Gymnastics & Tumbling Lessons for Beginners : Knees & Hand Drills for Beginner Gymnasts

Gymnastics & Tumbling Lessons for Beginners : Knees & Hand Drills for Beginner Gymnasts

There are more lead up skills for back handsprings
as we demonstrate here, Mariah ready? Knees, hands and go, upside down, advance from her
knees to her hands, good control, you should not fall over, keep going alright up down,
up down, come up and Dahlia ready, knees, hands, reach far, reach far, reach far, reach
far, reach far, very good, now were going to do the same drill again. Ready Mariah,
with the help of the trampoline knees, hands. Ready Mariah? Do not fall over this time and
go. Easy right hang out right; end out, come on Mariah, up down, up down, good job, yes
and Dahlia please, ready and go. Do the same, keep your back tight, ready Dahlia? That is
it, very good, good job and stop.

49 thoughts on “Gymnastics & Tumbling Lessons for Beginners : Knees & Hand Drills for Beginner Gymnasts

  1. backhandspring drills hmmmm…i dunno uebrguido a donkey kick is a handstand progression she said they were doing backhandspring drills, interesting.

  2. @livelaughlove7594 i wouldn't say showing off… people learn at different speeds, dlaiah's maybe more focused than mariah is proboally nervous, maybe not as talaneted as daliah no need to hate on her cause shes better, but the woman in the video is not helping much, but coaches aren't the best ppl sometimes…

  3. i wish i could do this stuff. i have knee back and ankle deformations =so i cant do much other than stuff on the trampoline

  4. There are little girls!!! u people really need to get a life! doesnt matter whether u think one is showing off or not they are children that are doing the best that they can at doing wht the coach is telling them to do

  5. @xomileyfan1xo it's not that she doesn't like mariah or something it just to stimulate her to do more! If i might say she might actually prefer mariah too!

  6. these are donkey kicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i remeber doing these!! 🙂 feels like such a long time ago i love gymnastics 😀

  7. LMAO woah look at us here,how old are we? Teenagers? Adults? yet we still manage to be here and judge two little girls who we know NOTHING of. Who knows maybe dahlia is a total show off or maybe mariah. Maybe mariah treats everyone like crap OR mabe dahlia. WHO KNOWS ! because we do not know anything about them to even be judging them!

  8. Dude they cant do it cause you weight is on it they are really to young to be doing this!! :@ you will kill them!!

  9. @americangirl424 How does she act like she's in control they are both doing the same moves but Dalia just does the moves with a bit more confidence thats all and Mariah should be critisized if she is doing moves wrong they have got to be taught! x

  10. yeah seriously, everyone on here has different opinions about these girls. I personaly think Dalia is maybe favored more and yes she does seem to show off and try to do everything better then Mariah does. Also i agree with some people as wel about the whole falling ove thing, if someone falls they fall. You cant exactly control everything that happens, i have deffinetly learned that from experiences. Hmm

  11. i tink the guy is toching them so gross i will never ever go there ooh and pink girl SHOW OFF!!keep up the gr8 job maraya!!!

  12. @iluvlpsable really? he has to help them and he cant just stand ovr on the side without helping so yeah and the girl in the pink isnt a show off, she just is a really good gymnast!!!!

  13. What kind of salute was that at the very end come check out my backflip back Type in Nathan doing backhandspring back

  14. @ariana1234512345 NO I AM 12 SO SHUT UP I AM A KID TOO DID U EVEN READ THE COMMENT? ur obviously like retarded somehow

  15. i think this trainners are so annoying if i was this girls i would be so distracted with them talking to me all the time!! -.-

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