GYMNASTICS MEETS DIVING | Tom Daley vs. Nile Wilson

GYMNASTICS MEETS DIVING | Tom Daley vs. Nile Wilson

a up YouTube how you doing? You alright? (Intro music) “You are the sunshine, in my life” That was pretty good! W elcome to gymnastics meets diving man with no introduction needed Tom Daley. Recently crowned world champion, congratulations! thank you very much today we are going to mix gymnastics and diving doing a session in here putting tom through his paces and i’m also going to be putting him through his paces in the pool because i’m a pro diver yeah thats right, you will be by the end of this few challenges, lots and lots of fun guys, i’m ready im excited, you’ve got the upper body see i’ve got the i could jump. we’ve like switched haven’t we, we’ve switched i know like were opposites, lets smash it right so in gymnastics probably one of the key elements is flexibility tom, so were going to rate your splits out of 10 left first, I’m not going to be able to get my foot up on there thats for sure this is my worst leg thats poor, poor effort I’m better in theory yes has he got changed yet ? theres no chance they look great ! There is no chance right, were in the diving pool. First of all we’re doing to have a little play around on one meter. Your going to be able to do somersaults and twists so we’ll have a little play then start making our way up all the way up to that lovely 10 meter board, which is the height of 2 double decker buses and a car piled on top of each other and you will go from 0 to 35 miles per hour in 1.5 seconds i’ll see you later mate backward dive its like a backflip but you have to jump further back hes so good so welcome to Q&A time with Tom and Nile were going to ask quick fire question. Favourite food? cheesecake, steak and chips. Fish and chips or bangers and mash fish and chips! Bangers and mash. Although i don’t care really Netflix and chill or sophisticated romantic meal? netflix and chill i dont do either so I’m not able to answer Hot or cold holiday ? hot! I’d say hot. See my lovely sun tan along with the skin rash. Yeah what is going on with that? yeah I’ve just got a bit of skin problems. Its alright though you only catch it if were in the same pool together, thats all stick competition now. Tuck back, pike back Tuck front, pike front. The one who sticks the most wins you go first tuck back ohh he’s done it Oh My God Memory game now too theres a lot of grunting going on, you should here it when I’m diving it’s like the bloody Wimbeldon finals I’m going to get as far as i can get there was no going back from that 2 nil to Wilson Ok so we’re now on the 5 meter board. just going to jump off everything first ok ? yeah! Celebrity crush ? sorry lance, he knows this but Shawn Mendes currently mines is Demi Lavato Yeah thats a good one Biggest fear ? regret ohhh bit deep that is a bit deep and spiders. Ok spiders. My biggest fear is when i think about what else is out there Aliens? aliens freak me out well like the thought of the fact that theres another planet that might be living like this that has no idea why does that scare you then? Because like they might be way more intelligent than us and be planning to kill us all they might all be walking around on another planet like this time to take Tom on the apparatus. Are you ready for this? I’m ready as i’ll ever be Vault, pommel horse, rings parallel bars high bar. Key skills i want to teach you are, up start on high bar, circle on pommel horse we’ll do it on the little mushroom muscle up on rings, swing to handstand on Pbars and handspring on vault. OK Key is you really want to push your hips forward at the front see what i mean about the hands? it was too … I’ve seen the girls do that so i thought i would give it a go. So the most important thing is keeping the core tight maybe start with like baby swings try just going above the bars at either side wow come on you can do it just drive your heels yep nearly so we’re now on the 10 meter board so I’m about to take Nile off with me, he looks a little bit scared but we’re going to do a synchronised jump and then we might try something a little bit more difficult after that nah this is silly, that is so high. Its hard to get any perspective but if you think of that down there as a human being and that there is a 50 meter pool i’m so so happy that i done that, the most challenging bit is the impact impact of the water you don’t realise how much force obviously like Tom said your travelling 35 miles per hour, my feet but yeah life list ticked off Most famous person you ever met? Well the most famous person i’ve ever met is the queen oh yeah, she’s pretty famous we we’re together we met the queen together and David Beckham, he’s probably the most famous person thats pretty cool. What about in your contact list? David Beckham, James Corden i reckon can we call him? No way Mines probably you no you can do better than that, we’ll work on that can i have some numbers? yeah I’m just like, put your airdrop on you literally want to have the rings on your wrist, get the pressure on the wrist chin up easy as that ohh he’s done it, i didnt think i was going to get that then i was like oh 1 and a half right ok lets see if we can. your probably going to smash it like you have done everything else so there you have it guys that is gymnastics meets diving lots and lots of fun make sure your following Tom, first link in the description subscribe to him, very very interesting to see how the sports mix, how similar they are how different they are, remember guys train smart keep it real

100 thoughts on “GYMNASTICS MEETS DIVING | Tom Daley vs. Nile Wilson

  1. You look so good in speedo trunks Nile! What I wouldn’t do to have a go 😉 and how are Tom’s splits not better? You know he gets bummed daily… you’d think he’d be a bit more flexible

  2. Hey tom Dailey i saw you on march when my group came swimming I saw u jumping off the dive board we waved hello to you and saw u jump off we also swam in the 3 metres deep pool it is really deep though I wasn't scared 😳

  3. I regret spending my life doing other crazy things when i could've immersed into sports like these. I mean i envy how nimble they are

  4. I always love watching diving during the Olympics. I find it unreal that they can jump from such a height and make such a small splash!

  5. Why was I so freaking happy when Nile said his celebrity crush was Demi lovato.
    I love her and feel like she isn’t as recognized as she should be. Aha no hate no shade, all love 💕

  6. Nile you are so inspiring. I swim at state champs for my club down in Australia and you helped me out of a hole when I was feeling down so thank you so much ❤️

  7. Why do almost every one in niles videos have the same tattoo??? Like what does it mean? Or am i missing something here

  8. Me: says iama go on the 10 meter diving board walks up and looks down

    Still me: pees pants wait i have to go to the bathroom excuses

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