Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : How to Punt a Soccer Ball

Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : How to Punt a Soccer Ball

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from the United Soccer
Academy. We are here today with Expert Village. We are taking a look at some soccer techniques.
We are going to focus on how the goalkeeper punts the soccer ball. This normally happens
after the goal keeper has made a save and wants to get the ball up the field to attack
and go to all position goal. This is how we break down the technique. The goal keeper
has made a save, we then want to try and punt out. It is important to get the power cause
we need to make the distance. To do that the arm has to extend with the ball, and we want
to try and let the ball roll off of the our finger tips so we can step through with power,
striking the ball with our laces. Let’s show that. The ball comes in, make the save, take
a couple of steps and then punt, and that is how a goal keeper deals with a punt to
clear the ball to clear the ball out of his or her box.

85 thoughts on “Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : How to Punt a Soccer Ball

  1. yo buddy wrong hand stupid ass. I've been playing Rep goalie since i was 4 nd ur a fucking idiot…FUCK YOU EXPERT VILLAGE ur stupid nd learn the sport before you post it on youtube

  2. this is redicoulus please stop this video!!

    I like the backround though better than where i practice on a dirt field ((with some grass)) down here in southern arizona !!

  3. ya dont want to punt is after a save !!! you want to drop kick it, punt is for height drop kick is for range and hight

  4. He's a Scottie living in the US – I can tell I have lived in North America for 20 years. Lots of Brits involved in footy.

  5. I've never even seen a goalkeeper kick the ball down the field like this guy does, normally goalkeepers use drop kicks.

  6. in my country(usa) we call is soccer because we have a sport called football and its way different, i do not know y its called soccer but it is and we cant change it so u can shut up because we dont know who called it soccer first all we know is thats wat it is called now

  7. well countries dont call football(soccer) becouse of the word *foot*, in most countries that play soccer the word for your feet is not foot or fut as many countries put in front of ball. As for the NFL being called football, there is just a lack of creativity in the u.s., or at least back in the early 1900's when the game was made

  8. Unbelievable: You never drop the ball with the right hand and kick with the right foot!!!!!

    Drop the ball with your left hand when kicking with the right foot and the reverse if you are left footed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @keepercoach Unbelievable: there are MANY DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES that work. You just have to find what works best for you. Some goalkeepers use both arms, some use left to right, others right to right, etc. They all work, just some work better for different people

  10. Sorry, strongly disagree. You are teaching an incorrect technique.
    Never never drop the ball with your right hand and kick with your right foot, name one professional keeper that punts a ball the way your doing the demo.

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  12. omg this instruction is so useless i mean im starting to become a goalkeeper and this doesnt help me much i learnd erverything on my own

  13. @coolstar107 haha this is so true…i live in america but i am confused by tht…nfl shouldnt be called football

  14. @ajleague – I'm a goalkeeper and have been playing in the UK for many years. Your suggestion about kicking (punting) the ball from right hand to left leg is totally incorrect. This video displays the correct method of kicking the ball. I'd suggest you watch a professional goalkeeper in the English Premiership or any European league to view how to kick the ball from your hands. Cheers

  15. @coolstar107 Americans call it football because that's what it's called in America…… They can't change the name of the sport. What else are they supposed to call it? BTW I'm not American

  16. @Goggez Your argument was quite sound until you added the insult tut tut. Firstly, you raised a fair point regarding Reina, who is top class. Well done! However, I would say that your style of kicking is not the norm, whereas right hand/right foot or left hand/left is the more orthodox style. At the end of the day one should always go with with the style that provides the best results. So, you play in the mighty Swedish league. Division 5 is still better than that haha

  17. u can punt different ways don;t listent to this guy. as long as u don't drop the ball from a high distance but keep it close to ur feet so u can help acuracy

  18. @coolstar107 Back then people who didnt like the no hand rule in soccer broke off and started playing rugby. They called it rugby football. the states started playing a similiar version of rugby and back then there was no such thing as a forward pass in american "football" so they had to rely more on footwork and kicks like the drop kick therefore coming up with football

  19. the proper way to punt the ball is to use left hand to right foot,or right to left,that is the proper way unless you are a GK from the 30s.this is the way you should be doing it . 95% of the GK in the world do it this way.One of the reason is that is more accurate when you are looking for a player on a break,just remember you are not punting to the air you looking for a player,

  20. he didnt really quite clarify exactly how you punt he just said roll it off your arm and kick, so i still dont know how to punt.

  21. @coolstar107

    It's called football because you play on your feet not on horseback. So it really has nothing to do with that. Thanks though for not knowing your own sports history.

  22. Okee one question…
    What kinda bullshit academy is this!
    They teach you stuff that you'll never would do on a real soccerfield.
    And why?
    Cause this is just wrong

  23. @coolstar107 no, us americans are just special. Were also the only ones that don't use the metric system! woohoo!

  24. Americans call it football because It evolved from what you call football. I agree, the name is confusing to those who do not live here, but different cultures play games different ways. If you play american football, would you call it soccer?

  25. @coolstar107 Becuase american football originated from soccer so the americans just gave it the name FOOTBALL from where it originated….

  26. ok ive watched 2 videos of punting the ball and in the other one it says to hold the ball with ur left if u kick right and with ur right if u kick left. which one is it!?

  27. Ok for all those complaining American football should have its name changed, WHY IN THE HELL DO YOU EVEN CARE? ITS JUST A FREAKING GAME!

  28. What's that guys accent? It sounds Scottish then American – bad techr's throughout. What the vids because there so bad!

  29. I heard his American voice and instantly came to a conclusion that this would be unhelpful. They know very little about football, it isn't SOCCER!

  30. When association football was introduced to North America, gridiron football (the type played by the NFL and in the Super Bowl) was already well established. To avoid confusion, Americans adopted the British nickname "soccer" for the new sport.

  31. This is very wrong, please do not teach your GKs this technique. It's harder to get out of a bad technique especially if taught at a young age.
    Source: I am a licensed goalkeeper coach.

  32. This is not how a keeper should punt the ball. There are so many errors in everything he did from the catch to the release to the punt. Oh boy

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