Greece v New Zealand FIBA Basketball match World Cup 2019

Greece v New Zealand FIBA Basketball match  World Cup 2019

absolute power trample skeebo pretty was
core to the other at the end one much to the delight of the New Zealand bench
people you know treated to such a treat on that end and they come down here and
straightaway their concentration has it’s gonna be frustrating for Brazil
they get know though to look they need to make them count
drive to the basket is early thank you to again Lanie what the ball
gets it over to Webster this is tie Webster now
oh nice fine in the corner there Russ patch he’s calling for two and three
from the corner punky for us match wonderful that’s another rebound though
ten seconds on the shot clock reset Webster pick throw down by the big man number 35 10 seconds on the shot clock
thanks sadducees fast break opportunity here
exactly a small city by any stretch of the imagination
no but there’s Johnny snow is getting to steal those behind the back going all
the way through the breakaway thumb he made it very
clear he came out sent straight out that he would swap his NBA MVP award and that
was the nicest with the rebound here’s collapses oh just what a way to
change speed substitutions coming back into the game up a whooping it broke
down that was pretty follows it beautifully huge rejection by Atif
no battling for it was duplicate under the basket finally gets
krump oh absolutely was no way going to get posted well there is no chance but
he was going to end up on a bunch of each person that’s for sure one powerful
way as well big head meeting at the ring their quarry Webster who now has the
ball nice find inside to tie right away they found the basket New Zealand needs
a same caboose of it she spent way too much time away from the basket
yesterday’s game Webster from deep sit down picking it up right where you left
off yesterday in that first quarter that was an easy call for the referee as well
it so that’s me the shot that gets it going as the oppressed is back on
different the formation here and a steal here comes Webster he’s gonna kick it
for three Cory websley honest doesn’t know where to go with it right away
though gets it to slokas six seconds on the shot clock
three-pointer print Estes nothing but net Darko Spring Texas plan that didn’t
get to touch the pool you can see on the left-hand side of the screen he wasn’t
involved at all in sight because he kicked Calathes
two seconds no good Yanis up and chips a big rebound just a strong powers back up
and a coach hi I’m coping don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup
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