Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : How to Do a Long Barrier Save in Soccer

Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : How to Do a Long Barrier Save in Soccer

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from the United Soccer
Academy. We are here today with Expert Village. We are taking a look at some soccer techniques.
We are going to focus on some goalkeeping. Right now we are going look at how a goalkeeper
deals with shots coming in from the ground. This is a low shot, and it is what we call
a long barrier save. Our hand positioning is as follows. We want to try as the ball
comes in on the ground to have our hands down, with the pinkie fingers almost touching to
cup around the ball and take the ball away from any oncoming pressure. So again our hands
are down ready, our fingers are not quite touching, our hands are cupped, and as the
ball comes in, you collect the ball, and we turn our shoulder in incase there is any on
coming pressure. Let’s show that with our goalkeeper. And again. So just a repeat we are looking at the goalkeeper
making a save as a low shot comes in. She has her knee and her leg turned in sideways;
that creates a extra barrier. If she is unable to scoop the ball up using her hands, then
we have a barrier that protects the goal keeper and also blocks the shot incase her hands
fail her. That is called a long barrier save.

100 thoughts on “Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : How to Do a Long Barrier Save in Soccer

  1. @Sk8boardVienna INdeed!!! or it will slip and you earn urself an own goal. Btw ur right shreyank, only worth watching was the keeper 🙂 and i bet you if he had kick harder the ball waould definitely slip off the girl;s hand

  2. if someone would really pass the ball that slowly directly toward the gk, you would't even need to get out of bed

  3. @muharem07 it wont man the gloves have enough grip btw by grip i men its a material the dosnt let anything made with plastic go

  4. @djflipso dude even if the gloves have the most amazing grip in the world it can still slip out of your hands if someone hits u after the save or something

  5. No, you get down, get your body behind it, and smuther the ball if you have oncoming players… Do not ever turn towards goal in a swinging motion while under pressure, that is a blooper waiting to happen!

  6. nope nope you worng thats only when the opponent attacks the ball..regular catch is bringing it to your chest….thats the save way…=) just sayin

  7. you don't put your knee on the ground because you have no chance if the ball hits a rock or ditch or something. chances are if you're playing on perfectly groomed fields you're playing in the professional leagues and not wasting your time on this garbage.

  8. Everyone remebers Robert Green's ( Englands GoalKeeper) On The World Cup, he must have heard something like this which must have lead to such a mistake. I'm A keeper and i know pulling the ball back is the last thing i'd want to do but… the pinkie idea is a bit helpful i guess.

  9. a goalie should goalie from his heart not from instructions u do as u feel bcoz if u put 100% of urself into the match and you play with ur heart that will win u the games

  10. you should never do that… IT CAN SLIP DANG IT! If you want to pick up the ball and there are people near you attacking the ball, dive side ways against the ball like they do in some FIFA games… and then just cup the ball in your chest until the attackers are safe away…in other words if there not close at all.. just pick it up…

  11. never Ever turn like that. Ideally goalies should never have twisting motions in any situation. ALWAYS keep square to the ball. If opponent player was running in, collapse with the ball tucked in. Never fall back. Keep the shoulder charge for the rugby game…

  12. @biagiojoe oh, I may aswell just sign up for Real Madrid and take Casillas's place then, I mean, I dont need any training as long as I put my heart into it, right?

  13. there is no need to turn away anyway because once the ball is in the goalie's hands the players are not allowed to kick it out of your hands 😛

  14. again .. throw the ball harder .. dude the video is useless unless u show the technique being used in a real football situation .. i.e if she stops a kick and not a baby throw… the trainer throws like a lil gal

  15. @12alexdavis34 u cant take trainin from a video. u always need trainin yh but ur style of golie is your style dont copy noone golkeepin. comes from the heart its what u feel in the moment of the save thats what u do.

  16. El giro que hace con el tronco cuando toma el balon 0:40 me parece inapropiado. Creo yo que con haciendo ese movimiento es mas facil que se te escape el balon y se vaya adentro del arco. Es solo lo que yo pienso, no estoy juzgando nada.
    Yo tomo el balon y trato de ir hacia adelante, para asegurar la pelota contra el suelo y el pecho. Tal vez esta sea otra tecnica, no lo se.!! Saludos!!

  17. NEVER turn your body toward the goal when about to experience contact! NEVER. This is the kind of wrong training that no one should follow.

  18. this is very stupid :SS worst video
    if you are using this technique you cant save anything xD it will just break your hand xD ://

  19. This is the worstless video about goalkeeping ever!
    I mean bending away with facing you're own goal is the dumbest thing you could do.
    If you have someone who will go further and attacks you and makes even a little push what is legal then you're ball will fall into you're own goal.
    Or if you don't have the ball correctly inside of you hands and will bounce away any moment.
    Then you only have to turn and it will slip outof you're hands.

  20. Being a goalkeeper myself i must say this tip couldn't be more wrong.You never turn turn your body to protect the ball.that is the last thing you doing considering you can make a mistake and let the ball roll in.

    What u should do is crouch over the ball with your back in the air covering the ball from all sides. Expert village is telling you a bunch of shit

  21. NEVER TURN YOUR SHOULDER IN!!!!!!! omg sort it out!, you could spill it then boom goal, never listen to americans when it comes to football.

  22. i think US doesnt know a bad goalkeeper besides green
    ps green did a mistake that doesnt mean he sucks

  23. ClanWFz you are right you never put your knee on the floor 😉 I learnt that from Chelsea Acadamy !

  24. This guy has no clue about goalkeeping. If you turn your body back towards the net like that, your most likely to either drop the ball behind you into the net or your balance is not forward making you likely to fall backwards.

  25. This guy should learn, a good goalie, is an agressive goalie who isnt afraid to put a shoulder or elbow into the gut of a forward. Attrition is the true way of winning. Make the forwards fear you (if they havent been taken out of the game already cause you've clobbered them). If you're a goalie who can make forwards fear you and make them afraid to get near you with the ball, you've already won half the battle.

  26. if the attacker runs over the goalkeeper, and the goalkeeper takes the ball back, then the gk dont have any chanse to protect the ball and the ball will glip out off his hands and GOAL!!!!!!!!! for the oposite team,

  27. wtf never bend away in the direction of your goal always keep the ball in front of you and i dont no but that ball was coming so slow is that how hard they shoot in the usa

  28. the correct thing to do is cup the ball then throw your body onto he ball and land on the ground so nobody can take it from you

  29. My coach says to get the ball and take the kick to the head/face etc. Then run to the 18 and punt much better than turning if u ask me

  30. We NEVER should turn to our goal while holding the ball…any wrong move and we'll score in our own goal!! The right thing to do is all what he said Except the last part (trnng twrds the goal)

  31. besides if any attacker comes towards us he won't be able to do a thing…except move away or get a red card for kicking the goal keeper…

  32. what are u trying to do let the ball slip out ur hand into the the goal ! or stop it with your pofter shoulder pads americans where

  33. they present it badly and I agree with you. In a desperate attempt to make sense of it … maybe that makes sense if a striker is running on you and after you have secured the ball. But as a general rule it is rubbish … you'll just do the Rob Green sooner or later.

  34. "note everyone is a shitty goalie" because they learned how to do it right and not as shown in the video. Go look up a video of professional goalkeepers … you'll never see one do it (unless its world cup England vs US)

  35. I'm not saying that this was a bad tutorial, but you shouldn't always put your knees on the ground because of bumps anywhere on the field, and the ball will get away form you. If you are standing, kneeling, or in a sort of frog stance; if the ball does bounce away you can easily get to it.

  36. Maybe this technique is wrong. But it's useful for a male goalkeeper. It avoids the ball from hurting the balls.

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