Gymnastics : Basic Movements in Gymnastics

Gymnastics : Basic Movements in Gymnastics

In this clip we’re going to talk about basic
movements in gymnastics. Also is so many basic moves in gymnastics in every different event
has basics move. Today we’re going to use your floor exercise, we’re using forward roll
and back roll. Here is the forward roll. This skill is very important to learn because all
the floor tumblings, all the front somersaults is coming from this forward roll. Over here
we’re going to show back roll.
Also is very important to learn the back roll because all the back somersault is coming
from this back roll. In gymnastics is very important. Practice the basic skills in how
we say in the clip before talking also about the basic body position.

8 thoughts on “Gymnastics : Basic Movements in Gymnastics

  1. Am I to old to learn gymnastics? I am male 5 foot 10 185lbs muscular set. and i am 22 years old, I know for sure for my age i wont be able compete or be proffecinal

  2. @monomariodog its never too late to learn gymnastics,from wat u stated u shud be good enuff,u hav height and muscle mass so u wud be able to execute tumbles,and somersaults well.ur centre of gravity isn't low as mine so u wud hav airtime.practice makes perfect

  3. @monomariodog
    i am 21 and i learned backflip,frontflip, roundoff, headspring, handspring, sideflip in 2 months 😀 So yeah if u have the passion, just go for it 😀 its not about age, and whoever talks about age and trash, remember he is jealous and he doesnt want u to learn these things.

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