Hailey Van Lith is SHUTTING DOWN HATERS 😈 | SLAM Day in the Life

Hailey Van Lith is SHUTTING DOWN HATERS  😈 | SLAM Day in the Life

The number one thing that I hate reading is when these mad old men I have to comment and this on girls basketball It’s just crazy that We threaten them so much and their masculinity or whatever Makes them mad about it that they feel the need to Try to tell us that we’re never gonna make it and we’re always gonna be less than boys and people are always in the comments and they are gonna slob on this nob saying that we need to go back to the kitchen like make Make them a sandwich like no make your own sandwich and we’ll go make the money and i don’t know why am acting like this like s as girls are soooo bad like Are we gonna be turning on music today mom you’re on the aux Language, it’s my language I speak this blue face rollie red face rollie aye my generation is a Little more saucy a little we’re a little bit we’re evolving to like the boys we want to score Meanwhile on those Fossey plays like we’re making them give us attention Just let me be me it definitely is growing too and younger Girls and we’re gonna bring it even more and eventually they’re not going to be able to avoid us Some big bodies, I mean I definitely do enjoy the flare, but I can’t be fundamental to and I really love defense And I’m pretty intense. So, um it is it’s saucy, but it’s also serious and It’s business out there for me Every night after My team practice my dad trains me for an hour and a half or so. That’s where the fun starts I don’t really count my team practice though That’s mandatory. Everyone does their team practices? you can see a lot of the difference, especially now since we’re all in high school and uh You can’t just live off lettuces and many more You can see especially who I grew up playing a you with who’s still working and who’s not anymore my dad kind of grew me up in this culture of Always working and so I have I don’t really know anything else what’s on the playlist right now? I don’t know I have a mix. I have a lot of NBA young boy on it cuz he’s my favorite rapper he is the go o pregame a lot of Drake sometimes like Nick I do like little baby and gonna I will say I do like them sometimes I’ll put juice rolled on it I don’t know. I had to be in a weird mood for that. This is my dad He’s taught me everything I know about basketball. So he’s the reason that I am where I am today and his eyes, that’s not true We put a lot of work in Haley was different when she was little She had she had dolls. She loved watching basketball She watched all the grades and she was very early. She liked that I want I want to do that watched a lot of Ray Allen. Yeah, I used to have one of those like little Dee’s things and I would like take pictures of like the the computer screen of hit like the YouTube video of him shooting and I’d like put it on there and I draw on it like the things that he Was doing with his on my little like PBS. I still remember that I don’t know where it’s I anymore but I used to do that all the time, you know people talk about You know, you get nervous to see me get nervous and Haley kind of loves the big game She just she loves the atmosphere of basketball and and I and I believe that comes from preparation I mean just just the process of preparing. I mean when you put in I wanna have two hours a night every day Six seven years. He definitely taught me all I know about talking trash in the game I’m not a big trash talker But like if you come from me or my teammates like I don’t mess around with that like I’ll say something back I’ve heard I’ve heard that Michael. Jordan was a big one Song I don’t know. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think it’s a Competitive thing every once while she’s like, I’m sore. I’m this and they get your butt down there There’s other you know, somebody else is getting better. And that’s all I gotta say and then we’re down in the gym I was not a shooter like two years ago. I really wasn’t I could shoo bike if you if your game plan was a sag off of me you you could uh You could garb me kind of so But this year it’s a different game plan Because I could shoot now This is the perks of living 30 minutes away, you have to pack your whole car full of clothes we are Leaving the high school for lunch. We don’t like get a go to lunch together all the time, but Today’s a special day game day those are the Grace’s there are to my best friends and they play on the team with me and Snows too much for me here We were supposed to play one-on-one last night, he doesn’t want to smoke run meet later I–listen rely on my jumper and he can’t guard it so There is nothing going on here people like miss like weeks at school. They go hunting It’s crazy out here. No basketball. That’s what you do cashmere like basketball is really big. So the whole town I Do care It’s a label for sure that people use when they talk about me or my name so I do care but it definitely does not Define the type of basketball player. I am at the end of the day. It’s when we match up It’s who complain who can be better? So the rankings don’t mean anything in the game You don’t get extra points because you’re ranked higher than the other person makes you My room we just moved into this house so like not everything still put away yet. Yeah, so I actually am kind of a sneakerhead But I’m really into white shoes right now So my last issues that I got are all white, which I don’t know if that’s a good thing This is my favorite pair right now They’re Max’s my next probably favorite are my purple timberlands. Yes I am on the Tomoya and then probably these are my third favorite so I’m different I don’t dress like a lot of people from around here It’s just crazy the recognition that girls basketball has got in this last couple years and how much it’s grown My generation of basketball players has got to keep it going and it is amazing because I do have a lot of people That look up to me and I’ll get random messages saying that I inspire them and I changed their life and I am the reason they play basketball and I think that’s crazy because I Have always thought of other people like that. Like I’m someone’s role model now when I used to always idolized other players and is crazy because I’m only 17 and I’m just this teenager and I make I mess up all the time, but Yeah, it’s it’s it’s fun, but it’s scary at the same time. This is my FIBA World Cup gold medal and I wanted for my 12-man team. And then this is my Youth Olympic gold medal This one is heavy. This one is very heavy. Honestly the best advice I ever got was Put the round thing in the round thing for basketball. That’s all I try to do There’s I don’t care how it happens All I’m trying to do is put the round thing in the round thing if I pass it to get it in the round thing if I shoot it to get in the round thing like That’s what I’m trying to That’s the Harding

100 thoughts on “Hailey Van Lith is SHUTTING DOWN HATERS 😈 | SLAM Day in the Life

  1. complaing about old man who make comment about woman and sport but listen to hip hop that call woman bitches, maybe she play sport for a reason.

  2. Everybody who plays basketball in the US is so lucky. Our three point line here in Australia is like way further back than yours. It’s so annoying 🙄💖

  3. “We’ll go make the money” highest WNBA salary 113,000, highest NBA salary 37 million it’s not an opinion its straight facts you can play basketball all you want but you’ll never be better than the guys so stop acting like you are

  4. ROTFLMAO!! Yes you have some game but girl you're playing at an all white high school against mostly white opponents and you think you're HARD??!!! Now that's funny!

  5. That’s real love and basketball right there! I think every male that hoops would love to have a gf who hoops just as hard

  6. Damn she bouta find a nigga in college on the hoop team that think NBA the goat too, she love niggas per usual. Hahahaha She tuff tuff for real!

  7. This girl has got some talent! Watch out WNBA! MN LYNX better take a look. Do they draft girls from HS? 🤔

    She tells her younger bro. . he don’t want this smoke 💨


  8. Her Dad is the reason she is where she’s at…yeah she can play but the work ethic her Dad instilled in her carried over to the court, great job Dad

  9. Great player good hand do supreme jump shot. But the only Florida see she gets a tad bit winded too fast.she works on getting her stamina up should be the future best wNBA.

  10. These girls literally try to subvert male masculinity. They HATE femininity…. so, since you try to act like a man BE COMFORTABLE BEING COMPARED AGAINST YOUR MALE COUNTERPARTS… who are stronger than you, faster than you, more skilled than you, jump higher than you, have more endurance than you, have more range than you, have bigger bodies than you, and ARE FAR BETTER THAN YOU.

    Check your damn selves.

  11. Girl u smackin Ray Allen with madd skillz u rockin frl & ur Pops is cool people to love & support the way great fathers do! Universe is ya limit Ms…Go get iiiit!!! 🏀👊💥

  12. $auce, $auce,Sauce Hailey Ms Assassin Baller u thrash em & smack with hella game u brush them lame defendaz out the gym brush they teeth u slidin thru them call uda floss Aye!! 🏀😎👊💥💥💥

  13. Despite everything she said, there's still some insecure men in the comments, talking about everything but her game. grow up you lil dick bitches 😂 why does an athletic girl make you feel so threatened

  14. No person who actually hoops would go out of their way to disrespect womens basketball no cap. Only lame dudes who suck at the sport would bottom line tell me I’m lying.

  15. Bruh I guarantee this girl would get cooked by a 11, 12 yr old boy who can actually play, not like that kid who was jst going for layups and let her drive so easily. When I was in high school there was this really good high school girl player who was the star of the varsity team, and she was a Senior and got beat by a freshman B-Team player. But hey I’ll give credit we’re credit is due and she is good but at the female level. 🤷🏿‍♂️ And if anyone is gunna get salty and attack me saying I’m probably trash well jst know I didn’t play and I don’t play currently I jst played for fun against the basketball players during my offseason. Never took it serious cuz I was a football player.

  16. 0:29 to bad the WNBA as a league doesn't make money and probably won't be a league. I hope one day womens basketball can make money and be a respected sport but statistics show that by 2025 the WNBA won't be a league because it is already such a hefty load that the NBA keeps a float

  17. this ain’t the “new” generation hype bru.. this mainstream hype. she raw at basketball but she grew up in straight thick woods of wherever that is diff lifestyle when you hit sum city life

  18. I played against 2 guys and was so good one of them actually broke his ankle.they didnt think i could win cause i was a girl but i did it💫🔥

  19. She would whoop my ass in one on one lol. She’s one of the most, if not the most skilled female player in her class

  20. My coach was a woman and she played pro basketball (overseas) and she could compete against us men and Hailey looks better than my coach so I have no doubt she could hold her own. Respect her game for sure

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