Goalkeeper Training: Absorb a Soccer Ball on the Ground

Goalkeeper Training: Absorb a Soccer Ball on the Ground

Hello, this is Stefano from Best Soccer Tricks dot com. Today, we will be showing you how to absorb the ball as a
goalkeeper using your hands, extending your body full reach. Let’s say you’re on
the ground it could be a very good example and you want to just catch that
ball and let’s say there is a rebound and you don’t have the time to get up,
you’ll know how to cover more angle or opposite sides, like this. Alright, [Goalkeeper doing a soccer drill.] So as you’re working this… As you can tell, it works your core. Goalkeepers, absolutely
need that strong core. [Goalkeeper training.] Get that full stretch. As you see, my arms are fully extended. This way I was actually able to catch that ball. Because, if you keep
them bent that ball is going in and once again you see that triangle within my
fingers. [Goalkeeper soccer training drill.] And even if the ball does not get
extended, you want to make sure and practice to extend it. [Goalkeeper soccer training drill.] So as you saw, I
caught it here, but I extended it there. Because in a game-time situation more of
the time, it will not be coming down here. You’ll have to extend your arm and
get that full reach out of it. [Goalkeeper soccer training drill.] I hope you enjoyed that video on how to
absorb the soccer ball as a goalkeeper. You could also use it a lot in warm-ups.
Before a game, it’s going to practice your full stretch as shown before. And you
want to keep on practicing that full stretch as I mentioned. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe and hit the “Like” button. [Best Soccer Tricks]

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