(Greek) Giannoulis Larentzakis on Champions League and FIBA’s World Cup windows


Your route is parallel to AEK’s the last two years, that the team managed to get two titles including the BCL one. There was a situation with the QF, that a lot of star names couldn’t compete so some other young guys joined including you, one of the most key players. Do you feel like you’ve grown as a player through these? Sure it played an important role and all of the guys helped. These windows proved that Greece is still on a high level at the sport. And we’re happy that we helped the Greek NT reach the FIBA World Cup. How about the BCL? They helped me gain experience and I’m very lucky that it happened at that certain time. At 25, which position do you think fits you best? And also, which do you think are your flaws? One flaw is that I have to become more athletic I work on this everyday You are a scorer that’s not afraid to take shots. And even if you don’t succeed, you keep trying. Do you think that you could become more of a combo guard? I think I can score, I can connect with the rim. Coach Banchi has helped me a lot with that this season. He has helped me both with creating and decision making. This also comes along the way, though the years of playing I work in order to achieve that. It’s hard but it takes lots of patience and work. The team’s chemistry is getting better as time passes So our goal is to reach the Final Four. From that point on, these are two games, that, just like last year during which everything can happen.

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