GoPro: Jon Gruden’s Football Field Guide – The GoPro App (Ep 3)

GoPro: Jon Gruden’s Football Field Guide – The GoPro App (Ep 3)

Let’s break the huddle like county champions,
we’re going to the state. Oh I like this, I like this! Drive, drive, drive! I love that right there. Reach for the ball, reach for it. Good job! That’s pretty good right there, that’s pretty
good. In part three of the Gruden Field Guide, we’re
going to illustrate how a coach can use the GoPro App to control the camera, how to review
footage immediately to get feedback to his players, and how to share content with players,
coaches, or whoever he wants. You get two hours of footage, you’re concerned
about, man, two hours of footage, but I only want portions of it to share and send. That’s
easy to do on this app because you can start and you go right through team run. And you can stop and you don’t have to accumulate
two and a half hours of footage. And you can HiLight Tag some of the key video elements
that you want to get to right away and send out immediately. The second thing I like is
the view and the playback aspect of it. Hey coach, coach! Can I see that iPad? Thanks
man, appreciate it. Hey, look at this right here. You can give them immediate feedback right
after the play happened by just pulling up the footage off the app. When they’re using
big weights, you can grab them right away and give them some initial feedback because
they’re seeing themself in real time do what they just did. This is amazing that you can film something
like an installation of a play, and then share it with whoever you want to share it with.
I mean, coaches to coaches, coaches to quarterbacks, friends to friends, you name it. As long as
I don’t share and stream my video to the opponent, I’m in good shape. Any coaches can benefit from this, and you’ll
be stunned how easy this is, because I’m just like you. I’m thinking this is very sophisticated,
complex, too hard for me! I can use it, you can use it. Just give it a shot. It will help
you and it will help your players, and everybody will love it. When I was one of fifty most beautiful people
in the world, in 1999, I could have had this thing up, filmed myself from three different
angles. With the 3-Way self pod trifle stick.

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