Girl Beats Boys At Football! – Bino and Fino Ep 13

Girl Beats Boys At Football! – Bino and Fino Ep 13

You know what, Emeka; I can’t wait to start
playing ball in the football club! Me too! Now everyone will know what a super football
player I am! When miss zainab asks us what club we want
to join, I’ll be the first to write down my name – B – I – N – O I’m going to join the football club too! I’m the best player in the world! Football isn’t for girls! What do you mean, ‘football isn’t for girls’?? I can play football and I’m a girl. Girls’ legs are too tiny to play football,
hahahaha! Don’t be silly, Emeka! I’m a good football player. Hi children, today is club launching day! Yayyyy! I know! It’s exciting isn’t it? Here are the clubs that you can join. Dance club, Art club, Football club and Runners’ club. Think about which club you’d really like to
join, then write your name on the club list. Hey, fino! Won’t you come and join the dance club? It’ll be fun! uh…ok…just a second. Fino, do you want to join the football club? Uhm…no, miss Zainab. I’m going to join the dance club? Mama-mama! Papa-papa! Hello, Bino and fino!” My pets, how was school today? Oh, school was great! Guess what? I joined the football club today! Oh, that’s wonderful, Bino! Mummy, practice is starting tomorrow, so i
have to go and buy my football kit today! My teacher gave me this list – look. What about you, Fino? Did you join any club? Fino wanted to join football club too! Well, that’s fantastic, my dear girl. Well…I didn’t really want to join. Besides, football is for boys…Isn’t it? Oh no, fino dear, football is for everybody;
there are many talented girl football players. Really, Papa papa? Oh yes! In fact, Nigeria has a national female football
team called the super falcons; and they are…super! So, what club did you join after all? I joined the dance club; all my friends joined
it too. I’m going to have lots of fun learning new
dance-steps Hellooooo oooo. Oooooh my goodness! That is quite a kick you’ve got there! Hello Zeena! I’m so happy to see you! I’m happy to see you too, sunshine! And – ohhhhh- watching you kick that ball
makes me want to play football right now! You… You can play football, Zeena?! Oh no. I’m not into playing. But I loooooove to watch. It’s my favorite sport. I really like to play. Well why don’t you? I don’t know. A lot of people were saying that football
is for boys only. Fino, don’t let other people tell you what
girls can or can’t do. If you want to play football just go for it. Ah, Fino, I’ve been looking for you. What are you doing all alone in the yard? Uhm… Just getting some fresh air. She’s been playing ball! Well, yes – so what? We’re off to get Bino’s football kit; you
want to come, Fino? Oh, yes, sure, mum! Good. Let’s go, then! Thanks, mum! These are really cooool! I can’t wait to show everyone at school! You’re welcome, Bino. We’ve got football boots for girls . Really? Oh,yes. A lot of girls come by to buy football boots. Well, what do you say, fino? Do you want your very own soccer boots? I would, mummy, but no girl in my class plays
football! I’d be the only one. You might be wrong you know? Perhaps there are other girls -just like you,
fino -who would really like to play football, but think they’re all alone too. Do you really think so, mummy? Fino is really good at kicking the ball, mummy. She’s a better football player than
me. Oh, Bino, you mean that? Mmmhmm If you really like football, then don’t be
afraid to join the football club. Other girls might join just because of you. Yep! It’s me, a girl. I’m going to show you how to play football! Alright, everyone, let’s play ball!!! You…you play football , miss Zainab? Oh yes, fino. I’ve been playing football since i was a little
girl just like you. And now, I’m in charge of the football club! Let’s play ball!

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  1. Keep up the great work I show my son King this to show him comparisons and African language n culture to make him aware of his culture at all times. Ase

  2. I really love seeing this cartoon! I especially love the way you are encouraging girls to play sports and go after what they want! I will definitely be sharing Bino and Fino with all my friends! How else can we support this?

  3. This is such a wonderful idea!! Thank you so much for creating something of value that my children can relate to and be proud of!

  4. We need more! My 13mth and 2 yr old loves Bino and Fino, they are both half Nigerian. Me as an African born in America, I look to teach my kids using cultured learning tools. How can we get more shows?

  5. Hi,

    I am a new up and coming youtuber! Looking for support. I just subscribed to your channel. I would greatly appreciate if you subscribed back! I have fun kid activities and games!!


    By the way we love Bino and Fino!

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