Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : Catching a High Ball: Soccer Goalie Tips

Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : Catching a High Ball: Soccer Goalie Tips

Hi! I’m Mark Wilson from United Soccer Academy.
We are here today with Expert Village. We are looking at some soccer techniques, and
now we are going to take a look at some goalkeeping. First of all we are going to have a look how
the goalkeeper takes a shot that is high. To show the basic handling technique taking
the high shoot, we want to have our hands like so; our thumbs are always close together.
You can see that it is almost in a W shape, with our index finger positioned as follows.
If we are taking the ball high, and we can see that our hands have to be slightly over
the top of the ball with our elbows outward so we can absorb the shot. Let’s show that
with our goalkeeper receiving a high shot. Okay you have your hands out; you want them
to be close a little bit more. One more. Do one more. And that is how as a goalkeeper
you deal with taking shots that are coming in around head height.

100 thoughts on “Goal Keeping Tips & Moves in Soccer : Catching a High Ball: Soccer Goalie Tips

  1. I am yet to see a goalkeeping instruction on here that is of any real use. His explanation is fine, but the best way to learn is to watch the pros and go out and mimic them.

  2. I think she has her cell phone attached to those shorts.

    I don't think his coaching is working because she doesn't have a clue.

  3. yeah i bought a pair of reusch for 30 euro and i am using them for about 1,5 month or about 25 training sessions and they are like new…i wash them every time i use them,so they have a pretty good grip…i have adidas response gloves but my next pair for matches will be a good pair of reusch…

  4. I am a keeper and i have a game in about an hour. What i would do is to jump up with your knee up and then catch them ball in your hands and bring it down to your chest

  5. you dont know what your talking about, if you have to make a finger tip reaction save from six yards out, you could easily hyper-extend and end your season. Good technique or not.

  6. if you wash them, the grip will be better? i mean i'm starting with this goalkeeping thing so i don't know much about it

  7. Should i try out for goalie if i have never played a team sport? I mean i wanna try out for my middle skool soccer team and Im unsure.. I mean im chubby but not fat and quite athletic if i might say so myself. Yes I hate running like everybody else… But I just love the feelin of flying through the air and catching the ball. Please help me? Some basic beginner tips would really help.

  8. funny…i never get shots drifting into my hands that easy…if hes going to teach us he could at least apply it to an actual situation

  9. The only difference is ,, In real Soccer/Football … The Striker kick the ball and dnt just chunk it over to u so its much harder to catch .. they shud have had made her stop sum free kicks …

  10. @cech1444 Im a goalkepper to and i would do the exact same as you writed, this video really sucks and all village tutorial video sucks if you want to be a great goalkepper you should learn the basics from your trainer, watch much fotball and train much.

  11. im a keeper and i yell keeper! so everyone knows im going for it and i raise my knee to get through the crowd of players. you want to catch the ball at the highest point you can jump. to do this u must jump with very good timing.

  12. @Thewildfire120 I see where you're coming from, however it;s a tutorial on HIGH S H O T S, not receiving the ball in the air.

  13. I had to replay the video 7 times, because the first 6 times i didn't metioned that the video was about football.

  14. you're supposed to jump up with one knee up to defend from any attackers, not let the ball come to you。。。

  15. catch the ball at its highest point and the leg is up depending what side your on to fend off attackers. then again its just catching not an in game situation…good vid

  16. I dont wanna make a bad comment, but after you cought the 'high' shot you always have to pull the ball to your body to have more control

  17. not being funny but anyone could catch them. in a real game the oppositionj is going to kick the ball that high and that weak…

  18. I'm guessing some commentors are not goalkeepers…perverts…GET A LIFE…Football is for everybody…and I'm guessing she would kick most of your asses…judging on her skills

  19. Seriously people this is for football players not pervs…GO GET A LIFE and theres one word youve never heard of R E S P E C T…

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