Turkish
hello K I love the idea of Turkish following
still dirt road this Halloween in Turkey now because
they’re covering everything america’s but it’s not like there is a there like
a of bed what are the pump debate know we made that up for K we as
in the Americans a and yes I do for my first
Halloween it was great I hope my a one my family friends I got me a spider-man outfit and I when
a spider-man I had a little mask and I was like oh my god there’s a
holiday with you just give you can be all you gotta do is ask this america
place is amazing in glorious so yes I remembered fondly alright
what’s next make sense from out brat he says hi take is an
ambassador Kenny me think I think you out what’s a bit better about her I think
migration across the country why I’m glad you asked that yes in fact
she is amazing I bet that was relatively easy no actually you can see Jenny along the
way she’s actually do meet ups from LA to Chicago all the way down the
road are so go to UNT network dot com slash meet-ups and you’ll see
where jenny is going and you’ll be able to do meet up with her in all those
different cities is she’s gonna head so super
excited about it that’s all very fun man is there more interactive show in
america is certain no next question nixon from Cody a income Andhra tengo how’s your fantasy football
team doing Okaeri I don’t ask look man how both into two ideally and they might so league with my friends that we’ve had
for twenty years right I’ve got sludge good teams all but the
schedules killing me %uh I’ve been robbed the
injustices fairly legendary okay but wait because I believe that in
the second half the season there’ll be a lot of me say girl calms your so we’ll see we’ll see if Justin
Turner just as trends in our direction because
I do have solid teams a port for both weeks part go extends from pale Paul ard is there one issue no matter how big or
small that you will defend President Obama stance on 100 percent no questions
asked alright okay that’s a fair question
lilly Ledbetter my number so for that’s the law that
allows for women to fight for equal wages was
clearly the right thing to do President Obama put it at the top most
priority list when he first came in office got a past god bless support a hundred
percent on it bow dropped the mic drop tonight teen goodnight sorry I gotta give God I was
let’s watch reference one-third Everton I’ve where do you think you’re right he would
be today if he had taken to tours at and I think we think we had never taking detours so if that’s
a really interesting question I don’t consider them detours I think
that they both won up helping us in different ways you know the MSNBC one certainly other
show a lot more notoriety and that’s a good thing and got a lot of people I mean I come
people come up to me all the time say hey I saw you for Sun MSNBC occurred and
now I fall you online so that’s actually a great thinker was
referred to as for two years where the studio together it was a great
buzz people to work with spread the ought not just the show but
the ideas behind the show so they were really do to us but I’ll
tell you what look sometimes you just get you can’t catch a
bad break in is only your run over by a bus Saturday that’s
it it’s done right but often times in life it even if they
were detours you just get right back on the horse
ride and E the whole thing is willpower right step one show up step 2 get up
after you’ve been knocked down cuz you’re gonna get knocked out there is no
question about that that other question the question is how
do you respond right get up get up get up and finally if you learn in you adjust
than doesn’t matter what be towards life
throws at you okay just keep fighting board you get to where either way you get to
where you’re supposed to be okay next next month from Derek you want to
know your number one piece of advice for future tense well that’s a very lovely question i
like that question about personal vault you know all the
teachers keep calm and carry on Ste they have I been a dad earlier my
life I will y’all are good he peed on the floor I didn’t mean it
slow mo you whereas now my guy well that’s what
you sign up for your kid to go on a great things and you got a lot of things
are you the type things here’s how to get through it for the
tough parts I always imagine that when they’re older
women is 1617 2842 how much you gonna miss when they were
kids so focus on the positives and try to soak
that in and there’s a million positives right and that’ll help you get through the
tough times too so now what advice you give your son that’s
a whole different question okay let’s watch last questions from sad man hussein if he had to work for one at the big
banks to corporations which ought to be none is not an option okay look its I think the people misconception I’m not
at all anti-business I’m very much in Paris
what is we have a small business here score the Young Turks I mean I’m against
corporations and big business having an unfair advantage which is that what
concerta should agree with libertarian should agree with everybody should agree
with right certainly progressives et cetera so ok
there’s another wrong with working for a big corporation there is something wrong
when a corporation hires lobbyists to go do legalized bribery a
politician’s so what I work for big corporation yeah of course that’s
totally possible I work for large Turkish corporation
before the pass a budget there was a large corporations own world actually no problem with doing that but they’re
good corporations out there too you know that do the right thing despite
the financial center not to do so about Costco they pay their employees
really well get really great results so it’s
possible leader led by decent human being you actually don’t crush your workers in
your community et cetera as someone who actually do but Cusco
doesn’t so there’s this good business out there i’d try to
find all those in work for that this has been I both a sweet but yet at the same time a bittersweet Twitter storm ambassador
Jenny will miss you in person Kunis coming

100 thoughts on “Halloween, TYT Meetups, Fantasy Football, TYT’s Growth, Fatherhood, Big Business

  1. Omg, nobody with an at least limited understanding of economics thinks equal pay laws are a good idea.. Learn some economics, TYT! Please!!

  2. Either Cenk talks too loudly or everyone else is very mousey. Have to adjust the volume every tine someone else speaks.

  3. I work for Drakes in Australia. I get paid $14/hr and Medicare given to me by the State of Queensland. Turnover is pretty high. I'm seventeen, by the way

  4. "and Medicare given to me by the State of Queensland."

    Shhh don't tell them that : ) their American heads will explode.

  5. Americans made up Halloween? Is that right? We have always had Halloween in England and I would assume it came from there first. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. i am sorry if this is ignorant. but up here in canada the minimum wage is 10:50. and health care is great. but is it really like that where ever you come from. And i understand that you are only 16

  7. Yes, $11.50 and hour is really good since the minimum wage is about $8.25. But, $11.50 is what really should be minimum wage if adjusted to inflation. CostCo. really is a good company since it treats its employees fairly.

  8. 5:15 "Soak that in" … Good advice for both the negative (pee on the floor) and the positive side of having a child πŸ˜€

  9. Lilly BedWetter was a disaster. The woman argued that AFTER she was already gone from company the company was responsible to give her more money because she found out that some men were making more money than she was.

    This is a complete joke, there are plenty people who make more money than others. There are women who make more money than men doing the "same" jobs (as in DESCRIPTION but not performance).

    Women are paid equally when they perform equally and have no OTHER costs than men do.

  10. Businesses use lobbying to fight against the injustice of mob rule, which uses gov't violence by proxy to commit massive amounts of armed robbery and destruction against individual businesses.

  11. Oh right, thanks, Cenk said in this video that the yanks came up with it, but I guess they think they thought up everything, which is strange because they haven't invented very much at all being such a young country.

  12. TV's , Cars, Planes, mousetraps, nickel batteries, thumbtacks, air conditioners, Baseball,blenders, toasters.. no we haven't come up with anything..please think before you make a broad statement like that.

  13. You need a few history lessons, Americans did not invent Televisions, Cars, Nickel Batteries or the first Toaster (the first pop-up toaster yes).

  14. In 1900, Thomas Alva Edison filed U.S. Patent #684,204 for the nickel-zinc battery. It was issued on October 8, 1901, technically you could say Benz invented the first "car". and by toaster I did mean pop up.and I was wrong about the TV.

  15. But the response wasn't about what we have or have not invented it's about making a statement that was broad and in error..

  16. Cenk's attitude shows the sign of real intelligence. I've always maintained that irrespective of how "smart" or "knowledgeable" someone is the true mark of intelligence is the approach to life that no matter the situation you're put in, the only response should be to examine it and figure out how best to respond then continue on with life. This is partially why I believe in TYT despite the errors they often make. Because of their mature attitude, I believe they will only improve.

  17. You sound like a butthurt American, answer me honestly why you thought I said that NO Inventions have come from America, because that is simply not what I said, I said very little has come from America, and I'm talking comparatively with the rest of the world. American's seem to have this 'America is number 1' attitude and it's bad for your minds to think that. Besides your wrong about America having invented the car, that is a ridiculous thing to say.

  18. i dont know if it's because im really high but Cenk's life advice just fucking hit me like a ton of bricks. i need to start taking life by the horns and getting over temporary tribulations.

  19. So you're going to be working for an establishment outside of TYT while you do some things for TYT?

    It's always sad seeing people moving on with their life.

  20. Still be a full time TYT Ambassador? Is that like being a part of the Mickey Mouse club when you're like, 38?

    Is this ambassadorship a full time job or is this something on the side while you look for work in a related field in Chicago?

  21. OMG, SHE REPLIED TO ME. *squeeee* πŸ˜€

    But, yes, I will keep abreast of your trip! Sounds like fun!

    (I'll be sorta doing the same in 2015, except I'll be going from the east coast to Seattle. And I won't have a Cenk Bobblehead. But I will have three (3) different bagpipes. I'm not sure this is an improvement.)

  22. I think , you made a mistake in reading sarcasm. No we made cars affordable by inventing the assembly line,Benz created the first "car", and I'm not under any delusion that were number one, except mabye in shooting or obesity. but to say we haven't come up with much in 237 year is a joke. On you.

  23. Being loud & agressive is not a sign of strength. Being in control of your emotions makes you in control of the situation. This is why I always thought Jenny was the strong one on TYT.

  24. The way its currently celebrated, yeah they pretty much did. Not the holiday etc but the celebrations with candy and pumpkins etc.

  25. In fact the only thing Americans added to the traditional Irish Halloween is pumpkins. The lanterns were made from Turnips as there are no pumpkins in Ireland – the Americans replaced it with Pumpkins. The dressing up, ghosts and ghouls, calling to doors for treats etc. is all part of the traditional Halloween celebration. This has been celebrated in Ireland and parts of Scotland for hundreds of years, It's a relatively recent festival in America

  26. Thats right Cenk Halloween was not made up by Americans i do believe immigrants helped with that oh i mean the illegals for those Teabagger crazies out thr who want t correct me πŸ™‚

  27. Look, you were wrong to reply to my original comment, the US simply has not invented very much because you are such a young nation. If I drink 1 million water molecules from a glass of water, I have drank a lot of water molecules, but I haven't drank much water. The same goes for inventions, Americans often believe they invented everything, however they have invented very little. I don't even know how you can argue. Not to belittle you but you are demonstrably less educated than myself.

  28. I'm laughing watching people in the comments argue who came up with Halloween rather then just agree it's a great Holiday. that is unless your part of the religious community and are obligated to hate it. (and before you try to flame me i am well aware not all religions hate the Holiday but enough do that my statement still stands besides i don't care either way…moving on)

  29. OK first you asserted she has an "extremely chinese face", now you want to claim she looks like she's from Mongolia. Make your stereotypes right at least. Such a fail.

  30. Nobody said they aren't. Your claim that she is Chinese and then Mongolian is the one that is suspect and preposterous.

  31. If your going to talk about numbers…well then America has over 8 million patented inventions since 1836, that doesn't take into account those inventions not patented. So again I say for such a young country thats quite alot in a short period, you don't agree?

  32. Read my original comment again, I said that America hasn't invented very much because it is a young nation. I said nothing about America's invention rate or the number of Inventions per unit time. I stated that it had not invented much. If I open a small bakery tommorow and I bake 100 loaves of bread, that is nothing compared to the trillions of loaves baked in England to date. I talked only about the current number so far of things invented, which America counts for only a fraction of a percent

  33. Putting myself in the place of an employee, I'd rather work at Costco than at Walmart, even as a top level exec; but as a customer, in ten years, I predict both of those companies will be dead. The competition is adapting, and it is adapting fast. Where I live, Costco sucks, and I have sometimes gone to a walmart subsidiary; but the competition is gonna buy that subsidiary. I give it a year tops. My brother that works at Costco is 28. You wanna be entry level in your 30's when Costco tanks?

  34. @jamesrofl1 Yes, you said we haven't invented much because were such a young nation.I would still disagree with that.I would say we've invented quite a bit, despite being a young nation. To say 8 million inventions isn't alot is foolish.Lets use your baking scenario, England as a baker has been open for 2 years and bakes 100 loafs a day. America opens a year after them but bakes 200 loafs a day. It doesn't matter that England was open longer the number of loafs IS the point.I don't argue that we've stood on the shoulders of giants, but to say that the numbers don't count is ridiculous. Your statement says "we haven't invented much" but sir we have invented alot.and if my argument isn't enough go look up the facts yourself. Besides how could this "uneducated" yank be right, right?

  35. "We made Halloween up" – Cenk.
    Is this the general American perception? Do people not know it was an old Celtic festival brought to America by the Irish and Scots?

  36. I work for a pretty big corporation (Indigo) at the store level and they treat their employees well, for one of the biggest retail companies in Canada.

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