Guardiola’s Football Philosophy | Man City Premier League Champions


The only way I know is knowing when you are
resting, they are preparing better to beat us so we have to prepare even more. And training more and play better is the only
way I know to keep the level. You train not for 11 players, you train for
all the squad. The idea is fundamental. The idea is so important. You have to give passes and passes, an extra
pass, an extra pass. Extra pass helps us always to be together. We run to regain the ball, not run to run.
So no pressing just to press. Always we believe if we regain the ball high
we are close to scoring a goal. Without the ball everyone runs. With the ball, we try to play. We let them run, to try in the right moment
to attack… Taking the decision in the right moment. That is the most difficult thing in football. What I want is don’t lose the ball. Play simple. Do the simple things, the simple. The rest… Is because we are good.

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