GW3 | Sunday Surgery w/Jason & Steve-O | Elite FPL #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

GW3 | Sunday Surgery w/Jason & Steve-O | Elite FPL #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

icy and humor in conversation with SQL tips and one and send a form that was to be out six that was the guards escorted your kitchen a good one for the wildcats won the game at the new facility and 1¢ and digitally with 41 cynicism from one party and the sea and the source of course that the old -to-of-the-middle of the saddle forces here if june if they have enough if if it is as bad as a FR-dad a file and have a life of the -OEM-of-a-vis-a-half life if if if if if and when of differences will be on for an extra two and all 3 hours longer felt that if suddenly says the server of a Spanish just ask if there is a long time off half half if if if if a FR-dad-a SS -RUUSFSF S if if if if if if the opportunities they need to heal some decent reactor said myself and Jason where of course can be going through at today’s game score of yesterday’s games going over there and how you’re feeling about that what’s happened and she teamed the self and Jason of course, said the whole idea to some dissenters to be the canopied team to see if we can give you some and finds some tips on what you could do have doubts of course that we need to get through what happened today and I know there’s a lot of people out there that can be done to get things off their chest and none of us some self bonds said that on the list adjacent land genuine need so happy guy I have an ad blitz to just the right to own any poll Casper people are just happy to listen to what have to say in its initial grade: a lie is in the field greats hearing other people’s bad luck stories nosy yesterday Jason Pratt be a debate by member of the fact that 1999 names that two displays completely trailed 40 and getting a whopping to zero points between, soccer and Russian well that that’s gone to the A’s games and let’s see what happened if you get are sad man city that the usual tough game against that of a way that she coming out 311 as the glare of the two goals standing popular And a choice of this week and one goal and deploying that down silver would be a serious and of course Harry Wilson scored free cake and candles and who’s just in getting an assist every single game gets things are two sisters now the movement’s person using extraordinarily to Newcastle venture into getting the goal with action guessing assist the move on to you was one of the one and I know is what you all been waiting for and I am on the Kenai write-downs and no swearing but to those with your eye on absolutely not written down from a former coach and a voice message a nanny contained at the content or swearing but I’m I’m showing any one party that she too many on the school I was fuming only are the region and towing to seem to stop some energy and we’re just going from 1/2 hour to an hour Bassett and the forces are right that many games on now I need to look anything but I did know thanks to doubt the Russian bombs and scored on the mind I smiled the four-goal to the school cuts could not transfer is paid off unhappy and underlie I was just thinking please just end one that all take that right now is known in the Russian bombs clinic open goal against two approximately the 88th minute of thinking my goodness it’s still one know when to win this one notices this is just what dreams are made of this weekend’s: from Friday evening Wells just absolutely have just a span of the fact the Wesley scored a dozen mass of moving on to some day today where it’s like oh my god might not as for the first round in I don’t even know how long might transfer is a way of your lab is actually come from for wands and I just can’t sing refreshing lance corporal currently gets to 90 minutes from thinking a little this is this is just an old adage is seen to stay on 19 minutes from I don’t even know how long the mountains and triceps training course bands and unlike set the fun doing things like actually hate doing the Jim Henson people doing image and the like still 9 minutes of staff, busted in the second said largest computer and get the bus when and gets the boss did get which is the equivalent of the journey about 3 minutes away Colson the refreshing screen still 90 minutes and thinking how long and is this stoppage time ago on four because it’s it’s ludicrous present on Bundy scene to play the top 16 are top 10 team one of a stoppage time seems to go for about 20 hours the absolute and rising and setting was even worse when we all winning it drives me up and noble in readouts and then of course the buffers around the corner and went on to cite a 20,000 Saint Joachim 27 have many Allies work stoppage time is left in this game it really takes weeks of goes live school refresh and is 111 exodus from a firm that last one was absolutely love for battle of perspective because of the list from Alaska’s arctic national back to my mind immediately it was just like I was on that Iraq had exceeded swear about was serving angry action contacted on taking Evans and Jason hill and laughter is not funny and disease of the person whose string band was fined up to those meetings are popular than just like how long does it take for us to keep a clean sheet and we didn’t just win a game against the top team we can never do it and I have on average asymmetry 37 for cameras and 97 98th minute penalty, just the leaders want everybody is a cop just think is disgusting I just think that for a team which defend offends some standing what you think of any tactics that the work and we conceded a penalty of a no-name can see the penalty but the Nicholson will infuriate the most even more is that all I did the FBI whole grain and kicks and before processing it’s only a knit post losses clean she want my mind if a wrench or one of the plays around me – the bonds now than the sum bonus points like differential and others of thinking this can’t any worse than it does get laughs is the idea behind the mike Reiter, sell down as mother in the opener residing at be on the NASA broccoli would come down to watch to build superb story on a long, mussel down and then I had decided that wall, calculate how many points of bashing made them at minus a transfer that they make any noise spoke with the same places where Wesley bob Dole and the free bonus points where Wilson bodies one assist with a phrase that goal two points for the parents of course since and just turning up to the pitching giving up 8 to 2 points guess we’ll than done better than the players we have the scoring a goal and assist us whether not known as points Ashby bones getting a goal) those points can deploy to get me this is as it does do nothing I’m actually -1 overall -1 at the warning transfers coming through eyes still failed to its aging bass and I just did you end up any of the game going for someone to say I do find this really be therapeutic because I know in about 30 seconds when we take calls about how your game has gone though someone left the open now is probably the twenties that anyone at the FBI opener from the following action presented to the full set of eyes of the fields well as engaging genuinely it and it’s like I had this that’s 16 displeases them again please attend the game had to wait for the deter the bus journey was like foreman is whether to the point where III am not seen the thing on July 27 to 4% but then there is even that were sufficiently even worse and yet on Don generally, the Jason on that might be crying anything on will be chatting up and just but I just I realize the land he said this to down and this is no Jabbar said on the voice messages can spread sheet and not many times like this when you got your and your your real life penny any team that stumbling down you got us feel team that you are just some of the tag really seriously the game and it’s like I had just game does I just, like most focus of Colburn had been the focus hope that even the difference to them conceding a 90 minute penalty for an amount to a difference in moving to Las Vegas and match it is like when you call plays out makeover nationals in the team and down made a point about the fact that the only when she failed even more that when the media plays come through view team the team’s action one and in this case the play’s income through and we’ve not we prune the game as just like I just copied have actually bothered to play this game and did nothing goes away most of the again Jason I need to make his point unknown that people in a worse position may said Jason on hand over to you you can tell us who’s in chat and them again straight accords of like to hear from FB open because again tomorrow from FB oh perspective I think he’s the one and friends click the game for stopped before realm of perspective spasms in one nailed me now is Taiwan hear about about one of the Knesset members you Jason on the combatants in and taken away referring to an int her new or an act and the above and an informal and purses, saying before we can take the colds your force on last night’s games are basically we only truly went off at the second Jason hits store stream $10.00 on Ronald winning goal and assist for massive and a game in the 31 wed Moselle screen swans money did absolutely nothing annual foursome and from what happened last night Jason and world and torn TAA Depew to phoenix into the field foul pole to just lost in the air and the chats about bald eagle in your community team of just downloaded into discord and you go cracking 66 points are well done everybody for 66 points you at two free transfer support and mushy and too keen on how about what went for a just the people and yorty owned and run the party goaltender john Robinson shaker won the second Dea and now it’s in midfield and the strikers that got your points and Ansell standing And Perez marsh yelled two key income Wilson so well then everybody and congratulations Quickly look at 21 missed and thinking that need well I can tell you now that as of yesterday you what eighth your approximately your trend T eight points for self tops polls your 167 points and skulls 1496 and simply put in looks like you guys in the rising again so one can say is well the answers readers’ genie community team and I’m sure you’ll get a foothold in the discord about if you want to make another transfer to the team and disputed the gaming already are old or her and adjust to DataQuick of winners were first corner which you would get if you’re been long and antiquated up and if you are enjoying the streamside hint of library shows are supporting if you can subscribe you enjoy the consummate me Jason conscious and hit a subscriber and actually approaching the 2100 and now that’s a guess said that found a way of injuries that need to get the opening of the media may or our early on was in a row appeals over 88 platform is a great honor to not be good as the Allstate, not a sign it into a standard. They are and how to survive, and ½ was active in one of nine and that the new averages, Neil Sheehan is now the six visit to install a leading off the risk is it all depends on whether there is a marketing studies audience as eight days left in the Sam sites the markets European states, and separates the next week and next thing we would like to restate or not but the state spending on lobbying us the title of the L.a. to rates beginning of the mighty has terrible to night sky states generally were absolutely atrocious on the muscle exiles leads a listing of real estate on that exact entitled as an amateur nights trying to buy states as I climbed zero old might transmit this week, is the exact number eight real hinges on whether marshy owl is built on both coasts and not being paid to other people’s ideas also does & dozen also behind the likely to be a bit more time. He also won tonight as a lot of support F-½ life. It’s one not right. All was and you’re not sitting out get know he hasn’t meant. As a while that of another mean an end of a way I mean made by the state of mind and look for the second guess, but not happening I mean thank you for that and very very condemnation of Reno to make a quick jump ahead of history coach and abet because the history to the predictions been very very well to all say that’s but said that he cheated at me and thank it does nothing more than that of and thank you very much for that and very condemnation that Friday and out to make it very easy to pick up that a lot of care that the that ordered the fact well to the list on Monday, the breeding really selfish air and on the mother lied and one that doesn’t urge to maps to say thank you and legal services was, say thank you two everybody that’s has actually subscribed and knows what this shows all about is about as as the old friend and the seller and said last night he said that this is all about community is about getting everything off the chest with more than two and basically enjoys Service Company and then get on the testimony you guys to other people is a plus cheese and a desert, down a bug you as buying in the catalog and it was well what ½ about the Tottenham game itself too seriously a howling at the Newcastle being serviced the one that I think is discussed I mean as I honestly think it’s disgusting F that when all the normal another round in all he has a noncompete and anybody with just I don’t think anyone about this would just two Blanks and just decided the Congo, is three and oftentimes 1. The Connie bullets will lead to face that because things are 20 hours to open the proximity of Georgia started to Eugene, come to this point we’re at now where we it really truly an increasing any FBI old FBI building community it’s absolutely not yet Devries has added that he be met yet we got weekly don’t have that issue, said the FBI lot of that guest of the death of another suitor shot in looks like the color and why that when of con games not have the name of the coliseum and that the anesthetic in the head of the short Steven Keller one more shot in the event will be at 3:00 AM while actual populace is deeds are 5 to 3 in the morning but one more shot at respect to the $7.00 and 70 when boston’s now and that you again , that’s enough life of the best shooter recover support and that’s nice to have his top National Services through diskette this and not the way please do not yet, just until it’s clear the roads else I start to finish spirits and it started out like what is it has started seeing the lineup by states that are causing this court on Friday, because it’s adjacent when Jason and many others and to call 8:00 activity well. The slide into an related to demand that why you can go to Ken Captain Eugene sensitivity history out by the analyst units. As the time you mentioned on PM, lifetime preview on Thursday guest list of interest rate it’s almost off an off-season was just an iron out as well and you call selected but they are seen a time clock the box like they did today by substituting a 1 to 20 minutes because it in an attempt in a pretty strong and the nice and easy tonight would induce all started, and I didn’t because I would’ve been a lot alike than I currently and leave the state, so you’re a cinema my shootout after the blast to left field team Alarcon, think it’s as bad as it could’ve been denied any lawsuit that year from years of cook year about this latest act on it still be some 87 because the games of all, it’s not that I do think of that, on the state it was there in other words, the line was tall, but by that was quite a bit, to HK it filed as the charts. Natalie wood scored out. The number 89187 or seven points bets that starting plus seven and party product was a night in Jakarta departments defrost out 14 plus three years of 14 points altogether, the 99 suspects that it ought not to target the dates a year , and that the ceiling that because the source of the action as heroes was in the triple Captain Margaret and F if your family-friendly just send the nations of 2 pounds thank you so much has been about Jamie butt and the great stream thank you guys know thank you and all services thank your for and no Harry Dalton TR no plan for an average of stuff that’s in the instances are really appreciate that franking-cost you must’ve been budgeted and got about money blanking last night I was Alice, as I wouldn’t be as all that the socks of it, we did an audit is a lot people taking me regarding you know the problems cited monitored and sniping Julia moment because that money is in a bind every single week in the states are caught most. Recordings by Ms. Weld signed on on quietly optimistic , it’s on to worried about not being sought for the CIA border post pictures about half the time. If let’s have a bottom of the Lebanon are planning a war to them wrongful and then said in a legal services Jason got lots and lots of course to get units that are seeing stay with us and let’s get on the field offended that he’ll defend up to the -12 Fairfield offend think the goal to get a one-to-T A.s Ing, find a reason than the many parts and an tree dream all walks of the young and not enough to affect their you that it’s the parking wearing in the cache meaning, were bad on the ticket for think that as he wrote that put the lottery not inside the same as Jason but does this game’s been a disaster for FBI defender he got rid of the government an event and light would gain and sell on the board came by the sun and deploying a sack dns idea might want to get 60 points meant that would limit the bats for two weeks we mean it up at the U.S. to get the minors from the U.N. commanders among the stroller from yell at you could have a boy was killed to be honest with you I was still echoes speaking as someone today are still short of Tap into them and the sort of gave us that you might think of packaging Mac while you’re forcing or Jason just at the end and to stand on good friend of the share of your pain grimly on one last nine before lines to ground up To be helping women to lance, has channel she is very much will come on, champagne when told to oust the thank you for the donation really really appreciate that supporters turned pro at the arts of the OS ridge five and shell stock and Jason USF-way we going nuts and have a 15-march nice, nice, that rates given with a wink, but for the week of his attitude of your defender for an online an end to the old defender mean us hindsight is dispensed at a feeding moving into the game lead after this -12 are you happy with the team lobby a hard enough to want to find out in all the time I want to deny with. Ranked renewed to one and 26 pointer from print stories of the canal to undoing the sliders, got up and I think that we’re still not in the top and a couple appeared in bed of good next week on a lot U.S. satellite and a plan to deliver, and I can be assessed but the Mcfadden you ought to be transferred from medical doctors and then it gets flying war made it added a little time for both , or yada yada up the Wilford on four levels may be good, dining for giving five report confident and features stall our numbers, like to think lot of thinking that a lot of fun game or spoken and I’m thinking going to the public and to add all supplement endorsement that feature court recalls the super teachers and I’m out of it often a couple stunning list of begins the two bloody, but getting orders and it cost them a shot states would not be fully activated, and I saw some of the Chinese its TV, starting this week might start since the winning a and a grandson. Yet she is Tuesday at thanking the houses, say and after that if you enjoy industry to send him back Michael and were you watching us live right now if you are any fan of the sharing and subscribers would be surprised at the edges and hit a subscriber and I think we should get on a best of your pant pant pace and just the games donations can live on their nets find out how his team has done so for a vote on the head of the data beamed at eight in a while to get this army now begin joint in your yard sack channel it says Craig Reeder and seven in all but hundreds quit one Knowles amazing creditors 1000 ice is so you’re near diet and they can’t do that all before old before we get into the penguins team and unconscious cost you about medical last night and danced the world are taking made you think that and Sellers pretty much an essential plan to keep an enormous people are reading for the school’s Mauna giving them and told is that just #speaking but I’m one of them people to use, while call to get it to the seller and begin Monday and I kinda regret state board I’m hoping next week and next thing we will get friends may be copied Monday get a goal 2 minutes and money show next week against everything else at been until the courts, college and a Schwab and saints are few and money orders two counts of like the cells assembly should go into public molds and seven because it is for crazy combat at a time not I’m not going into, or two where been stalking and signed Monday on a garment midfielders AA with deploying still didn’t know the Caribbean premium plays linebacker Marcia L salt and I’m OK your your forties at IE Alice ratio to all sorts of ABL at wise I mean I fell spurs should call up else it and stop the law school with a budget of the eye of all that you are not out straight about watch disgraceful a cause to meet bob Scott said that was a wild dog it’s a lot of us all the men and in near scuttle the night is not once the A’s and in in and from yet the a note into its funny as america’s before the season start we assumed that the AL’s to guess about 20 or 30 extra dose of any think it’s a taken away the-fact that the apples face and it’s just it’s a script by the following communities all benefit of doubt to the referee. But if it’s nice that it cannot but not by agrees there are other bases disregarded it wobbled not sold because IE settings will think it’s gonna get from locals and from the book is still to play around inside the local goal but when that occurred in the city can spice it up and go on. It’s an outstanding job as a joke, five, decisions and it’s been a three-Nazis this week that, we started our users are part of a standard measure stunned that we just on that one way to sorts two [email protected]’ll go to a scrimmage Christiane and yet and that NT at the main thing for me back to back for server going to be helping friends turned up a mean that the final for spending the firm on your 46 points that you can’t remove to take a game lead and is there any place in your team we just thinking and why they are bringing out of things a bit about gay way to make considered a lot of limiting in the midfield and salt trucks as well came in EL blanket body cannot be recalled at Cal state and chill in and day out and missile and the ball and stay legal right much about states are understated about not good, but not great not quote Gingrich recite dog a week of that good on butterball edges as a percent going into game we fall and a stakeout and three transparent and roll out one of two free transfers offering special break a solid. I love IE not stay. On the committee not I’m not gonna kick not in yet I just opened up a great not be sold and I hope it’s Monday debate this economic summit this would also let you know when in their your friends and any other firms been getting a semifinal for appointing a payment on a false and what about the reason we all the others in general. The aim of a bulky of bill not to start reports came with died and the A.L. and all Fulton assistants and that was it not once but thank you get was lonely treats the System Associates my working 20 THS adverts and the Janelle of many say thank you for the decline was the second live stream the other day really be appreciated enough to say bats and thank you for supporters warned them self and Jason the 13th sentenced absent and absolutely or lots of it gets the action as much as some tough if you just an end to the custody of that is what you get your web and customs, and wet weather was bad weather at noon at balanced banking by study of so much inside a felony that the U.S. infant is heard a loud about Upton said the other side so and when you sell if the links and you don’t talk trash cans on the bench condensation on the bench that that’s one not live in single point numbers after a 0.20 plus 02 points to a 1.983 points and bios 2.4 rushed and zero points and how many banks to wind east of Los Gatos live at home, Ben said its Ref was a piece of evidence that the oral not unable to make up another that was not happen under the edit a political backers if I do well, that was needed so the capital to muffle better path to force the Stanley Capital of an artist Alan D that the Hollywood wildcat romance and got his upbeat and check writing speeches , some of the mind of a fund depend on signatory to the fifth avenue of the county and spend us a transfer of the next week as the enclosed by the fax is a really nice unbalanced understanding, said the transfer for the national bird tool that is the only candidate will also tell honestly blocked by a single off on that and that install lights in a minute to install the up side of the Dallas to cover the loss of ballast as capable of budgets of good and the ad is just absolute joke it’s clear that in those five penalties such are the penalties around the world and workers would kill people, when the gods all of the city to offer a wintel it’s all for the consistent of the leaders about on to the use of routed yet yet a public place and on the floor as well start hard to set the fed says the people they had done that to the 4.8 standard overruled the goal of 54 points -4 to 50 points of the people he added some marijuana gardens on Ronald dean is in Shankar standing And Marcia and dean cell and Mary Bashford and jobs to straightaway down and have the feeling about your but into the game began to study or transfer is now as Hogan is about great break even some secrets and one that is not seeking some incoming Wilson adds from marshy hour and a brash and she actually your party for landing this setting will serve over and half of the teammate Jen all the way me much of it for this game Weber state minimum of 60 points and I think the animals are they are the most disappointing loss before buying up in bringing much for them and overseen Mary and Jill toolkit as a kind yet,.return from a free four assists no wires on an old black time this season I was a problem for Brady bonds team on I’m kind of pretty much it will take made public by imitating in seven tonight, and all people, Greenwood inn on lesson in a plot in the squads by what they’ve always fourths to be playing first dollars a mousy and Michael Murray arms and unsafe to talk about the money to install its third back into a sudden you talk about six times Fulton mall to take a bath I kept images of forging a wool suits and unwelcome, most of the small happiness and state and on Newsday with two while a premium differentials and yen yen from on any one of my set by your side of the national anthem, it’s better to an end to the reality of the film of shell, Segal offer assistance tonight happy with the game because the game as the house finance those like a dizzy and all five even when you bought consist of timeouts on lasix figure out yet possibly Ohio was the 7.5 will summon a motion is someone from your Courtnall Point 7 pound sign that could use all these price rises the sunscreen be over when I called the offer was the transfer would it be adults into being. And I’m tough, and also assume would alter these doing really well in Europe and the games on untitled tool at the time off entirely lucky schools made of. Always was comes to Reno light chilies and do something that primarily by using only happen in the primary fantasies of falwell’s quite did you also by the options. While nick price of strikers and extend but the anticipated discipline that and the and lined up but the judges made the point is a piece of forming their candy-school and everything Wilson has in an average score is and where was all good friend of three of our good friend & that even the Chatman is watching live and some Jenkins makes a point about who are willing and solid enemies team and In the next week the reason why bring this up is because side me she’s known as the best in the discord his team’s best at he is as of last night’s he was 60/5 seconds in the whole world which is allowed bob’s seventh and eight today the head of the ruling that is standing and George Keene playing and underpaid as well; the rise of two about I would like to think the in the box to make fifties is no higher wages would take this opportunity to say just world and so on and I think is just that it’s just ludicrous and how well is the fact that he’s a friend and actual personnel goods to bet you playing this game for as long as we can remember the wall is at the knowledge that might happen to be used or ethnic cleansing passage joke about you and what one finds to the fair is that one find crazy use the loan amount of pride down anything but send slides as much as last season last few seasons he hasn’t been doing that integrate, Sally and said Mica said Matt hunt and chardonnay, five to I mean regarding the air told me many are reacting so when Keith and U.S. nesting season he ended up three and 37,000 this season before manny’s of the deadly one size: excellent grove and brown history and in the game he started playing in 21 you’ll start playing bass in the 29 and 2012 season fund and an extraordinary and brains history and the last few seasons and have a top 75000201617201718 and those are very respectful 44,402 antennas and lassie and not the greatest round the dates in what like what you’re saying often as a Ku and some adults are taking your folder the title this season pointer, and will and a metals are just a quick shower and his brother dale visuals are massive support the sharks and he said in that for many many of his overall rank occasional 16th and the most boats 35,000 to 9 last week he was a very high up as well he was and today that where is he a he was 207th of Sunday’s 32,024th and I was having a really good season as well said instead when fed-watchers say when many notes people it’s I can’t imagine what it’s like being the high up in the top 100 and the top 20 or not a big win the big and yet, just laughing June 7 of the nub of the agreement and yesterday and Ron yet been having two weeks from today in week one to start a part of Lebanon yet been busy part I’m really good actual armed raid on Gerald Grinstein go on to dollars and two in a sunny work or All-Star should arm and cried after nine years after Azerbaijan what believe it on a – already has me and simulate actual and not to be a bad word on the over the sea level in the shootout and weeding out for meat, I had to over between stars and the many good scare you know. I’m Marcie on corky reporter and Russian arms are open only to get the ball trickled more of human OR Nina Kwan was in the past year , for a big anyone sorry I am a public street restaurant B kill off the bench and scored again Sunday . Yet reasonably out that the sugar and peanuts was logged one and one reason got the idea of such battle at all next year we trust the last of Westbury. And you clean sheet the amber consumers are to be sure your rear no knowledge of snow report of the court, and not surely bring out there is no big fires I need people all around our field worker for family Finders using my preferred stories and believe in the 12 out of rail yards as we beat: three morning weeks after the three rounds equal one, don’t call me not to lock on the sock umpire in the am not sure bet the door completely great 645 percent reported that some defense portion or keep remembering the key to getting the same as action, to Chelsea and patios with you on even bother getting rid of, and the sake of such: for one the sucker created a Evans and lost one northwest and the names of one witness said the freak result that edison’s defense is just absolutely phenomenal and you know they can’t school, just keep keeping clean sheets and still no one 99th that can’t keep a clean sheet of an action pass into stickers: again just my opinion . Preate . Absolutely absolutely army on wildcard if there are there was to set aside 2052 Jensen and then I’ll know it’s that could lead to the benefit of the head when either way And one is on six nine wasn’t a fax sent can’t even think of who got clean sheet was busy doing gaming and looking like that the two teams you can’t bet against not taken the clinching kept it and she S3 Olsen scored shorn a person or she does brittle and is that the master of the single African locker thing you may know I have good and eyes and then continue from Nucor’s rebels. The U.S. first time you open an eight and you just that and just a week last week yet younger and the bonds were look and see where it all PCs by an all out on the lottery to subscribe to my son of a steep slope. If that are at night yuppie and while ago and has about seven OPS and some 40 some police are so why not a house as he gained when been an you add local funds to go away and forgotten and 64 minus full state 60 role as an yet be a recall announced an allegiance I’m not like sponsored should all your might result and yesterday bought the nine call to it, but two issue of other casinos and Mets are permitted to use your standard plan and for an ECU this week the album produced by expelling captain’s bars and yummy of them of keeping gold creek fronds with a more precise as well as an Ya Reno and industry, will concrete parking in cheese, sorry stand is call the coffees call 22 to 1¢ and three became so popular are . But not one of the united fund bought an eye on a book I am I am appalled by a formidable an office of the parking lots and bought and we’re not much less depressed to scale down season right. Inside where of style mello Roos markets all the famous for all of our father often lost, look to figure out a form that I ran to be happening on my short of $42.00 and a room by 19 and I do not I think the thing with his team’s the fact you, three premium Ford Center speaking pain and Sellers standing hence five go play then Duncan basically inch we had a 1. together, to lead and stop my students talk to all , the ideological points in a bank sold on street testing and trouble keeping an extended time bomb, and because and because I think I think you’ve even at eight and walked by and light on span and buy things outlasting offing. Our old inbox portable sold and added a $2.00 and that any leaks that happens that way, when I went unused I need to join notebook out known only one who’s in charge has considered an hour just light meal in both of Kent at a bucket your alley. Being a thing was and is a pocketful of a man sixties are locked in really tall field called know and column a seat on the block to block all but all are watching and no deploying a nearly perfect opportunity. And 1/2 require a ball and on the world will look easy speed up the things I shall break all three year was gonna be a bit more irritation to think of the week fourth drop seasonal monsoon so I’m I might just are not yet been enrolled from specter’s being sought for breach waters and get a problem and we went yummy Murray tools and even as a unites bomber killed recite bottled and some unites all watching like your wits and decide all advanced enough into fights if I was watching the border guards and I think some concert for doorstop of the tapi scattered signs of boulders is light side claims like not right when they noticed some advanced and an offshoot of a renewal of the state’s always call for a cool the seat calls you can you see nothing to do recall in sports use of a free kick and second call for a repeat of the project and I think the state’s ball in every city call is called outlook have always liked it also eases so entranced from smugglers to see some people may sell it at some important times long it will be on bikes pull a number, title nine until about the body’s weight seat year with the score gains Opal Clark would be some pictures and on and see what is often a report made one thing while all piled on the news news, I can’t possibly all knocking on object might see we are all on three Com’s Stoltz M of all ignites all week in the one who got all through the last 3 to 60 this week so on and on the top woman beaten on free copy somewhere on Sunday at an all stocking up and placed in quite a while because I’m all for 13th season all of the young nothing but my first years like to add a nighttime room and we’ll just have just just didn’t just what’s the best ranking ever had in the hole. M picked up to two top four competition starting earth, my best writers like your ideas like to stop sites and what all the things that 3400 children to read and whether more seasons that are all is about all four of six years ago while it was one year when a lawsuit went on a cane and recalled so you as a ball 5.591 of his insights you just just little kid from answers are drums on streetlights are numbers like Christmas time the schools by two goals and doctors suspected of Chelsea M on what nobody up and hours of Natal in & yet I just bought site, stumble and have used even when when we play this game and Ukrainian for more than any drive in runs for the plane for over a year and yummy nuts and also that the freely I mean you know Bobbitt bright lights of my small would mean the end and yet still know about some of the tree seeds are golden books yet I mean I will write IC, sultry things while the state’s the season and full rein in its not somebody will cut because I know you know when the next year, most people don’t all , I’m done on annual receipt where are you know what a wall and the center for accent for knowledge of the week, beat out all imports to march but that’s just a producer and I opt out of steam up with not much much on stairs where an act that she came on as an rules. Britain and a shell and from school, called Wilson and other as on a balmy arm and solves a chill until stock transfers just year yet another around the affect of adult be accused of such a bill Tuesday. Using before you move on and might become I’ve identified, Tatham or not if you wanted to bring back on just about the extent of carrier and Al and talking your rockets and contributing our store or an end, and it had been working for the clinching or at your that will allow, weakening of the former officer of offering a free agent can go and I just don’t know where the private management system and can’t do a fishy amounts that are a good friend of laws and the support the showing of & than the other one known as the best in discord is officially 16th in the world chair congratulations side, extraordinary and for what is at the lake in England he’s 24th companies that send to prevent and start it is that liar, a welder. I am certain points are only often chose reading or for those that know if anyone’s Clinton wilder web site and so for some reason it’s more children use of Marco is up and seminars in Orange County filed the ticketing worries are now shooting were turned and are now mushy owls and why your final meeting of the least you hear a flat to politicians are notified and for additional just know , because you were doing when been working just a week and will consider soldiers are not worried, while why is it sure isn’t a week from that first I was intended to present when he comes up as an injured in the senate hear your of your favorite have called for four days in your arms and assertive that to the faster and after reports reaching an as yet another that started reading store storing that if, as she put a shower of new offerings are also workers bring an you’re an order that all the children and your purchase two times a week and absolutely found a stored it did in London at trump’s and are seeking to ban AIDS walk from the pound and a battle that has been that about 4 to 1 bite. Our liberty and all was the head was the action was an accumulation was initialed at it was that is 100, que mayo about 10 teams and site and then was in dispute economy wasn’t just across the board it was across the board a championship of the party and each site was used as the biggest fear that we knew that the night of the World Cup last year was the biggest goal at 88000 is not comment on the radar you a professional gambler told or make and a table was down by Kansas, gets us next week but anyone been a bit consultancy up and well as it is really fascinating because a number of the team at: one person script it’s been 47 points and for people orders Nikko goals in jeopardy of ransacking the money nor shall stand deploying a surveillance rationing two key for handguns that think affects four choices over to the old place because of cedars was slight mink between the two by design, slated to be responding to the candidate would be hard on that site for the week to go back and artwork I think the domain of that of my head I think you may wind up I think there are still many may have to beat almond eyes at the Arabs that was very very good record in roads and I think that’s a unit of our top it fit a detailed install what: a new set an apparently buying works, Norwich trouble team apparently before the game tied star Bebe what transpires the connectable talk to rematch debt as all right but you’d be that as of four visit our bed which as you may not contain costs by eating, it would be at eight and the walkways and spice to be become an art carrier of that day weekend lovely comics escape the bait was against it and there are all their different beast of get the guy at what lies in sight, attack on out of the time the report that the theater, different became no comment on that said the patio 47 points this week , had you before the games one and two that multibank triple capped and a weak one of selling which yet why did you do that I just noticed a lot of academic goals but it’ll be all things, it sounded as well as any other site should have standing to think the study was about it to become the butt of forever. And and and whether weary U.N. and the main bank one’s that on the front room 40,000th in a while now consulting Marshall and Russia today and get started downgraded someone might be to get much of a shouldn’t let me mention that the U.N. team I think-PDT money was that some of the thinking behind in the cell for standing up for some of them on three in just a price points just ended a 6-10 forward Rasheed M. Marcia L of the key to United’s attack site must be becoming another stakeout of Russian Society of titles. There are things to keep it that saffron to next week, scored a masterful market some said she’d are thinking that then united and ado & some pretty company a year into a single interesting said seven forward Ben and all of the team of thinking you know what it’s a very very good lineup I’m assuming you feel very confident in the head here on the way things are showed the week and see what happens next week Cantwell seems to be good at it that the country and the two Belgrade suppliers to Campbell but then if there are risking the first held its above, but this year are also in wanting to be honest with you as it stands right now live in person for this event of such a thing of the three plays ahead and he’s can be creating some option for the standings that he actually happened: the system so you place, then taken that the opportunities might come up a second stanza from last nine games I think that you’re onto a plane there were some battles that Cantwell USC performing very well from Norwich and would like to play all I’m actually see our city to bring into Peres is Mason and I think that’s a one size seen use the Mason man’s for the fix and I think he should be nothing anyone could crank I actually think my driving under the doing a thing might transfer this week will be nice and mountains of paris’ Pere is just an absolute disaster to be listed from the gate and unanswered he’s he’s he’s the number one that plays and any work within anybody’s edible became weak that defense to 86 will get in line with a twinkie did a really well at all and world war are from new but let’s teach you can’t do any worse in Paris that have struck old and in another for processing unit in DOS and a preview button to end of the quick for purses and maybe a pretty nice and comparison centers madison’s doing really well for the state he’s the master plan would seem to be performing from the thinking two assists the last two games so says in the end he sent me the margarine and the teen moms are being really disappointed that he must have done that in the Bronx until the season end of the start date from its new words and due book with war and Lopez and old world wide eyes to the mayor and tiff formats to death at the trends that have a hurry to our borders of samples of your district area of the goats, and that’s OK and 96 inches tall, strong her door, which ran a massive, massive bomb found and I have lost or freezer until some west last year the bobsled customer mulch for mercy on Wesley , and I and I watched no guarding against a wall of a mighty fine openers was liaison deductions nannies and all that it’s not that Israel stop the looting itself is Ned I’m sorry that I am sorry that you can nothing to the first two game weeks and endorse any schools and oversight is essential to the water and noted that say the goal set #he has a chance of making the defense opened art is betting that the Ira agreed that lets anyone be having him over and that maintains an example, take medical Ira and awaiting and keep writing you might also done some time back in and around depth for fat and no international rate may be one of maybe three calls from and for all wanted our little bit wild and then a lot of you never been a popular target for all of Mr. and our best of my second year of economic links and five were not so long after download and likes to lose a little more visible part of a child to continue our nine to me and to begin left hand side of his teams are some 2110 and that the actions of cell And a noted that skates and skates stalling at the dinner and follower of all over our own channel will Martin give a little too bad and of all score 52 weeks we are a year of total of 62 proper consent or zero with a different deal happen because it’s on the location I think I was eight T verbally he said, were an existing use the 64th all we’ve got more than a city game help bring city actually as the game and steal the $2.00 and many of my frustration as to not make the process and so some of the Karen says 64,000 last night’s yet yeah I am 50 months of windows, however, watching the MMC to deploy the things done mucking up to school will get decent system is one that’s one sweet year and it was submitted. How will this with first call for cooking school wasn’t the same walls before it is our story started on these recent auction of cuts came off some not so sure that the new fossil comfort of soquel one thing we’re just looking for your supper at a shopping center one where she made one change but he would. Here are the use of the art of writing our ports heated to add his and pasta is possible cause we for the fall of 1 to 5 years, finishing up his beloved decided for the two factions and Saint Vincent Fortier four were the year he’s convicted if some of its own and is the sense that the up and there were many more months for house in the district to see, you will see one of the eye of the United States and this year, the fourth year as as much as it was a loving home from the state’s caucuses in which its own of just 10-minute region for reading the map from four to see you conceded the penalty for us and the annals about to say just a line about the fact that are very unfortunate about having peace and Justice Malcolm Chirac he was the one you can see the fact that she believed I am the one person or you added aside a yet hadn’t actually stress all you guys on stream was in and in the state’s muscles just either got off the fullest audience out just outside the club, which is the most enticing it that you the star named cost you a Louisiana and 2147. Great seeing your yet exhibit 60 settlers standing in London today announced a NAZI show said as he returns to the 14,000 and Lehman yet while I was I think said I think is often indicates a walking distance coordinating at Gallagher really designed use all of its old and so why did enough income to combine its full cycle towel and will send trays and cats I’m going to growing doubts and speedy arm for 85 era of big breakthrough gives them a chance to the City Council when I saw the board is instead a handful of a chill yet as a pointer at Iden nobody wanted to paint bull jobs into bonds are logged moderate editor once will not look is a lively yet know if they’ve gone to the pool next button that before his committee and tight game that you end up two or 31 to the port of Seattle is seen as a charms and Russian bombs scoring not what you’d sell in the bark based or I would probably stick with that is the place you go on the map mining is a waste of space to other jobs of our yen as to which you out of the dispatched out at bedside to plan my wall, there’s lots of do not on a hard day’s pay pound bombs in as some kind of like worried that if you are to get bodyguards * a lot of the top 20 to play with a staggering Steve eight doubled it all seemed ideal and Ina the jazz on the PC by many to be a killer yet if all of little chilly air league of course dentist and cheaper to show by the seabed really enjoy watching it and then nobody seemed to leverage and tried a little often absent but it does you guys take it too is banking on into the intake nothing I was thinking maybe it’s just second been there for over 2 hours of art dinner and are here and there were year, the air and a new nonbinding, can write a week ago, and American ground war not art Armond P Wright is in or out our local ground war and mark on our home of creating clear creek or more new one particular unblocking on Lamar no, not Congress and record and a wildcard, who are new world body from home wandered into or new armoire more than one group and are not good for non , dollar bill in our water near art can now, you know you’re getting at the park is tearing your for your opinion are completely can cover of the concerned about the holder for gold pieces birds barring that look in the team it’s actually very good some very good team moving forward , and we’re thinking about Lamar of new to me could just go for one more: Chapman and not Bronson is actually saying that says begin up regarding and maybe he’s takes away and his be interested to hear a part of the meeting is completely wrong via this just get shot in the last score of the evening an arranger and of gelatin I think it was said to get Mission Mountain is urgent said was a picture control ship bound you change in name to badger shoulder that for us or a dead said about 8:50 after catching on while sinking the work of the 1990 and casings from 109 and instant attention on other scientists are for my coach Dick Motta is it a a a a a R and each definitely get some new speaker system partition for the 1750 and 74 and went away when you bend over and Mary in the cafeteria getting cash from the GATT and well-written by the legislative affairs page actually sold graduations through a wall in the middle schools you when you and that you’ve got to be held to Brian stern 92 with Michael dally Aussies you’re 44th last night and welcoming now get taken aback by the fact even just gone on to the sent to the pavers like a Zen team isn’t enough exactly is fantastic of these absolutely brilliant is just me and any concern that a concern that can can ask as your arrival but said he’s just east of fostering gold-down that team is beautiful but stressed that Turkey has really hurt us can see that the commission acted just don’t just doing subjects and a bronze and we just had a stream of 30 sevens of these just amazing to the 32 pounds say an adjacent room to get the hash Clinton blamed doomed on an NT to be a teacher act of that that won’t look in the two were at should be at the cookie cutter game four of them are taken from they’ll see Foster and legal and juvenile worried about the curves and it marked reduction to marriage can drop your bylaws of 40 minutes sages Chelsea a link in the community of dedicated finishing the season away number of tests its hottest pool of attacks school school school of every sort would all be last year from over the claim to be something of a Dolby expo when uncle was in charge of inline know is that the school this I think it was like some underscored the same amount virtually the same as goals made virtually conceded surfing the way that you love playing in the moments of that trend is discontinuing and maybe downgradings in the two-hour and a bright and were then the defender to be honest with you but barring now I think the team is an absolutely fantastic and USGS and I would not a good coach john Connally said, is running games and he’s just 16 of those particles for the confusion are competent report and that’s what he needs are a score 26 calls started the audience you are you just mentioned that: fixtures I mean I think the share from July the home games can be fair bit of the blues away our estimate goals, will be the poorer hand in hand to the den between gained seven and Ten Brian sometimes in Newcastle Bernie De La Frontera stay all fantastic fixtures and I certainly think that a jumping onto the Chelsea bandwagon them talk attack and plays his son mesa’s an examination of an Abraham Fenton ranch to people and enforcing picture that the keys move has led to open in areas from the grave center, but some of the abused or more sparingly the season progresses was possibly come back a specially and popular surcharge for alleged links to Internet are unable off Barkley and the style season was from a tavern is just as good a fashion apparel store season and art is always very best yards for losses in and around for two or three games and actual record was richer your body, just watches were quick interest basketball are as common as disagree with the governor fixtures for Chelsea went and I haven’t you work that are now open the message that one has a sense that the mean you’ve got 17-year notes can be tough to get that was a weight after the behind the Nike said 7 to 10 gaming 7 to 10 days that they are just in the event in July that Brian seven to Newcastle Gandhi of Chelsea to bring each one of them died laughing and just a quick, Mason mounts and that the specs if he scored 20 points this season and 2 to 16, six: next two bats and points center says everything you need to know about that for all are on their intention and bringing Mason mound for Peres now I mean is this just that it yet it’s just that well I’m more concerned the fact that Peres may drop down in price and masonite will go up in price that’s my concern right now you’re cooking approve of the end of the data transfers and one of the factory and transfers and demanding that Mason 90/3 on this and 198,000 that people bring in Maine and parent’s is god knows where the leases at seventh and 8008, Mr. 64,000 a game break so I reckon I’ve got maybe that day that I think that are now all of them did anyone waits basically and already there she went to revealed all rank is either not 14 of the many how well the system that says we’re moving the matter said I didn’t get the chimney brokerage she warned Thursday but I think the average scores about five nailed to a man city every 845 and in that and encourage up a that’s the good or mapping and the usual standing on them and make one and these lines of things to happen just cried and San Diego City has me if you’ve enjoyed the street is simply a couple of bucks and if you are completely planned around here is Jason Leigh says you can subscribe just like I forget his name I apologize to return to send him the subscriber on the opening match today in the short and you take the Koreans and everything Seattle quite unique for Seattle exodus and hit the subscriber and that we have the actual 20 to that we’ll catch me to feel some force interest to you-all four local host down any one he’s the one in charge for parking sticker on page seven points from page at me to tell from that is quite simple really has anyone get called the shuttle and join the disk or group of shall people be carcinogenic into being and chat now on Jordanian on the field are throwing out that that is not the Dominguez in the description of videos quite simple ranges him down the canyon theatre for joining with all the wonderful any of your community that we are building right now and then you get to talk things were fancy folk and wants the street ends other than that I just wasn’t Jason has updated the web sites which is any of your goal: heather that should have had his absolute be phenomenal the work of jason’s protein is just sublime on the lying said when the monitor webster’s is what will that you never think that issued of adding that the salvage a single game like tomorrow evening at eight that Yardeni and reviewing the many makes the Cashman began the community needs and northern alliance party more for the Pollock or any of your members but we will be going over those many needs to take Mary very seriously for other at Jason I’d done for the vehicle the wake of a very very at any of the final fours before that this just ended than a trivial month that are thinking couldn’t pay rise for a peek at 303 and then and became on a busy and mixing live on that we drop down to about 255 and noticed the list of shore up was 203 share your hands or end of your family and engine had any effect on us cents in whatsoever and what you said that people like jay and I’m Andy a given show host and more and more where and when when building this 1 to 4 shuttle and ease its it is the comeback as I’ve even by underlying last night before the streams really like we needed lying for I just bought we call it was a distinct of everything last night GL the only bad thing you did anyone thinking back to know what was it was right at the end when you exceed descending into this went to the guys need is pressed to stop on that that’s the only bad thing he did the actual show itself I’m missing back to this money goes like this is folk in a sink like the cheetah the Officer George Schubert, was like this is just short of rates entertainment and even leisurely stroll just like an Indian fetus at that this idea would do anything other than just missing is all I’m thinking now have the father of the people taking the medicine to the slide and everything want to get my the men stuff is just a 1 to 4 wonderful cat for the agreed that there that merges the Maitland blind allowing the

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  1. Loving the stream watch back, stevo bringing the vodka shots out 😂👍🏻… calling it now. End of season beer sesh with everyone from the elite fpl community

  2. But we are owned by people not investing in our team, They the Glaziers have not adequately invested in our Midfield.

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