GoPro: Jon Gruden’s Football Field Guide – Overhead Angle (Ep 2)

GoPro: Jon Gruden’s Football Field Guide – Overhead Angle (Ep 2)

Let’s break the huddle like county champions,
we’re going to the state. Oh I like this, I like this! Drive, drive, drive! I love that right there. Reach for the ball, reach for it. Good job! That’s pretty good right there, that’s pretty
good. In part two of the Gruden Field Guide, we’re
going to show you how an elevated camera can help players and coaches further study the
game. It’s surprisingly easy and versatile. In the past, to get these kind of views, you
had to hire a staff, you had to have scaffolding. All you need to do is stick this on top of
a pole, and you can film practice, just like you have an entire video department working
for you. All you do is you stand up, you walk over here, and you hold the pole over there,
you walk over here and you hold the pole over there. What a great visual this is, to see
who wants to get off the ball on time. You’ve got to beat him to the punch. Snap count’s
a weapon. The player’s got to understand them. If I’m an offensive line coach, right away
I say number 75 you’re late off the ball, you’ve got to get off on time or you’re going
to get beat to the punch. What about using this overhead angle, filming an Oklahoma drill.
You can film the enthusiasm in your team, you can film the execution of the block. Sometimes
the best execution and most exciting plays that you see are on the practice field. So
if I have an excellent pass rusher, I might clip out his two or three best rushes everyday
on the practice field, and make a recruiting profile tape to send to these recruiters that
come in town. It’s a powerful recruiting tool. The man holding the stick with the camera
on top, he simply walks from right to left, and now you’re filming the same drill from
behind the quarterback. My favorite application of the GoPro is the overhead angle, because
to have film from a different point of view, man, it’s a great tool to learn. I would tell 76 and 58, get your teeth out
of my sled. Shoot your hands not your jaws.

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  1. I have a pole that will telescope to 18 ft. It's great to get up really high with or to go down deep in the water with.

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