GW1 Preview and Predictions w/Steve-O and Jason #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

GW1 Preview and Predictions w/Steve-O and Jason #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

the chance to 95 as Alan the dns government addictions failed in the disk or Jason as you would have to do with this bit as I am just shutting down nicely in the discordant job ring on to do the project chickens and the mark of USA. Our outdated about the star of the human immune to have that brilliant that well if this is that the president of the first ever gaining one and official shows the first year we’ve ever done that tech issues for the last three or four days in the body will this is what made immediately and about everything about this world is that we did about 5000 show’s final preseason would be anything from people saying only, division, the hope this will be picked up on the all of subscribers mountain view as people than praising the same a great job and become think anyone will get serious 33 in crashes since I left them at study that taking us back, the Brady law is true that the and get us going straight away when I explain the rules of the short end of the data gains appoint a question because this you get 1. to the correct outcome you get three points for the score down on and that on the game when it comes in history it’s basically based on the last six fixtures that these two teams that played against journal that includes friendly’s includes top company just includes the last six pitches are over and the corresponding day games between each represent a teen basis of the people coming on saying health concerns are actually scored for on ago in the last mixing the 6 inches base and shows and therefore will get people involved in shacks two and basically right down there and addictions as we go from 7:00 FBI, predicts Longworth yet as ever have missed this bit weaker growth with for all of the date that the evening’s the end of the season of the battle about the fact that it will not actually sell a product that was when you shop all that and you are right about once a simple vs. Norwich and that yet a little history shows up in your two predictions about one to sway in the anybody on passing the baton began with four nailed to the poll Jason and , more optimistic and torment Jason and was able on a concept in 43 no, I have to go for nail on local could score but I think having a neighbor was the one that’s one of the first in Alta beside the been our best outing solids. Volleyball, no formal weld that the 251 to the point that the next four games went, scored five times against the Norwich to add and that does anybody want clean sheets in the last six vs. not sure anybody with double-or triple and medical defends the mailer revisit that the histories going for all are all I want now than one to westernize this is not just to say I think again is can the one that the base where are a Clinton in the demolition job where I think western action is corners on the phone lines announced in Jason a separate incident and will comments they 3193 year ago this train its going for 4126 think there’s been on the last six occasions three of them involve four goals the city and including three clean sheets said looking pretty optimistic for an affair and gold watch accordion and ceo of potential standing captures a Guerra As it is installing announced here again on Serbia wanted to kill stuff now that even though it has about the identity of coal mines and housing block Sunday that’s a potentially are still many troubling that would benefit all my first to check on June 19 of things for the goals that only a month ago 301 to blame the fourth inch average and I didn’t want to the mass and welcomes the county and the Jason and all AltaVista didn’t report that blamed by me and this fall and I go with the swatch watches much luck road was attacked all preseason on to a victorian to kill some of the same call for, say three nothing weeks, and other history that because our pay for them that history is your mouth and join the storm said boy and it’s going to want to share from July and anno of the last day to the plate into the four times in history in that playoff roster move to four captions and there are now than on to my mind that ending this is this a count and I think games accident terrible long ago won one Jason the lobby of the conference about her on fourth on route to go one nothing, just as there are interesting that funny centers with histories go one more that the ticker fixture that the three goals two of the Bundy was actually been won over and over six games that the three clean sheets the bandits are people going in the help make sure that anyone could be in for friends some potential defense attorneys that will now owns and this one crystal palace vs. Edison and have an unhappy zone hall in the rounds that the team that had some can’t seem to a 4 to 100,000,000 crystal passes on this and just when branch of the Edison would the defense and record as of late has been absolutely phenomenal idea is that they’re really tight game and that the crystal palace is hung forms atrocious and the defense of the moment and is just a makeshift said on the guns into edge of one male boot and didn’t know what he called bottom, some 41 of the Rama one rustic be all about see when of whom nothing interesting to more than one millionth and his two tell me tell you at this month’s the next game but said they had this race to the next goal in game two and elsewhere that and is being that it’s an unbeaten in six vs. crystal palace the fact that three clean sheets two of which are in the last two fixtures vs. person as that of optimism that four defensive returns the efforts and well you talk about what’s this is what reverse to brighten our offices and I think this is this could be even at causing the crystal palace and some games can be one of the worst of the ad that for the weekend well for Brian could be one of the more exciting to disagree a broken back two and a penny from brighten or is this gonna be any at hand Graeme hall to saying that when a place inside info: the BEI I think the cancel each other out for a long ago 11 fifth of that block automatically go live from the fifth to mapping or what’s when interesting when we gentry jason’s known mail but the histories suggesting known as well and that the five clean sheets and is fixture at the last six Brian other than the one wants and fiction books in the twenties has been at the other three withdrawals not been high school and even been actually the games so when you and this doesn’t know what he could be higher scoring game to non that we know at the open that is going to this particular game and its top of the zest and about it so welcome back to the canyon interesting than that, I think asp as a commander from here I think it’s gonna be a a profession joke undergo three known too tall and antelope I think 31 spurs of history’s going with two little sisters and in this fixture spasm can four clean sheets and they’ve won five of the mass extinctions vs. top and bottom of the way just let me know was that done is predictions are running through the year favored captaincy options and that history vs. the attack the teams are you be very interested in was a stunning came the system event that’s a 12 and Estevez is cordial see opens a plane tonight, just played a double to score on them as Jason Butz a man and a continued score to after half an hour and that you any goals in the get-up to 20,000 ground troops in the at Wells, Tennessee schools store your teeth and has been turned off block as a guest at the old you think that he has actually been overlooked is banned the DVD well safe on your opening for four goals in the ones mentioned: Cara class yelling or its Nationwide things from the reason I’m really understands because of fixtures I mean you can carry a tune of some of its option Brian Fraser warrior 8977 on this defection for wolves the pack and I can Listing some point, it’s like it’s got what areas that resides not stop the best do get that much a seeming to snapped jersey summary the rollover and 13th of the eighth anyway as the ones will predict does I think that Mr. A finesse of the wind is just a month ago too want us to Jason in one of high school and game but what you think, said Locke on 8 to 1 last year 21 to master the histories going to reverse and there’s been a part in the land rights and Tony and 21 when someone redundant statistic that that said basic histories go with the 216 intervals going into Sunday after willis’s this is some data and Newcastle vs. all singles in Jordan Care for a case that man he did say that these games are using tides between Newcastle an awesome into a high I think I’ll sneak into the profession jolt I think that at this pretty company a month ago two nailed two awesome Jason Jordan changing the location is change my prediction of the year for four spots from opposition seasonal thinking that also were in the fourth not chosen : do you think the statistics and Chelsea isn’t just a an knows I’ve seen many their taxes of up and say that I’m not a leader of all changed to Austin but said that local U.N. Force on a bed to the Newcastle the civil suit my medicine as Michelle bolt the creatures for small and ending dates and sites but they still hadn’t released a report the transfer of top 16 months ago to one or arsenal to win two were sold for this is going one known to Wilson told a clean sheet financial cut four clean sheets of the last six and has been 31 of the trees two are also shareware videos and finally it’s your boys mountain lion to Jason is that the biggest game was that we can man of those Chelsea what honestly cannot coldest game told some sitting on the fence an ongoing 011 I think this is the cancel each other out will have a whole while Barry Helton it’s your birthday of this year that you’ll forestall corners man us to Chelsea and all I get a free lecture room with a sneer my notes and other mean I liked signs of one star. Why are the defense below way better cap and a staff of there’s a problem not not so tired all around the season I think the beach and other winners well that your green with a history that because the histories go with two nailed two were to united has been in the mass extinctions has been two wins the united two patrols and two wins to Chelsea and decided a pass and so when there’s been a base the best team scoring the following gains being then clean sheets that is both team scoring creation of team scoring clean sheet and then a pop businesses for either the goals from Olsen that’s a prediction and rethink about what you will be the most important thing is at those predictions when it comes to this captaincy optioned there’s an Der select few that some people can choose from a solitary cell outstanding cane rebounding and then the main fourths of a just and everybody now completely forgot about this in the discord and Jesus taught the polo field any of your community middle attacks and counterattacks in the pole vault knows again fencing in the discourse for who you want to be your And fourth game we want your any of your community but serve just a few steps will see sell all hasn’t played nor its or can’t give you any statistics for him and me and he served on the play begins Newcastle tries to go into substances can actually not think that the city interesting months ago and came standing also became first display four games against the Aston villa the score four golds in or two goals and one that chicken and the single goal and the other two each standing on the other hand he said he’s done really well and then the six appearances vs. west and he’s made five appearances and made one sum payments and the schools seven goals and got two assists starved for anybody and one for safer anybody that’s thinking of going to sell standings and again is no history will see Fascell vs. then Norwich, saying that standing seven goals and two assists shareware there haven’t been read into that whether he will leave for them thank you for participating in the predictions are that I think for a block wall would call 21 era and there before we let it go and all you will set for tomorrow me and tomorrow evening and yes I am, recapping moments of course ministry our shores and you’re on a team of posters the numbers 2.31 players Wilson Fraser announced that it remains a dealer four of these are the last of three well then hold all of the Folsom and captain standing on does not mean that I’m not going instead of staying silos the clear choice staff, said the master chorale in westhampton show sometimes glasses and a conditional audience eighteens on like when they kept either one of them are normal game as I can still see on having out of the missing a windfall for bias is more likely than knowledge, not so that’s good, solid , he ever think of when the Jason: two are a well what we’re doing it all seems Anthony Joseph underwood jason’s change considering there is little better than to the block and many more formal force before we let the demo friend about $1.00 on where the chances of you trouble getting injury one maybe sodomy nothing solid the starch and, in a KingCo in a mink as the Martinez the first game car is there to bed so you know maybe potential for guarantee are offered one stroke back and what might that we all know the history of the double game it’s been pretty cool than reasonable and Jason last season manage to get the gross hack for the IEEE And see that pick them to place any think that’s a what you’re saying regarding selloff vs. area . And this is actually said that double games and the Tories from being just rubbish for when it comes to check usage Allies say anything that’s a bit someone stole the ball to triple And is some anybody on the game we want them to events or things like standing some are carrying high is it worth it have likened itself I just couldn’t do it but said the acting, maybe party offers we only know that for my sights on a note on the form so without a factor involved in a properly POW and scattering of my of the list is unsigned curb – arctic athletes are leaders in finale off on the smallest audience on no checking_one games online, before where a customer to Jason are actually come away the blockage are available for tomorrow evening to come on after the dreaded for a a game and said initial views of the game and welcome out of state that it fair to say much for joining us a base and that I think this is the moment of those two chase and and before we going to receiving all teams and Jason marcos’ inch at saint which are which way to give the affluent against interest there is a dead in the need to start your own question the history suggesting a high scoring pass a man to win the event is that the history of fear for an end to Jason I think it’s time two a misty mystery omissions times review all teams I think and the fact he’s got a technical and alleys of finalize teams just never been idle since the one dated enforce warmth and still ready to go but said that Jason all U.N. ready to put a team up on screen that that that the people knowing the value of the thinking that night Jason that the simple question is what is the likelihood of this being your team come seven cops were even that will interesting so I thought might seemingly at the discourse price of 442 summation and then this isn’t my final draft were still got and a few Diane is set to speak only a citizen of the anyone like personal page even knowing that either how even believe that’s because the NT/half the people to watch today that have the old did actually fed’s and my daughter is based in Toronto with one court now which is covered with a: Xinjiang couple go with students and dean you’re in the pool it’s then three had began breaking used for him to turn some plays been added to the SQL stored dead and for jays and the brown was in this week as the isn’t an new life of its food and the neon that overweight and seasoning that their old brown into the premier league is nowhere in evidence to shell said again today is a pounding people into taken from Ericsson detection saves in the end of the option for stop at what he does ladies Haiti could be a very good break and signing the is interesting coz said I watched a question and she treated today the FBI and the watched as a final draft of the art and 25 lire fields who wear his team was I just was like a role it’s pretty much my team barring the all play here and that and to us as ceo would team up and scream the man as is now for as a 442 to measure the police in order it’s pretty much the any of your community and to the messaging bar in your player and women including gold and found the lights and change the world the second: deploying a cell on trays and standing in the legal Wilson and ago was Wesley up from a weather one tent since two take Wesley out for one week plants owned Jaber three guests and I just think that’s a potentially said he was could score against his former club has a proven that family planning agencies a very good player and I think attention to the world can stop up front with the Chris wood is playing his old team to know what you said the fund is a consensus fans and that is just a case of older men in this just wasting transfer possibly I’ve done that in th associated with a bat at the upper is a judge and 68 and a set aside essentially a sensuous come down to is that one put my faith in an extra striker basically an artistic and your team on the shooter, bring up and the screen I think most of them down and I’m going to panic merger that way and an RBI single in Japan it knows this and this is what happens to made on getting really anxious I think it would end one thing I wanted to just copy you can change the team completely injured finger stuff (451 and knowing that collects a specific date of visit this is actually not in the big question is though is that have Anderson, emerge will carry captaincy are you going with the one that you know when and when faces in my case I’m looking at this team and I just look and I think that is excellent artists from the number one in four and offices are very very good team and you know when II say she liked doing then I think the 50 Ida mark at 15 and space in which players in the land of directors to relax by remove the cover responses are going into the garbage and seven letters cars just a select the best left no services is what the hell does was we are between the others and are we just think Christ will avoid on that says underwriters are going gets into the reason has taken the oath-taking a team of that sent up I just read about teen and I would give it the starting 11 easily 11 at 1110: nothing that brilliant and you and your the bench you can’t fault that an artist if I just know that might seem unlikely there will ask that this is the day of the store to store; to open system and that’s your that the down Jansen just copy Jiang copy the need for all the data gave little services; that’s the way in a decade the FBI was 1442 the team is fresh and the same as my city in the know that on the offset you got the nod that VMI unlike the logic about Peres I’d do you think me and that the thing I can see and Jason a Georgia today on a throwback which trailed back and a good it’s fantastic into the guys you’re seeing what this and the FBI old and poke us is all about its two of the Jason Wright in the year to scripture that I really really like the description that seven as supplies Fridays sees change that as a matter of race in two months is an extremely competitive when and when it comes to fashion for four and chat on I don’t wanna talk and more on someone like what stomach is just sunk , one of the Kingdome editors are just look back to the west and east where does the best legal while ago against way and things going with plays which income for a variety of holy sepulcher is why am I going to raise: instead dean yacht for: the mountains just on the examples can happen again we won that the news, not one that goal scoring at one to win a free kick an ironic fields that are on the thing on the field is accent there when place which are key to their teams are deploying the selloff raise instead and you can’t yet as follows the files in 351 the last Sunday when the going rate for me personally garlic and ginger and station risk for may finally having someone else and has a guaranteed and amass a waltz for bass and for that matter to the team owners and the reason for processing the world thinking do want to get where Fraser downgrading to Paris and upgrade as inching can to support every think that no more benches just it’s just terrible but the one that’s the part of the house Newt dunning bill Doak walker feel strat when the not-all citizens in Wesley and deploying or follow in Perris windshield thinking for the Paris in simply cannot want because that prison term interest that to the fact that the issues of great to be fair that fixes of action upgrades that people are buying all about masterminded and the resort and I like the center of my main concern is that sprint war that money to cover deploying a well thinking of maybe sits in the courts and the media are better options than that that one’s life: and I think if a malicious your forehead and a switch to the facts it’s just it ought to be honest with you the deploying up and the organ grinder the P-I think the fact that the single game you get you a minimum of an assist and when he plays these rappers teams already west have no disrespect but there’s a risk that a man seen on CNN absolutely Bolivia has proven that history I think every deploying that could get perhaps it assists and six and a amigo pull strings and some wonderful avoid some of the duties of one of the device to block is giving me is what gives someone else which is basically to 20 say and I think from your 0.5 more you can get a quality player Mike Perez which alter the headers Wesley and that prison term in the plains and little to have at this precise moment on a cold ego ways Schultz a head of Wesley and disoriented parents had that done before six is held your open everything to put a pair is just for an a for that and safety dad is the only witness in this everybody this is what you’re in for the AA connect and subscribing to liken we’re showing the nominees: every single day 25 our streams and a nonleague in the real the real Stephen Jason now and then on going into panic mode because of the other end of the scrapbook amounts can add up on the domain of ice nothing to do a thing of the chains offer that the fed has to be devoted on my own low profile that was a U.S. Steel bill sounds that send you home of a long and knows six into a base on the front of us in the yellow rule of finding good 645 to 47 that the capital to send a letter of intent was there is a consummate pro people for four and that game tomorrow saying that service Jobe said this week in prime time it’s a it’s certainly is I think and having what you and your plate is now committed to the school taken just a couple of schools have the feeling headed for tomorrow at CIA or personally to stand after the court judge that was that of us of the doubt and Fairfax avenue on the ice yet been watching the old census died in a town we got it going again outsell yapping man struggling main city that way because says it’s down says Starr injuries a Mage even see and talk and see school ready and make me think back to last season one scan and that’s all for all marriages, keep it that way so now out the that are yet I just think this committee that the swimsuits sees them in attacking rates and Sam I just feel that because teams start from some action shots for winter in attacking sense that these players not be the case for class Mac Services can be more on the field and its act and then the idea behind the play is on Sunday’s loss and spend all that money on such a great lay out the missile sites blunted by 1/2 clots as well I think Newt Russell E deftly claiming that bad yet again with call and chastise leaving also was well which makes run for release nelsons of automatically scheduling and it’s in our back tears Nelson runs out of call him a liar bench and back thinking is it happening to us not actually stop and Benlate and just at Nelson from coming into the jobs of the Nelson is operates oslo’s complained of pain preseason war that a good that I recently made access into combat the NASD is amazing to me that they have a gamble was with my picks and that all cities dated place 80 feet shot it could freeze on quiet deeds and are 1/2 all do the classic makes my team and 1/2 ton of updating there were any way I do agree the Jaycees words II think that the the lack of phone is sell all of the unknown, say some artificial wrapper that all of a lawsuit if you have no predictions only one occasion we’re all pretty much thinking that include history where we’re pretty thinking that are marching ambassador basically for and sell all you’d like to think will be pop of the goals in the system now I am not concerned about that considering that the also game looks like it’s gonna be quite low scoring want anything to faith into ouster of medical and none of them as was mentioned me I think we’re all-around preference a week and Jews do we feel we knocked out unless long shots change this season so many times last season I change my mind last minute I’m just gonna stay with my gut instincts as just one field and I did actually have left is an install with them because TVs and cool which I think he might be at 10:00 AM words have seen that he might actually be falling but in NASA gamble is on the valley and is mainly on penalties, I think we can see in the new season is seven is a lie down and lack is as close relationships, 3 March route is the 187, rounds as is grateful that links all Olympics, and I think they can write a month penalties to absolutely am sure will be in all senses one more thing and my thinking on is that once decade as a Dr. Thinks that will house off days and as welcome as their loss diets and hassle why didn’t like about sell a season games ended up scoring high deep away as likes all I happen to get on. In the 21 outside its be out as just little things are back on sticking your head that has reset the Dea got instincts, I start of last minute changes can cost you that. This is the victim isn’t there any going back to Martino marching on the back of the high-safe option and Frances that will focus is 141 basement but again it’s a classic example of when either team owns press the delete key semester studying the main man at the man sitting on the grant and Canada border and to the housing that Wilson of Downey and a Kennedy the main strikes and their respective teams had a similar scheme brown needs to permit me I think all to two brown use awnings that I think in Morosky newsprint of the most risk of that no performing not well pack a I think is that of the diversity for the city that 118 games and to the 21st used to the report Seatac raided the compound minimum of 10 goals and that may be double digit returns instances where half the season course about three firm and a link the world the second scene of an entire skidded to psoriasis decent it is really goes that study said to the audience for doing some are adjacent with the plan is to an 730 in the fifth that if the names: neither you’re just recently joined this week double as part of the good work you onstage are members of the technicals none are reaches of art and so were near a single particle nor shall run a mile for peace talks about our deployment and dinner are recently, transfer fall and winter because of an armed 50 between state and go to know that it is this true bristle separately from 49 arms inspectors from an installed united gaming Clarence Arden beer and also see quirky things were standing could be confirmed. The company store group of machines% -span the system started this a better package of America the team to you and sits there and against the will compete as is in an ad that has fostered a kid that’s also pick a thinker and the denies that an edict toward his was extremely poorly and we don’t know if in the first team would like to think these are the plan Sunday bassinet as you transfer way to happen politically neutral cells old I think potentially back and beyond massive payoff is opposed to the rear of the world is preseason to defend the over one thing is a pretty solid team is just one person with religious go with Henderson and a 4. and a million goalkeepers are set to get Ross and two maintains a -half days of the doesn’t regard and say it is between this New Bell said was transferred to 10, four estate deal and Henderson to open an American upgrade back and check and some are just secured an artist and work are some very good from terry to plan a lot of martial in your chair which one of the installed a dud even then place a bulletin for the Celts to go with the ANC in local papers yet another 15 goalkeepers and the women she had all been playing for the season’s first is the case of which one president of the experience and benefits is never the youngster that begins in the forget his name because the team and the Dr. thinks of the ace of the band in today’s news encompassing he is a halt as a good idea is mute either one of which 4.5 Ritchie perform an opossum and earn from your current year year calls me every day and is unstoppable season in 9:00 each of the color 50 players accepted a week’s events that led up to the bench. Times earnings from nine thank you very much in chestnuts that the court to tent as lava and that the dns finance idea of a smart aleck to meet growing roster of our arsenal EIEI error in the morning really really starting to change can sound and Marlene intelligence and defense team and we’re reading a book or IE at 2340 on a story ran for more rain or any other market share, and that S and a workout Thursday was ready, and later assets are in our e-mail at heart of an some basically Y and try to do I really windy afternoon rain and I am a single rate was Aaron spelling and fouled out of the raids elana teams and the new entitlement, at which a job at it as plain as there are basically renders him there to head the SOR of the restaurant and I had tells a tale without having to change wasn’t a: tenure, and lack of an ad celeriac and crime are very confident that was a little better teamwork and a criteria are met with the net on the trail designated as visiting it your brain cell , rainier rest of the team averaging 19 50 and that just your force and all predictions are you seeing dead of an answer to both destroying Everest that isn’t the at what are the plans for the center daylight and armed robbery and a consultant at once , and may have been around too much of the answer the questions that came off for that a man is needed by the teams will get some good stuff are updated stop and an NFL one request and I think Thierry ranged anywhere, but are an print head of the day I then there’s the central, I don’t know of in or the idea own ID get your best buys it seems a useful if I get an autistic formations, yachting area for David be someone there are long-a eighth on a vote today on our recent history, 11 of my players on ivory city audit on Zaire seven yet always a struggle for the defective that young, as you really thinking of doing it because, soon as soon as the north, says the defenders in a month, another defender of the xylene to sell off in a world of online money, just one of his team nothing I can you afford this 433 with a frontline and those are valid and that I just can’t demand around is to split off the list dominated by the mighty Mario, and the Middle East change of thinking and recall that the team she and on-the triple CR to the vision to go through that and I really do have that payoffs yet basin research Ya think not a good idea, the day down about it some e-mail a lot has overseen a cassette on a thing of the made in a bar on and so we know he’s got good history I believe against knowledge in a few games EST a member , making the one outings and tirades 54 on IC school until a single Tennessee sell on the tape and 88 does really well and scored a few young enough that would be on one of the fat from the nose and unleash a triple And often sun and again this is the dissidents are gonna be called a script yet bought three of freon cauldron on SunOS think Alice E young yet unlike chances against Mancini, seeking school , one think it’s time he could online because of his enough grows I think on than the manager of the new fall. States of the year and openness in Bosnia played like a meteorite outside Austin lee will school bus was stopped on Bronson owl on on a school with the nearest a glossy Mages committees on the Maryland all space on MoneyLine be back as well call state austerity stalls and ages bassam and ¥does well is near them is just as I think we’ll sums of Norwich in the 54 victories the fact that they intend to go: the systems it’s up to two and one that got two goals and an assist your have all young entrees on Solaris the line recalled and on his combative radon testing on a multi multi is are out there in the one line is two on takeout from EL uncommon about me and on and then take owl will take at Wilson on and downgrade said at the All-Star but whoever the point where the duties: some negatives teams are just think the action add any more fancy food was read that if it isn’t as sentiment is all I’ve done is to start the year as a CEE minutes even if you think not steering and it’s e-mail treaty can still do while yards and 13 weeks out that all about not on you know a thing of 15 to 13 oh oh just the opposite writing this book guitarist lot of his year chairs I saw that just a quick, quick and education are virtually game record views and then if you are enjoying this are getting the preview to simply hit that life and helps them to show that you’re supporting the shows a thank you very much finished a couple more corners Jason and an bid that that the student is on its best since Littleton this slowly walked into us that if a fifth- at clocks and yet when I was like this the first year after. 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9 thoughts on “GW1 Preview and Predictions w/Steve-O and Jason #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

  1. Nothing is more boring than listen predictions when everyone says same results..little bit imagination maybe ?

  2. Lads, I noticed you both don’t have double Liverpool defence. I kinda agree with your decisions, but do you not think Liverpool could get a clean sheet and possibly Trent Robbo and VVD get big points in that game?

  3. Steve o get digene, Perez in ur team ,change wan bissaka to a 4.5 maybe Taylor ,that way u get to keep de bryune

  4. Stevo dont freak out looking over the neighbors fence lol personally I prefer your team but theres not much in it man. I think wait on Perez hes averaged 7 or so goals a season for Newcastle and one them seasons was in championship and he gets very few assists. Remember he had his best season playing off rondon who is a big strong target man pretty much the opposite of vardy.

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