Garland ISD: Sachse vs Hendrickson Playoff Football

Garland ISD: Sachse vs Hendrickson Playoff Football

good afternoon and welcome to Waco ISD
Stadium in Waco Texas for today’s regional semi final playoff game between
the hendrickson hawks and the saxy mustangs
hello everyone Steve Reese here joined by my partner Scott Powell and Scott I
tell you what for the sexy Mustangs unchartered territory they come in for
the first time ever in the third round so it’s gonna be you know some pressure
on them but for the Hendrickson Hawks let’s talk a little bit about them not
many people know about them they have never made it past the fourth round so
these are two teams hoping for a first state championship they did make the
playoffs every year from 2008 to 2016 but missed the playoffs last year they
go up to a two and three start this year so they had to be wondering if it was
gonna be back-to-back years but they’ve won every game since their opening
district loss and have looked pretty good doing it DJ Jackson by far their
best offensive player 1200 yards rushing Red Baron’s told me this week that he is
very fast and that is their biggest concern about their offense well I tell
you why Saxton coming off a big win against Rockwall will looking for a good
one tonight coming up after these messages our kickoff welcome back to Waco ISD Stadium as we
get set to get our game kicked off we have the hid rooks and hawks versus the
sexy Mustangs this is the regional city final round a look at coach red barons
and he has guided his team to two early wins here in the playoffs Steve you
can’t find a better day for football as the wind is light and if it blows it all
will be out of the south the flags are barely moving we’ve got a mostly
overcast sky and a wonderful temperature in the 70s you just couldn’t draw up a
better day for football gorgeous day and these I have it’s not gonna have this
sign to fight with it doesn’t appear as you mentioned the cloud cover it’s gonna
help out quite a bit i it is the north-south stadium don’t get me wrong
it’s not a jury world stadium where the Sun would be in your eyes at one end or
the other but anyway the other thing I was gonna say is I’m saying about days
like this I wish you could bottle these type of days and sell them at the
drugstore exhibit could make some money off of a day like this you definitely
could it’s in the mid 70s in December so some people don’t like that but during
the football season I’m sure the players love this and tonight it’ll be a perfect
night for football wherever their play there’ll be a bunch of games played
tonight as you see the captain’s meeting at midfield the Mustangs have won the
toss they are deferring to the second half by the way the winner this one will
get the winner of the night game over at Baylor just across the way between cop
Hill and I believe it’s Cedar Ridge yeah so that’ll be next week so you saw
the coin toss there and Hendrickson will receive first we’re getting ready for
some playoff football here we mentioned that earlier Hendrickson comes in with a
record of nine and three overall five of one in district play their two playoff
wins they won the by district round against Austin Bowie with a score or by
a score 44 21 and then last week B Klein in the area around 14 to 7 Klein is a
good football team that is a very good win for Hendrickson of course for the
Mustangs they come in 12 and O six and O in district played their two playoff
games they beam Lake Highlands and the by district around 49 to 28 and then
last week a great game at Allen ISD Stadium defeating walk wall in the area
around 24 17 and the one score you gave it worries me the most not just that
they beat claim the hill climb to 7 points and you know the strength of this
saxy team in a lot of cases is their offense I think that’ll be a matchup to
look out for today we are just about set to get underway here as the ball is teed
by the Mustangs and the hospital said to backbeat to return it’s going to be a
high end over and kick its gonna come down around the 10 this one looks to be
returnable and he gets out across the X 25-yard line does the return man he
thinks he wasn’t touched now but they do at the whistle down it’s number four
four hits and Jacob Leo with the return you know that was a dangerous return I
thought it might go for more if he had broken that one tackle that made the
tackle I think he would have gone a pretty good distance right up in the
middle something to look for hopefully we’ll have a lot of kickoff returns from
the Pflugerville team this afternoon as you see here on the replay they blocked
it fairly well so the hops start on offense I’ve got a
first and ten at there Oh 28 and the defense afford the Mustangs want to set
the tone early here there’s a snap the handoff or Park me the fake handoff and
the quarterbacks gonna try to keep it to the left side he doesn’t get much at all
the quarterback is a junior for Hendrickson Blaine Barker and to stop
made right there by number 44 of the Mustangs Jordan Brooks Parker likes to
run the ball he’s the second leading rusher on the team so keep that in mind
but the kid to look out for his DJ Jackson he’s got really good speed
according to sacks he head coach I read parents they do not want to let him get
free and he is number 22 in that offensive backfield as you look on
Barker with a gain of one second down and nine there’s the snap and he’s gonna
keep it himself this time to the right side he gets a block but boy the saxy
defense and that speed gets him in a hurry number 10 Blythe Robinson in there
for the stop and they’re gonna lose two on the plate and Bryce Robinson is now
the leading tackler on this team because Cedric Johnson was lost to a blown-out
knee last week and he was the top tackler so that puts a little more
pressure on Robinson especially Cedric’s replacement kilo Starnes keep an eye on
him although he comes in as the third leading tackler Steve that’s a good
backup to move in there and Stark when you do a third leading tackler
absolutely third down and long here for the Hawks just under way here Waco is D
Stadium fakes a handoff play-action he looks and the catch I believe this
movement he’s gonna be about a yard short of the first down interesting it
was a comeback route and by the time the ball got there he was a yard short of
the first down and it also looked like it was partially tipped on a little
crossing defensive play there but coming back to the ball he had to go to the
ground immediately that cost him the first down interesting in their own
territory will they go or punt boy I would punt early in the game like this I
was jaylen Taylor with the catch and right now it looks like they’re gonna
well they can formation fourth down and one as we mentioned and the Mustangs
send one back to return it and the high kick is gonna be a fair catch but number
9 drew Jackson gonna back off and let the ball roll and it’s gonna take a
Hauk roll inside the 35 and they’re gonna start first and ten at the 33
give me the yardage on that Punnett was not beautiful and didn’t get a lot of
roll you’re looking at only about 30 yard punt they’re out into the wind
whatever when there is again it’s very light but remember it isn’t it is in
Hendrickson’s face here in the first quarter and here come the Mustangs now
look at the just saw hood the senior quarterback Jalen Maiden of the sack see
Mustangs this offense so potent it has been all year they’re averaging better
than 450 yards on the season per game there’s a snap made with the quick throw
out the catch is made by number seven that’s that quick
throw and catch to Derrick Rose and that’s going to men about six yards well
he didn’t get much blocks from the receiver over there including drew
Jackson you’ll see here on the replay you run that also was to the short side
of the field which makes it even tougher but you got to get blocks from those
white outs matin another quick throw the catch is made by Myles Nash and he’s
going to have the first down close to midfield so a nice quick start here for
the Mustangs two plays in the first down according to read Barron’s head coach
they said that they will give you a little bit of a soft secondary for deep
secondary so they’re gonna be able to dink him it looks like all afternoon and
they’re Dinkin again without the court throw once again this time not as much
yardage as throw once again to Derrick Rose out in the right flat tackle made
there by number 10 of the Hogs I mean that kind of defense a soft
coverage really just plays right into the Mustangs hands they could go deep on
you but they really prefer the naked and Duncan like they’re doing right now
there’s a snap fakes and um Peyton’s gonna keep it himself to the middle of
the field looking for some blocks and a penalty flag is thrown we also got an
offensive lineman without a helmet on which happened early in the play this is
usually in the area of holding Desmond Nixon is gonna have to come out for a
play that’s never good by the way let me give you an injury update one of their
other offensive linemen I’m trying to I’m trying to think of his name and I’m
trying to find it he is questionable today with a with an injury and they
hope that he’ll play and I just cannot put my hand on his name right now so
I’ll have that for you shortly no problem we see more and more the illegal
use of hands hands to the face call that one goes against the Hawks gives the
Mustangs an automatic first down first and ten at the 30 baton the Rex nab
takes it up the middle of the field and he’s gonna be wrapped up after a short
gain of about two it’s Calvin Marquette and I don’t think he’s in there right
now number 76 he is not in the starting lineup so that
is not a good sign but saxy has a lot of depth on their offensive line there
during the season they constantly were playing eight nine linemen so that’ll
pay off in a situation like this second down eight the snap the first to carry
of the game for number five Christian Cole between the center and right guard
for about six yards just get a set up third down and short Cole coming off of
possible one of his best games of the year when you consider it was a playoff
game might have been its best game 184 yards on 23 carries and especially in
the first half a lot of that in the first half and that
big win over Rockwall last week and a lot of it was between the tackle sleep throw down a 3-bit code down here early
in the ballgame there’s a snap maiden hands it off to Cole hold on the right
side and he’s gonna go for a touchdown they’re gonna mark you mouth at the
floor looks like so I guess I said he stepped out there Scott well they’re
gonna mark it at the one the official stopped it before initially and then
moved forward to the one so it got better by the second let’s see what our
replay tells us Steve good call bad call did he step out goal had daylight and
right there doesn’t look like he indeed stepped out but it is gonna be inside
the one so first a gold Mustang is a gain of 22 on the play the stings are
rolling you know they get on one of these rolls a well oiled machine is what
I call it when they’re really going scentrend any emotion they’re gonna hand
it off to him coming to the right side he’s gonna go into the endzone for the
touchdown and the mustangs strike first here at Waco is new stadium nice Drive
66 yards eight plays look at the blocking on the perimeter from the wide
receivers on that little jet sweep that time the receivers did their job and
held off and engage the defenders so the extra point attempt number 89 to the
Mustangs Peyton Reyes there’s a snap and hold the kick is up and that kick is
good so the Hawks have at one time they have a three and out the Mustangs take
over they drive down the field and score our new score with 717 remaining in the
first quarter as you take a look at Christian Cole and Jalen Maiden on the
sidelines the sexy Mustang 7 the Hendrickson Hawks zero we’ll be back
after these messages 7-nothing sacks it with the early lead a
nice drive there Scott for their first possession of the game two of 36 off the
clock eight plays 66 yards they got 51 total yards including 32 on the ground
in the drive there comes the return by number five I believe of the Hawks timmi own Jackson early in the drive
Mayton was three out of three on those quick out passes for 19 yards Cole got
26 yards on just two carries and that was what powered the drive
also of course aided by that 15-yard penalty for legal use of hands hands to
the face never hurts and let’s see what the Hawks
can do here on offense for the second time in this afternoon as they trail now
7 nothing one-two-three punt their first time and lost a yard on the drive
there’s a snap the handoff this time to the right side pretty big opening out
here and the breaks containment down the sideline and pushed out of bounds close
to the 40 actually they’re gonna say it gets to the 42 well the first time we’ve
seen Jackson the first time we’ve seen that speed you see the difference in the
speed when you can get a guy with speed there were Mustangs out here with decent
angles and he got one block and then just beat the angles up the sideline
speed burns speed brakes down angles that was a good practice run for the
saxy defense there hopefully they’re used to that speed then first and ten at
the 42 there’s a snap another handoff in this time the defense does a little bit
better job of staying home Steve for years I’ve heard coaches say you cannot
simulate certain things in practice you cannot simulate this running back in
practice or you know you just don’t have anybody that good except for Kristen
Cole of course so after you see him run once that hopefully be ready for it the
next time gain of only 2 on that first down carry second down and eight got
three receivers to the bottom of your screen the slot receiver is stacked
there’s a quick throw out of the backfield and they’re looking for the
number 22 once again DJ Jackson he’s going to be close to midfield but still
about four yards shy of the first down that had potential except the way they
blocked it there were no wide receivers over there so there wasn’t anybody to
lead the way it was all orange and they just simply made the tire good tough
stick there by Bryce Robinson but you got to get some blockers out in frontage
we’re gonna run that to the short side like that when I saw the official have
it about the 49 but they marked the ball with the 47 so it set up a third down
and five here for the Hawks that’s a bad mark there’s a low snap the fake handoff
quarterbacks gonna throw it out and the catch is made that is going to be a
first down and finally pushed out of bounds by number 23 Isaiah Humphries
interesting play there kind of a speed option by the quarterback watch him here
normally he’ll just keep it around the end or drop back and throw it he throws
it on the halfway forward he was lucky didn’t
cross the line of scrimmage means a yard or two from that in other words I think
he knew exactly what the line was for the line of scrimmage to do that play
effectively to the Hawks in Mustang territory now there’s a snap that can
hand it off to number four boy and the Mustang defense not fooled by that jet
sweep is they’re gonna wrap him up and drop me for a loss yeah they were
outnumbered once he got over there the sidelines
there was three orange and one black and that is not gonna work
it’s actually of course very quick defensively they’re they’re really good
pursuing down the line I’d like to see some runs between the tackles of course
Hendrickson thinks that they’ve got to get Jackson out wide I kind of like see
what he’s got between the tackles right now because the white stuff ain’t
working number ten Bryce Robinson in on that
tackle again Ford the Mustangs second down and 11 after the loss of one look
at the wide receiver screen boy it breaks down the hurry the quarterback is
in trouble he’s gonna slide down but he’s gonna lose two more yards and that
play went nowhere found eight I love the play call he fakes the screen right and
then turns and throws it left at least they’re trying to get saxy off-balance
but it simply did not work he’s lucky he even got it off as you can see her it
got away from the rush so third down and 14 now for the Hawks is we’re inside of
five minutes in the first quarter the Mustangs on top zip seven to nothing
third and 11 on their first possession they’ve got to get more favorable third
downs to be successful there’s a snap straight drawback three-step drop look
at the throw he’s got a man there the catch is made
he’s gonna be about a yard shy of the first down I believe it’s gonna be
fourth of one and I would expect the Hawks go for a second time today they’ve
completed a pass one yard short of the first down
now this was a crossing route this this was a tough play to hold him short on
but they tackled me me earlier one was a comeback realm there’s
the snap and penalty flags on the play that’s gonna back up a five and now what
do you do well I think they went a little bit too quick for themselves I
love the fact they went on the quick count
don’t let Saxbys defense get set you’re kind of in no-man’s land is too far for
a field goal probably it’s almost too close to try for the coffin corner I’d
almost go for this yeah and I think that’s what you’ll see the Hawks do the
putter would have to take a lot off of any kind of kick that he tried to keep
it you know in a coffin corner situation and they’re going so a fourth and one
now becomes fourth and six they’ve got to get to the 30-yard line of the
Mustangs to pick up the first down and it does appear they are going forward
here double wing look look at the throw across the Midlands got a man that’s a
catch and a one man to beat he is drugged down from behind
I believe that’s number eight of the Mustangs Jacoby deloused but it’s gonna
be first and ten for the ha perfect play called the perfect time the blitz came
up the middle so he throws it where the defenders vacated on the Blitz it’s like
they knew exactly what defense acts he was gonna run I’d like to give that
credit to scouting they may have known it was coming so first and ten now for
the Hendrickson Hawks the balls at the Mustangs 17 yard line kilo stars is the
middle linebacker he is one of the two that rushed and that left the middle
wide open gonna hand the ball off to the right side get some blocking out there
trying to make a man miss gets inside the 10 all the way to the 9 is the
leading running back DJ Jackson for the Hawks you know all of a sudden they’ve
started mixing it up you don’t they really opened up the playbook and that’s
why they’re marching it down the field sacks he has nothing no idea what’s
coming next there’s a snap quarter Matt’s gonna keep himself to the middle
of the field and he’s gonna be taken down at about the 6 by a number 10 of
the Mustangs Bryce Robinson against trying to assert himself here in the
first quarter and assha you how they’re keeping them off balance
the left offensive enter Sachs he was not even set he was going down into his
stance as they snapped the ball so they’re really they may be catching saxy
by surprise maybe that Hendrickson has never done this quick snap before I
don’t know but Sachs it looks like they’re not ready for it something that
a trip to the sideline a little talk from the coaches will probably clean
that up before the next possession enough yardage for the first down it is
first and goal here for the Hawks at the 7 gonna send a man in motion there’s a
snap occur to fake the handoff look in the throat he’s got a man out here the
catch is made and that’s an easy walkin touchdown for number 22 DJ Jackson
Jackson is like the third leading receiver on this team I love the play
call they just swung him out of the backfield
on the wheel route and nobody from Saks he picked him up nearest man about five
yards away it doesn’t get any easier than that so the Hawks an extra point away from
tying the game up what a drive I’ll recap in a moment that
is number 52 for the Hawks to attempt the extra point
Michael Skiles about 12 play 75 yards extra point is good as you mentioned the
12 play 75 yard dry that’s awesome for the heart and add on to that a
five-minute trip down the field they use five minutes off the clock it does not
get any better than that we got a brand new ballgame
let’s start all over at 7 state a 7 7 with 210 remain we’ll just keep it here
say the Hawks when a related five six first downs
along the way they very impressive drive you know what the key was at an early
third down that they converted and then they almost got the first down on third
and 14 whenever they went forward on fourth down at about the 20 yard line
and got it we were trying to decide what should they do here punt it or go for it
they go for work get it eventually get the touch pin so an even ball game seven
seven there’s a look at the sexy Mustang sideline and so mr. Jackson his Red
Baron’s told me on the phone he is the main danger on this on this Hendrix in
office they’ve got to contain him so a good drive there for the Hawks and in
our score 7-7 got to tend remaining here in the first quarter and a high end over
and kick it’s going to come down right into the 31 and Dean does not call for
the fair catch and he’s gonna be dropped immediately so no return yardage as a
matter of fact what’s up there stick him put him down at the 30 there is a flag
back where they kicked off so this has offsides written all over it if you’re
sassy you might make him Rica kiss the referee today by the way Kelly
Rutherford that’s who’s got the white hat on down there they are out of the
Tyler chapter when you get to the playoffs the two coaches agree on
officials they could come from anywhere in the state so they reach out to Tyler
for this one here’s Kelly well we’re having trouble picking up Kelly today
but it was offsides like predicting it can’t really be anything else when it’s
back where you kick the ball so the Mustangs elect to just take the five
yards at the end of the play so it’s going to be first in ten Mustangs at
their own 35 there’s a snap the handoff to Christian
Cole trying to get to the right side and this time the hawk defense does a pretty
good job of holding into a gain of only two yeah sexy was so good running Cole
between the tackles early against Rockwall so far today a lot of the
success has come around the ends especially the right end they got Cole
out there turned Dean on the jet sweep got outside to the right second now
maiden fakes the throw to throw it or the catch is made by number nine drew
Jackson and then he gets hit backwards and well I don’t agree with this at all
Scott his full welcome he was out around the 14 here’s what happened what watch
our replay he gets hit the first time driven back and then he got hit a second
time so you got to go with the second hit as far as forward progress watch
what I’m saying except he was that a bounce so is that
what you were trying to say exactly yeah that’s a questionable call and they
could use the extra three four yards especially with third down coming yeah
turns or ends up being a three-yard loss at outs third eleven maiden under
pressure here comes the speed of Hendrickson they throw it downfield but
the passes incomplete it’s going to be fourth down Jackson did a good job of
uncovering and he headed up the sidelines with Payton scrambling for his
life passes a little too far but Jackson was well covered it’s almost a good
incompletion because I think anything else might have been an interception as
I see the replay he made there forced out of the pocket by that one of these
big offensive lineman for Hendrickson I’m not sure that’s not a good end
completion so punt formation here for the Mustangs the three and out they snap
last week and a low point Wow Warne it’s a thing of beauty in the box score yes
it is it’s gonna be down at the 39 but yeah for the second time in two weeks
Scott as you mentioned a high snap now there is a penalty flag on the field and
that rests where I can’t find it it’s procedure anyway gets
yeah somebody was in front of it you would think they declined this and took
a 27-yard punt steal start at your own 40 that’s like
Broadway they didn’t need the client never did that so the Hawks here’s a look at it again
bought a high snap a good job by number 30 for the Mustangs to just keep that
one in front of him Madison Perez oh I forgot kind of a new rule I think the
last few years you can assess it after the play so they’re gonna start the 45
instead of the 40 I don’t really understand that rule change but they get
an extra five out of it trips look here to the bottom of your
screen they’re gonna throw it out quickly to the deep receiver and number
four makes a good run after the catch is going to be knocked out of bounds after
a 7 yard gain that is Jacob leave just a quick out pass right on target got a
clearing block from the receiver good job of breaking away from the first man
then hitting to get an extra couple up the sidelines that’s a great play on
first and 10 now this is almost a free play Steve let’s give him 8 on the
reception so second down and 2 and look at the throw again is the quarterback
he’s in some trouble he’s gonna roll out he’s gonna throw it he’s got a man out
here taxes made on the sidelines and then he’s pulled back from behind the
coaching staff working for horse-collar but no flag comes out great job by Jacob
Lee to uncover come back to the quarterback that’s what you tell your
receivers to do when your quarterback starts scrambling it can’t find anybody
open out and start scrambling come back to him give him a target that he can hit
in other words you improvise number 22 the running back Jackson trying to get
outside and he breaks the corner gains about 3 yards inside the 30 down to the
28 boy after a very sluggish start
Hendrickson is a well-oiled machine you might say this drive started at the 45
they went 75 yards on their last possession for a touchdown I love the
fact they’re mixing it up you have no idea what’s coming next they’ve got sexy
on their heels right now second down seven quick throw out and the catch is
made tries to split two defenders but he’s
gonna be taken down and around the 23 so it’s gonna set up a third down and two
and probably our final play of the first quarter as well
good job by Chris Washington just to hang on from dear life around the ankles
or that might have gone for big yardage out we’re gonna go to the other end for
the second quarter so the replay then line it gone for six of Washington
didn’t hang on so a good tackle there by Washington at the end of the quarter we
have come to the end of one here a Waco is day Stadium with our score the
Hendrickson Hawks 7 the sexy Mustangs 7 we’ll be back after these messages on
GRS TV back for the start of the second quarter
here’s you see the Hawks offense coming on to the field they are tied currently
with be sexy Mustangs and face a third down and two here got to get to the
Mustang 21 to pick up the first down quarterback Barker takes handoff it
keeps it herself around the left side he’s gonna pick up the first time in
more and he gets tripped up by number 10 Bryce Robinson but once again a first
down run for the quarterback well the key to the play was he put a move on my
cup you can if you cannon had a shot at him as you’ll see here watch the quick
Juke on bail he just left me cannon in his wake and off to 22 to the right side
he’s gonna be inside the 5 down to the for another big run by DJ Jackson and
that’s gonna be second down and short yeah they are getting it in chunks now
after that first series where they really struggled they’re working on a 55
yard drive here and the time of possession very much it hinders does
inspire that saxy defense is gonna get tired if this continued much longer at
the end of one quarter the Hawks with 120 total yards the Mustangs with 50 and
a second down carry at the middle no gain it’s gonna set up third and one
simple fullback dive nothing there as they try Jackson up the middle kilo
start so one of the leaders they remember he’s the guy who replaced
Cedric Johnson and Starnes with a nice play there he got some help from his
teammates kilo stars number 44 pretty big play right here third and one they
get a first down without a touchdown there’s a snapped a power look there
number 39 with the ball he is going to be close to the goal line he doesn’t get
in but it will set up a first and goal at the 1 yeah now it would almost take a
turnover you would figure they’re gonna get a
a couple of carries coming yeah they put a load in there that kid looks like a
tight end obviously a short down a short yardage running back and he almost got
that ball across the goal line is the Hendrickson fans are on their feet
expecting them to take the lead this would be your first lead change of the
game if they can do it that’s first a goal we saw the defense
come a big form last week against Rockwall this time the handoff whoa and
a touchdown hey you were fooled and so were the mustangs that we see on the
replay he picked the dive to Jackson and the Mustangs not Jackson at the ball
look at him making the tackle there and then there goes your quarterback with an
easy walk the dog is Brad Chad would say Oh Scott I know he had it all the time
hey Steve you’re not fooling anybody and if it’ll make you feel any better I was
so horrible for the touchdown the extra point up and good as well so just like
that Saxon with the early 7-nothing lead but the Hawks come back with 14
unanswered our new score Hendrickson 14 saxy 7 we’ll be back after these
messages box with a 14 to 7 leave with 10 20
remaining here in the second quarter another impressive drive six plays 55
yards 225 off the clock little trouble with a kickoff yeah that is a live ball
of the Mustangs in trouble they’re gonna be tackled at around the 6 well you
can’t let the ball bounce and get behind you like that on a kickoff no mostly on
a kickoff on a punt you’re okay as long as you don’t touch it that’s a live ball
on a kickoff so saxy is really behind the eight ball right now I mean this
game a saxy is in a lot of trouble right now they need a nice long reestablishing
drive right here remember they went 66 yards and eight plays and scored on
their first possession and have it done much set one two three punt on their
next possession so first down Mustangs at the 7 they’re
gonna barking let’s see what the Mustang office could do is the handoff up the
middle goes to Cole and a nice gain on that first down carry of about six
that’s a really good start 6 yards here comes a very late flag this is gonna be
some kind of a sports Amman contact we got another Mustang without a helmet by
the way they’re having trouble just keeping their helmets on it’s
other offensive linemen maybe the defender dish yanked it off and that’s
15-yard I’m guessing where is the call from the referee miles
back adoring a Nutella Tekken there you go just ripped it off his head we’ll take
15 right one day yes we will that’s a big play as it turns out for the
Mustangs does that gets him out across the a 25 now we’ll see if we can pick it
up here yeah there it is the hands to the face and like you said just rips his
helmet off now the linemen should be able to stay in the game McAdory they
should not force him off because he did not you know it wasn’t his fault for
losing the helmet boy Cole gets hit but spins out of a would be tackling a gain
of about 7 yards on the carry I like what I’m saying it’s almost the Zeek
Elliot effect when Christian Cole’s get 5 6 yards of carry it has the same
effect on this team that Elliott has on the Cowboys they want to just grind it
out throw it a little bit the half Cole just carry them down the field they need
it get to keep the defense on the sideline right now
quick throw bomb made this incomplete he was looking for his slot receiver Miles
Nash and pass is incomplete so a third down and four coming up here for the
Mustangs Hendrickson has dominated the time of possession your defense needs
some rest and a 7 point position would also be
nice just underway here in the second quarter
14-7 Hawks for look at that defensively they’ve got a couple of huge tackles
there’s a snap made look at the authorities got time throws it out and
it bounces to the would-be receiver number 17
Cameron Cromer so it’s gonna be fourth down for sexy
yeah you got to punt it away here early in a game in your own territory and here
comes the punt unit where they bring along it changes when they bring that
punt get it up it’s pretty obvious what they’re gonna do by the personnel that
take the field and look how much smaller their punt unit is across the front you
just tell by looking at them they they all look like receivers and running
backs who come out there to block hearts gonna send to back to return this pine
and a little bit of movement there and the flag comes out and they make it the
defense for this and if they now they’re gonna get a procedure and look like the
hawk defender came across first and that you see the Mustang Lyman move offensive
lineman for sacks he’s saying hey they may hit us with trey harris is saying
this is all the defense that’s what Red Baron is saying right
there to the head linesman but I don’t think the referee Kelly Rutherford is
listening as it goes against sexy by the way remember he only had a 27 yard punt
on his first punt of the night and I’m trying to get you who this punter is
they’ve used three or four punters this year Steve another high snap this time
he’s able to get it cleanly and gets the kick away it’s gonna come down to number
three and trying to make to Mustang defenders miss but they do a great job
in coverage and drop him back at the 40 you talking to red parents this way
they’ve had a really tough type of special teams they’ve had three or four
holders on point they’ve had three or four punters
they’ve had forty or four deep snappers and you know the deep snaps have been a
problem all year and they’ve been a problem in this game obviously yeah
there is a penalty flag sitting at the 39 way behind the play though where the
ball was caught holding against the return team
so really sacks he’s gonna get a good flip egde of the field here despite a
pretty short punt the punt only went 30 yards yes they are indeed is that
10-yard penalty will force the Hawks back to their own 30 that’s a pretty big
penalty I have a saying it’s not necessarily the penalties it’s where on
the field they occur in when they occur that’s exactly right this is a big one
considering the situation so the hawk offense back on the field as we’ve seen
they had a three and out on their first possession Scott but then their last two
possessions two touchdowns there’s a snap sweep coming to the left side gets
a good block here and guess what off to the races number four boy a huge one for
Jacob Lee inside Mustang territory down to the 35 which you mentioned it watched
the clearing cloth mr. Jackson as he cleans out the sidelines over here
you and I could have taken off from there Jackson is a complete football
player obviously I have a feeling he’s gonna play on some other days of the
week in the future yeah I believe your ride big gain and his job blocking the
sweep otherwise by the way it would just Jackson’s block absolutely 35 yards on
that run here comes the quick throw out and looking for Jackson he’s got a lot
of room out here to the right and he’s gonna have a first down and more down
the sideline they’re gonna mark him out at the 24 but that’s a gain of 12 and
another first down that should have gone for – yardage or just a short gain and
an open field attempt attack and watch this missed tackle by 23 it’s Isiah
Humphries yeah and after that he got three down the Sun I thank goodness he
stepped out shortly after that Humphries beat the defense they had three guys
pulling out there to lead the way but Humphries beat him to the sideline it
should have kept that to a short game first and 10 for the Hawks fakes the
handoff quarterbacks got to keep it nice move again gets inside on loses the ball
the Mustangs recover Wow for a big turnover here for the Hawks and the
Mustangs are gonna take over aliping of a turnover it changes everything this
could have shortly been a 21 to 7 deficit the momentum would have been
huge in Hendrix’s favor it may still be a pendrick’s thing can’t get a defensive
stop by the way but right now that keeps saxy very much in this football game
this is a huge turnover right here’s the hit number 44 forces it out you know
it’s kind of a good example you know take your quarterback to get down at
some point quarterback should not be backing his way going over a defender
just just get down if you’re a quarterback don’t try and get too much
and he tried for too much so the first turnover of the game in
favor of the Mustangs they start first and 10 from their own 15 there’s the
snap maidens gonna keep it himself up the middle it’s got some Running Room
and he’s gonna have a nice gain of about ten yards so that should move the chains
there a 10 yard gain MoMA go after that opening driver Sachs
he went the length of the field in a two one-two-three punch since they need a
time-consuming running drive to get their confidence back and just the you
know get even in this football game empty backfield the quick throw out to
number seven the catch is made and then he’s taken off his feet around the 30 so
gain of four that time for number seven Derrick Rose you got to get blocks and
they only had one blocker out there drew Jackson had to handle two defenders and
then there were two or three more coming that’s just bad recognition I mean you
just didn’t have enough blockers to make that play happen approaching eight
minutes remaining here in the half second down and six here for the
Mustangs there’s a snap Mays gonna keep it himself up the middle again has
another big hole and he is going to be taken down at around the 47 yard line so
a big one by maintenance tangs offense starting to work now yeah that’s the
option keeper the read option and now they’re just trying to find something at
work Steve and that’s work two of the last three play this isn’t a straight
quarterback and wrong good job if he wanted to go right up over the center
saw nothing there he immediately went over the guard the left gar
recognition from eight quick header by Christian Cole gonna gain only about one
and what they’ve done differently scouted on this drive the adjustment
they’ve made is or going empty backfield at least they have so far on this drive
and you’ll see empty backfield again there you go spread the field spread the
defense although there’s six in the box that can block four or five of oh
definitely there’s that mates gonna keep it himself trying to get room he’s got
another hole and he’s going to pick up another first down inside Hendricks and
territory all the way down to the 42 same thing Steve he wanted to take it up
the middle he quickly shifted to his left and went up over guard good good
good vision from Jaylin mate but again the blocking in the interior you got
five linemen against four defensive lineman a two
backers and they got most of the six blocked enough to get a good gain out of
it because you’re spreading the field with all the other defenders with the
receivers first and 10 Mustangs there’s that made look at the throw here comes
the pressure and he’s going to go down and that’s gonna be a loss of three the
first world- play of the Mustangs he was looking to throw that time Scott and
everything was covered yeah that’s the defensive end that just went unblocked
pretty much let’s see the replay here well we can’t really see how he got free
but you know they wanted to run the quick out when you can’t run that quick
out pass you know you don’t have time and it came from Jalen’s up he should
have seen the guy coming but that’s how quickly came he couldn’t even get out of
it so the Mustangs sticking with an empty backfield second down and 13 here
three receivers to the top of your screen to to the bottom there’s a snap maiden looking to throw
it here comes the quick throw the catch is made boy nice grab by Trent Dean he’s
gonna have a first down right at the sticks little chain hunting from Trent
all of the chains are behind and he cut that he made that post cut right at the
first down marker and he got right to the first down line for the first down
love Trent Danny’s a smart kid with good hands at your classic possession
receiver I also like the fact going into this game he had 13 catches on the year
due to injuries and stuff six of those four touchdowns and he’s got a touchdown
run this afternoon first and 10 Mustangs at the Hawk 32 made looking to throw it
again nothing there nice looking to run it he escapes it guess what a big game
for Maine and he gets knocked up and it gets wet Hut the Hawks have recovered
the red is saying he’s down read parents who say he’s down I’d love to see the
replay it won’t do us any good but he may have bent down read parents
immediately pointing he’s down he’s down but I think our replay may tell us
everything stick go TRS TV well he gets hit in the back and while he’s in the
air he gets hit from behind and let’s see there it is there’s the it’s a
fumble for sure yeah the coaches are gonna beg whatever
happens I don’t blame red it was over there on his sideline he’s trying to buy
a call but obviously they got it right boy so Maiden really was orchestrating a
nice drive down the field but then he makes the mistake in fumbles what did I
say earlier to the Hendrickson quarterback quarterbacks tried to do too
much matin should have just gone down with it not spin and being midair going
backward I mean just get down with the ball and don’t take a lot of risk when
you don’t have to so the Hawks take back over and the
quarterback is gonna keep it after the fake handoff Boyd he has a nice run out
across the 30 all the way to the 33 so that’s gonna be a gain of about six the
point being if he was a yard short of the first down he did that trying to get
the FIR down no problem but you’re just trying
to get an extra yard or two it’s not worth exposing your body in midair as a
quarterback like that agreed and this time the handoff goes to the running
back he’s gonna have a first down and more cuts it inside was another nice run
by DJ Jackson and the Mustangs gonna have to adjust to that yeah they’re
doing a good job I love that I would love to sit down with for dinner with
the offensive coordinator I think the offensive coordinator of
this team is the key so far he is mixing it up they’re running it they’re
throwing it they’re going inside they’re going outside saxy I think it’s been on
their heels ever since this game started defensively yeah I agree with you there
since doing anything fancy they’re just doing it well and you have no idea
what’s coming next for a great shot of that last play by our end zone camera
and there’s a snap the handoff this time coming outside number 22 again and
Jackson with another nice run of about four yeah that was gonna go for short
yardage but he cut on a dime to the outside there you see the quickness he’s
not only I think there’s a difference in quickness and speed and I think he’s got
both here you see the quickness watch the feet
look like he’s gonna get down right there it just cuts it on a dime it gets
an extra three or four out of it so gain afford their yard shy of midfield as we
approach four minutes remaining here in half the Hawks already late in this game
14-7 one turnover for each squad have been pretty big actually there’s the
fake handoff quarterbacks got a first down up the middle and more and finally
take it down actually they’re gonna mark it down right at the 45 they may have
blown a whistle I’m not really sure how you could do that but if that whistle
blow Steve you’ve got to kill the boy maybe he accidentally blew the whistle
yeah let’s see it was not down didn’t look like it anyway so they’re gonna
mark him down at the 45 they did say got enough for the first down here it comes
let’s see if he is down on me here we go with our slow motion I see there yeah
good call good call yep and good camera work as usual it is so literally stop it
I would never dream he was down there we go first in 10 and there’s a
penalty flag and I know what this is going to be the receiver Mayday
this one’s coming back that’s a good catch out there to first now may but
this was coming back for that receiver coming to to block was moving forward
before the play was snapped so they’re gonna get it for illegal motion as I was
on the radio last week you were on TV did you notice on that fake punt that
that receiver was in illegal motion to the same situation and they didn’t call
it last week yeah they’re gonna get him this time I can guarantee you thank
goodness it did not hurt saxy it did at the time but sacks he was able to hold
on and beat rock wall that was one of the key plays that fake punt last week
yes it was good good eyes by the way I have a saying anybody I work with it
better have great vision or were a lot of trouble as a broadcast crew you’re
gonna see it right here well actually even though it’s exactly the young man
that was running on your screen right there’s the one that was coming forward
before the place snap now they had a good play here was got this quarterback
escapes really well he should have been down and sexy would have declined the
penalty and taken the loss but he wouldn’t go down and then he got away
and avoided a much bigger loss this time it is legal as they faked the handoff
quarterback skin in a lot of trouble and he’s still moving forward he may pick up
two on the carry but it’s gonna be second down 13 here Watch Canadian
football absolutely you can go forward I think in Canadian football catches that
would have been a legal play in Canadian that is correct look at the quarterback
played a good first half for the Hawks I didn’t think anybody watch kitty hawk at
least here in America I didn’t know you watch Canadian football absolutely good
situation for sacks either behind the change which has not happened much today
good chance for a defensive stand here here comes the throw out boy why they
put her saber breaks a tackle that is number 14 of the Hawks and he’s gonna be
down inside the 20 to the 19 I don’t know why the Mustangs had him so wide
open Scott well it was over the middle they had a five man defense in front
about seven or eight in the box that’s part of it you got yeah he just it
looked like confusion in the secondary but anyway they’re having trouble
getting a pass rush because Barker gets rid of the ball so quickly they sent
five down linemen that time it never got close to it it’s only a two step drop
most of them in he it gets rid of it so fast
so the Hawks in the red zone once again first and ten at the 19 look at the
throw it he’s got time he throws out to number 18 it’s gonna be first down and
goal for the Hawks at the six for another big throw and catch that time
and number 18 Thomas Williams this time with the reception taxis in trouble they
could go down 21 to 7 they’re not like the game would be over but how many
times has saxy been out two touchdowns in a football game this might be the
first time today if they go down yeah the only other time they’ve been down by
a two scores they were down 35 to 21 in the third quarter of the game against
Rowlett good point that is it but we’ll take a quick break a timeout by
Hendrickson our score the Hawks 14 the Mustangs 7 back from timeout first and goal at the
six Hendrickson with all three of their timeouts in a minute 41 it’s gonna be
tough to keep him out from scoring points here anyway handoff right up the
middle number 22 he’s gonna get down to the two Jackson with the carry
and yes gotta I said earlier Hendricks that had called the timeout but it was
the Mustangs that had called the timeout so as you said Hendrickson with all
three so this is like 20 minutes they’ve got to get in from the two yard line
sexy needs an offensive penalty like a procedure really badly yeah the other
thing the Hawks have done really well here Scott is they are just obviously
letting that clock run they know how dangerous the Mustang offense and they
want to give him as little time as possible yeah if indeed they do put
points on the board there’s a snap the handoff once again to 22 he’s gonna get
down maybe to the one another actually got marking back at the video too so no
gain on the play to Jackson well there’s a chance now third and goal you if
you’re saxy this could be a four-point play you want to try and hold him to a
field goal if they try the field goal if I’m Hendrickson I would try the field
goal on fourth down and get a two possession lead right before the half
you don’t want to come up empty here and give saxy all that momentum big play by
the defense quarterback keeper behind his running back he falls it into the
end zone I think nope they haven’t signaled it so they’re gonna mark in
short what do you do just like last week the Mustangs are gonna face a fourth and
one and we’ll see if the Hawks decide to go sometimes you would go for it cuz
you’re gonna give it to saxy at the one-yard line
well sexy doesn’t have any time to do anything with it so I would strongly
consider a field goal because of that well I think what you’re gonna see is
the Hawks gonna let the clock run down to talk about three seconds call a
timeout here you see my point if there was a lot of time like left in the third
quarter you would go for it take the chance because then sacks II would have
to start it throwing one yard left we’ve only got one second left in the half so
that’s not a factor so based on that I would probably kick the field goal here
a two-possession the lead game like this could be huge going to
the locker room yeah I agree this is not just saying that because I’d rather have
sexy trail by 1014 I’m just saying that because I think it makes a lot of sense
right now they do indeed call the timeout with two
seconds remaining we’ll keep it here and where this is going to be a big call
Scott it is one of those things you know a lot of people around the state sack
sees a state ranked team you’re thinking they’re you know the the favorites in
this game and the party says well do you go ahead and you know try to try to dig
it in here because a thirteen lead 14-point lead is a lot better than a
tenth but I’m with you it’s not so much offense I I don’t think fourteen points
is a huge deal to sack see yeah I’m thinking momentum I’m thinking all that
sacks he’s gonna be doubting themselves in that locker room down 21 to 7 I would
think yeah I’m guessing anyway I go field going what’s your vote you got a
vote right now I would too but I’m not traditional old school not kick it here
as well to a ten-point lead they’re going baby
think of the momentum for sexy if they hold them on four straight plays inside
the five yeah just like last week they had a fourth and goal against the Yellow
Jackets enter snapped the head up to the 39 we forgot about him Steve he is in
for the touchdown he just barely got enough lean with the football as we
could see live to get that ball across it appeared looked like a good call we
forgot about number 39 he’s hard to stop it they got it yeah he did barely get it
before another nice stand there by the Mustang defense but they are not able to
hold the Hawks out of the end Soldier they should have gone for the touchdown
you wouldn’t listen so calmly with the big touchdown in the extra point attempt
coming up here number 52 Skiles this of course is the final play of the half I
saw an even better replay he definitely got his upper body with the ball across
so the extra point is good and we are gonna go to halftime with kind of a
shock on her face our score the Hendrickson Hawks 21 the sexy Mustangs
seven we’ll be back for the start of the third quarter back for the start of the third quarter
at Waco is new stadium our halftime score Hendrickson 21 sax e7 and before
we get started let’s take a look at some of our first half highlights fired up coming to this gala they
strike first you see five pristine home
here comes the actual touchdown Trinity Navy
hand off to Trent Dean coming around on the jet sweep it sexy takes the early
seventh at the right boy Hendrickson’s office got fired
touchdown pass over to DJ Jackson to tied at7 for the quarterback keeper that
fooled everyone except for our camera crew it was blame Barker with the
quarterback keeper that gave Hendrix in their first Linda the game 14-7 where
nice play here but the turnover the first of the game and it went in the way
of the Mustangs saw the big hit there on the quarterback and Mustangs were fired
up after that turnover at a they had a good drive going and Maidan coughed it
back up and then there’s the final touchdown his time expired but number 39
that was Drake Connelly so a 21-7 lead is where we are as we come back here for
the second half I think the sack see turnover was much more critical than the
hendrickson turnover I’m real happy sacks against the first possession of
the second they like to say the first possession of each half can be a telling
possession I think this one’s huge so the high kick is going to come down to
Dean at the 25 no fair catch call again he’s gonna return it and he’s gonna be
upended and around the 37 so a pretty good field position here for the
Mustangs to start in other words this Ashley can stick this down the field
stick it in the end zone all of a sudden we start all over even though it’s 21 14
sacks he has to feel like there is good or better than Hendrix said if they can
take this down the field first half stats first downs 13 to 8 in favor of
the opponent’s total yardage 277 to 122 in favor of Hendrix at 129 in the grain
they’re 270 789 rushing 122 total for saxy only 8 penalty six of them against
Hendrickson which is interesting one turnover for each team since sexes on
offenses give you their individual’s mate in 609 for 33 not much made in the
leading rusher 7 for 45 Christian cold is 6 for 42 first play made look at the
throat he goes down all they actually say didn’t go down now he escapes it and
I’m not sure how he stayed up a great job by him and he’s gonna end up getting
positive yards out of this leading receivers sex Derrick Rose just 3 for 13
although as three catches 1 for 13 for Trent Dean individually for Hendrix and
the quarterback Barker 12 out of 12 Steve 12 and a 12 for 148 yards of the
touchdown how about them apples Jack’s at 10 for
58 not bad from the saxy defense their Barker 10 for 32 has a big touchdown run
DJ Jackson also with four receptions for 41 yards to lead the receivers Cole’s
gonna come into the backfield join mate he gets the handoff and a nice run close
to the first down but by about a yard short it looks like sets up a third down
and warm I think the two big stats there Scott
that you just read at least for my mind is saxy number one with only 122 total
yards that have and the second stat that kind of shocks me as you mentioned the
quarterback for Hendrickson 12:12 that’s good I don’t care who you are and who
you’re playing it’s hard to not miss a pass third Warnock Cole is hit but I
think he’s gonna fall forward for the first down
nice second effort by him to pick up the first it wasn’t easy a little second
effort he’s you said also got a pretty good mark that mark is getting better by
the moment I think he got a little bit more than he really earned but either
way I think he had the first down that’s a big first down again sexy needs a
time-consuming running dominated drive to re-establish the fact hey we got as
good of a chance as you have in this football game first and 10 there’s a
snap made looking to throw he’s gonna throw it deep and boy good coverage and
almost picked off whoa the coverage is right there number 28 Andrew travillian
if he gets his head around faster Scott that’s a pick yeah it’s not an ill
advised pass I mean the coverage is not only there he also had inside position
on the receiver actually Hendricks Endres DB looked like the intended
receiver who just dropped the football second down to ten again empty backfield
looked by the Mustangs here sit they’re gonna bring a safety in know they’re
gonna play it straight Maiden trying to get outside can he break the tackle boy
good open field tackle by number three Tobias Harris yeah nothing else I can say and add to
that is just a great open field tackle short side of the field which is
interesting he didn’t have a lot of room to roam even if he turned the corner
because of that sideline so a big third down a 9 right here Scott for the
Mustangs right at midfield maybe look at the through here comes pressure he’s
gonna throw it deep he’s got Dean up there but he overthrows him once again
pretty good coverage actually Dean had kind of turned it up in between the
numbers of the hash Dean in other words he threw it behind him more than
overthrowing the this actually had pretty good distance
on it Dean is wait for it to come down and then at the last minute he sees it’s
behind him and he had no chance let’s also give Hendrix and credit Hendrickson
secondary is doing a pretty good job of coverage today yes a couple of times
it’s actually been open beyond those Dinks early in the game but since then
they’ve done a really good job and now a punt situation coming up here by the
Mustangs they’ve had kind of some crazy things go on here but this time it gets
back Hendrix them with the block and they’re gonna pick it up and around the
45 for the momentum is clearly on the side of Hendrickson Scott this is close
to being a blowout to be quite honest way that saxy needs a stop badly before
they’ve had special team problems all year I’ve heard so many different people
bring that up during the year that at some point it’s gonna cost them and it’s
cost to them at times today and oh boy sacks he needs to no worse than a field
goal and really you know they’re starting at the 45 sexy is a chance to
keep them from scoring points here with a quick 1 2 3 stop but let’s see if the
Mustangs made any adjustments defensively at the half because this
often just marched it up and down the field mostly on the ground a few short
passes the after that first possession when they went three and out and I’m
thinking ok they’re gonna have a tough time in the afternoon and after that
they had their offenses done pretty much what they wanted there’s a sweep around
the left end there by number 22 DJ Jackson a nice gain of about 6 on that
first down long a simple toss sweep and when you run that play the quarterback
usually leads the way in Barker was around that corner leading the way up
the sideline and a quick 6 on first down got an echo exactly what you said this
you know I know it’s the first drive for Hendrickson here in the second half but
Sachs is defense they’ve got to come up big here you would think because if they
don’t you’re just gonna say same old same old it’s gonna be twenty eight to
seven and you can almost say this game is over there’s a snap on second down
the handoff to Jackson busts through the middle of the field he’s gonna pick up
the first down and another Mustang loses a helmet he’ll have to come off the
field for one play now the most interesting thing you have said right
before halftime but I will never forget is bralet let sac see 35 to 21 really
the only game they’ve had trouble with all year I have a feeling that may have
come up in conversation in the locker room it’d have to yeah I would imagine
you’re probably correct first and ten now for the Hawks and get nothing fancy
on that last play that you saw on the replay there is it just ride up the
middle and Jackson picked up about six there’s the snap they’re gonna hand it
off to him again to the right side he’s got some room and then it closes in a
hurry three mustangs header tackle him and a gain of only about three well
great play there by Jacobi DeLoach is he played off a block down low
just just threw it aside and then joined Robinson on the tackle maybe we’ll see
it right here DeLoach is number eight you see him play
off the block from 26 and got involved in the tackle that’s how you play an in
position like that also force the back to go inside second down a long seven
quarterbacks get a wall out to his left he’s got a lot of trouble here and he’s
not gonna pick up much so you’re gonna get him momentum to about the 30 Scott
but it’s gonna set up third down and six birdie big play coming because they’re
almost in that nowhere land probably too far for a field goal
probably too close for a coffin corner you know you figure they would go for it
on fourth down from here which they did earlier in the game boy they’ve been
tackling the guy without the ball saxy defense all day long
that shows you how well Barker fakes that handoff into the line we’ve had a
lot of tackles on non football carrying players today big play in this game in
the four quarters we’re inside of eight minutes in the third there’s a snap the
handoff up the middle to Jackson he’s gonna be well shy to first down a gain
of only about two to the 28 let’s give the defensive coaches from saxy credit
there they had the right call at the right time they loaded the defensive
line looking for the run and what they do they ran it over left guard and after
a little bit of a surge they stopped him well short of the first down
what do you do here it would be a 45-yard field goal inside the left hash
if you tried it well here’s a look at the replay and I can tell you right now
not one person has come off the field for the Hawks so it looks like they
intend to go for if you agree or that you’re in that nowhere is own where
you’ve got to go for it I’d be tempted to coffin corner it with a two touchdown
Lee I’m glad they’re going for it sacks he has a chance to make a stand here you
need a stop you don’t wanna for momentum Steve you
want to stop a punt is not as much of a good stop as a fourth down run that
comes up short they need some kind of momentum to carry over to the offense so
we need a break no we’ll keep it here the Hawks call a quick timeout here is
they do want to talk about things that may be rethinking their strategy here
down again it’s fourth and four having said what I just said that’s wishful
thank you if they don’t get a stop they’re in a lot of trouble if that’s
the fresh set of downs inside the 25-yard line so you better hope they get
a stop if they go for it very little wind just light it’s almost
reversed direction but it’s so light it should have any effect it is at the back
of the Hawks here if they were to go for a field goal and we did not get any
special teams numbers from the Hawks this week so we have no idea how good
their field goal kicker it’s yeah I don’t think they’re discussing a kick at
all I think they’re either gonna go for it here you’re gonna see a pun it but
the quarterback is on the field you lay in you can’t drop Barker at the last
second go for that coffin corner that’s what I would do maybe try and draw them
off sides because they only need four for the first down yeah I think that’s
what you’ll see first for sure but they’ve got an unbalanced look they’re
gonna run to the ride they’re gonna just do to let DJ Jackson try to get there
and guess right he is hobbling inside the 10 that may be a touchdown they’re
gonna marquise Madden looks like at the slip nope they’re gonna call touchdown
yeah one official look like you might mark him out but the field judge right
at the goal line signal touchdown that’s what they’re gonna go with let’s
see what we have to say on this great good shot block outside looks like a score to me Steve well the
goalpost was in in the way in that right foot so we really don’t know if he
stepped out or not according to it doesn’t really matter though cause
it’s gonna count yeah that’s gonna count here comes the extra point attempt by
number 52 Marcus Kyle’s and it is good you mentioned the unbalanced line there
was nobody home over here defensively for saxy until he got to the sideline
and turned it up and we got a penalty on the kick and it’s going to be declined
extra points good but great work as always by our camera crew you saw he
never did step out of bounds so that touchdown call is good we’ll take a
quick break our score 641 remaining in the third
Hendrickson 28 saxy 7 on g RS TV for those of you just joining us that is
not a typo on the screen the Hendrickson Hawks have a 28-7 lead over the Mustangs
of Saxena 641 remaining in the third and I know there are many of you viewers
across the across the area looking at that and really shocked right now at the
Mustangs and only seven points on the board but Hendrickson’s played a good
game thus far the kick to Trent Dean boys got some blockers out there Johnny
said if the wall to the right side still on his feet and the Mustangs are gonna
have great field position to start this Drive well there’s a good start right
there gonna start at the 46 yard line state as I like to say sacks he’s not
only 21 points down they are 21 consecutive points down while they’re
scoring those 21 they’re gonna hold Hendrickson to 0 the same team they’ve
already given up 28 consecutive points too so it’s not just points it’s
consecutive points that they are down boy and that is just what they needed a
shot in the arm from Trent deep they returned it they’re gonna start at the
46 first and 10 a prick of the skin a blood test to perk up us anything and
that gave hopefully that’s a jump start as this team is really Eiland out now
they’re back in their regular formation as well with Christian Cole in the back
Phil along with main they’re gonna snap the ball fake the hand up Maiden is
outside and down the sideline he’s gonna pick up nice yardage they’re gonna mark
him out across midfield at the hendrickson 47 but that’s a gain of
about seven yards okay I’m gonna go on a little homework
it’ll be a quick homework mission I’m gonna give you the lowest point scored
in a game by saxy this is I have a feeling world long way from it well I
believe it was last week against Rockwall with 24 I hate it when you’re
right guess just like that the Mustangs back
in it I think they got him by surprise Rose
was well behind the defender solo coverage let’s see if we can see how he
got so open here go GRS TV yeah he just ran right by yeah it was a stopping like
oh and that would be it the corner right there number Tim was fooled of course on
the stop and number seven for the Mustangs Derrick Rose with the long
touchdown catch and that will get the mustangs right back in it got to get a
defensive stop that that’s only as good as the next defensive stop in other
words if they let Henderson go right back down the field that touchdown did
no good at all but it can be a start to a comeback
remember the consecutive points that you’re down you just difficult to stop
in Virginia so an offside call against the Hawks and you go for two here are
you yeah you got to get it to 14 I would think maybe some other time this would
be important Red Baron’s is out there talking the official event that went
against Hendrix and I’m not sure what Reds to say well I think we’re Reb was
say it was because I saw beyond oh there you go decline it yeah exactly because
the extra point was good there you go so he wants to go and take the point don’t
risk a bad stats we’ve had some problems with this year let’s take any points you
can get when you’re coming from behind right that’s exactly there is Derrick
Rose look maybe a little life on that sexy sideline state yeah the junior wide
receiver with the touchdown throw and they needed that as core because of
course they were down 28 to 7 just moments ago and we may look back on that
as a huge play if they can continue this comeback of course that touchdown drive
took a ride around one minute he’s got and that’s what you see out of the us
actually Mustangs number Holland Hall used the just three minutes off the
clock on their drive here they come back down I guess they are gonna why would
you go for two here right if they do I don’t get this yeah and I don’t think
they are I think what you think it was a dead ball yesterday
so they’ve got to now kick it again they blew a whistle probably on the
encroachment so they’ve got to do it again live you think that’s what I think
that’s exactly what happens so here we go extra point attempt three is this a
big kick folks oh well oh snap and the kick is up I think he got it boy a nice
hold after the low snap and it is 28 to 14 that that thump you fell on your arm
was my heart jumping from my chest to your arm there we’ll take a court break
613 remaining in the third our score Hawks 28 Mustangs 14 so a little life in the saxy sideline
and crowd right there is they have just scored to cut it to a 14-point game is
28 14 now but again the big catalyst for that last one was the nice kickoff
return by Trent Dean oh yeah good good momentum jump start again I think that
pass might have taken him by surprise sacks he really hadn’t got along all day
well at least successfully they haven’t they got that wide of a you know got
that wide open on the flight high end over and kick and the return out by
number three of the Hawks that is Tobias Harris and a nice return for him and the
Hawks are gonna start around the 34 so once again the Mustang defense is going
to be called upon to make a stop here so you’re saying the least number of points
scored by Saxony was 24 not because that’s not a bad total Steve I got that
close by here I was just taking your word for it yeah I believe 24 games
Rockwall was the least amount of points which is which is pretty amazing 24 is
your low yeah and remember sometimes that be right in the middle of some
schedule exactly remember that was an overtime game they only had 17 at the
end of regulation sir yeah so here we go the Hawks first and ten at
the 24 with a 14-point advantage there’s a snap handed off to Jackson coming to
the left side boy skips and pops around but only gets about two yards out of the
carry you see them right here take a couple of jump moves there the only
thing close to 24 was 27 in his name of course the name it does a really good
job of keeping scores down the rest of them were astronomical amounts it’s a
team that’s averaged close to 50 points a game second down and eight and Hawks
roll out here roll out pass the catch is made once again and the quarterback
stays perfect on the afternoon and the catch for the first down made by number
11 Jalen Taylor wonder what the state record is for the most passes that have
gone completed in a game he’s got to be getting close you know it was not an
easy catch good reaching good hands there by Jalen Taylor it did not hit him
right in the stomach fresh set of downs here for the Hawks first and 10 at the
36 there’s a snap they’re gonna throw it out he’s got a wide open receiver out
here it’s the running back out of the backfield and he’s going to gain about
six and a penalty flag gets it but gonna be a facemask I would assume either that
or a horse-collar and it did not look like that
to be a face math that’s what happens when you go in high you risk grabbing
that face mask even though it was probably unintentional that’s why you
don’t go in so high and that was Alex Smith that’ll be a big 15 even though it
was very accidental so a 5 yard carry an apartment reception by Jackson here you
see it on the replay we’ll see if we can pick up the facemask and yeah way up
high around the helmet boy it was barely a facemask
you know they used to have a grasp eating penalty where it was 5 or 10
yards and then the major one was 15 that might have gone for the lesser if they
didn’t change the rule but I’m gonna tell you something Scott I didn’t see a
face mask oh man I really didn’t either I was being kind yeah have both hands on
the helmet but I didn’t say grab her the facemask quarterback keeper he’s got big
damage cuts it inside finally knocked off for speed inside the 30 to 30 at
about the 27 so he is so good on that option keep an initial fake not as good
this time but great clearing block you got to give
this offensive line credit they’re not doing anything fancy yeah that time they
did pull the left tackle the left guard around to kind of lead block for the
quarterback swing but once again the Hawks driving they’re inside the sack
c30 first and ten at the 27 there’s a snap straight drop back he’s got a man
towards the end zone and and there’s gonna be a penalty they’re gonna say
pushed him out of bounds it’s at least holding probably if non-interference you
know he had good enough coverage to where he didn’t even need to do it it
appeared agreed and doing it was Alex Smith again it will not be a spot
penalty like the NFL but this is gonna get them a lot closer to the end zone
and it is in the first that’s a 15-yard penalty and that’s
gonna put the Hawks back in the red zone here let’s take a look at it again see
if we can pick it up from the end zone yeah you kind of pushed him a little bit
out of balance you know if you didn’t go out of bounds it might not have been a
call it was not a big deal but yeah pushing him out because then the
receiver becomes ineligible he can’t be the next hot to touch the ball since he
went out I think that’s why they called it first and ten at the 12 is air once
again in the red something pick up one more first down the handoff on the draw
and look here getting outside is Jackson one man to be bought great tackle out
there probably a touchdown saving tackle by number 28 of the Mustangs that of
course is Braylon Brooks the initial block was there and it looked like
touchdown written all over it Nick Brooks as you’ll see just comes flying
out of nowhere see the initial block held up number 23 Humphries and then
Brooks saves the day again it’s kind of like that drive in the first half you’ve
got a hold on to a field goal here get some kind of momentum out of this but
the time of possession you just can’t get Henderson hitter it’s his offense
off the field fake handoff quarterback keeper guess what touchdown Hawks not
good that time for the Mustang defense they need you trying to hold the Hawks
out of the end zone get a defender with a shot at he but Brooks saw it coming
and spun away just enough where it was glancing blow watch this there’s your
shot spin just to make it a glancing blow at the worst good recognition he
saw it coming it got six out of it Lauren we got an injured mustang out
there Ned I believe that’s number 23 I say Humphries now on his stomach yeah
he’s not moving much at this point first of all they’re trying to figure out ask
him what’s wrong here he is on his stomach as you see
wellthank he’s getting that here we are all of a sudden things are looking a lot
better if it didn’t Humphreys up and let’s see if he can get off to the side
line ago he is not putting a lot of weight on that right leg I like the fact
that there’s a lot of applause here from the home side the hawk fans he’s getting
as much applause over here as he is from his home folks that’s good sportsmanship
here comes your PA T okay here’s the extra point to give the Hawks at twenty
one point lead again tell you Steve no doubt in my mind who has the better
football team Hendrickson is taking it to sack C so
far yeah through almost three quarters a you are definitely right this is not
like an accident today and we know who has the better team so far extra point
attempt coming up there’s a snap and hold the kick is up and looks good and
it is good so our new score with 319 remaining in the third time beginning to
be a factor the Hendrickson Hawks 35 the sexy Mustangs 14 we’ll be back in just a
moment on g RS TV 3:19 remaining in the third quarter the
Hawks on top 35 to 14 and the Mustangs have their work cut out for them if you
don’t get a defensive stop it doesn’t matter how many touchdowns you score
they’ve got a score gonna stop and get another score to have a chance in this
football game let’s go know when he’s gonna bring this
one out darling what do I know he’s gonna get a good return out of it pick
it up end him at the 24 so tell you what it’s almost a situation where he may
still get chewed out for us you know what I mean I mean yeah the ball got
behind him Scott it we had one yard into the end zone you
takin me there don’t take your chances it’s probably saying hey great job you
got lucky don’t let it happen again it’s almost what I would say if I was a coach
in that situation but then again there’s another way to look at you’re down by 21
you start taking chances like that sometimes trying to make a big play boy
when he turned that corner I thought they had a chance for honey big point I
did too I’m right there with you so here we go the Mustang offense got to
get in gear once again they scored on their last possession and they’ve got to
put 7 more on the board this time as well across the middle Oh hands and a
big shot that time number seven Derrick Rose and he’s hurt
yeah he’s been a key today and he is squirming and squirm and that could have
been a shot to his clavicle or something like that Steve I’m guessing but that
was up around the shoulders and as much squirming as he’s doing this does not
look good yeah number two Clayton Perrin comes across a Georgians pop it’s this
is not went knocked out of yet in other words watch where the pop happens the
right shoulder area a stinger area that’s not good well and that is a 100%
legal hit you know now yeah you know you see all these leading with the helmets
and so forth that was a good clean hit it was a hard hit and boy you just hope
that number seven Derrick Rose is okay but you’re right Scott I mean he took
the brunt of it right there on the shoulder and it’s like he got one of the
Hendrickson trainers out there maybe I know these teams have kind of similar
colors is at time he’ll sacks he’s been known to wear some navy blue through the
years boy he is up on his feet or at least on this backside now he’s up on
his feet that’s a good sign because I tell you what the a junior receiver for
the Mustangs Derrick Rose has had a good game here today yep
fact he’s one of the few receivers who has that
absolutely yes go out for at least a play I’m seeing some at the key is Steve
is he gonna just go over there and stand if he does that means he’s probably okay
I don’t want to put ice on it or something like that that would be the
worst news possible so I’m gonna keep an eye on what they do with him on the
sidelines yeah they’re walking into the back unfortunately incomplete pass it is
second down and ten there’s a snap mate and look at the throw here comes the
pressure they got the screen set up and the Hawks read it well and hold Cole to
only about four maybe five one of the trainer’s is moving his right arm just
to make sure he’s got a good range of motion hopefully this is just a bruise
that’s gonna get better and better but they’re making sure so he will not come
back you know he’s eligible to come back now
but he had coming back in so big third down a five coming up here made to look
at the throw he’s got all day to throw now he’s gonna took it trying to learn
and he has caught from behind it’s gonna be fourth down and about three Boyd the
Mustangs as much as I hate to say it we’re still in the third quarter but
they’re getting close to that time Scott they almost got to think about going for
not quite yet but it is fourth and three you’re gonna think about it here Jake
just Jalen just waited too long really if he’s gonna take off he should done a
little bit earlier which is one of his strengths going straight ahead in those
situations boy it doesn’t cock they’re gonna go for it I think they’re gonna
just I don’t know right now I’d hate to burn a timeout also I can’t believe
they’re going forward to me honestly I can’t either they’re gonna send a man in
motion maidens gonna keep it himself to the middle he’s got to get nowhere near
the first down they’re gonna drop it for a two-yard loss and that’s a turnover on
downs I know it’s easy to say what are they doing based on the result but the
play they called this flat didn’t work and it looked
it’s a play that’s worked a lot of the year for sexy that’s why it’s hard to
say it was a bad play call let’s give some credit to the defense in other
words when coach barons is just there looking for answers right now it’s
nothing is gone right forgot a lot more questions that it’s absolutely after the
seven nothing lead it’s been really all Hendrix and since in and guess what
they’re gonna start first intended to sack c29
ever it’s not it’s easy to say now they should have punny we said they should
not do this before they ran the play it’s a little early to be going at your
own 29 yeah I agree there’s a snap a handoff to the right side big hole
Jackson cuts him outside breaks the tackle still on his feet finally taken
down and run to 14 and tell you what sax is gonna have to get better effort and
that’s God yeah that’s a good point effort not a lot of quickness
defensively there they might be getting a little bit tired by the way which
we’ve Ward the whole day again the blocking the
the defenders inside keeping him inside so he could get outside another good job
of blocking that but yeah there wasn’t a whole lot of aggressiveness by the
defense almost like the Cowboys secondary on that boy this is a big
drive for the Mustang defense I’ve got to hold the Hawks without points you
would think on this series two quarterback fakes the handoff keeps it
ourselves god damn rude to the end zone that’s gonna be a touchdown there’s your
MVP of the game without salutely even when he hands the ball he’s an MVP he’s limping coming off the field a
little bit well I thought I saw a face mask at the end of the play – but it
goes on call let’s see right here now if it was just the shoulder pad but at any
rate number 12 Blaine Barker into the end zone – the
Mustangs in a lot of trouble now as if they weren’t in trouble a minute
ago by the way extra point attempt is up I think your first nails at the coffin
right now may be a nail and a half let’s take a quick break we got 107 remaining
in the third or saxy tries to regroup they are trawling in this game 42 14 1:07 remaining in the third Hendrickson
on top 42 to 14 is we are back after the extra point attempt and well it’s just
been all Hendrickson here and I don’t think anybody thought this was gonna
happen hi in Dover and kick comes to Trent name
and gonna tackle him but well you get the Mustangs good field position to
start here at just handed to you I would have kicked it deep probably but then
again sacks he’s had some success on the kick returns that might have forced that
short one last thing Hendrickson wants is a big play from saxy they want him to
have to drive the field if they return it on a kickoff that’s not you know
that’s not helping Hendrickson budget make them earn it and use a lot of clock
when they score so here they come the offense on the field first and ten and
yeah it’s got to be a quick strike at this point is they trail by four
touchdowns again this is the number four ranked team in the state in the Mustangs
Saxbys last loss the last game of glass The Woodlands throw outside through the
wide receiver that’s number 11 with the cash out of course is Trent day or is
that not partly that’s 17 that’s Cameron chroma with the catch
wait the Hawks hold on here they’ll advance to the fourth around and that’s
the furthest they’ve ever gone before either second trip to the fourth round
in school history there’s a snap maiden looking to throw it he’s got plenty of
time rolls out to his left here comes pressure he throws it out there and his
short hops is intended receiver trendy so pretty good coverage down Phil
Scoggins he had all day to throw yeah hey yet he they flooded this left side
with four receivers too short too long the last the last one he threw it that
receiver got a little bit open but jaylen rolling out just couldn’t get
enough strength behind this pass yeah Trent Dean was open but he’s having to
throw it back count it back to the middle of the field even though he was
rolling second down and ten there’s a snap matin
again also time now eight get some pressure throws it out of the backfield
too cold down the sideline cold may have a first down here’s a question that we
have not addressed yet where the heck is has Christie Colvin today yeah they just
how many times has he touched the ball today Steve I bet he hadn’t touched the
ball more than what seven times maybe five times receiving or rushing it makes
me wonder if he’s hurt this is very an issue of course the game you know they
are coming from behind but still get the ball on Christian goals hands there’s a
snap to quick throw out and go ahead right there on the sideline and the pass
is incomplete another way of looking at it hinders sentiments so good they
tipped the game out of Christie’s pull his hands and put it into Jalen made his
hands and so far it’s paying up watch the hit here yeah that’s a pretty good
shot up high it looked legal even on the replay look it was close
but when you get up on saxy you kind of take Christian Cole out of the game and
this is a good example they can’t run if they gotta throw it every down second
down and 10 Maiden in some pressure here comes the flag that’s going to be a
holding call he’s looking towards the end zone but that one’s going to be a
10-yard holding against the Mustangs should be it is quick call from Kelly
Rutherford in their gonna decline this at least the referee is suggesting they
decline he’s saying you want to decline this don’t you coach they are gonna take it Kelly was telling
him hey it coach I suggest you don’t take this penalty
you know what field position is very important right now absolutely today
it’s your question you were talking to earlier scott christian coles carried
the ball only eight times in this game they kind of took him out of the game
and he’s got one catch so his tight you know actually touched the ball nine
times here in this game he’s not known very much as a receiver so it’s really
not their fault it’s the defense just can’t stop injured made look at the
throw he’s in front of his intended receiver I believe that’s number nine
out there was Drew Jackson and they just can’t connect you know kind of like Zeke
le the cowboy sacks he’s best when they’re ahead and can’t just feed the
monster Christian : today they hadn’t had much chance to
feed him and Jalen’s been off quite a bit today that one was high although he
was trying to fit it trying to fit it into a thimble there so now you got a
third down a twenty needed for the first down plenty of time
Maiden’s gonna scramble he’s gonna just tuck it and run here and of course the
Hawks converge on him and they’re gonna hold him short of the first down but of
course you went for and on fourth and ten in your own territory you’re
definitely going to go for it on fourth and six here and that’ll be the last
play of the third quarter and you are correct well can you stop score 28 to
nothing in the fourth Wilson you absolutely can try and that’s what the
Mustangs are gonna do we come back for break our score at the end of three here
a Waco ISD stadium the Hendrickson Hawks 42 the saxy Mustangs 14 we’ll be back in
just a moment on GRS TVs we are back to the start of the fourth
quarter Hendrickson on top 42 to 14 and again
just in shock here is we’ve really expected the Mustangs to come out on top
on this one and there’s still time no part of it Steve is we didn’t know
anything about this team not a lot of information it’s a fairly new
programming the unknown can jump up and bite you
so here we go four down to six of Mustangs have to go forward here there’s
the snap maiden look at the flow here comes pressure he’s gonna scramble out
of it no he’s not he’s gonna go down and another turnover on downs for the
Mustangs but when you’re forced into having to
throw on every down these are the things that will happen to you that 32 coming
right up the middle again boys had an active day in the back field yes he has
32 is currently young a junior defensive end for the Hawks and they’re gonna take
over first and 10 at their own 38 John that’s just run clock here if you’re hit
listen and look at the body language from sack see right now the ones on the
field you know it’s you can just kind of tell if you just walked in here you kind
of tell that they’re probably charlie so first intent Hawks here just underway
in the fourth there’s the handoff to number five breaks a couple tackles
still on his feet one nice tough run by that young man he
gains five yards and that was a Timmy on Jackson with the carry right now I think
we’re gonna see whether there’s any quit in the Mustangs because if you’re
Hendrickson the clock is your best friend you want that clock to tick and
not stop just run the ball if you don’t get the first down so what you want to
kill as much clock as possible they’re not gonna throw it to at least third and
I would doubt they’re gonna throw it again at all yeah do quarterback in the
game number 17 Adam Cousins he is a junior who has put up some stats this
year but boy it’s gotten that bad where they’re gonna change quarterbacks run
the counter that time to the running back once again number five Jackson and
he’s gonna pick up maybe or actually part me he’s gonna lose half a yard it
looks like they’re gonna mark him back at the 42 and set up a third down and
six and the clock is not running right now and I’m not sure what next year
plane no I’m not complaining at all I’m just I was trying to see how much time
was left and this kid at the quarterback because it’s 34 is 72 for 332 yards I
get the feeling he’s come in late games clean up the game Hendrickson’s had some
pretty one-sided scores this year’s teams at this level the playoffs have
had a lot of blowout wins that’s true Cal was hoping there was 1042 left in
the first quarter but unfortunately not sure that would do him any good to be
honest we Timmy on Jackson with the carry for one yard so it’s gonna be
fourth down and floor and look who made the tackle that’s cedric johnson unless
somebody else is wearing his old uniform no cedric number 6
cedric is number 6 i cannot believe he did own that tackle it looks like cedric
supposedly hit a torn knee it was out for this season and you would put him in
in a game like this I’m really surprised at that Cedric Johnson and yet he is
were number 6 it has that build but it’s a defensive lineman he’s lining up as
right now I’m suspicious of this so the Hawks looking to punt it away here one
second remaining on the play clock and they get the rugby style punt off drew
Jackson’s gonna let it bounce and then the Hawks gonna down at Ft 23 so the
Mustang offense will come back on the field a good job by the defense to hold
the Hawks to a three and out and get in time becoming in issue obviously now for
saxy well you’ve got a score on every possession and you’ve got it maybe get a
turnover or two from the other team and you’ve got to come on for the defensive
stuff in other words there needs to be a lot of one-two-three punch from
Hendrickson and we just hadn’t seen it since the first quarter but you’ve gotta
you’ve gotta you got to keep throwing it you got to throw it deep if you’re saxy
you can’t just run it or dink it anymore which they tried to do but they cannot
get the protection for maiden you know that’s broken down here in the second
half yes it has they’ve got actually a pretty
good job with that rush all day so first intent for the Mustangs at the their own
24 yard line empty backfield look once again there’s a snap a low snap to mate
and he’s able to get it out of the off the turf and boy
nice throw down the sideline and stepping out of bounds after a gain of
almost 17 however it is I believe that’s number 17 that with the catch as well
Cameron comer Trent Dean there was one defender over there who had a shot at
even see right there what a great flurry d Clady block by Trent Dean so 17-yard gain and also stops a clock
by getting out of bound so Mustangs look to keep the drive alive
here first and 10 there’s a snap maiden with some pressure but gets it out
quickly the chromers are starting to pay it play a little bit of a safety defense
here’s just dropping looks like they’re rushing I should say only three as their content to let saxy kind of you
know get yards up the field as long as I don’t let anything get behind it for a
quick score 34 seniors of the sexy team could be playing their final quarter
and a lot of those are big names Christy Cole jaylen made just a name to run out
the top to bring for this time with pressure but no pressure made looks
across the middle he’s got a wide open receiver and guess what
good sign for the Mustangs is that what catch was made by number 7 Derrick Rose
who’s back in the game yeah just a simple crossing route it’s easier to get
open on crossing routes than any other route nobody was even trailing him I got
the feeling they dropped into a deep zone here you don’t want to give up that
much but just keep everything in front first and 10 Mustangs at the 18 yard
line Maiden looking to throw it now the pressure comes from behind it he’s gonna
go down we never saw the defender at his back he stepped that when you step up
you lose track of anybody who was behind you and number 31 just stepped up and
hit him from behind you’re lucky you don’t lose the ball as the quarterback
on a on an unexpected hit from JP epic 403 yards for Hendrickson compared to
289 that’s a big story right there 2 yard loss on the sack there second down
to 12 there’s a snap made – looking to throw it here comes pressure from around
the end again he steps up boy great play by Maiden and then he’s just gonna kind
of shovel it forward to believe that’s number seven here apartment has 17
Cromer so Cromer’s touched the ball quite often here in the fourth quarter
one of the big changes this week compared to most of the season mate and
has not been able to scramble very well he’s had time to find his initial
receivers but once it breaks down Hendricks has done a great job of
keeping him contained his good runs have come off of play calls where they asked
you to run with it scrambling has been unavailable most of the day that’s been
yeah they got a golf course over to the right over here stage you see that
pattern a there’s the throw and a first down catch is made by number seven
Derrick Rose and there might be a par three course actually I’ve played that
course I think that’s Cottonwood Creek or something probably that’s correct
one of those holes is almost in the end zone over here again they’re giving them
a huge cushion right now just you know making them working in the end work that
clock even if they scored it’s working because the clocks down to 722 just
don’t give up a big play make them take 10 plays to score and it’s working very
effectively so first and goal for the Mustangs at the six yard line there
we’re gonna cut this lead to 21 here if they can get it in the end zone with the
extra point made to look at the throat he’s got time it’s gonna scramble out to
his left throws it to the end zone and in and out of the hands of number 11
Trent Dean I believe but if you’re gonna throw that pass and throw it as hard as
Jalen did you better hit the receiver in the stomach because that was an almost
impossible catch it was a little bit wide and thrown really hard and Trent
really never had a chance as you’ll see here here’s a look at it again and
almost holding there see there I mean it just was not a good
pass yeah just fired it in he barely got it maybe a fingertip on it so second a
Gold trips look to the top of your screen one receiver to the bottom
Maiden’s gonna roll to his left throw towards the end zone the catch is made
Trent Dean that is an easy touchdown and just like that the Mustangs back within
three possession Steve I mean I want to say it right now
I’m getting ready to say sexy has a chance it might only be a five to ten
percent chance but you get the extra point I think they’re gonna have start
trying the onside kicks absolutely the problem is they cannot stop Hendrickson
if they had had some defensive stops here in the second half I think their
chances will be a whole lot better as that was Cedric Johnson so that is
somebody else wearing his number six extra point attempt for the Mustangs is
up and good so a little bit of life here for the Mustangs this game not over look
at number 11 Trent Dean on the sidelines it just scored the touchdown as we head
to break our score was 7 or 9 remaining Hendrickson 42 saxy 21 if they drive 40 yards or 70 yards what
difference does it make actually they drive 40 yards a lot quicker than 70
Hertz like a Trent Dean they’re on the fence it’s where you are back from break
and and he is a junior receiver so he will be back next year
and a nice touchdown reception by him what with the Mustangs they just
offensively than just not been able to get things going much here they’ve just
scored their 21st point of the game and we’ve only got 709 remaining so the
Hawks of course is certainly thinking onside kick here let’s see what the
Mustangs elect to do is they do have it overloaded they’re on the left side or
the right footed kicker so they’re gonna go for it here so here’s your onside
kick boy that one’s an easy one goes right to the hawk return man and he’s
able to grab it I believe that’s number 6 the manual wheeler and of course I
make that sound like it’s the easiest thing in the world to do but what you
want to try to do of course to get that kick to get that big hog and that would
just kind of stay right there on the ground
you do that by corralling the kick but you hit when he kick it and you picked a
top half of that ball but you give it like the third hop could be a good hop
for you he got none of that kind of action on
the ball that’s why it was an easy play if you’re Hendrickson you don’t have to
have a first down here just run three plays and get as much time off that
clock and it’s gonna eventually make it impossible for saxy as if it didn’t
already so number 17 Adam Cousins is still in the game of
quarter did a little surprised by that but 22 Jackson is back on the field and
he takes the handoff up the middle for our yard they feel it’s important enough
to have Jackson at though so you think that you know the first person you
concern yourself with whether to pole or not as your quarterback because if snaps
and things like that and yet he was the first one they pulled makes me wonder if
he may have an injury or something I doubt that he’s throwing the ball down
here why would you have him warming up on the sidelines
I guess he’s always throwing a ball and so he just doing it just for the fun of
it so gain of a yard on that last carry by DJ Jackson 2nd down and 9 to getting
there running as much time off the clock with each yeah play clock under 5
exactly and they’re not gonna get this one off yeah that time they took a
little too much time they’re gonna have to call timeouts they could have done
that on purpose I would doubt it I’ll tell you what let’s just keep it here
Scott talked a little bit about this game again you know coming in sexy
obviously you know probably to everyone outside of the pflugerville area
you know we’re saxena everybody I think expected them to come in here and win
this game number four ranked 2 the stayed undefeated 12 and oh really
haven’t had much you know much teams that have been close to him this year
they’ve blown out pretty much everybody that they played and
you know Hendrickson’s just did a good job here today to kind of keep them off
balance yeah I thought the offensive whoever’s making the play calls it was
the MVP in the first half and saxy on their heels especially earlier they went
with that hurry up offense which might have been a little surprising and sacks
he just didn’t know what they were gonna do next they couldn’t stop and they
haven’t done a much better job in the second half of stopping him you know 21
points is not bad from saxy quarterback keeps it up the middle and gains nothing
and I believe the Mustangs may have used a timeout here and they do you know we
keep praising the Hendricks and offense their defense is covered well in the
secondary they’ve gotten a great pass rush all day long and I think again
that’s me one of the keys feeling made is a good scrambler he’s a good avoider
well he’s been able to run the ball at times on on called runs boring but when
he’s dropped back the pass he’s had very little pocket and he stepped up and he
stepped right into trouble all day long they’ve him they meant very well yes
they haven’t eaten so we’re inside of seven minutes approaching six minutes
and I was wondering when Coach Bears was going to start using timeouts and he
picked this time to do it of course it’s gonna be third down and long so he uses
his first time out of the second half they stopped two remaining I’ll say it
one more time and again the chances are now probably three four said this game
is not over but we’re almost to 0% we’re getting there there’s still half
the fourth quarter to go here there’s a look at coach Red Baron’s hair on the
sidelines and report congratulations to him either you know regardless of
whether he wins or loses tonight 12 an old record of course they were six and
OH undefeated in district play and that the furthest they’ve ever made it to the
playoffs he’s had a great year this year this has been a great team for the
Mustangs roll out pass or looking to throw it here which is interesting you
know in and out of the hands so real interesting it’s real this thing it
stops the clock it’s actually now even if they completed it I don’t agree with
a call because you’re gonna you got a chance of stopping the clock it almost
was picked off by the way well you certainly pump the ball here I would
think there’s a lookout again in and out of
the hands then again you don’t want to take a chance of a high snap or
something don’t be surprised if they go for this deep because you’re gonna give
it to them inside the 50 if you get a couple of yards and they look like
they’re going for it this does not shock me yeah they’re
gonna step back here and punt it away Scott I think you’ve got upon it here
well I would get rid of it quickly well she almost got it blocked and if they’re
straight up in the air and it bounces out of bounds at around the 33 yard line
they’re pretty confident I’ll tell you they got their backup quarterback in
there they try and punt it they try a rugby style where it almost got blocked
it might have gone through the arms of the guy rushing it I mean they’re living
on the edge here yes they are Wow how do you not block that again I’ll go back to
it boy just an interesting play call they’re on third down I understand what
the code you know if the pass is complete boy the the Hawks coaching
staff they’re geniuses because they picked up a fresh set of downs they can
run more time but I believe that sometimes you judge a decision by by the
decision not by the result so first two 10 Mustangs if they can get a quick
score here Scott we’ve got a ball game once again made looking to throw it
across the middle and for nobody there in Italy he may have been held up that
time but no flag is thrown I always like to look to read Barron’s when I put my
arms in the air my palms in the air Red Baron’s had his palms in the air
looked like he was hell more than interference here’s your
replay we may not see it from this angle if maybe it looks at the left side of
your screen there was hard hard to tell you but it does indeed look like the
receiver was held up momentarily so second down made and looking to want it
and he’s got to try to get out of bounds here picks up as many yards as he can
you guys pick up the first down so they’ll stop the clock momentary he’s
able to do what they’ve had trouble with all day getting out of the pocket and
getting good yardage same he had a long run to get to the sideline so I kind of
agree would get what you can when you’re start from the middle of the field he
may have tried and still not gotten that event where it’s not a five and a half
minutes now maiden looking to throw it holds the ball now he’s got a tuck it
looking to run once again and he’s going to be tackled from behind wide at
midfield and a gain of about four yards but more importantly the clock continues
to run as we approach five minutes and look at Jalen the fatherland he looks
tired Benny yes he does he is moseyin back to that line of scrimmage see right
after I said they’ve had trouble doing this all day he makes two nice runs out
of the pocket as time throws across the middle catch
is made and then sliding down at the 30 number seven once again Hendrickson’s
trying to say that the ball was on the turf they’re just trying to buy a call
that look like a good call all the way we’ll see it here on the replay whether
he dropped it there perfect ass by the way I think you kept it off the turf and
good good play yeah I think so too you got a score pretty quickly here
Steve 1st to 10 at the 30 Maine throws outside if the catches maybe we’ll get
out of bounds yeah boy number 9 drew Jackson doesn’t get out of bounds he
does make the catch close to the first down that’s a positive in other words
the clock is stopped momentarily to move the chains
could be worse get up there and you run the next play as quickly as you possibly
can that’s what you’ve got to be ready for as they now start the clock first
and ten at the 20 now no give up back in garland there’s a snap made looking to
throw it still look at here comes from behind gonna throw it towards the end
zone and just out of the reach of his intended receiver on first down with a
clock running that’s not a bad eighth completion looking once again for
Derrick Rose who’s had a big game here the only thing that’s not gonna work
Steve or all these short passes you’re gonna have to bust the big one somewhere
to give yourself a chance you gotta have take some shots
Hendrickson is letting you have these 10-yard completions every one of them
that you want you’ve got and it’s not gonna do you a lot of good when that
clock finally runs out on their season second down to 10 made it look at the
throw here comes pressure but he gets the throw out and out of bounds a great
play there by chroma now if you do get out of bounds every 10 yarder is much
more valuable if you don’t get out of bounds it’s a killer good job here by
Chrome or curse they ran it out pattern where it’s kind of hard not to get out
about third down a wall but they’re still plenty of time in this game 4:13
well we’d caught plenty but it the percentages are about 3% now would you
agree maybe 5% put a percentage on it after this play made to look at the
throw to the end zone the catch is made for a touchdown and just like that the
Mustangs within two scores – Derrick Rose now what would your
percentage be on a possible comeback with I’m gonna give him about 20% at
this point I’d go up to ten maybe that clock is the biggest problem statement
you’ve got to recover an onside kick here I would think to have any chance so
the extra point come over here I’d love for Hendrickson to throw some footballs
in the air instead of run the football like they did on that last yeah third
down that was it look how much that’s saved right there kick is up and the
extra point is good so don’t go away just yet who predicted in about twenty
minutes ago I said I know this might sound crazy but I really need what I’m
gonna say saxy has a chance just said that a quite a while ago Derrick Rose
with the touchdown we’ll take a quick break our score Hendrickson 42 saxy 28
on g RS TV boy there’s a look on the sideline at
number seven for the saxy Mustangs that was Derek Lowe’s after making a
touchdown catch and mentioned how big of a game he’s having eight catches 128
yards and two touchdowns today for the junior wide receiver and he is a junior
by the houses looking at that he’s one of the key players who will be back next
year he’ll be he’ll be the main receiver I’m sure next year Judy’s the main
receiver right now well I tell you what that was a great kick that time and the
Mustangs almost came up with the recovery as it did bounce up high watch
this Scott on the replay he gets the hop I was missing right here goes over the
place look right here yeah loose boy been number three is able to grab it if
they could have popped that kid as he reached back to get it they could have
popped it loose timing is everything and it was not with sack see they’re so
starting quarterback for the Hawks back on the field now that number 12 Blaine
Barker and yeah I like the decision yeah the Mustangs the only department the
Mustangs have two timeouts left so you would assume they’re gonna use both of
them here on this possession there goes the fake handoff quarterback tries to
get outside man he’s gonna lose about five yards and read quickly calls a
timeout tell you it’s gonna take an onside kick recovery and it’s gonna have
to be next time if there is a next time but I’d say the percentage is now 15 to
20 percent all I want is credit when they come back and win this game
that’s only one so the second time out of the second half is call out that’ll
leave the Mustangs with one we’ll keep it here as you take a look at the band
for the Mustangs tell you what you worry about in this situation you figure
they’re gonna run the ball if that if that back like Jackson gets to the
second level slips through a hole he could probably go the distance let’s
check how many people or inching up on that sexy defense guess
won’t you do that if you bust it and get to that third level you’re gone with
Jackson’s speech and then that’s the one thing sexy doesn’t need one big play and
you definitely could say this game is over so second down and 15 now after the
five-yard loss and look at the way they’re spread in the field though with
three receivers spread out that defense a little bit yeah there’s not a lot in
the box but look right up the middle if he was to slip one to the next level
Jess sweep look here quarterback keeps it up the middle he’s gonna be taken
down after no gain and the Mustangs used their final timeout I like the use of
the timeouts by the way that if you looked across the way there’s a lot of
people on there on their feet over there on the saxy side and I’m seeing a lot of
cheering they still seem to be in the game I think they feel like over there
there’s still a chance now they don’t think I’m crazy so the I look crazy at 42 to 14 I’ll
admit that so the third and final timeout called here by the Mustangs so
they will have none but more importantly the Hawks are gonna be facing a third
down and 15 and you again as tempted as you might be to pass here you’ve got to
keep it on the ground you’ve got to go sexiest no timeout so you run a play you
don’t get it and then you run that play clock down maybe even take a timeout and
get as much time off before you pump the ball away and remember they’re behind
the change so they would put if it’s like this on fourth down fourth and 14
for 250 so here we go big play obviously in this game third down in about 15
here’s a prediction I’d run some kind of nekkid bootleg get fake one way half
Barker go the other way cool sexy and it’s a pretty safe play –
there’s the there go oh there they hand it off and Jason does not escape the
tackle with number 44 that is a huge play in the game mr. Starks kilo stars
who replace Cedric Jackson right now that’s the first step to a big comeback
if they can they’re gonna have to score pretty quickly though Steve and then get
an onside kick so they run the two-step counter and he’s gonna lose a yard on
the place of the saxy defense coming up big if he did not get that tackle I
think the game is over cuz I think with Jackson’s speed he might have gone the
distance he would have been in the open field at least and then you got to chase
him down somehow that’s a huge tackle from kilo stone so here we go again
number 9 drew Jackson set to return the kick and there’s a snap a good snap the
kick is away and Jackson may have a chance to return this one and he breaks
one tackle trying to get outside but he’s gonna be taken down around the 27
more importantly we are inside of three minutes to go you know pretty nice punt
distance-wise it had very little hang time which meant it was very returnable
but give credit to that punt coverage they had people down there in a hurry
as low as that kick was he figured it would lead to a nice return and he got a
little bit but it could have been a lot more so again to set the game for you
right here the Mustangs was the first and 10 de niro 27 no timeouts remaining
and they drove in this game by 14 it’s a lot more surmountable than than 42 to 14
was a little while ago and there was only remember I said there was about six
minutes left prediction so famine killed a lot of
clocks since then so here we go we know the Mustangs can score in a hurry made
and look at the throat he throws it outside the comer who gets out of the
bounds after a gain of about two stops the clock of course you gotta what what
you’re hoping for here some crossing around though the easiest routes to get
Oakland on especially if they’re in the zone so go with the crossing route
that’s what your deeper shot is but I have a feeling they’re not gonna go real
deep they’re gonna stay a little conservative there’s st. Cromer in
motion here look at the safeties they’re not very big there’s the snap maiden
throws a quick out to Chrome already breaks the tackle guess what down the
sideline finally knocked out of bounds but he’s inside hawk territory at the 37
do you believe about 30 minutes ago do you believe Red
Baron’s rooting on mr. kraler down that sideline baton look at the throw the
screen pass Cole’s got a lot of room out here he’s across the 30 and he gets out
of bounds and around the 24 so where the Mustangs are not taking much time off
the clock now if I’m a coach if I’m a special teams coach I’m working with
that kicker on the sideline do you remember how to kick the onside kick I’m
practicing it right now that’s gonna be the key to this comeback you’re gonna
have to get one onside kick recovery there’s a snap made look at the throat
he’s got all sorts of time throws it for gain and he overthrows him team was
sitting in a cruel routed around the 11 and he just went out of his reach when
you over a throw like that when they’re playing real soft with deep safety those
kind of plays are so easily picked off they’re lucky that was not intercepted
cuz that was really tall look it’s also Bobby
look I slipped off his hand maybe second down and 10 made it look at the throw it
here he comes outside and the catch is made that should be enough for the first
down once again his leading receiver number 7 Derrick Rose and let’s say this
right now there’s no quit the Mustangs we certainly can’t say they quit to them
absolutely not they did not get out of bounds
unfortunately but it was a tough nice catch first into there’s two minutes yes
snap main throw to end zone touchdown Mustangs and guess who do we need to say who
folks do you know who number seven is yet you should he’s had a heck of a day
that’s Derrick Rose without Derrick Rose or would sack CB today we’re gonna give
you his updated stats here in a moment always hurt though unfortunately got
heard earlier Steven he’s probably still feeling it but remember the shoulder
injury this looks like a shoulder maybe oh boy we’ve got another injured Mustang
right what’s the never look like eighteen I believe that seventy eight
that is miles and McAdory and they can ill afford to lose him now a nice little
time out here though to rest me everybody’s on a knee out there you can
drop the proverbial pin and hear it drop it’s so quiet in here except for my big
mouth he’s in some pain down there Steve and just the look on his face well
they’re taking a look at him we’re gonna take a break we’ve got to 18 remaining
here in the game our score Hendrickson 42 you 17 34 you sound like a golf
announcer you’re real quiet boy so excitement and then you know you
see it kind of lead the the park as a escort out of number 78 miles McAdory
and hopefully he’s gonna be okay but that does not look good and if they can
get their offense back on the field what you do is say who’s our best passer
rusher on the earth best pass protector on the bench they don’t need a run
blocker they need a pass blocker if they can get the ball back extra point a big
one here and it’s good it’s amazing how little time has come off that clock
while they’ve been doing this Steve I believe at 42 to 14 there was 6 minutes
and 15 seconds on that clock now they’re within 7 and there’s still 2 minutes in
17 seconds they could use the onside kick but I don’t think it’s absolutely
essential they might they’re gonna have a little
bit of time left hopefully even if they stop a 1 2 3 yeah you’ve got it you’ve
got it on side here Scott because boy it’s great
well I’m not arguing I’m saying even if they don’t get it they have a slim
chance of getting the ball back with just a few seconds left right forgot to
try the onside kick I’m not arguing with that yeah absolutely so here we go and
this is gonna be the game here and boy I’ll tell you what how big once again
was that third down Paul by a Hendrickson when it was still 42 21 now
a sudden it’s 42 35 because then you could say they definitely couldn’t run
out the clock if you don’t get the outside kick now I think there’s a slim
chance they’ll have a few seconds anyway so here we go and it’s gonna be Reyes
again that’s going to try the kid this is when the pressure gets a lot
greater and to remember the last one was a good one it was just a great look
there we go ball is loose I think hitters got it I
don’t think it went ten yards either quite frankly but Hendrickson did fall
on it once again number three man Tobias Harris has been big on these onside
kicks he’s got if we get to see the replay
here we haven’t here here we go from our camera crew I don’t think it gets ten
before it gets touched by Saxony let’s see here it is right there it’s close
kind of hard to tell and then for the replay it was but number three comes up
with a big play and now Hendrickson could take a knee three times and the
scenario as you said Scott there’s only gonna be seconds left but I think sexy
could get the ball back it’s a 25 second clock there’s a snap they’re gonna
Wildcat it and he’s got to cut it in bounds and stays in bounds so the clock
will continue to run and that’s a nice gain of about six what are you doing
running outside state wide give it a chance of getting knocked out of bounds
you run between the tackles you don’t even get near the numbers I cannot
believe the play come even if it gets first down so what if it got out of
bounds you know you start over so Hendrickson taking all the time off the
clock you see the quarterback run over and talked to the coach and now he’s
back on the field as a play clock is approaching Tim I almost take a knee
here just to avoid the guy running out of bounds well that’s why I said you
take a knee three times but here we go because you can have a fumble anything
else quarterback with the keeper he’s got a first down that should do it now
because now all they have to do is take a name yeah
25 well the play clock starts now but they haven’t restarted the clock and now
they restart the clock yeah I think you’re right now even if you have to run
a play on 4th I think the game is over and I think it’s only going to take
three snaps now well give saxy credit they almost did it for they sure did right now it’s 1312 on the play 107 106
on the game yeah they’re gonna line up in victory formation is they’re gonna
drop DJ Jackson back he has had a great game DJ Jackson sure there’s a snap and
there’s your knee and they will let the clock continue run boy and I’ll tell you
what this final minute Scott again just want to give a shout-out and kudos to
the saxy Mustangs on the tremendous year that they had 34 seniors are playing
their last game this Mustang team you know coming into the season I think we
all knew how good they were gonna be and you know 12 and oh they were undefeated
up until this mark and they’re not gonna quite get it done today but we’re a heck
of an effort to in the fourth quarter to come back when it was down 42 to 14 just
started about one possession to late if they had started at 2 3 minutes earlier
they could get the ball back here and we watch the final seconds tick down
and once again say congratulations coach red barons and the saxy Mustangs a heck
of a year and I’ll tell you what they will be back as well they’ve got a lot
of talent even though you mentioned the senior Scott they’ve got a lot of talent
returned oh yeah but I’ll tell you the mark of a good program is when you lose
34 seniors that’s when you find out if you have a program or just a team a
program reloads you don’t rebuild with a program that’s good you reload and don’t
be surprised if Saxbys right back as a district champion next year they’re
still gonna be a good football team I’m sure absolutely they’ve got a lot of
seniors are losing but one player they do have coming back there it grows there
with Seabrook Derrick Rose 10 catches 152 yards and 3 touchdowns today so
great game guy that young man but I think we are now ready to sign off of
Waco is nation white Waco highest league stadium Scott pal along with Steve
Reeves will be joined at our final score Hendrickson 42 saxy 35 we’ll see you
next time on GRS TV

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