Germany v Canada FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

Germany v Canada FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

kevin pangos produce here in the dying
moments the bounce pass and floated up and in by welch Air Canada get a couple
of vital points on the board as the buzzer goes his head slip again goes for
the three absolutely no doubt about it when Brady has slip us a ball in his
hands from that kind of position to positive end to the game for Canada but
it is victory for Australia combined they’ve won the second and third
quarters by three this 4:30 Porter and they pick up right where they left off
and I get real high Schroeder and going all the way to the heavens to
stuff it down Daniel theis this it sets a bright path by screwed up
and he’s gonna go to the line for the end one who’s a lake goal
had they chances Dominican Republic swing out to execute and get where they
want to be on the offensive in Schroeder leaving the defense for dead
walkabout offensive in shrewder with a little euros difference for the space it
in size they shifted on it getting it out of him your bigges got to be on the
show up and down the other and that was earlier live up with the rejection response from Canada here Melvin Ejim to
Wiltshire he was on fire two days ago Tom made it once again Sam Bay drives in
he’s been effective there but it slapped away by can birch big rejection Melvin
Ejim steps back for the – it’s good excellent shooting from both sets of
players at the moment didn’t come off turned back over and then back to
Germany again gipset to theis throwing one high menace finally some joy the Luca
I thought the path was a full one I thought it was going into the stands but
climb up Cory Joseph and they closed the quarter
bank three plenty of time smiles all around their head coach thank
you thank you carry that over into five nice playing defense it’s gonna help reliever faced by the bluff going back up strong and you’ll Tice comes down with the
sledgehammer flies can get up and then the presence of mine
okay people I get open hi I’m cope don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup
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