Garland ISD: GISD Football Rowlett vs Sachse

Garland ISD: GISD Football Rowlett vs  Sachse

[music] a 45 degree temperature a north wind and
expected low of freezing tonight in scattered sleet in the afternoon yes
fall has arrived here in North Texas and here at Williams Stadium in Garland, we
are set to bring you another edition of Garland ISD football here on GRS TV glad
you’re with us tonight Scott Powell along with my partner John Wilborn. Boy what
a match up we’ve got tonight how about this for a setting we’ve got the two
largest schools in the garland ISD we’ve got a capacity crowd and by the way
we’ve got two good football teams ready to square off here two teams tied for
first place at three and oh and district 10 6a saxy undefeated on the year at
seven and oh they’re number three in the state number our number three in the
area number six in the state of Texas Rowlett three you know as I mentioned
and they’re four and three overall playoff berths at stake here tonight the
winner is definitely in the playoffs and the winner of this game John will have a
foothold on probably a district championship by the time this season is
over I’ll agree Scott this is the game hereby circle again disease
some people’s minds this is the championship game well in a tall white
with their maroon helmets going right to left and they take the opening kickoff
as saxy deferred after winning the flip there’s a little mini end-around
that’s going to lead to a short return gilli down at the 12 so bad field
position for Rowlett on the first possession of this game sack see a
little unusual uniform they got their white helmets with their orange insignia
the Mustang on the helmet but they’re not no orange anywhere as they’ve got
their charcoal gray tops with gray numbers and white pants tonight they
look a little bit like roulette while Rowlett looks like Rowlett with that
maroon trim all over that white uniform here comes Preston week’s number 16 the
quarterback three-year starter he’s in shotgun with two receivers each way
that’s a total of four receivers and the one back is Monty a laying weeks will
hand it to lang he’ll cut it in cut it out breaks a tackle ball is loose but
recovers it johnny-on-the-spot was Antonio hole or that would have been an
early turnover against Tarawa let’s look at the Eagles offensively
they averaged 30 points a ball game good balance hundred fifty seven a game on
the ground fourth in the Metroplex through the air at 231 a game 388 total
that’s 19th in the Metroplex second and seven from the 15 for the Eagles another
hand to Lane gets it off around the corner around right tackle as he slides
out for what should be a first down at the 23 and that’ll be a gain of 8 yards
you look at the numbers defensively for sack see very good they’re number one in
points allowed at seven a game number one in passing defense 77 a game number
one in total defense at 160 a game they’re number two in rushing but a very
good saxy defense against a pretty good round offense laying the top running
back with just under 500 yards six point three a carry coming in
and here’s the first pass of the night from Preston weeks and it should have
gone for a short game but fighting for extra yardage was Christian Booker and
he got nine out of that Booker a one of several good receivers for Rowlett Jerry
Evans with the most catches 28 for 416 next play is that go quickly another
handoff that will be short of the first down third down coming Dakota Gilley 37
through 387 and then ou ton Antonio hole 24 for 293 John relative area balance
they’ve got three receivers with 24 or more catches a lot of weapons out there
I’d like to spread it around a little bit to everybody Scott from the 32 it’s
third and 1 for the Eagles yeah make it third and 2 from the 31 to back said
this time with three receivers all over the field
weaks is in between the two running backs long snap count handoff and a loss
from the get-go as that’ll be laying you had no chance he was covered up right
after he took the handoff at the 28 that’s a loss of four and a defensive
stand for saxy to start this ball game hannes Spears came up big on the plate
you read it and he got there before almost at the handoff spear is one of
the big members of that defensive line one of the keys to this top-rated
Metroplex defense from sexy first punt of the night good rush just barely
getting it off and they’re gonna let it bounce around and it’ll be down I’m
trying to get that punters number there we go as he finally slightly turns for
me down there on the field that was a number 45 Lewis Aranea saxy will go
offensive Lee the top scoring team in the Metroplex in 52 a game they are
number three and rushing at 296 that’s 296 a game on the ground
and third in total offense in the area at 464 as impressive as ralindis
offensively sacks he’s even more impressive with their numbers Rowlett
19th and scoring defense at 24 game twenty first and rushing defense at 177
so that rushing defense against the sack see rushing offense that’ll be a good
matchup tonight and they throw on the first play a deep slanting complete to
tall for the intended receiver that was Drew Jackson so it’ll be second and ten
coming the quarterback Jalen Maiden with 1,100
yards but he does not make a lot of mistakes John 17 touchdown passes and no
interceptions Christian Cole a thousand and 17 yards rushing eight and a half a
carry and 12 touchdowns and he is the main back in this rushing attack get a
hand it to Cole sweet ride he has cut down quickly he didn’t even get back to
the line of scrimmage before he was cut down by linebackers Sam Dan ler good
penetration there from the Riley defense as we look at the replay John watch that
corner there was that Carter that’s the core interesting he gets the first carry
of the night instead of the starter Christian cult good call there as I
always like to say I like for my partner to have better eyes than I do and you
were a good hire sir third and ten swing bass cold wide open
he’s gonna go the distance down this near sideline touchdown sexy coming out of that backfield look at the
replay scene we can see the Blitz right up the middle
and Cole this all by himself nobody was home and Cole with enough speed got some
blocking upfield extra point coming and it is jac forcement with the p80 or
was that peyton rae s really hard to read these charcoal great numbers
tonight for saxy unfortunately anyway the point after is good we got a timeout
on the field 816 left opening quarter sack see with the first score they lead
a rally at seven to nothing here on GRS TV and we’re back saxy strikes quickly on
their first possession 53-yard touchdown pass to Christian Cole coming out of the
backfield on that little wheel route to the running back and Christian with a
good speed just beat the entire secondary to the Enzo here’s the kickoff this is Reyes and I think Reyes kick the
extra point will fake end around this time good running room on the return
dakota kelly may get a late hit somebody hit him eyes on the ground but no
penalty marker at the 30 so that will give her a lit the first and 10 there so first in ten are allied at the thirty
their second possession they had to punt the football away after a one two three
first set trying to get some stats up and we’re struggling with the computer
tonight fake handoff weeks old keep it he fights his way for whatever he can
get pretty good defense there is he got four out to the 34 yard line was a very
nice read by weeks on that word went out for left tackle quick pass out caught for no game though
cut down immediately after the catch was Antonio hole so it’s gonna be third down
in six Rolla here on the replay good coverage from sacks he hold never had a
chance after catching that ball the first hit on that tackle was by Brice
Robinson third down pass coming from weeks over the middle incomplete good
coverage might have been a little early on the head but either way no flag and
it’s an incompletion just look like pretty good defense on Christian Booker
and doing the defending before saxy was Braylon Brooks let’s see if he arrived
early or not John on the replay yeah I think he got away with one on that one
really hard to tell from that angle but he was draped over the back wouldn’t he
I think he was a little Scott well he got away with it that’s gonna force a
second consecutive Rowlett punt one-two-three punt for the Eagles so
saxy got a chance to get some more good field position already leading 7 to
nothing after the touchdown pass to Christian cult punt short returnable
this is sanders deion the son and he is going to be ruled down as he slipped
down at the 40 yard line pretty good coverage to there by Riley not a good
punt just 26 yards will give saxy good field position already leading again 7
to nothing if you’re around let the underdog you don’t want this one to get
away from you early here come the Mustangs with the play call from the
sideline gonna send three receivers out to the far side the left side one
receiver right that’s drew Jackson Christian Cole is the tailback to the
left of Jalen matin in shotgun it’s over a four-man front with three linebackers
Cole gets a hand short gain right up the middle just did
not get the blocking and the first hit was made by a gentleman who is not on
roster unfortunately no that’s 97 that’s Chris Abbott thought it said 87 no Chris
Abbott with the tackle going quickly on second down Maine long pass but it comes
up short it short enough to complete it he threw it under threw it to the
intended receiver Dru Jackson who kind of came back for the ball and that
allowed him to make a catch for first down at the rail at 34 that’s a great
play by Jackson going quickly again on first out Cole little window-shopping up
the middle found a hole and worked before he was tackled again by Chris
Abbott but he got seven on first down no-huddle have already got the play
quick passing the plate look like he was not on the same page with drew Jackson
Jackson kind of streaking up the numbers and Malin through kind of an out pass to
this near sideline at Jackson never saw it coming
it’s gonna set up a third down in 433 I should say probably four down territory
for the Mustangs again they just line up it’ll run another play quickly this is
kind of typical saxy football matin writes : to the hole a Christian is
going to be stumped short of the first down by a couple of yards again Chris
Abbott was their number 97 got some help looked like a 18 Anthony McCune was
there and here we go on fourth down call again a steady diet he breaks away
though from a tackle and that extra effort let’s see where they rule him
down they’re gonna rule him down short scar yeah they’re gonna say that he was
stopped outside of the 25 it looked like it the play continued and each team is
pleading their case they’re gonna say that is a down short of the first down sexy coaching staff does not say yeah
let’s see if we can get a read here’s your replay John what do you see here
did he touchdown number one I didn’t hear a whistle I don’t think it looks
like he might be down there it looks like it might be a good call but it’s
kind of hard to tell on that scrum yeah even if replay was a rule that high
school can’t get on call yeah I did there wasn’t enough evidence
no return it even if you could overturn it another defensive stop for RAL up
they’ve got it first intent at their 26 529 left here in the first quarter saxy
leading RAL at 7 to nothing four-man front a couple of linebackers as weeks
play action key throw down the middle cock Gilly was wide open to the 30 can
he break another tackle as a penalty marker flies by the way looks like we
may have an illegal block against christian booker way down field but what
a pass it catched by Dakota Gilley you’re gonna get a lot of this gain and
then they’re gonna mark off 15 probably back from the 28 of sack C it’ll be a
first in ten either what if the marker is correct on the spot foul this will
bring it back to about the 45 gonna run walk in the back offense number 12
ten-yard penalty from the spot of the foul first down yeah it turns out to be
a pretty good play John because you get a gain all the way to the 37 you just
don’t get it as far as Gilley went because of the spots out that’s a very
unusual call at that that wanted to feel there’s you see on the replay here he’s
wide open nearest defenders almost 10 yards behind
him right down the middle of the field Gilley with the big cash so Rowlett on
the Martir first intent laying the lone back to the left of weeks three
receivers to the far left side he’s gonna go right though intended from a
deer incomplete I think he just threw that ball a little bit early my dear not
ready for it a lot of their patterns are timing patterns and Madeira just barely
come out of his cut when the ball was throat breathing Brooks with the
coverage for sack see what a Saxon defensive back see doing a good job
they’re not let them just run free they’re hitting a mental not much cushion in other words second
and ten Rowlett from the saxy 37 bit crowd tonight here at Williams Stadium
this could be for the district championship tonight handoff to Montee
a-laying he hit up hit in over right guard and was hit backward and downed
after a one-yard gain good defense there from the left side of that sexy line looked like Bryce Robinson with another
tackle they had to his season total actually the first hit was made by Tyler
lacy who’s made a couple of plays tonight so third and nine could be four
down territory we should mention the wind Rowlett
normally would be going into this north wind tonight but it led up at game time
and it’s barely blowing at all now out of the north it’s made for a nice
evening it could be a lot colder out there the wind was blowing incomplete
pass tried to hit Gilly on the short out here to the left and it’s gonna bring up
a fourth and nine for Raley just not a good pass from weeks even if that was
completed it would have been so they’ll probably go for this even if
they tried the field goal it would be 53 yards
Rowlett normally has good place kickers but into whatever breeze there is
they’re going for it on fourth and nine they need the 30 excuse me the 27 of
sack see there’s movement in the defensive line penalty marker this could
be a free play as weeks threw it out of bounds to this near sideline intended
for Jerry Evans I’m thinking this is five yards against sack see I agree with
you Gilley once again 96 remains fourth down no
one’s covering Gilley I will go back to yearly vows were all there so another fourth down try this time
they only need five from the 32 weeks and shotgun a four receiver set Gillian
motion across the backfield weeks looking left time to throw fires too
tall and timid for the receiver Antonio hole hole had a step on the defender and
position and weeks is not throwing the ball very well tonight at least a little
inconsistent here in the early go and sax he holds it’ll take over Rana a
Jeannette would his coach over there on the sidelines I think they’re disgusted
that 405 left here in the first quarter saxy leading 7 to nothing and they’ll
have the football at their own 31 Jalen matin in shotgun as the quarterback
Christian Cole to his right two receivers each one matin has the snap
he’s gonna run the quarterback draw right up the middle and pretty good
yardage on first down he was tackled and hit from behind by chase Taylor who
makes a lot of tackles as a rally at linebacker decent little crease
initially design quarterback run on that and Maidan is dropped in the back field
for a short loss so we’re gonna have third and long coming gonna mark it at
the 36 so the directors beatin him beating in the backfield third and five
for the Mustangs two receivers etoy ball almost center of the field Maiden waits
for the snap threatening the Blitz is relative we got a penalty marker it’s
and moves it up well start offense number 62 five-yard penalty remains
third down so saxy is gonna need an extra five that’s going to make it third
and 10 at the 31 Jim need to get to the 41 and a half
here on third down matin play-action little time fires too tall the
quarterbacks are little high with the passes tonight that one was intended for
not sure who the receiver was there but it doesn’t matter it’s incomplete and we
got a punt coming whatever when there is we’ll be at the sack see punters back
here so the defenses have taken over since that Kohl touchdown reception two
good defenses this could be a could be a low-scoring game tonight when you get
two good teams together ray as the punter has to step to his left a little
bit to catch that off the ground but plenty of time pretty good kick bunker
catches it the 35 and gets a Oh an 11 yard return to the 46 so Rowlett with
good field position 251 left here in the first quarter I think the weather might
be a factor with the quarterbacks thanks guys yeah except the winds died so the
hands are not going to be as cold as they were with that northerly breeze
I’ll tell you folks an hour before kickoff the wind chill out here was
pretty brutal and now the wind is almost completely dead it’s turned out to be a
nice evening for football as a 30 or 4 yard punt for sack see get me wrong it’s cool out there could
be hard on the hands wicks quick out pass caught but downed immediately for a
loss great read there from the sack see
secondary ghillie caught it and was down to immediately by James White
number 33 as you see him there white Mason excellent jump on the ball second
and 13 Rowlett going quickly here in the first quarter two receivers each way
laying the lone back week straight drop gonna dump the screen off and it is
interrupted quickly on the Blitz nice play there from Cedric Johnson one of
those top two linebackers for saxy they read that metal screen from the get-go defenses have really taken over this
game John as you see they sour they drop back at Johnson’s johnny-on-the-spot
third and 13 or sacks he would have to punt it away here like they’re changing
the play weeks talking to his offensive line two receivers each way and that
looks like a Miz sitting there now the backup tailback weeks wants to throw
plenty of time stands tall now he’ll run with it up the middle he had grabbed
from behind and holding on for dear life it was tighter lacy with another stop
tonight then he got some help from his teammates sacks he holds here comes
another punt defense defense defense you don’t see games like this much anymore
weeks had plenty of time third punt of the night coming from the Eagles were
still in the first quarter and Dion the Sun is deep poor sexy that
Shiloh Sanders nice high kick he fumbles it backward the race is on for the
football Sanders picks it up and he’s down immediately the bomb biasts shot
through his arms and backward and that costs AXI some pretty good field
position but they’re lucky to have the football they’re very lucky he actually
tried to pick it up and still run with it so saxy were the first in ten as see
the replay here it just hit him in a bad spot yeah he turned his body sideways
lost 11 yards on the fumble so saxy is backed up for the first time tonight 129
first quarter the Mustangs are leading at 7 and other– but they start at their
own 8 yard line they spread the field with receivers and hand it off to Cole
and Cole gets a short gain it looked like he was gonna be hit at the line of
scrimmage but he evaded that and then was tackled from linebacker chase Taylor
seems like all the linebackers are making tackles tonight those holes are
closing in a hurry for both teams second and 5 at the 13 can affect this handoff
matin will keep it on the option and spins his way close to the first down
it’s gonna be about a yard short it appears the Rowlett tackle made by de
Modric Wade one of their linebackers outside linebacker third in shore this
is a big play here because saxy would have to punt it away if they can’t get a
yard here on third down maintenance shot got it’s an imp not an
empty gun he’s got it back to his right but he gonna quarterback draw it and got
the first down plus a little bit more he was hit from the side by Sam Dania who
was able to fight forward through the Danny ER tackle for the first down
now to the 21 and a fresh set of downs for the Mustangs yeah that’s gonna do it
for the first quarter sacks he’s gonna let these final seconds tick off it’s
been a good one so far as we expected here for the battle for sole possession
in district 10 6a right now after one it’s saxy sever birth order and Rowlett
nothing here on GRS TV well early in this showdown tonight
first June Cole was 53 yards with a pass from sexy quarterback jaylen Maiden and
sacks he jumped out to the early seven to nothing lead and it’s been all
defense since then for both teams as we start the second quarter Scott Powell
John welborne glad you’re with us tonight from Williams Stadium in Garland
winner this one will have sole possession of first place
both teams three know a district saxy state ranked an area ranked at number
three our number six and number three respectively on the first play of the
second quarter we got no gain on a handoff to Christian Cole so second and
10 Mustangs at the 21 got three receivers out to this near side
that’s the wide side of the field Cole’s the back Maine’s gonna throw deep
one-on-one coverage thoughts ya know did he hang on no they’re gonna
say incomplete give Shiloh Sanders nope that’s not Shiloh Sanders that’s sexy
number 21 this is Lance Canyon for defending that pass and knocking it away
at the last minute from Miles Nash who appeared to have the catch at first oh I think he had it
I do too John yeah stripped too late but we do not have instant replay to where
we can over to rule the call so everybody in agreement pass dropped Jackson on the deep out had the position
had the ball and then dropped it so that’s gonna bring up a fourth down that
would have been a first down John by a yard that’s kind of a critical drop
there yes a critical bayit call also yep so sacks he’s gonna have to punt deep in
their own territory against a light breeze forth Minh is the punter the tall
slender right footed kicker waits return meant for rally waits at midfield ball
is dropped and forth Ben is dropped back at the 8 yard line a break for a left
they’re gonna have first in goal inside the 10 yard line trailing 7 to nothing
look at the replay here was it a decent snap jump it was the excellent snapper
he just dropped it just flat dropped it yeah a critical critical sack see
mistake you know special teams for sacks II have been questionable at times this
year that was a huge mistake by the punter let’s see if it’ll cost the
Mustangs Rowlett trailing 7 to nothing looking to get even here early in the
second he was trying to set it to drop it on his foot and he just dropped the
football first in goal at the 9 this is a big possession for both teams
Rowlett with two receivers each way Preston weeks in shotgun Monnier laying
to his left Gillian motion across the backfield a
weeks will option down the line pitch the lane not much to go but he’s gonna
be a facemask and he’s going to get a little bit more out of this because they
grab the facemask the defender went flying by and I reached out and grabbed
the facemask as I think you’ll see on the replay by the way that’s Tommy little the
referee Johnny Mumford’s the umpire Quintin Harris the head linesman Kevin
Smith the line Judge Andrew Shea the back judge ben-tor the site judge and
william majors is the field judge there’s your face mask right there so
that gives them a first and goal at the three yard line rally trying to cash in
and tie this ballgame weeks gonna throw a quarter the endzone
jump balling complete I mean there’s good coverage that play never had a
chance because of the coverage on Antonio hole the intended receiver and
give all the credit again to Lance Canyon who’s made two pretty good plays
although although the replay would say that you know the first play made didn’t
count he was the defender on that pass they
ruled it incompletion earlier second in goal remember they got a fresh set of
downs on the penalty so second and goal from the three got a two back said with
Amos and laying Leng right Amos left two receivers in the pattern weeks in the
shot option down keeps it pounds forward he’ll score good tough runs i crusted
weeks touchdown Riley and now they’ll try and tie it that’s the advantage of
having a six for good running quarterback right here he just blowers
the head it pounds in their career determination is strength on that
and he just got all that 6:4 laid it out 2 minutes 17 seconds rive and of course
they only had to go the short distance of nine yards and three plays extra
point is up and good and the kicker and drew Martinez time out on the field we
got a good one tonight from Williams Stadium we expected it and we’re getting
at 10:42 first half it’s relevant sax e7 on GRS TV just a short 9-yard scoring drive for a
left they took advantage of the fumble of the fumble by sac seed punter Jack
forth Minh John how about any stats that look interesting here early in the
second quarters we finally got our stat report working as the kickoff goes into
the end zone for a touchback how about a hundred and six yards for sack see that
looks interesting hundred and five anyway over 71 though for Rowlett so
it’s not that big a difference in terms of that right now as turnovers you know they don’t have a turnover
listed on there and yet that fumble had to be a turnover for the punter I mean
he just flat dropped the ball did not punt the ball at all first and ten at
the 25 for saxy going right to left here in the second quarter maiden in shotgun
fake handoff to Carter he’ll throw on the slant over the middle link complete
trying to hit Derrick Rose and again both of these quarterbacks have been
high at times tonight we do have a penalty marker around where the
incompletion was could be defensive holding or offensive holding based on
where the marker is I think I saw a lament downfield here we go
good call John again you got the better eyes so if you’re rallied if you decline
it to be second and ten if you take it first in 20 and they’re gonna take it actually it’s only a five-yard walk-off
skews me first and 15 coming you actually had a couple landed down fear
they just picked a number L never not a lot of stats from the first
quarter to speak up but listen to this maintenance is two out of seven passing
weeks is only four out of ten passing very unusual in other words I’ve been
saying so far that neither quarterback is sharp and if I told you that combined
they would be six out of seventeen that is very unusual for these two
quarterbacks that’s really the difference in the game that’s why both
offenses are struggling and a lot of the passes have been too high I keep
mentioning that also you’re exactly right Scott
I think weather and a little bit of jitters right now and we in the second
quarter I think both teams getting ready to sell lay it first at 20 after another
5-yard walk off against saxy got two receivers out here to the left side two
backs although one of them’s a wing and Matthew Carter getting some early
carries as the backup he gets a couple of yards over right guard to this 17
interesting that Carter getting carries early in this game now he’s been good
but he is a backup to Christian Cole Carter on the year came in it with 355
yards 9 a carry and four touchdowns but Christian Cole is definitely the
workhorse in this running game second and 18 for the Mustangs early second
quarter were tied at 7 made looking to throw as time steps up and runs into a
tackler and he ran right into the defense ball is loose are they going to
say fumble it looks like it is a fumble does around land have it they do eagles
recover back-to-back major turnovers against sack C and we’re right next to
the Rowlett coach’s room and they are an excited bunch right now very much so
it’s fun to sit next to the coach’s booth in it remember I told you before
the game this can be a great place to just a view what goes on and these guys
are going nuts over here I’ll fumble number 97 for all that made a big
hit it caused a fumble on Chris Abbott who’s
already had two or three tackles tonight and also looks like number 55 jury
sporter he got the recovery we’re told first in ten you can get a first down
without a touchdown first and ten for a lad at the 14th
they just recovered a fumble at the 9 and converted it into seven now they’re
gonna try and take at least a three point lead weeks we’ll keep it big
running room up the middle and his helmet came off and here come the flags
I think they’re gonna get saxy for some kind of a legal hit here weeks is okay
thank goodness with a bear head out there right now you can hear the referee so you get the gained did you hear that
that’s the key folks remember normally when the helmet comes off you have to
come off for a play he is the quarterback you don’t want him to come
off but anyway since the penalty caused the helmet to come off they’re not going
to make him come off the field that’s a huge break for sexy yes it is glad he’s
okay too it’s only a two yard penalty but a fresh set of downs first and goal
at the two weeks in shotgun he looks fine with a two back set fakes it keeps
and tries to break a tackle he’s just gonna go down for a loss of two at the
five as saxy came right up the middle with all their beef and he had no chance
on that quarterback draw she sees some of the saxy fans on the sideline some of
the cheer kids second and goal they’ll again go with the same set two receivers
left and one right to back said weeks waits here it comes he’s gonna throw has
time stands tall fires corner gilli touchdown yes as he squeezed
beyond the pylon 6-pointer Rowlett and they’ve got the lead what a rout and the
coaches are having fun in the press box gilli really worked hard on that play to
go see any on replay how you went to work here one of the keys John is weeks
had a lot of time to throw it you just stand there and wait for Gilly to get
open and there is Dakota so two critical turnovers lead to 14 rally points if
this extra point is good and he barely eked it through low it to the right but
just inside the upper right do they all look the same in the box score here’s
one more replay on the big screen here delay absent
Gilly just barely able to get into the corner of the endzone
there is Dakota on the sideline time-out on the field 8:45 first half new ball
game around left the underdog jumps out to a 14 to 7 lead over saxy here on GRS
TV turnovers turnovers turnovers and big
games can cost you John and right now it’s killing saxy two consecutive
turnovers consecutive possessions inside the 10-yard line
and roulette didn’t just get three out of them they cashed both in for seven
and lead it 14 to 7 here’s the kickoff deep kick butt low to the 5 very
returnable and here comes the return Matt
hurry up this near sideline it’s a touchdown for sexy foot speed from
Matthew Carter he went from one side all the way across the field got the
blocking to hit the sideline and he showed really good speed up that
sideline several Eagles had an angle at him and Carter just broke down those
angles watch excellent it’s the block out front yeah excellent
number 20 got turned around here there’s another kid with an angle he just broke
down all those pursuit angles and then cut it up the middle at the end again
several Eagles had a shot at it but speed burns here’s the extra point
low liner and left but he just got it in not a thing of beauty but again it all
counts at the box score so saxy with a quick answer and we re tied in this one
here in the second quarter 8:28 left here in the first half it’s 1414 saxy
and Rowlett here on GRS TV what a ballgame we’ve got going to
nighted Williams two undefeated district teams this could be for the district
championship and what a football game we’re tied at 14 we’ve had a lot of big
plays we still got eight minutes and 28 seconds to go here in the first down
we’ve still got another half of this to come huh hey this is great this one
water we’ve been looking for this game all year it’s arrived and we’re getting
our money’s worth and we didn’t even have to pay to get in
short kick it’s bobbled it’s loose it’s out of bounds we’ve also got a penalty
marker I thought does something thrown in the
stands over there so I look across the field something when I into the air over
there yeah they’re gonna give it to I let no surprises nobody really ever had
possession of the ball after it was kicked off it’ll be rally at football
2:23 there it is their start see if anybody ever possessed it I know before
it went out of bounds I thought Sanders recovery in bounds by
Eddie has ADEA yeah he tried to scoop it back in a little I
love the try by Dion’s boy but it didn’t work couldn’t sell the call 8:25 first
half rail at with the first and 10 and a 14-14 tie weeks swinging out on the
screen pass to Lange and again a little bit of a high pass the quarterbacks are
not sharp tonight bottom line and it’s taking other folks to come up with big
plays including a couple of turnovers to make this interesting that was catchable
very well Scott yeah it was it just went a perfect pass absolutely
it’s just that quarterbacks are just a little bit off tonight three receivers
to the wide side the right side one back set here and that is Chauncey Amos one
of the two running backs for a while at weeks changing the play at the line on
second and 10 finally gets the snapping shot got half some Tom gotta go deep
caught pull on the sideline got his feet down and also got a first down at the 39
nice catch there by Antonio hole and again is 16 make it 26 excuse me no it
was 16 good job getting the feet down that the hit came a little bit late
which allowed hole to make the play weaks wants to throw again looks like
the middle broken and tempted grabbing the jersey tackle and he was able to get
a gain of four out to the forty three because of that Rowlett with maximum
protection on that I only had two receivers I don’t route so when they
were cover weeks didn’t have any options second and six Eagles at the forty three
three receivers and a running back to the right weeks gonna hand it this time
to Amos and he’s got to be cut down at the line of scrimmage he tried to bust
it outside and the pursuit was too good that might have been Cedric Johnson with
the open field tackle loss of one on the play
let’s say if it was Johnson if he’d gotten to the outside he would have been
a good game yes that’s the sure-handed Cedric Johnson the cutting down third
and seven Eagles or they probably would have to punt it away wakes with time
just stands tall now he’s gonna roll out to his left a penalty marker probably
holding as he throws complete gonna probably bring it back though on the
catch by Evans all the way to the 37 but this has holding written all over it’s
gonna wipe out a 21-yard gain Varela and the bad news is John you’re gonna go
from a first down at the 37 all the way back ten yards back from the original
line of scrimmage is gonna be third and very long Varela yes that play heard
weeks exercised great patience on that play to drink kind of he was looking all
over the field to get a good job of survey in the field didn’t use it you
know what else is happening though he’s also getting great protection or he
wouldn’t have time to survey the field that rallied offensive lines doing a job
on that pocket after the penalty were at the 33 with a third and 16 Eagles or the
left to punt it away he got four down linemen but only one linebacker and a
free safety up the middle as they spread the field that secondary gets spread
pretty thin here for saxy long count weeks has time initially it comes the
rush gets it off nope looked like it was gonna be caught by Evans he would had to
fight for the first down but he dropped it upon arrival and it’s gonna be fourth
down we’ve also seen a couple of drops tonight I think your theory John on the
cold weather might be affecting the hands tonight first Cold Bay that’s a
perfect pass just flat drunk and we’ve seen a couple of drops I think from
Evans tonight so forth and long and Rowlett in a tight
1414 game will punt this away shiloh senders is the deep man as always for
sack see the snapper rolls back to the punter he gets it off thank goodness and
he’s gonna get a pretty good roll on a short kick it’s gonna end up being a
nice kick as he flips the field all the way back to the sack c30 wow they got a
break there that’s a 37-yard punt and in the air it went about 20 so saxy
will now go the other way with 643 first half 14-14 tie they’ve also got three
timeouts left so plenty of time for the mustangs here
again the wind has died so it should not be a factor at all especially for saxy
going into the wind here here’s a bad snap yeah I give a lot of credit to the
punter that one is all on the center no but the punter did not panic Luis Aranea
state compact it up got it away you just want to get rid of it as quickly as
possible Christian Cole cuts it up tried to lower
the head we’ve also got a marker this could be face mask or holding one of the
two it’s a play called umpire through the penalty that’s a face
mask from the signal I’m seein checker Alec grab the face mask you know as late
as it was John that would explain why it was not holding defense ever at night
for the road automatic first down you get the result of the run plus 15
more and that’s gonna move it all the way to the 49 yard line I didn’t see
that on the replay first and 10 Mustangs mages it’s gonna keep it on a sweep left
get some blocking plenty of Running Room up the sideline still going tight-roping
he will score a saxy touchdown or did he step out of bounds out they’re gonna say
he stepped out back at the 18 yard line still an outstanding game for Maidan boy
that was I thought it was awfully close to stepping out let’s see exactly what
happens here on the tight rope and you can see the nice block by Cole right
there and then Rose rose then the wide receiver also oh you know
what you’re right Cole is there two roses on the outside we’re racking five
is Cole seven or rose here’s your tight-roping attempt at yeah
that left foot looks like it stepped out this might give us a better angle at it
here John as saxy goes on first and ten handoff Cole up the middle good haul and
he lowers the head and surges inside the 15 to the 13th nice hole over left guard
on first down here you go on the out of bounds yeah that’s the right foot coming
across boy that was awfully close Cole busting outside he will score a sexy
touchdown good job of breaking and outside by Christian Cole and the
Mustangs retake the lead that’ll be a 9-yard touchdown her up
Cole was stopped on inside he just bounced to the outside with pay dirt so
a quick 34 second drive there for sacks the 65 yards in 34 seconds they can do
that extra point coming peyton rae is puts
the foot into its another row kinda weak kick but it got through the uprights and
that’s all that matters so we’ve got a fresh score here six
eleven left first step sax Erie takes the lead at 21 to 14 over
a lady Ron GRS TV very fresh sexy with an impressive 65
yard drive in a half a minute it took him to go 65 a couple of big plays than
the Christian Kohl touchdown run Andrea’s will kick it off as R a little
have some time here to put together a drive with six eleven left here in the
first half it’s a high short kick caught it to 20
they run the under around hole has it and he’s in trouble immediately and
that’ll just get them out to the 21 yard line we look at some of the stats we’ve
already got a combination of nine penalties in this game total yardage 159
to 105 in favor of saxy rushing is their passing is even 77 and 74 so far again
matin is just not on tonight he’s two out of seven throwing them 77 yards but
53 of that was on that screen pass to Cole weeks has picked it up a little bit
6 out of 14 for 74 and a touchdown weeks is also the leading rusher with six
carries 21 yards Maiden the leading rusher for saxy after that big run a
moment ago he’s got 43 yards Cole as 37 yards rushing including that big
touchdown run of course Cole kind of the star of the night he’s also got that
touchdown reception of 53 yards Gillies got three catches for 49 in a
touchdown for Rowlett there’s a little sampling of the stats so far here midway
through the second quarter now the referee is going to run into the back of
the end zone and talk to a police officer I think there is something going
on in the stands that they do not like and they want to kind of nip it in the
bud here immediately John the referee Tommy little went to a police officer
and pointed over toward the rillette stands does not look like anything
really serious he’s gonna have a talk with the rally and a head coach Doug
Stephens you know it could be a whistle or something something kind of simple
you know they don’t like whistles as noises in the stands I’m just guessing
by the way Doug Stephens the Ryland head coaches you see on the screen he’s going
to go and try and take care of it himself
again it does not look serious at all Doug took care of it immediately it was
nothing serious first in tenor outlet again they got six minutes and three
timeouts trailing 21 14 and they can get down the field in a hurry – two of the
best offenses in this district three receivers right weeks is going to option
down the line to the rind and cut it up and he’s gonna be knocked down for a
short gain good job of reading that by the sack see defensive tackle Clark
Yarborough he got two on first down plays real slow in development there
yeah really is option runs weeks not the Swift does he’s really
good when he cuts it up and goes right up the middle but yeah the option is not
his swiftest run preston looking to throw standing tall nothing open now he
goes to a secondary receiver and hits it off of a mice’s upper chest incomplete
look like Chauncey didn’t know it was coming
Preston was looking much further down the field and good coverage from sac see
it’s excellent ideas just too hard it’s a bullet pass for about two yards out
and he was a secondary receiver third and eight now for Rowlett weeks again
and shot got two receivers into a this time a Miss the running back week’s time
fire is on the comeback route caught but that is enough for the first down on the
diving catch by Antonio hole boy he did a little chain hunting there he knew
exactly what he needed for the first down it was an excellent route excellent
I like the fact he went a little bit beyond the first down marker and then
came back to the ball on the comebacker a great coach it’s also great awareness
where you are on the football field first at ten on the third down
conversion slant over the middle and weeks let his receiver a little bit too
much hole is the intended receiver and pretty good sac seed coverage with Chris
Washington leading the way we have a penalty marker down here on the near
side illegal motion on number 58 of the up defense is going down into three
point snap as a snap happen 5-yard pick second it I don’t know if this is all a
first step I would think this is a dead ball penalty in other words you take the
five yards because it’s gonna stay first down anyway I think they killed the play
and Rowlett didn’t know it as what I’m trying to say either way it’s a first
and fifty and I think saxy would have taken it anyway so first and 15 from the
27 if they killed the play nobody knew it
till it was over in other words three receivers out here to the wide side the
right one left weaks looks left now you look right it’s
a tunnel screen to Gilly caught he’s going to be cut down ball loose is this
a live ball I believe it is and saxy has got it it appears at the 30-yard line
nope they’re gonna say riot football maybe they said he was down let’s see
the replay to keep fair long talk Berger did he
it’s a four-yard gain to the 31 I thought it might be a late fumble Jeff I
thought in other words he might have been down before he fumbled did you see
the tunnel screen see I think he’s down before the ball ever came out anyway so
either way it’s a rally at ball it was 70 to Islam
yeah Poundstone I think one official may have overruled the other one and said
the ball was dead before he fumbled it second and 11 is the resultant week’s
all day to throw it now he’s flushed and drops for mine little shoestring tackle
from again number 96 Clark Yarborough it wasn’t the fault of
the offensive line that was a secondary sack there as they just could not find
anybody open only had two receivers on the round
good job by Yarborough to defeat the block and get two weeks and another
third and long another good defensive stand here from saxy third and 16 they
gotta get all the way to their 42 weeks looking for time in trouble down again
back-to-back sacks for the sack see Mustangs all the way back to the
nineteen they go from the 32 to the 19 on consecutive plays and now all of a
sudden Rollins gonna have to punt deep in their own territory let’s see you’ve
got to in this time right defensive end coming but here comes somebody from the
left and there is number 91 Zac Gilson in on that tackle weeks looking at
one-sided feeling at it it’s blindside stare down the receiver
in other words yes sir 20-yard line of scrimmage punt all the
way to the 40th sack see Sanders on the run caught it good return there wasn’t
much available and he gets it across the 50 to the Rowlett 49 gives shiloh
sanders a ton of credit there an 11 yard return
Sextus Washington yeah they switched it on me Washington on the return so baby catch also yeah Sanders usually
the return man maybe Washington will take that over from here after this
return there was not much of a lane over there to run so good field position at
the round light 49 for the Mustangs here they come
play a time really 245 but they got all three timeouts matin we’ll keep it on
the play actually he’s got running to him off he had busted one tackle he may
have gone but he has tackled from behind at the 30 yard line by the young man
who’s made a lot of stops and I had a lot of key plays for Lance Canyon
another big one right there can you made a touchdown saving tackle
on that one 17-yard gain to the 32 clock stopped initially to move the chains now
moving again first and 10 Mustangs they could get a little bit more
distance here from morale that already with a 7 point late 21 to 14 just a toss
sweep to the left Cole looking for somewhere to go he’s in trouble and will
be down that back at the 31 they really strung that out well kind of a slow
developing play Cole morva between the tackles runner and they try to go wide
with him there and it didn’t work one of the tacklers again was Lance Canyon and second and nine coming for sexy full
outs back to a couple of wing backs in there as well as Christian and Cole one
white out either son maiden weights in shotgun gonna hand it cold hit in the
backfield he got back to the line but the penetration in hit from a very
active crisp Abbott he’s been all over the field today Donna sexy first time
out oh yeah but said some kind of game at
defensive tackle for Rowlett quickly sexy with a time out they’re gonna have
a third and nine coming with a minute and a half left here in the first half
the Mustangs holding a 21-14 lead back with more in a moment here on GRS TV Scot pal John welborne back a big
sequence here a third at 9:00 for saxy although it’s probably four down
territory Mustangs leading Riley at 21 14 on the
March here with just a minute and a half left in the first half and now they’ve
got two timeouts after burning one here baton in the gun as Carter to his left
in there at running back play-action main over the middle caught first down
good defense there you just couldn’t stop at Rose had position perfect pass
from Hayden there’s a third down conversion a fresh set from the 19 for
sack see pretty good conversion on third and nine and untighten thread the needle
pass to the 19 sack see going quickly no timeout here as we near the one-minute
mark look like illegal motion maiden gonna keep it no penalty marker Maiden
fighting across the 15 they’ll mark him at the 13 it really looked like sax he
might have gone early there the backfield move didn’t it jump got away
with the one the clocks still running saxy with two timeouts they’re gonna go
quickly and not burn one here it’s second and six Mustangs
interesting strategy Maiden gets the snap play-action fires middle incomplete
trying to hit the receiver at the knees and drew Jackson could not hang on
pretty good defense there on the slant from Emmett seals kind of good news that
they stopped the clock although they got two timeouts Newbern remember both teams
with pretty good kickers so a field goal is always an option here you want to
save at least a timeout for that possibility right
now it would be a 32-yard field goal attempt
but right now sexy taking their time getting the play world your 10 on the
play clock and they’re not ready they’re gonna have to burn a timeout here and I
it just took forever to get the play call so you hate to burn a timeout with
a clock stop John but saxy will accent one timeout remaining for a possible
field goal they just couldn’t get a play called
let’s take a break 35 seconds left sack c21 Rowlett 14 of GRS Stevie saxy trying to add on to their 21 to 14
lead here before the halftime just 35 seconds left in the second quarter here
now they’re down to one timeout they just could not get a play called and run
in time there despite the dead ball situation so let’s
see what the Mustangs will do here on third down they need inside the 10 at
the 9 but remember that clock is gonna be moving three receivers to to the
right Maiden with Carter tis right and we’re gonna have a timeout taken by
al’lat timeout Rowlett first charge timeout I
think that was a very smart timeout why don’t we kind of run down what will
probably be close to the first half stats mentioned some numbers of interest
here and keep it right here sexy with eight first downs 194 total yards 105 of
that on the ground 89 through the air Maiden only 3 of 9 passing on the game
six penalties 25 yards one turnover rallied only five first downs they do
have 108 yards 86 on the ground 22 on the ground excuse me
86 through the air rallied only 22 yards rushing just four penalties for 40 yards
Jalen matin just three out of nine for 89 he does have a touchdown made the
leading rusher for sack c8 464 Cola Levin for 39 and a touchdown leading
receiver sacks he just won for 53 for Cole
for Rowlett weeks date of 17th or 86 and a touchdown weeks leading rusher but
just 9 for 12 Gilley 4 catches 53 here’s a quick stat rundown back to play
3rd and 6 saxy at the 14 yard line matin and shotgun has his snap play-action
screen pass caught but for a short gain writing the defender to the 10 is the
receiver but it’s going to be short of the first down that was drew Jackson
number 9 I got a mark him down at the 11 yard
line clock is stopped at 18 seconds it’s ok now it’s running we’re in 1312 it
looks like they’re gonna run this down and set up a field goal attempt to use
that final timeout Red Baron’s is gonna signal timeout there you go with 4
seconds left they tried to timeout try jackie coach
parents on the sideline their trial they tried the little tunnel screen John it
did not work and so at that point they figured let’s just cut our losses and
try and get 3 points out of this seems like they forgot about Christian coat
yeah when’s the last time he touched the ball that’s a good point interesting
play management the clock management there in the final seconds of the half
but it’s Ashley can get three points out of this it would make it a
two-possession game going to the locker room and that would not be all bad as
they started this possession at the rally at 49 yard line after that good
kickoff return by Shiloh Sanders to set up the field position Carter excuse me
normally shiloh Sanders Matthew Carter comes in and gets a key punt return
thank you very much Jeff now this is a tough angle it’s the left hash for a
right footed kicker but Peyton Reyes only has to kick it 28 yards to be good
of course he also has to get it between the uprights
I believe Beltran’s the holder bobbled snap reyes picks it up and he’s down
what a break from Rowlett and that was Beltran the backup quarterback looks
like a good stem it was not on the turf and Beltran just dropped it so John we
may look back on this as a pretty courageous day it was a good snap yeah
don’t snap you know what mistakes have killed saxy here in the first half two
turnovers one inside the 10 one at the 14 led to 14 Rowlett points otherwise
saxy would have a mallet what a 21 to nothing lead at the half because of
those two turnovers riots hung in there it trails just 21 to 14 at the half and
should be an entertaining second half I look forward to it and we’re gonna take
a break and when we come back we’ll have the start of the second half we’ve given
you the first half stats but we look forward to the second half remember
folks these are two undefeated teams at district tenth and 6a the winner of this
game will go a long way toward clinching the district championship although this
is just week 9 out of 11 weeks but sac seeds their state ranking is on the line
here tonight they’re number six in the state number three in the area anyway
it’s a good one back with a second half shortly at sack c21
Rowlett 14 here on GRS DVD Scot pal John welborne back for the
start of the second half elet will kick it off so sacks he’ll have the ball
first here remember they deferred after winning the coin flip to start the game
they wanted the ball first in the second half and they got it with a 21 to 14
lead and we kind of gave you this the first half stats their run for halftime
so we keep you updated on those as we go along in the second half it’s a little
kick call it the 10 and returned and it’s a short return thanks to an open
field tackle there by Juan Martinez and that looked like a number one for saxy
actually it was my house NAT 3 again that’s why I like my color man to have
better eyes than I it looked like a 1 and John saw a 3 and that’s good enough
for me Myles Nash makes a whole lot more sense first and 10 at the 26 yard line
it’s what I do go and bear ID with no binoculars John first and tenth Mustangs
full receiver set play-action fires a quick of in the outside caught trying to
go up the sideline near the first down but a little bit short is Drew Jackson
but he got 8 yards on that completion from jail inmate short-faced did a good job stretches
party on it yeah another quick fake and a quick out pass this one way too tall
for the intended receiver Cameron Crowe Mar first time they tried
to go chromers away tonight and all of a sudden we’ve got a third and short
Rowlett with a chance to force a pun here on third and to see what they’ll
run here do you run a running play with a pretty good running game even though
you only need two or do you throw it and they’re gonna run it it’s a dive and
it’s gonna be close the mark is gonna be everything now let’s got a defender
pointing that we stopped him that was Christian Cole and yeah he’s about a
half yard short give a lot of credit to that relat defense they went with a
simple dive it was a high snap ball no internet through the timing of the
playoff as you’ll see here and to replay Peyton had to jump up for the ball at
the time the playoffs gives them credit to Sam Dan URIs at a big game the
linebacker for Rowlett tonight number 50 no we’ve got a little bit of a delay I
don’t think there’s a penalty that’s the officials discussing things and now we
go with punt formation on fourth and a half year are needed relat return mantle
wait at the 35 that’s Christian Booker with a lot of times it’s Dakota Gilley
that’s why I’m doing a double-take having a little trouble reading that
number but I think it’s Booker and here’s the good snap and the punt is off
it’s short hits at the 44 and comes dead to a stop right there so gonna be good
field position for Rowlett on their first possession as we see some of the
band members for the Eagles enjoying themselves on a McCool Friday night it
was a lot colder earlier tonight when that
was really blowing out of the north but now it’s pretty still and pretty good
football weather tonight it turned out once the game started so rally trailing
21 to 14 10:28 left third quarter they’ve got the football right now we’re
at 44 degrees but calm for the most part that’s good football weather from what I
remember Jen I know it’s easy for me to say up here in the warm press box but
it’s a lot better than that wind blowing out of the north there’s a handoff to
Montee a lane fighting for whatever he can get a good tough run and it’s still
going they can’t stop man yelling he should have gotten a couple of yards and
he got eight and almost the first down that was pure effort those excellent job
by Lange old-school kept his legs pumping when you’re just the only play
never stop move his legs that’s the old yeah just people moving
and something good might happen second and two almost a free play here gonna
hand it yang on a sweet blue gets a couple of blocks and he’s got a first
down all the way to the sack see 39 yard line so rally moving it here on their
opening possession now that was a nine yard gain for Meunier Dakota Gilley came
here with a nice block on that once wait a moment
yeah if you’re gonna run the sweep to the quick out passes you better have
good blockers for receivers and rally it does yeah he’s gonna sweep it right this
time gets the block but it crashes down in a hurry great pursuit that time by
the Mustangs they missed on the first try
but then Cedric Johnson helped clean it up
with Bryce Robinson a couple of linebackers and an O yard game they’re
probably see the pursuit right here on the replay Gilley got a block but they
missed the second one and then it all crashed down draw handoff and for a loss
saxy read the draw all the way to Lange and the penetration was everything and
that the pair back there was 91 Zac Gilson and 95 chase Davis lost a yard it
looked like more than that third and 11 probably four down territory is right
now they’re out of field goal range big play here for the saxy defense they
spread the field with four receivers one back weeks in shotgun looking to throw
is Preston he’s got some time fires it almost picked off jumping the
round and almost picking it off was number 23
Isaiah Humphries and he’s the all-time sacks the interception later he almost
had another one there Oh actually baited weeks into that play we started is wide
open his weight you’re right though is they’re going
now they need 11 why not I’d be coughing corner now weeks could punted here at
the last second but they’re gonna run a play he hands it Gilly it’s a trick play
past back two weeks he’s looking to throw deep out with a metal open
receiver inside the 10 what a wonderful flea-flicker at Jerry
Evans was on the winning end of it I’ll let you describe what just happened Jeff
I’ll attempt to is the hand dog goes back two weeks man he hits a wide-open
demon Wiest did a good job really hanging in there when they play almost
blew up on remember the key was it was a backward pass from Gilly two weeks
that’s why you can throw it a second time pressed it on the keeper to the two
Rowlett knocking on the door trying to tie this one up and what could be the
battle for the district championship tonight a lot on the line it’s been a
heck of a ball game and we just saw one heck of a fourth down conversion
remember folks that was fourth down and 11 on that flea-flicker second and goal
coming from a Eagles they need seven to tie it three would get it down to a
four-point lead weeks comes up and changes the play he’s got a two back set
one back on either side receivers also he’s going to option left
keeping fighting for the goal line he is hammered hard to the ground at the one
good hard open field tackle saved the touchdown and that looked like
linebacker Bryce Robinson this is a strength two weeks on the short option
when he just goes two yards to left Nick that’s up is his best play option here
we go from the one week’s keep stacked up he fights but he’s short again and
saxy has moved at the fourth down good time for a light timeout discuss what
they’re gonna do on fourth and goal but let’s see if they just run it without
the timeout they look to the sideline for the
a fourth and goal Rowlett looking to tie the game saxy looking for a goal line
stand key part of this game right here play clock still has 20 as Rowlett looks
to the sideline again they got plenty of time Doug Stevens shouting at the head
linesman that he wants a timeout and he gets it let’s take one two will come
back with a key play in this game in a moment fourth and goal at the 1 right
now 2114 sack City on gr STV we’re back Scott pal and coach John
welborne John what do you do on fourth and one field goal or go and if you go
what play do you run I go straight quarterback sneak
you got a quarterback who loves to run it and he can score he’s got several
touchdown runs he’s got six touchdowns on the year with that big six floor
frame but he’s in shotgun John that’s gonna make it a little bit tougher
possibly they’re out of the gun on fourth and goal at the one huge play in
this ball game wakes White’s has the snap options down the line keeps
it touchdown Rowlett Preston weeks John welborne made
the play call and they ran it to perfection I would head to the sideline
coach you’re the new offensive coordinator wouldn’t quite what I hate
it but you know what would your out a shotgun that makes a little harder I
would have gone under Center taking the snap and run it right up the middle good point I don’t know why it’s
difficult but yeah they’re not used to it and that would have been that would
have been chancy to try that you’re that’s a really good point they’re gonna
try and tie this game it didn’t tight yet folks Andrew Martinez has got to
make the extra point good snap good hold the kick is a pop-up does it get through
yes it was not a thing of beauty he got under it way too much but it counted and
that’s all that matters we’ve got a tie ballgame and a timeout 6:20 to 4:30
quarter we’ve got a classic tonight for first place in 10 6a the winner has sole
possession and we’re tied at 21 21 6 22 left here on GRS TV well Rowlett ties the game up in 2121
we’ve still got a quarter and a half of football left here at Williams stadium
big crowd as we expected the two largest schools in this school district garland
ISD going at it and they brought a huge crowd tonight
kickoff deep to the 10th and returnable cutting it up and we’ll be down fairly
quickly at the 27 yard I look like a bigger hole was there but Matthew Carter
just got a short return we’ve got a late penalty flag and be interesting to see
what this is all about this saxy field position may be even worse
I believe this gets raw lapto I think it’s gonna have to return out well we’re
still waiting for the referee Tommy little to inform us it is a dead ball
probably yeah unsportsman I guess Rowlett John welborne with a second good
call you’re two for two coach you’re on a roll here that’s a big
one 15-yard sacks he’s gonna have great field position up there 42 what you see
if anything just become unnecessary roughness become the Mustangs with the play and
they’re ready to go with a three receiver set to to the left the wing to
the right and here we go Christian colon with a dive over right guard just a
short gain of one though like a better hole than it then it closed in a in a
really big hurry in the last side of that defensive line those guard number
60 sorry Gabriel Tito John really didn’t have a
good handle on the ball he just wider protect you that don’t worry it’s kind
of a slow developing play wouldn’t call again same hole he spins for a couple of
extra of it he’s gonna have about six yards short of the first down
Rowlett a nice tackling evening again they’re very good tackling team well
coached chase Taylor with the tackle down low number 48 the modrich Wade another linebacker in
on that stop big third and six or sacks he would probably have to punt it away
here from the 46 play-action made over the mid note down the side cotton and a
first down and one man to beat and a good tackle over there on that sideline
or do Jax it may have gone a distance there himmat seals was able to get him
out of bounds that’s a nice comeback seals was there he just didn’t close on
the play first and ten at the 30 SEC’s he can go the other way
quickly : the died for nothing you know under the
underthrown comeback is so popular right now and if this bag does that help chef
because he has my technique second and seven penalty markers will
kill the play probably procedure offense that’ll be
five saxy so make it second and 12 ready to go no huddle is nowadays right
back to the line and let’s bark the snap count jaylen maiden the lefty sets
punched left looking still lucky now he’s gonna tuck it and go and it’s gonna
be tackled at the 29 and that’s gonna be short of the first down
market at the 28 Ryland closed in a hurry after he turned the corner he
always dangerous Jalen Maiden he’s rushed for 330 yards coming into this
one with seven touchdowns these are two good running quarterbacks they do it in
different ways Maiden can go wide and a little quicker and Winx is really good
between the tackles but they both get the job done with their feet as well as
their arm two best quarterbacks in the district in my opinion Maiden and
shotgun third and nine he throws it like he had it but it came loose at the
last second that was Derrick Rose and a pretty good defensive play helped to
break that loose the Jarrett Wesley did excellent job back there knew he could
not jump but he waited to the edge ball of his hands and he swiped it out as
you’ll see a replay well that was a fine defensive play the ball was there and
very catchable perfect defense what do you do here on fourth and eight it would
be a 45-yard field goal attempt so it looks like they may go and not look for
the coffin corner on the punt John I go in a swing pass I said earlier game
well here they go they need the 20 made looks gonna go deep far side one-on-one
broken away again good coverage the relative dairy comes up big play after
play and that time it was Lance Canyon who’s made a lot of big plays tonight
you see Canyon just racing down that sideline looking for a high-five this is
just good coverage a little bit under thrown though which helped the Eagles
Myles Nash was the intended receiver Cain has besides the remorse house-sized
on yes miles is not a big kid by any means
Myles is only five six 175 here come the Eagles 3:23 left third quarter were tied
at 21 first and ten at the 27 yes it’s been a great game a lot of good defense
a lot of good offense a little bit of everything tonight we’ve had major
mistakes especially by sacks III big ones this games had everything and now
we’ve got some kind of a stoppage in play somebody has taken a timeout we’re
gonna take one also yep break on the field 3:23 third quarter sack c21 relat
21 battle for first place at 10 6a we’ll continue at a moment here on g RS TV Scot pal John welborne on a cool
Friday night we had be able to say that in a while as a cold front moved through
today I had some scattered sleep on my car today John but it’s turned out to be
a nice evening for football as we start the next play with 320 left third corner
deep went over the middle it complete look like pass interference and here
comes your penalty marker it was late Gilly was grabbed as the ball arrived
and looked pretty obvious and it looks like they’re gonna get the defender for
pass interference Isiah Humphries I mean I were sitting next to the Rowlett
coach’s booth and they were screaming where is the flag and it finally came in
from the back judge I’d like to see that replay I’m not so sure I was in the
prison file clothesline yeah and let’s see if it was catchable also which is
also a consideration yes definitely catchable yeah it’s pass
interference all the way and is inside of it you got very officials near the
play how they none of them saw that’s beyond me
second and 10 play-action fake gonna go deep down the far sideline one on one no
good Antonio hole was there it was a little bit behind the hole toward the
sideline and I think that’s what hurt on the play in completing he had two steps
on just as the six yeah both quarterbacks had been a little off I’ve
said it from the get-go tonight neither one have been really sharp better
running a might win this one tonight week’s drops off a screen for Amos got a
block he loses his footing but is able to spill out close to the first down at
the 49 48 looks like the final mark is gonna be a little bit shorter the first
down beautiful screenplay screening in
heavens as you’ll see right on the replay did an excellent job he’s
blocking two guys one guy blocking to it wide opposition is a third and one could
be four down territory at the saxy 49 Eagles with three receivers far side
left as they spread the field with for total weeks we’ll just keep it up the
middle first down plus more to the 44 a gain of five
he is so good on third and ones it’s almost unstoppable between the tackles
weeks is tough on third job just the body lean alone with that 64
frame first and 10 as they move the chains
rather looking to piece together along dry they started back in the 21 quick
out the ghillie caught breaks a tackle sideline 20 he makes another one
touchdown Rowlett and the coach’s booth is going nuts with items done Kota Gilly
44 yards get has been the go-to guy all day for all that he goes
miss tackle count him there’s one there I think he’s touched him there’s a read
they were all light touches but three guys had a shot at him and almost so now
Rowlett retaking the later that’s like their second lead of the night extra
point coming long enough we got a penalty marker though it’s good that
lets the changes lie and it was fairly live on the marker it
did not come way after the play was over a defender may have jumped on the back
of another defender which is illegal the kit was good so it’ll count you’ll
probably see a penalty on the kickoff if all this is against saxy it was a low
kick he probably had a chance to block it as low as that kick was Doug Stevens
given an explanation on the sidelines I think as you see might be calling it
keep speculate practically away into the kicker
yeah the way they’ve cleared the field this is very definitely against sacs
here everybody’s gone to the sideline here’s your call no microphone personal
foul defense they’ll enforce it on the kick the p80 is good and we got a
timeout too old five left here in the third quarter
LM retakes the lead they lead saxy 28 21 yard GRS TV interesting situation here on the extra
point there was a personal foul against saxy Rowlett is going to kick it from
the sack c-45 so there’s avenues available to the Eagle kicker you can
try it on side you can kick it short and maybe get some kind of a fumble or you
can kick it deep out of the end zone or you can kick it deep and returnable
they’re going on side ball loose they have a shot at it it looks like sexy got
the final recovery Rowlett had a shot at this ball it appeared and it looked like
number 32 in his Henderson who Doug Stevens was congratulating over there
and look Ike Enders Ennis had a shot at this here’s your replay John excellent
there I was 32 had a shot out and he was just too low to catch it boy you know
onside kicks are hard to recover that pretty good shot at that it went quickly
but went fast good kick a really good calm side kick by the way I have a cold
question one of those one of those wordings always wondered about if that’s
an onside kick how come we never have an offside kick what you do I guess if you
pass the line on a kickoff with the other rare anyway just wondering why the
other ones aren’t offside first it’s hit at the 36 matin straight keep out of
shotgun he’s dropped for a loss tried to go right side of the line and nothing
was available boy the rally run defense between the tackles has been outstanding
tonight mr. povey no greater community mr. mo
number 90 leading the way there Aaron mag Alon is hopefully I got that right
second and 12 no this is coal on a dive over right guard got the yard or two
back plus a couple of more to the good first and second down defense for
the most part for both teams that night there’s been a lot and third down plays
for the offenses here we go on third and seven from the 39 or sacks he’s got to
punt it away down by seven now Peyton had time to throw him and just a short
pass into the turf in front of drew Jackson who had looked like a little bit
of an opening over there for a first down Rowlett with another defensive stop
just short on this is receiving never had a chance at the wall there rares
will punt again oh we got a blessing forget forget the
black folks Oh whistle was blown wait a minute what’s going on now the officials
pointing the other way I thought that killed the play I heard a whistle right
as that play started John his name was Dan okay so a turn over again by saxy deep in
their own territory in a rally it’s gonna have a first intent at the saxy
26-yard as you see on the replay good camera play right there he’s definitely
down yeah good camera work from GRS TV right
there so with 47 seconds Rowlett making a
two-possession lead here they need three to get the two possession lead looking
for more than gets seven it would be a 14-point late
boy they turnovers have just killed saxy tonight the d down might have done a
favor because of their block that was six you know it’s funny that does not
even count as a turnover and yet it’s a huge mistake for saxing it’s just the
loss of yardage on the play quick pass incomplete he just kind of
dumped that off and threw it away and there was a receiver in the general area
a very smart pass there by weeks as he was under duress saxy very badly in need
of a stop here Rowlett could take control of this football game with
points still got another quarter to go we’re at 41 seconds left in the third
weeks looking to throw time more sideline
can he score yeah hole breaks the tackle and scores the roulette touchdown
Antonio hole and the upset is on John Wow number six team in the state is down by
13 points excellent excellent route wha-ho preston
weeks is just having a big night and the Rowlett offense has been better than the
saxy off in its bottom line and the mistakes though I think have been the
huge game breaker so far but we still have another quarter to go John this
game is far from over Rowlett trying to make it a 14-point
lead though good kick deep and accurate we got a timeout on the field 32 seconds
left third quarter got a fourth corner to come and it’s Rowlett leading saxy
state ring saxy by a score of 35 to 21 here on GRS TV let’s kind of look ahead to those
playoff clinching situations if Rowlett wins tonight and Neyman Forest beat
South garland Amon was way ahead 41 nothing at the half then saxy will
clinch a playoff berth even if they lose tonight with that name enforced win so
all the playoff positions would be decided if roulette wins here and Neyman
forest continues to beat South darling just keep that in mind in other work
here’s a kickoff return by Shiloh Sanders as evening twists his way out
across the 40 pretty good return when there wasn’t a lot there by the shifty
Sanders to the 42 good field position again for sack see I’m just looking
ahead if this was to hold ladies and gentlemen but sack C is a very powerful
offensive team they’ve done a whole quarter to come in 24 seconds left here
in the third even though they’re down by 14 relics defense though is looking good
at this time and now we’re going to get a five-yard illegal procedure against
Saxbys left tackle number 78 and that’s Myles mccottry so they’ll start with the first in 15
you look at the body language out there right now you kind of tell this by
watching them running around who’s leading and who’s done Maidan quick out
pass combine – forward progress will giving close to the first but he’s short
by a yard good catches he took a pretty good shot after the catch by Myles Nash
just five six little Myles match he’s trying to get back to the original line
of scrimmage no I’m sorry I had the wrong marker there so it is a third and
11 coming but it’s going to come after the timeout we’re gonna start the fourth
quarter in a moment 35 21 rallied over Sachs the upset brewing here at Williams
Stadium on GRS TV well we’re gonna start the fourth
quarter with a big-time upset brewing here although Rowlett came in at 3 and
oh just likes axiom district Rowlett was four and four on the season sak c7 and
oh and ranked sixth in the state and right now the upset is on it’s a
14-point rally at lead as we start the fourth saxy with a second and 11 maiden
in trouble stems up he’ll run with it there’s the Jalen Maiden we all know a
hurtle is a tackler for more inside the 40 to the 38 and listen to the sidelines
the sacks esight the sexy side of the field is going nuts and the momentum is
back what a play by Jalen matin yeah nothing there and he just ran up made a
great athletic play on him maybe the play of the night
quick swing screen caught bobbled but caught and fighting for the first down
Christian Cole’s got it they’re gonna mark him right at the point so if they
give him the mark listen to this crowd though
now into it it sounded a little quiet over here a few moments ago but now
Saxbys going crazy maiden say go quickly play he keeps it
on the option and he’ll pick up for to the 23 that’ll slow it down a little bit
well those good play on his boy just now it was high he is humble like they’re
poor he just kept it oh so that’s the first time you’ve said that tonight John
that’s not a good sign for saxy Cole backs his way to the 21 it’s going to be
third in for coming down by 14 very probably four down territory on third
and four almost a free play here a third and four is you might see a long pass as
all I’m saying Maiden’s gonna keep it down the line
they’re looking for an opening got it first down looking for the end zone
touchdown sack see Jalen matin inches the Mustangs back in it and again they’re going nuts over here
on the home side excellent blocking on that play by everyone on this Saturday
ball and a very smart patient run by made me so good at that he waits for the
blocking to develop and hit it too hard Eddie – homeless actually wanted to go
for I think they were to go for two they’re gonna kick it Reyes Payton
blocked and returnable picks it up at the 2-1 he got one man to be that looks
like Canyon he’s gonna be run down from behind and no that was not Canyon that
was jarred Wesley so all it is is they failed p80 that almost became two points
we do have a very late penalty marker thrown by the referee right where the
tackle occurred this could be some kind of unsportsmanlike conduct but I think
it was after the play John which is the most important thing well I think there
was just some unsportsmanlike conduct after the tackle actually it’s a
substitution infraction penalties decline the point is no good against the
offense which was saxy so it’s just going to be a failed pa to timeout on
the field it does remain an eight-point game 10:40 left in our fourth quarter
it’s the Rowlett Eagles up by 8 35:27 over saxy on gr s TV we’re back John what is it you saw that
made you think they wanted they were trying to get him to go for two and they
went for the extra point well actually what there was trenches
going into EasyBib just wasted now you go through two taken just go ahead take
oh yeah I see your point okay almost a free play in a way short
kick is covered at the last second by rather than 23 that’s where the Eagles
will scrimmage right now Riley with an eight point lead they love to kill as
much of that clock as possible with a long drive we have a penalty no we’re
gonna scrimmage right there from the 23 what a ball game we’ve had tonight a few
lead changes in this one saxy gave up two big turnovers deep in their own
territory to hand 14 points to rally early Eagles have earned their last
couple of touchdowns and it pulled out to a 35 27 late although it’s actually
just scored to get within eight points so now sexy needs a defensive stand
again rally at needs to run this clock two receivers left in one right Gilly
will leave the backfield in motion he’ll take a swing pass from weeks and he’s
going to be hit down pretty quickly after catching the ball as they wanted
get a block on the folks over there on the far side but number 28 shot through
and made the tackle that was Braylon Brooks and that’s a two-yard gain second
and eight relat three receivers again to this far side
on the left gonna option it down the line pitch to
Amos got a block he’s free down the sideline there he goes with all that
speed he’s probably gonna be from behind with a horse-collar that’s gonna be an
extra 15 yards probably against saxy on the tackle from the 42 and if that’s
true they’re gonna get it all the way to the 27 of saxy Wow horse-collar tackle
defense number 215 yards out early in the run automatic first down
so see it right here on the replay here’s Scott we can sell pitch an
opportunity short side of the field and he just sawed runs everyone in there you
go right there number 2 for all that Harrison Manuel
sexy run so it ends up being a gain when you include the penalty of 48 yards to
the 27 of saxy first and 10 a Miss will take it finds a little bit of an opening
through a small hole up the middle he gets to the 23 for a gain of four it’s a
nice first down that’s got yeah you get four on first down that sets up second
down nicely 920 and County here in the fourth quarter rally at one stick and
talk badly right now a lot of folks in that sack see defensive box they get so
close to the line of scrimmage looking for the run Rowlett loves the
play-action here comes the Blitz weeks they pick up the Blitz weeks though
finally has to step forward and try and run with it for a short gain he had some
time initially but couldn’t find the receiver he wanted seems like those
missed you light receives he’s looking for one played the two receivers Adam
never got off the line son less sure does just suppose me a short story plays
straight wire well let’s got a third and six could be
four down territory right now it would be a 41-yard field goal they’re taking
their time under 15 on the play clock under eight and a half on the game clock
Eagles with an eight-point lead looking to make it a two-possession game on this
possession weeks at some time they pick up the Blitz I’m gonna bet Tom Humphries
oh he does that well Humphries on the return across the 20 and he’s tackled by
Booker at the 23 Isiah Humphries he has made a living at this and that sexy
secondary their all-time interception leader and let me check that that is his
fifth of the year John weeks the win at double coverage he stared it down yeah
they’re waiting on he’s yeah ill-advised one end I mean there really was no
opening there the receiver was covered up when he yeah there was there was
nothing down that wall now we stun excellent job
pass their Humphries just has a nose for the football maintance got a lot of time
he wanted to go deep now he’s gonna roll left and drop it down deep left
incomplete had one-on-one coverage but overshot his intended receiver Rose
pretty good coverage out there by jarred Wesley I really like the play in this
relat secondary tonight the coverage has been good matin has not been sharp but a
lot of times there hasn’t been anything open John second down Maidan again over all right
we got a holding call probably come in a penalty marker in the middle of the play
balls caught and fumbled recovered by saxy boy there’s a right man at the
right place at the right time that could have easily been a turnover it is going
to be holding though I’m pretty sure against saxy early in the play yes it is could have been disastrous day the
turnovers have killed the Mustangs all night you know it’s funny they haven’t
all been called turnovers but there’s been key key turnovers that didn’t go as
turnovers if you know what I mean this wasn’t a bad spot meter panel operating
off the bath 40-yard line second down second and very long they
got into the 33 and right now they’re in the 14 that computes to a 19 yard need
on second they restart the clock 7:45 in County saxy down by eight state ranked
saxy pass deep over the middle tipped in completely threw in a little
bit behind the intended receiver Jackson it
was not a perfect pass and a little bit a pretty good defense again the
defenders have been there all night this time Emmitt seals on the coverage I give you the numbers on Maine we just
can’t get our computer program to work unfortunately I have a feeling Jalen’s
numbers are not good tonight though he’s that sharp right I said it I
was saying that oh the first five minutes of the game he just wasn’t sharp
then and it’s been that way all night may he go throw it again and
will be a touchdown for miles Nash I believe that is Miles Nash and
saxy could tie this game up Wow he was wide open John he got y’all real
quick on that one Scott similar to the play where Christian Cole was wide open
and took it 53 yards for the first score of the night but Nash is a receiver that
got open here well if you look back on that one Cole was in the same position
in flat but he looked past him and went to national now if you go for two and
get it you tie the game saxy down by two they are going here in shotgun is Jalen
Maiden wise decision down by two looking to tie throw end zone touchdown Rose and
we are gonna start all over at 35 all Derrick Rose now that was a perfect pass
Jalen dials it up when he needs it just he’s he on a replay excellent execution
used his body well he’s on the one that gets their pass the position was not in
position all it the only thing that would make that an incomplete pass was a
bad pass and it was a perfect pass good point rosette great position using
defender was behind him and the defender was jarred Wesley timeout on the field
we got a shootout at Williams tonight we still got seven 22 left in our four
quarter we start all over 35 I’ll at 35 saxy back in a moment on GRS TV miles Nash with the long touchdown
reception of the two-point conversion we are tied at 35 here’s the kickoff Gilly
will he hand it on the end around no he’ll keep it and he’ll will get nowhere
he’s gonna be down inside the 20 at the 18 so well it’s gonna have to go a long
way if they’re gonna retake solution and they’re gonna go from the foul first
down Tommy little says penalty rallied so they’re really gonna be deep in the
hole here 713 three timeouts to keep this in mind three timeouts for saxy
Rowlett has already burned at two of their three timeouts and they’re going
on the offense here this is a big series right here is sexy you miss this kind of
being tempting fate at night we’ll see what they do right now they really need
to turn it out right now Rowlett is gonna start at the 5-yard
line after the penalty on the return if roulette wins this one and named it
forced held on the beat South Garlin and everything is decided it would be
relatively new and they’ve enforced in the playoffs
if saxy wins this one relevant have wait an extra week to clinch the
playoffs and then naman and Lakeview would also be a first and ten rally at
the five they’re gonna go from shotgun weeks we’ll wait at the goal line for
the stem good snap is essential it’s good he looks left I’m gonna go deep
down this near sideline incomplete little too much he let the intended
receiver hole although the coverage was good these two teams really cover well
in the secondary even when the balls have been complete for the most part
we’ve had you know the wide open receiver a minute ago but most of the
passes tonight it’s just been bangbang coverage in the secondary has taken
perfect passes for the most part these are two good defensive football teams
and two good offensive teams obviously second and 10 at the 5 yard line two
receivers each way from the five an empty shotgun set again from the five
yard line they’re not even looking to run unless week’s keeps it Preston in
the end zone shovel pass forward that shit goes an incompletion because it hit
the turf and yes it does that is not a fumble folks because he overhand flip
the ball forward that goes as an incompletion third down and 10 coming touch
Scot as you can see it was flipped but it was overhand which makes it a shovel
incomplete third and ten I bet you they don’t get too gutsy with the play call
here although they would have to putt it ten yards deep in the end zone probably
standing near that backline weeks time so far gets it off caught by Hall at the
15 and that’s enough for the first down what a third down conversion that was
for the Eagles X weeks did an excellent job he drops back his lion Hill there
you go John I got some stats finally as we got this thing to work these are
gonna be very revealing weeks is thrown for 200 yards and three touchdowns just
as we thought he’s had a heck of a night Maiden eight at 2438 so weeks is winning
the quarterback battle but the game is tied on the small board is a pass caught
by Booker he broke one tackle and is gonna end up close to the first down in
fact he may have it let’s check the mark to see if they move the James yeah
they’ve already moved the chains first in ten Rolla at the 27 pretty good
cushion over there they gave Christian Booker he’s getting to the States
yeah well chain hunting there by Christian huh we’re gonna be at the
halfway mark in six seconds here in the fourth quarter 35 35 Rowlett looking to
piece together a drive and win it here week’s draw hand offs playing and he’s
gonna get nothing sacks he was not fooled by the delayed hand up a little
bit of a sandwich tackle there 91 and 95 that’s Gilson 91 and Davis 95 second and
9 coming he’s a veteran he the three-year starter just like jaylen
maiden neither one of them panic a total yardage almost even at 294 to 285 a nine
yard difference told yardage and we are even on the scoreboard it doesn’t
surprise me that the stats are pretty even tonight the second of nine weeks
gonna run it and you gotta be tripped up he falls forward for a couple actually
they’re gonna say his knee went down at the 28 for no gain so it’s gonna be
third and nine Eagles as we’re under five minutes remaining
John we may be headed for overtime and you know what would there be no
appropriate way to end this game than overtime tonight he’s there for six
turns I’m predicting overtime and nine from the 28 good blocking from
the line time and he hits gili breaks a tackle and he spills his way out to the
46 that’s a gain of 18 and a fresh set of downs another third down conversion
in this game for Rowlett or gili something else any making some real
clutch catches that is a seventh catch for over 100 yards John and a couple of
touchdowns one of the keys for the Eagles fresh set of downs at the 46
shotgun again as it has been all night swing pass out to Gilly who else he lost
the football and it looks like satin up they’re gonna say gillies down and boy
the sexy sideline is not happy with the call it looks like the line judge is
saying that Gilly was down all those sacks he thinks it’s their football the
officials may confer on this John I can’t wait for the GRS replay gillies
hurt and the line judge says he was down according to the signal and that is the
line judge Kevin Schmidt here comes the replay this will tell us in our ear were
being told funnier this looks like so lutely that’s a fumble another reason now that is a smaller
that can we see that again I hate the helmet off rule oh my gosh then there’s
one of the reasons why I know why they do it I’m not gonna argue with a reason
for why they do it it’s a pretty good reason but to take a fumble recovery
away from the team because of it anyway let’s move on it’s gonna be
second in nine relat that’s 147 he also had to come out for a play by the way
which is the other reason I don’t like the rule but I’m moving on I’m not gonna
get my soapbox out there we go Eagles two receivers either way week’s play
accident keeps it nothing at the 47 a play that works pretty regularly for
Rowlett Saxbys did a good job with tonight
back in crucial third down way down here right now I don’t think so in a tie game
I think they would put it away Jeff in my opinion you get a good defense here
from sacks a good crash down by Bryce Robinson from the outside on the Blitz
to tackle him from behind third and eight key key player right here 310 and
Counting remember outlets got just one timeout
left three receivers to the far right weeks looking right here comes the rush
here comes the rush he gets it off who else but Isaiah Humphries the
interception machine for saxy he’s making at and he doesn’t get paid for it
oh my gosh this kid has a nose for the football the all-time interception
leader for saxy has just made quite possibly the play of the game for the
Mustangs if they can convert they’re gonna start at their own 45 they got 256
left and three timeouts there are just some kids who have the nose for the
football John riding the defenders for a pretty good gain of five when it should
have been nothing what an effort there by the running back for the Mustangs
and that was jaylen made in the quarterback actually that was a nice
gain on that one for first down no need to panic
quick fire gain a six second and four yeah when you got three timeouts left
228 even more than it says cold dive good pickup he gets the first and +1 to
the 44 of move the chain
stop the clock temporarily restart the clock to 15 in Cali saxy just bang bang
bang no huddle let’s go with the next play play action slant over the middle
caught and almost breaking away was Derrick Rose but he was tackled at the
30 that’s another first down perfect pass from Jalen Maiden does
excellent job use his body when he comes trust he really does because it’s very
much you know how he how he turns and mechanics or everything on those slants
are the first and ten at the 30 a minute 45 and Counting still all three sexy
timeouts left goal gets through one hole spins his way to the 20 gonna be y’all
always gonna be shy of the 20 which means he is just shy of the first down
but second and short is a very favorable situation at the 21 cold running right
with a runoff left guard this game second and one with the clock still
moving 118 now on the clock maiden working that play clock a little bit
Cole hole closes in a hurry at the 17 for a short gain of four think sex
opposed to scored those guys I don’t know if they want to go to field rather
well obviously they’d rather get six but three would win it we’re tied at 35 all
and we’re under 60 seconds left we just crossed the 1 minute mark first and 10
Mustangs at the 17th right now it would be a 34 yard field goal attempt they
still have three timeouts Maiden quarterback draw
good gainer he spilled at the ten but he got seven yards yeah I think I would
agree with that and here comes the Red Baron’s timeout and twenty-two saxy and
is their first ours timeout let’s take a quick break 42 seconds left were tied
1313 the battle for first place in 610 6a we’re back after this timeout on GRS
DB back to play Scott pal John welborne as
we’ve got 42 seconds left we’re tied at 35 baitin look into for the end zone
throws it up incomplete it was a jump ball for Jackson and the defense from
behind from seals Jackson wanted interference see if we can get a replay
like seals with a good play there I thought he’s a little early on that but
that’s been happening all night and it’s never been cold by the way it’s a little
late in the game so I guess hard to tell but yeah he might have been
on this back there third down and four from the 11 and now we got another
timeout timeout be relevant yeah that is the final timeout interesting the Eagles
are out sax he’s got two left take another break 36 seconds 35 35
GRS Stevie it’s gonna come down to the field goal four down territory or not will see
possibly third and four sexy they don’t get this they might try the field goal
to win it make quarterback draw a first down
touchdown sack see Jay and this place is going nuts oh we’re on
the home side pretty good blocking they blocked the quarterback draw very well
there it was no doubt where he was going with that that was a quarterback draw
all along Scottie he wasn’t looking to give to anybody now
as a cold draw six point lead extra point fairly important rally it’s got
their work cut out for him right now they’ve only got 31 seconds
and no timeouts so be interesting to see what sacks he does with the kickoff I
would not make it returnable wherever you put the kickoff extra point Ray as
deep and good let’s take what could be our final timeout 31 seconds left the
number six ranked team in the state has pulled ahead 42 to 35 sexy over a lady
Ron GRS TV John I almost would like to make a
statement here if this is the last game I ever do as a broadcaster I might
retire happy tonight this has been one heck of a football game and it didn’t
over yet Rollins got 31 seconds at this point with the kickoff coming
unfortunately for the Eagles they got no timeouts remaining I think they might do
one of your favorite things right now I would agree with it right now most of
the time I don’t but I don’t want this kick returner I would just almost on
cite it but you know short to the 30 maybe I won’t allow it now that I hate
it most of the time so what is hard to go see why not hey it was beautiful kick
by Ray is through the end zone it hit halfway through so rena is gonna have to
go 75 yards in 31 seconds with no timeouts let’s I want to pick some of
the highlights stats out because we’re gonna be off the air pretty quickly by
the way let me remind you what’s coming up this next weekend November the second
Friday night we got name enforced and saxy that’ll be a beauty actually that’s
Thursday night Bobby George and I’ll bring you that one seven o’clock and
then Friday you John you and I’ll have Rowlett and Lakeview that should be very
entertaining on Friday night November the third and then one week to go after
that our Thursday game on November the 9th will be Rowlett and garland our
Friday game to close the regular-season namin Forest in Lakeview you and I have
a couple of great football games ahead of us after this great football game
tonight yes there’s our upcoming schedule here on GRS first and 10 weeks
has time deep out over here caught an out of bounds just what you want again
at 10 and stop the clock the clock never removed they just now started the clock
John so they’re gonna try and make up the time and they run three seconds off
the clock clock Operator forgot to start the clock
well are we gonna have a runoff right here anyway
well they ran off three seconds I looked at the clock and it was stopped after he
ran out of bounds they set the game clock 27 seconds to seven they’re gonna
add they’re gonna take one more second off and play suck it down here with 27
seconds well we have an injury also due to a Riley flare yeah I don’t know since
it’s a dead ball I don’t think you have a run off on a dead ball
since he went out of bounds how you would never have a runoff in that
situation I’m pretty sure see what I’m saying it’s a dead ball oh I’ll go with
you house if it was a live ball I see your point and I even have that in high
school or run off like that I know you do in the NFL I’m not sure that’s a high
school rule anyway but I’m not saying you’re wrong
oh I’m not sure but it’s a dead ball it doesn’t make any difference
you got out of bounds we got a first in ten at the 34 yard line 27 seconds and
no timeouts if you get a first down that’ll stop the clock initially to move
the chains ral it needs to get out of balance wherever possible weeks here
comes the rush he’s hit but he got it off caught a Juggalo did now a drop are
they gonna call this a fumble or yeah they’re calling it a fumble sexy stop so
we come and it looks like the Mustangs are gonna
win it I want to see the replay on whether they got that call right he
juggled it then was hit and dropped it so it’s questionable from the beginning
Wow what a play what a waiting what a play the call is a fumble so it doesn’t
really matter what the replay says but here’s your replay timeouts accent
there’s your jackin timeout great catch between his legs he finally grabbed it
didn’t he and then he dropped it after he got hit couldn’t blame him for
dropping it I mean it was a hard hit I mean it it would’ve been easy for any of
us to drop that ball after we grabbed it between our legs like that excellent
catch he really did but saxy do they have the ball yeah Saxons got the ball
they’re gonna go into their victory formation Rowlett went to the sideline
for a moment here they come defensively and we’re just gonna have a knee and
that’s gonna be it yeah every time I stick a stop the clock John any final
thoughts on this one tonight before we sign off and have you seen a better game
in the last few years out of here this is excellent excellent excellent game
both teams gate backs and we hope for it I had a great time thanks guys John as I
was saying to you off the air a moment ago I think tonight we learned that
rally is for real we knew sexy was for real the great
thing is both of these teams should be good playoff representatives and they
both clinch tonight with what’s happened here tonight so the future is bright in
the upcoming playoffs I think for the G is D when you agree
our final score tonight saxy comes from behind tonight they were down by 14 at
what was it 35 to 21 or something like that they come back and defeat Rowlett
42 to 35 sacks he remains undefeated they’re in the driver’s seat for the
district championship at four no and they moved to 8 and o on the year rally
it falls to 3 & 1 in the second place they are 4 & 4 on the year and remember
saxy is 6th ranked in the state 3rd ranked in the area going into this week
remember we got games coming up this Thursday and Friday November the 2nd and
November the 3rd on GRS TV which you can watch the following week I want to thank
John wellburn for his work tonight it was a great one we expected it and we
got it tonight here at Williams Stadium and thanks to our entire crew from GRS
TV with all the great camera shots and work that you did tonight thanks to
everyone involved in this one again our final score tonight saxy 42 Rowlett 35
from Williams Stadium in garland I’m Scott Powell so long everybody

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