Giant Koosh Ball in Liquid Nitrogen!

Giant Koosh Ball in Liquid Nitrogen!

Frostbite Theater presents… Cold Cuts! No baloney! Just science! Hi! I’m Joanna! And I’m Steve! A while ago, I was at the mall and I saw this. And, the first thing that popped into my head was ‘I wonder what would happen if we were to put this in liquid nitrogen?’ Now, that’s one thing I really love about science. If you have a question, you can, sometimes, do an experiment to find out what the answer is! Here at the Lab, we have a lot of liquid nitrogen, so that’s not a problem. And, this thing was half price. Half price! How can I resist? A nice thing about experiments is that you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to new situations. So, what can we predict will happen using what we already know? Well, first off, we can probably safely say that this thing’s going to float on the liquid nitrogen. And, since it’s filled with some sort of gas, we can probably predict that it’s going to shrink or collapse in on itself since we know from our earlier experiments with balloons that, when a gas gets cold, the particles slow down, causing the pressure to drop. We also know from other experiments that some things become brittle and break when they get cold, so maybe this thing will, too. Just because we think we know what’s going to happen doesn’t mean that is what’s going to happen. Theories are nice, but the proof is in the experiment. This thing could do something completely unexpected, or it could do nothing, which would be really disappointing. So, let’s do this! [Joanna] All right! [Steve] Okay? Ready? [Steve] It does float! [Joanna] Yep, it sure does. [Joanna] Oh! [Steve] Oh, no! [Joanna] Little pieces are breaking off! [Steve] Yeah, little bits have already broken off! [Steve] Tell you what, let’s ladle some on… [Steve] There we go… [Steve] It’s not collapsing. [Joanna] Wow, I’m surprised. [Steve] Well, maybe a little. [Joanna] Now it might start to. There we go! [Steve] Hee! Hee! Hee! [Joanna] Now it’s starting to really collapse. [Koosh Ball] Pop! [Joanna] Woo! [Joanna] Look at that! So, even though it did self-destruct, which was unexpected, we still need to drop the thing, right? [Joanna] Oh, yeah! So, let’s get rid of this. And I guess we’ll just dump it out of here. Sounds good! Three, two, one… [Koosh Ball] Shatter! Wow! Holy cow! Thanks for watching! I hope you’ll join us again soon for another experiment! Yeah, that was fun! Yeah, at least it was your thing that broke this time, not like my pewter cup! [Steve] I said I was sorry!

100 thoughts on “Giant Koosh Ball in Liquid Nitrogen!

  1. If Liqiod Nitrogen is so cheap and does no harm, why couldn't we just pour a huge amount of it over the arctic oean where once was ice and see what happens? xD

  2. Now I really want to buy a koosh ball,I loved them when I was a kid there was ones that had a face and had something shaped like a ballon stick so you can put your finger in that hole in the balloon stick things and wiggle the koosh ball,I went so much when I was a kid That I named them! Until they run out of air then,RIP my emotions

    EDIT:It was small not like the one in the video

  3. People get so upset over people just having fun. If it's 100,000 dollars so what it's not anyone else's business

  4. @Jeffersonlab was it the gas in the balloon that caused the result (breaking)? i dont understand why it did not deflate like your previous ballon experience.

  5. I'm pretty sure it's a Jel like substance in there which probably condensed and once the interior cooled, the whole thing failed. Not sure though

  6. OMG, I randomly saw this video and now I have serious nostalgia because I remember watching this when was like 7.

  7. JUST IMAGINE…. if someone made an army of people holding mechanical guns, THAT SHOOT NITROGEN. *they could freeze their enemies like mr freeze in batman! lol!

  8. I get the economic aspect, but doesn't pouring the nitrogen on the floor hurt the floor? We've seen what it does to everything else!

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