Man, so this has been a long journey
for you guys. I’m excited to be back with you guys.
Athens, Munich and Madrid. You guys have a long journey but here we are,
you know, at the end of the stop. And I’m excited to get to this with you guys, man.
The last game, and I want to get it done. I don’t know, we took an L back there,
but I want to get it done. And here we are, in Vitoria, Spain,
for the final step across the European game. Our last game together
against a team of high-rank 3×3 players. This is the big test we’ve been building up to.
This is the final boss, that last level. And all of this is happening
at the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four. The biggest and most important moment
in European basketball. I’ve seen in previous games you guys still need
to improve spacing, which is crucial in 3×3. If we’re doing 3×3,
obviously we need spacing, right? We have some situations
where we can score easier. We want to create as many opportunities
as we can to score easier… because we’re smaller, as you guys know. We need to make sure
that we can get a few easy baskets, alright? Here’s the main thing, though. When you guys go,
do not get under somebody’s foot. So it’s really important
that you get to that spot. The spacing is what we talked about
after a little set that we worked on. Especially if he says ‘screens’,
you will be wide open on a 3×3. You shouldn’t get stopped in 3×3. It was very nice training with Devin
for the last time before our game tomorrow. This is my third Final Four. I’ve been to Istanbul in 2017, Belgrade in 2018.
It’s a special event. The games are tough, the defense is hard
and that’s when the best players show up. And then there’s the fans.
They make this unique. Now let’s head to Fernando Buesa Arena
to play some ball on the main court. And we had a guest-trainer as well. Ricky Rubio won the EuroLeague of Barcelona
in 2010 before heading to the NBA. He’s a master in pick and roll, so pay close
attention so you can use it in the final game. You’re one of the best in the world
with pick and roll and we play 3×3… so we use a lot of pick and rolls.
-It’s not about… In the pick and roll it’s the same, it’s not
about the finish, it’s about how it started. Pick and rolls start before playing pick and roll.
So you’ve got to set up your man. So I’m setting you up to get the screen
at the right time and the right place… with no room for you. And that’s pick and roll:
Pick and roll is to create the advantage. To just play 2-on-1. So usually, if I set you up,
I already have the space and you just 2-on-1… You’re already behind. You will come eventually,
so the rip has got to be quick. The first thing you’re going to do, is stop me,
so the pass is open. But you’ve got to pass
to create another advantage. So if I pass it right away, he can come back
right away. That’s not an advantage, right? The advantage is created
right before playing screen. Before taking the screen,
you’ve got to set him up… so you can create the advantage
before the screen comes. If you start the roll before contacting him,
it’s a roll. There’s no illegal screen. If you start the contact before rolling,
then it’s a legal screen. There are a lot of rules that are this close
to be legal or illegal. You know what I mean? And the referee has like 0.2 seconds to decide. It’s about reading and knowing
where your sweet spot is at…. and get connected with it,
really important. Rudy got mad at me a lot in the beginning, I got
mad at him because he wasn’t in the right spot. So it’s something that you’ve got to be at
the same time. That’s how you create chemistry. So you’ve got to know the strength
of who you’re playing against. If you play Steph Curry, there’s no way
you’re going under. Not even half-court. One thing is for sure: making him think what
you’re going to do. You know what I mean? Like if you’re going under all the time,
he’s gonna… He plays in the NBA. He’s going to make it three. Mastering the pick and roll is one of the best
things you can do to play at the highest level. It didn’t go well.
We lost because we didn’t do our best, I think. They were moving so fast,
we weren’t adjusted to it. It was fantastic. It was a nice game,
attractive with some players with quality. In this space I think it was perfect. They need to move a little more
without the ball. It’s been a great journey so far and an amazing
experience. I get to see a lot of places. Being part of the Final Four and seeing
all the chaos and everything that is going on… and all the work behind it,
it was really nice. So this whole experience of me being here
and meeting the guys and having fun with them… travelling around and playing basketball,
it’s been cool coaching them up. CSKA Moscow are the 2019
EuroLeague Champions.

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