Gym Games – Soccerball Tag

Gym Games – Soccerball Tag

This is ‘Soccer Ball Tag’. Use this game after completing the dribbling and passing skills in a soccer unit. You will need soccer balls (or soft foam balls if you want to be more safe). Students will start spread out in the playing area. Choose 2 players who will be ‘it’. They will get a ball to start. You will also need a bag of balls on the side waiting to be used. The players who are ‘it’ must try to kick the ball at the students who don’t have a ball. They must tag them by hitting them in the foot. If they miss, they can of course chase the ball and try again. If a player gets hit in the foot by a
ball, then the player who got hit will then become a tagger. They must then get a ball from the side and put it into play. So now there are more taggers. Continue until everyone is tagged.
That’s it for this idea!

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  1. love this. just be careful to use bigger soft balls, so taht students dont trip or get hurt when getting tagged by a kicked ball

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