Garland ISD: GISD Football Lakeview Centennial vs South Garland

Garland ISD: GISD Football Lakeview Centennial vs South Garland

{Music with announcer comments during various games} “That is a touchdown!” from Omer be Johnson Stadium in Garland
Texas a very pleasant good evening and welcome to another edition of garland
ISD football here on GRS television hi again everybody Scott Powell along with
Bobby George and we’re so glad you’ve joined us for the opening night of
district playing tonight is gonna be Garland Lakeview Centennial versus South
Garland and Bobby even though both these teams are 1 and 3 coming in
sometimes these kind of games make for good matchups too pretty even teams
coming in. (Bobby speaks) Yeah both one and three, but I tell you it’s a first district game and
both teams are basically even when it looks at the stat sheet when you look at
points per game twenty one point eight from Lakeview Centennial 21.5 for South
Garland Colonels very close and then points allowed both teams are allowing
43 and 45 respectively so really closing that that way and then
yards per game the same thing Lakeview is 319 yards a game the South of Garland
Colonels 321 points a game points allow are yards allowed defensively 404
Lakeview for 28 for South garland so I mean down the line it’s basically the
same guys out there so it should be a perfect game they say there’s three
seasons to a football season well this is season number two this is the
beginning of district play and you know if you’re gonna make the playoffs in
this district trying to sneak into that fourth place finish you’ve got to win
this game tonight These are the these two teams playing
each other are the other teams that you’ve got to beat to get into the
playoffs so the loser of this game will be in a huge hole for the rest of
district play yeah cuz it may come down to that last spot in and if whoever wins
this game will have that tiebreaker so Scott speaks: You’re exactly right
South garden will be the home team will have the red two jerseys with blue trim
blue helmets and white pants as you look on wherever you are tonight we’re glad
you’re with us watching this replay here on GRS television late via Centennial
we’ll kick it off bill yeah so it’s just gonna be a great
night weather is perfect the wind is blowing out from the left to the right
it’s just beautiful out here tonight it’s gonna be a great district game gr s
television is what I meant to say lake view will be in there taking off from
the paper you will be in there visiting white jerseys with gold pants and gold
helmets and go left to right and they’ll have whatever when there is at their
back like me will hear in the first quarter it’s always fairly steady 10 to
15 although it looks to be letting up as we get on as we’re in duck dusk now as
the Sun is almost completely gone and the lights will take effect in full here
soon and here’s the opening kickoff by the way just a beautiful night for
football returned man is driven inside the five and here comes our internal not
across the 20 to the 20 to the yard longer because we’re Soundgarden we’ll
start with their first possession of the ball game c3 Jack where Ian Turner some kids
quarterback there now he hasn’t thrown any completions on the year now that’s a
that’s a crazy stat I’ve never really seen three full games to go in and into
district play and you’ve never had a completion as a team so they have no
completions as a team as a quarterback rating and so I will see a lot of Jabari
and Turner actually running the ball he’s got 98 attempts 804 yards 8.2 yards
per attempt nine touchdowns on the year that was Quintin Blaylock on the kickoff
returned the short return first and ten at the 22 for the Colonel’s and now
we’ve got a five yard walk off a procedure penalty against Lakeview
before the first snap how about that I don’t even think they were really it
down in there stands yet so you don’t see that very often they’re very any
usually quarterback and shotgun executive is querías Aquarion Turner JH
Aquarion Turner and folks get used to that name he is the leading rusher in
the Metroplex right now with over 800 yards
going to go from Shaun gun here on the first play I see they all jump and move
around now they get it all loaded left that’s why they make them jump Turner
takes the snap up the middle bounces a huge gain on
first down for South garlic yes he was shoved out of bounds by Kaleb Ferguson
Turner it’s basically the old Wildcat you don’t even faked the handoff or
anything you just take off running and it’s pretty interesting how the line
will do a huge shift from one side to the other and then they get the defense
all moving in in different directions they’re not completely set they snap the
ball and boom they’re out to the races 35 yard game for Turner again top
running back in the Metroplex 804 yards 9 touchdowns 8 yards of carry
coming into this when there’s a handoff around right tackled pretty good pickup
for Covanta Wilson we do have a couple of penalty markers though back in the
backfield and this is going to be a penalty against South garlic Avante
Wilson 44 attempts on the year 383 yards he’s got almost nine yards per carry as
well so he can actually run the rock folks it’s a team that has not completed
a pass in the first four weeks of play but they averaged 323 on the ground that
also leads the Metroplex among six a rushing teams the problem Bobby if you
can run this kind of offense low risk just running the ball penalties have
killed them they’re averaging 10 penalties a ball game and there you go
you see it right now is what’s happened after a big long 7 yard run all the
sudden now you’re 17 yards in the hole first and 10 though sweep right now
coming back for a short gain to the the 38 yard line
great reversed if you seem hopping it out to the outside and then boom he just
sees that little gap behind boom he’s running through the whole room come out
here then all the sudden mints sit right there it’s a nice yardage a
nice cut he saw there was nothing on the outside to the sideline so we cut it up
and got five yards out of it in 15 they really do need those offensive linemen
need to watch where their hands are cuz on that play again you saw like hands
getting out there and reaching for jerseys make it second and 14 Turner
well he’s he’s right up the middle that was the one Jeffrey or he would have
gone the distance and say that is an interesting offense you know I haven’t
seen one quite like it where they have all three guys on the right side of the
line to fooling at the same time you see them all pulling and then he cuts back
against the grain right where they were heading to he gets right on their back
shoulder and takes off right up the middle
in other words good vision there by Turner saw the blocking and cut off the
back of it first and ten after the 24 yard gain to carry us we’ll keep it
again tried to break a tackle but was tripped up still good yardage on first
down and it was tripped up by tyler clifton
lifted took his shoe right off his foot – it’s another four for Turner’s off to
a good start tonight they use those big offensive linemen and they have a two
backs in the backfield leap blockers returner and it’s just a lot of people
you know to to get off the block I mean there’s a lot of guys come match it’s
like a red wall Turner averages 201 yards a game rushing and he’s well on
his way to his first hundred tonight second down and six at the 14 he’s gonna
hand this when I’m Carlton tried to sweep right now he comes in back Oh
but he got a pretty good pickup out of nothing by Counting it back against the
grain he got two yards when he probably should have been stopped for a loss see
what he did there he was lined up right over the end like in a little slot back
position Turner comes to the left and he just hands it back to the right just a
very nice well-developed play you know it’s kind of interesting how in today’s
football everybody is spread out you got receivers to the left and a ride and
they open it way up and it makes it easier for them to run but in this case
they’ll bunch everybody up and just power run it third into Turner looking
for the first down he’s got it and more still fighting and they’re gonna give
him the city hasn’t it’s closer than I thought he might be a little bit right
at the 8 yard line and he might be just slightly short they’re already gonna say
he is short and South guard oh go for it on fourth day got – you got a play to
get this one down in one why not go to the leading rusher in the mount blacks
got it but well they’ll see what the forward before word Morris wasn’t bad I
think he got more than I think it’s short of that blue line and I think they
had to get to it I don’t think you got to the mark they’re giving him but the
mark should be about a half yard short and should go over on downs to Lakeview
what a great stop right there by Lakeview Centennial referee Scott Davis
points late be his way so we’ll see what the Patriots have for their first
possession I mean hit that stop with all of these guys man that that is a great
stop right there on the 8 yard line I mean they he just runs into his own
man you see he just hits that that whole wall that you can’t find his way out of
it then they surrounding from both sides
and comes up short Thomas Gutierrez will be the quarterback
I believe or it could be uh that’s Jalen Jones the backup who has also had some
pretty good numbers Jones is thrown for 153 17 to 22 it’s
all short passes a little less than 10 of completion the other one
Jared Adams is thrown for 429 yards and they’re gonna start with Jones here yeah
I think Jalen Jones gives them the most opportunities at running the ball he’s
run the ball 19 times for over 50 yards and the handoff will go to Hereford
that’s to Darius Hereford for a game to the 13 that’s a gain of 4 on first down
he’s got 336 yards on the season 53 attempt 6.3 yards and intense so you
know South Garland’s got their hands full to try to stop him now second and 6
at the 14 yard line lake me on their first possession moving left to right
here in the first quarter we are soulless again Herefords got a first
down he spins away from one tackler and he is out across the 25 a jackal there
by number 34 Gabriel Ellis the junior gain of 13 therefore Hereford Ellis get
double-teamed he spins off of that thing it still comes over it gets the tackle Patriots go quickly again jaylen Jones
still the quarterback in shotgun as Hereford to his right fakes it to her
foot out got a penalty marker that’s gonna kill this play yeah I think he
snapped it before his team was ready luckily that one wasn’t all went on the
ground on that’ll stop the clock just a little under seven and a half minutes
here in the opening quarter good just a perfect evening for football
the temperature has come down a little bit our high today was in the low 80s at
Levine low eighties again tomorrow State Fair opening Friday so we got a
great weekend coming weather-wise for that and anything else you want to do
got a love this time of year man you got football and starts to cool down we got
a good brain yesterday and after today pumpkin spice lattes mauricio Sneed takes the end off on a
sweep left he turns the corner has another first down for Lakeview he on a
first and 15 nice pick up there of 16 yes needs 47 off attempts on the year
251 yards five yards per carry and he’s there touchdown machine with four this
year this may be a pretty quick game to that Bobby two teams that love to run
the ball and a team at South garlotte hasn’t made a completed pass all year so
we may get out of here early tonight first we’ve got a timeout taken by south
garland let’s take a break to our score nothing nothing south garland in
Lakeview Centennial here on GRS TV Scot pal Bobby George back here at home
repeat Johnson Stadium we’re about halfway through the first quarter in a
scoreless game Lake Mead centennial with a first and ten at their own 38 and he’s
in a big hall he’s still going still untouched deep into South Carroll in
territory he’s finally spilled at the 26 yard line a gain of 37 yards Terry and
Brown has to chasing them from the left from the corner spot on the right side
but look at the blocking here got to get a lot of credit to that big offensive
line but how about the cutting of the cutting back against the grain by these
Lakeview backs I mean very impressive both teams seem to have a lot of
misdirection in their in their runs in other words they both like to cut it
back against the grain from what we’ve seen so far they’re gonna reset the play
clock at 25 seconds and now they run it so late me we’ll have a full 25 to get
this next play off first out the South garland 26 got a wing back and a
tailback gonna give to the tailback Hereford nowhere to go although he gets
hit forward by a defender which helped to get him a couple of yards when he
should have been down for nothing as he was hit from behind by DJ Williams it
look like ya catapulted him into a six yard carry Thank You DJ five have you
heard push from the defense there well he got more than I thought he did South
garland had that strung out pretty nicely under the defender helped him to
get five yards second and five coming yeah now you see South garland they got
three down linemen in four linebackers so they they think that he’ll get that
first push but the linebackers have to get out there and close that off to
Darius Hereford another care is third in a row this is going to be stacked up at
the 17 after a gain of four and he’s going to be a yard short of the first
down it’s gonna be imperative that these
linebackers are going to have to move from left to right and be able to get
through there because you got three down linemen so you’re gonna get
double-teamed and a lot of times some of these like these uh offensive linemen
can get out on that second level and get to that middle linebacker and that’s
what will open this thing up Joey mejor Otto a senior made the tackle
another handoff to Tommy breaks through a tackle and as into-into inside the
10-yard line down at the 8 a gain of 9 again look like err furred was gonna get
very little and he got 9 yards he got so low to the ground I don’t know if the
linebackers even saw where he was right through there in this Drive that started
back at their own 9 yard line Lakeview as 2 out of 2 on third down this will be
Mauricio is Sneed looking for an opening breaks one tackle but he’s going to be
spilled at the 5 after the 3 yard game boy that had possibilities as he turned
the corner over there but closed down in a hurry
yeah believed number 7 comes flying through there from the safety position
and blows that up because if he didn’t come in there even though he missed the
tackle he still need to slow down and it let everybody else come over there and
gang tackling because he had a lot of potential and also threw Snead
off-balance he never was able to regain what he had second down and goal at the
5 a ride Sneed now gives it to Sneed at the last second he fights for the goal
lines gonna be down at the 1 he almost got that ball across before DJ Williams
that was able to hold him out at the 1 yard line
so another third down coming but ladies been really good on third down to this
point what DJ Williams really hit his head hard on that turf it knocked his
helmet completely off I just hope he’s gonna be ok
3rd and goal at the 1 Hereford touchdown waiting for the signal no signal yet
Bobby called it but the officials have given no signal here it is finally they
say touchdown Westeros I mean I I thought he was in but they were there
and it took a while for him to call what an impressive drive of running
though here we go see what the replay tells us oh yeah uh second effort yeah
he’s right there he walks in then how come the officials didn’t raise their
arms I don’t think they knew who had the ball that’s a good point extra point is
up and good so with 358 left in our opening quarter
Lakeview strikes first the Patriots of Lakeview Centennial lead south garland 7
to nothing Errol GRS TV impressive opening drive for Lakeview
Centennial that go 91 yards and 11 plays and use four minutes 20 seconds off the
clock and elite south garland seven to nothing
Patriots now will kick-off yeah I mean both teams had the ball and was very
impressive on their running but what Lakeview that offensive line was just
really good kick is fumbled it’s still on the ground finally picked up the last
second that’s gonna cost him any good field position they might have gotten as
down the immediately after picking it up was Blaylock at the 13 yard line just
went right through the wickets yards 96 for Lakeview and 74 for South garland
like we said before the game both teams love to run the ball and they’re very
good at it and I was downstairs earlier watching Lakeview warm-up and I was
watching these offensive linemen and how they were just getting getting in there
and how strong their legs and their backs were and I thought man these guys
are going to be really good tonight now I didn’t see South garland’s offensive
line but well look how many guys south garland puts on the line they’ve got one
two three four five six guys on one side of the ball and they’d love to run it
that power formation Jalen Jones was the official quarterback on this play as he
took the snap in shotgun kept it and was dropped immediately they’re gonna give
him the line of scrimmage at the 13 but no gain second and two Turner was right
next to Jones on the snap gee Johnson big number 92 well here’s a
big one he’s gonna have to he’s gonna have to
really show up tonight because I mean it’s it’s a running show if he doesn’t
now this is Turner he takes the snap and runs with it right side and pretty good
gain out to the 20 and a half that’s gonna be about three yards short maybe
two and a half officially coming on third down not four down territory South
Karma’s gonna have to get this or punt it away you know the average almost
eight yards per carry so I believe they should be able to get it but they don’t
that’s the second time Lakeview has really stood up with short yardage there
that was jaylen junk nope that was Turner who kept it right up the middle
and gonna be about a yard yard half short on fourth down so far they’re
threatening to go for it but I’d be really surprised and here they come
yeah Clifton makes such a good stop playing middle linebacker right there he
just he knew exactly where Turner was going and he stopped it just two great
stops you know it was it was fourth and one down on the on the eight yard line
on the other side and Lakeview was able to stop it and they’ve made a great stop
right here bunt formation punter is Kayla right Reyes oh no this
is gonna be a touchdown it’s gonna be six for the Patriots
Wow look I don’t want Jeff free on the return pick number two three gets it
gets one right there how awesome is that the ball was just shanked right up in
the air and then took a crazy little bounce yeah not a good punt and took
that bounce right into Jeffrey’s hands and he had an easy six and now Lakeview
it’s gonna try and make it a 14 to nothing later in the first quarter yeah
soon as he puts the ball but all of the red jerseys South garland just takes off
and they’re down down to about the 40 45 yard line and they realized that the
ball was kicked only to the 30 and then it bounced over to about the 28 where he
was just standing there and just was able to take it to the house I mean
there was nobody left those soryo with the extra point good his second of the
night time out on the field 158 left in our opening quarter Lakeview Centennial
now leading South Carroll and 14 to nothing on GRS TV Ariella punt return 228 yards for the
touchdown by Jeffrey on our last play and it’s 14 to nothing like me
Centennial de Juan Jeffrey this is a much deeper kick caught at the goal line
only gonna get a block in the back out they didn’t call it I didn’t see a flag
but it was really King Wilson I mean it was right out there in front of
everybody could see that when cluding us Kevon teh wilson with the return to the
21 it’s where South will have it first into South Garland’s only other
possession they started at their 22 first possession of the game but were
stopped on downs on fourth down at the at the 12 but just block in the back
right there boy they just didn’t get that call as you said it was out in the
open how they missed it’s beyond me here they go switching it all to the left
from left to right again Turner in shotgun waits he’s gonna just take off
immediately shuts one potential tackler spins makes it a pretty good gain out of
not much available in the beginning to the 26 that’s a gain of five you know
it’s I’m sure that they’ve been scouting him and knows exactly what’s gonna
happen Turner takes the ball and just takes off running just he kind of just
tries to find the open hole and just shows that he’s an athlete and takes off
running but if you if you can never throw it or have any other you know
anything like that then they’re gonna load nine guys in the box on you it’s
amazing that he’s got over 800 yards when everybody knows what they’re gonna
do is like look at him they’re all in there
shows what ability he has handoff to Wilson spins away from one tackler that
almost got him the first down at the 30 but he’s gonna be a yard short as he was
knocked out it shows his ability and it shows this lineman’s ability look at him
all pulling and yeah a lot of pulling and you mentioned it earlier
there’s Hereford no not her four that’s the kid with the interception we got
returned Jeffrey with that tackle third and one coming still got 20 on the play
clock at south garland taking a lot of time here you know that’s the difference
usually they’ll spread you way out they’ll get two receivers on one side
two receivers on the other just to get four of the defensive backs out of the
picture then you can run it but what South garland they just load it up in
the box and let you load it up in the box and says okay who’s gonna win this
scrum Turner gets just enough for the first down out to the 32 he needed the
31 a gain of two and a second third first down I should say of the first
half for south garlic person pins we are under a minute and Counting here in the
first quarter 14 to nothing Lakeview Centennial leading yeah there’s no not
much clock stoppage when both teams run like
these two it’s good old old day football you know this is the way they used to do
it just line up and run line up and run and maybe throw it two or three times a
game four yards and a cloud of dust they used to call it it’s a bad snap Turner
pulls it in but he’s in jail it is gonna be dropped for a big loss back to the 25
yeah the high snap it really wasn’t real high but it wasn’t in his stomach either
and by the time he pulled it in he was in trouble yeah it’s all about timing
you know you got to have that timing when you’ve got guys pulling that’s
leaving other guys wide open to come down the line and so if you have to
reach up and grab that ball the timings off and they’re gonna be hunting first
hit by Victor Smith and that’s gonna be the final play of the first quarter our
score like via Centennial four teams South garlotte nothing to one in three
teams opening district plan Lakeview with the early advantage here on g RS TV well we’re about ready to start the
second quarter here at Homer B Johnson’s stadium Lakeview Centennial with a
convincing 14 to nothing lead here in the early go long scoring drive of 91
yards followed by a punt return of 28 yards has provided their two touchdowns
south garland with the football on second down and 16 we were talking at
the break it is knowing late you knows what they’re gonna do they know they’re
gonna run so it’d be so easy just to do a little jump throw one of your Tydeus
or something that just releases down the middle of the field because they’re
playing with no safeties they’ve got everybody in the box it’s impressive
that he still is yeah I mean they know what’s coming they can’t stop it jQuery
and Turner’s the guy we’re talking about as you see him here on the replay of his
run pretty good pickup before he runs into a wall of gold and white boy you do
have an opportunity to show your athleticism if you do want to make that
intro you could do a jump throw I mean you could take off running and
everybody’s going to come to you gain of eight for Turner its third and nine no
well they got one receiver and a wing back in this formation out to the right
Turner looks to throw its quick shuttle pass and in trouble with Wilson but he
breaks away to the outside there can he get there got it he’s got it in the mark
says first down at the 44 or he’s running out of bounds he must be super
fast because they had that angle on him and everything after he had broke a
tackle then they have the angle on him and he still out runs him to the corner
he ran for 11 year for 11 yards and he really ran for their 25 yards there when
you go from one side line to the other that’s pretty good
he was knocked out by Cameron Walton become that Colonel’s where the first
didn’t end I mean bunch them all up look at that
they don’t have one receiver out possession started back at their 21 on
to first downs there to the 44 again it’s Turner this time just right up the
gut he saw a hole and took it good gain on first down he
was tackled though by Tyler Clifton at the 47 that’s a gain of three I don’t
know it’s just kind of fun and and impressive that they’re running the ball
the way they are it’s just straight-up hard-nosed football they are mixing it
up a little bit going wide sometimes reversing their field on a wide run just
a moment ago and then right up the middle you don’t know where they’re
gonna run it but you know they’re gonna run it Turner is gonna run this one on a
sweep nail and down for a loss great job right there by 40 Armstrong Roderick
smelled that out from the get-go and made the tackle for the loss I mean he
had five red jerseys coming at him and he still breaks through that and bust
that play up just a great job defensively so they go from second and
six to third and 11 big play for Lakeview Stevens I mean this is where it
hurts you if you can’t pass the ball because now you’re expecting in two
plays to get 11 yards already one for one on third down in this Drive but
actually two for two it’s gonna be a tough get here although it could be four
down territory Turner’s gonna hand it don’t beat him to the corner he’s racing
to that corner but he won’t turn it this time Livingston good job there by
Livingston to run him down hey John Livingston they were expecting
that corner and here he comes in they stayed where they were supposed to stay
let me correct that it’s a number 11 not on the Lakeview roster tonight
unfortunately great job right there gain of four but seven yards short it looks
like South Carla’s gonna punt it here on fourth and eight now fourth and seven
back at the 33 Waits the punter much better punt this time here oh and it’s a
fumble but picked up and returned although not
too much running room on the return and that was Derek West on the punt return
late mule start from their own 15-yard line
the punter Kayla Reyes with his second punt of the night first one only went
six yards and was returned for a touchdown as he shanked it Adams does a
good job right there staying with them after he fumbled the ball Adam stays
with him and chases him all the way back down on the other side of the field to
make that tackle just great pursuit by the young man they mark it at the 16
first int in Lakeview now going right to left here in the second quarter just
their second possession of the ballgame and they did return a punt for a
touchdown hard-hitting defender right about the 20-yard line
little spin move like that right in the middle you don’t know what your relative
you don’t know what you’re spitting into that’s right looky spin right here boom
box of chocolates Bobby you never know what you’re going to get at the 19 it’ll
be second and seven down to ten on the play clock should be plenty of time
Jalen Jones back in at quarterback option keeper good Running Room
bust it out to the 35 the 40 finally going to be run down around midfield
that was just 34 yards on the simple play-action well you see right here then
look at number 94 they all go for the running back cuz they hit that ball so
well they almost had me fooled it was a nice little play-action there quick out
pass is caught it’s going down the sideline that counts
the middle that time whoa Rondon he’s tripped up falls inside the 10-yard line
there’s a touchdown saving tackle right there a shoestring stop by the colonel
we’re trying to get his number that is John Lewis with the trip up all right
Murad is a big kid with speed he doesn’t get the ball often but boy when he does
it’s hard to bring him down that’s a 38 yard game back to back first downs like
me driving inside the tent Sneed is pounded to the turf tripped up and then
driven to the turf from behind at the 5-yard line again it’s big number nine
John Lewis known here Lakeview threatening them run away with this one
already up 14 to nothing trying to make it 21 to nothing here we’re almost at
the midway part of the second quarter fast-moving game tonight here on a
Thursday night Jones play-action he’ll keep it at he’s
down by the shoe tops in the backfield good play reading it all the way was
Justin Velazquez if he wasn’t there I mean it was gonna be a walk there was
nobody on the left side of the field if Velasquez doesn’t make this tackle
there’ll be third and goal coming for the Patriots yeah you’re right and it
was easy I mean it was all shoe on the tackle by Velasquez Jones and shotgun
play-action bootleg Roy drops it at the last minute oh boy he
threw he threaded the needle on that pass look like it might get picked off
and huh made the catch all in all he had to do is just toss it out there to the
back corner and it was gonna be open but he threads it oh man just right out of
the reach of the colonel that was one thing needle and he just barely threaded
it here comes the PA try so they mix it up just a little bit they’ve run the
ball the entire game and in on this Drive they throw it two times for
critical yards in a touchdown 84 yard drive in seven ways capped on the Porter
touchdown pass the King my Osorio good and the timeout on the field says 708
left here in the first half Lakeview all over South darling by a
score of 21 to nothing off GRS TV Scot pal Bobby George glad you’re with
us from Homer be Johnson Stadium Lakeview Centennial with a 21 nothing
lead we’re almost halfway through the second
quarter 708 left oh this might be recovered by Lakeview Centennial the
scrum is on at the 25 who’s got it late me who says we got it number 4 they’re
in the wrong direction he’s going you’re gonna you could try
and buy a call you might as well use money yeah now they are the official
pointing the wrong way the umpire pointed the wrong way to Bobby and now
he’s corrected himself it’s late news ball but the official pointed south
garland’s way watch the South garland athlete here he’s pointing he’s pointing
it’s he thinks it’s their ball buddy’s pointing to the left which is the wrong
direction the result Lakeview recovers the kickoff the fumble another big
mistake for South guard this special teams is killing him here first and ten
at the 27 they’ve already returned a punt for a touchdown after a 6 yard punt
by the way and now a fumble on the kickoff hurt oh the ball is out hey
let’s see who gets the recovery a very very smart play um he just happened to
be available Oh to Tolo with the recovery we do have a penalty marker
though back at the 32 we haven’t seen many penalties yet Bobby of course I’ve
just jinxed it see I don’t know what the call is
referee it was two flags yeah well where’s the other one I thought there
was one thrown in the backfield and then I thought there was one thrown right
there where he was tackled but I never saw I see a bag filled there so maybe
not you know can you and it illegal to fumble forward and recover it and then
gain yards with it what no I don’t I don’t think you could
fumble it to yourself maybe I don’t know what that rule is well the referee is
looking the wrong direction he’s supposed to look to the press box and
he’s given the signal to the other side now he’ll give it to us and Scott Davis
says illegal use of the hands against Lakeview Centennial so wipe out the play
and Mark off a 10-yard penalty back to the 44 or make it to 36 excuse break
right there for south garland as a that’s a huge break for them oh he took
a big hit if you’re gonna fumble it fumble it to a teammate yeah I planned
it that way I’m sure it really almost does look planned Patriots waiting for
the play call to come in they haven’t started the play clock yet and officials
are still talking about it lady it looks like they’re ready to go
upon whistle 653 first half 21 nothing like veal trying to add to their lead they’ve had impressive drives of 91 and
84 yards four touchdowns Hereford will take the hang up does a
little window-shopping chooses his hole and takes it to the 26 for a gain of
five Omega the gain of six which is kind of
very patient run waiting for his blocking to develop yeah and why not did
you see how they were pulling from left to right and they’re very fast big
number 65 and 61 they just take off from left to right and I mean it’s the whole
just starts to develop because you got to get out of their way a little bit
but Hereford did not hit the hole too early and waited for it to develop met
an injured player for South garland who has come off the field yeah we just don’t have him on our
roster unfortunately nathie coaches give us the rosters and can’t do anything
about it if it’s wrong unfortunately second down in 14 from the 31 of South
garlic look at that blocking play-action complete had an open receiver but
overshot him Jones did you know it’s pretty good coverage I would think
bye-bye you know the Colonel’s because they’ve run the ball so much and to be
prepared for that throw far week good Kamara Wheaton was the streaking open
receiver he just had to that’s a very small area to try and fit that pass and
that was not as easy as it looked in the corner of the endzone now and you had
defenders on on all the receivers eye straight across the inside guy was kind
of covered I mean they had some room but they were pretty covered had to be a
good throw to make that third and 14 very probably four down territory to get
the 14 now we’ve got a timeout and Lakeview wants to talk about this so
we’ll take a break up with them 604 second quarter 21 nothing like Musa
Tenniel over south garland here on GRS TV back in Garland Nomar be Johnson’s
stadium on a beautiful night for football our first little cold front
came through not long ago and our highs are now in the low 80s for the next
couple of days and probably the perfect conditions these players have seen after
all those hot days of early practices Jalen Jones drops off a screen pass to
Hereford caught trying to get to that first down marker he’s gonna be downed
about the 21 that’s gonna be four yards short but a nice little play there by
Hereford it didn’t look like he was gonna get that much before he went down
he almost slipped the last one day just to keep it going
so will they go for it yeah they will it looks like I’m fourth and four and going
quickly at the 21 they need the 17 they try to get him to jump right there yeah
good job by the Colonel’s to not move that they changed the play they’re ready
to go now with plenty of time fourth and four to keep the drive alive quick swing
pass caught fighting for the yardage need is not car over and it looks like
he’s short what a great open field tackle there to keep him short of the
first down and let’s see that young man was on the tackle who we got there
hiding this ball they spot him a first down spot here that’s qualms Gooden with
the tackle they get he got the first down what a heck of a spot Wow I could
have sworn he was short Bobby here’s your replay it’s a pretty good blocking
over there you know what for progress I think yeah and it’s funny how the
officials a lot of times are right once you see that replay first and 10 will simple handoff up the
middle for just about a yard not much more John Lewis with another tackle for
south garland that was – Daria’s Hereford one of his many carries tonight
he’s been the workhorse yeah I think I would run away from John Lewis over
there on that defensive inside on the left he’s really done a good job he’s
hitting people pretty hard over there like me trying to add to a 21 nothing
laid here before the half for 35 left in this second quarter
looks like they’ve changed their offense up a little bit earlier they were you
know kind of pulling and running real hard now they’re doing a little bit of
sweeps and a couple of passes here and there they’ve kind of changed it up well
what a strong run right there camión West on the little toss reverse pitch
across the backfield and came in almost scored with it got to the five yard line
that’s gonna be enough for another first down and now lately is gonna have a
first and goal to five first we’ve got a injured Colonel let’s take another break
here on GRS TV Pedro towbar the injured player was able
to at least walk off on his own that’s a good sign looks like he’s kind of
holding that left arm which was injured first play on that last play West got a
great mark extra effort though got him to the five-yard line tomar is the one
that made the tackle hereford squeezes in touchdown view touchdown great effort
he was tripped up lost his balance but was just able to squirm forward into the
end zone well you got to give a lot of credit to those guys up front big number
65 53 56 92 those dudes are making it happening they look at that pancake
block there was two pancake blocks off the mat on that touchdown run right
there they’re running the kind of offense that south garland wishes they
could be successful at here comes the extra point
that’s a penalty he can’t do leverage leverage over the center kick was good
by Osorio so let’s see if they just take the point not go 4-2 after the penalty
or maybe you assess it on the kickoff think you do yeah soryo was good with a
kick we’ll wait for Scott Davis to sort this one out seven play 74-yard drives
tries of 9184 and 74 yards our Lakeview centennial this one took three minutes and 32
seconds here comes Davis looks like he’s gonna explain to Josh Ragsdale what’s
happening first tell us what’s going on can’t do leverage we know it’s called a
personal foul couldn’t hear Scott Davis so we’ll wait to see where they kick off
for and let’s take a break though time out on the field
3:58 first half it’s now 20 well it says two on the scoreboard 27 and nothing but
I think it’s 28 to nothing Lakeview Centennial over south garland here on
GRS TV labia Centennial will kick-off you know
that the game as far as statistics go Lakeview has started to dominate this
second quarter but they’ve used 212 yards total yards passing 70 and rushing
for 142 they just haven’t had an answer for that offense what a kickoff goes out
of the back of the end zone it hit on the back line nice kick by Osorio
oblique view Centennial yeah a lot of times when you have that field
possession right there you can either do a pooch kick or even an onside kick
because you’re already in inside you know the 45 yard line so you can just
take a chance but they went ahead and kicked it out of the end zone probably a
smart one since they’re already up twenty eight two zero and just let South
garland start on the 25 South garland 109 total yards it’s gonna be their
first offensive possession says late first quarter the kickoff fumble the
fumbled kickoff helped to lead to that and off to Carius Turner a penalty
marker flies around the line of scrimmage
Turner cuts it up to the 28 this looks like it’s probably gonna be against
Lakeview we have we have south garland with one completion
pass first of the season but but you you know what kind of pass it was it was a
shuffle pass underneath it Willie was an overhand throw still counted though
right this counts as a pass and you know that’s the one that he took it and
reversed it and went back to the left and picked up your first down it’s gonna
be a five-yard offsides penalty against Lakeview so they’ll take the penalty
take five yards instead of three the Turner got so in first in five at the 30 their holy completion of the year as a
shuffle pass yep he’s got the nose of the football I would think right at the
first down Martha gave him a bad spot a yard short there that’s a terrible spot
filthy and the lines been down here on our side gave him even less his whole
body I was over the over 35 he does have the ball between his legs for it to be
anywhere close to where they’re marking it in a four but second and one coming
very manageable here for the Colonel’s Turner continues it shotgun to receivers
and a wing out to the right if he wanted to throw it doesn’t looks for a hole
takes it enough for the first down a shoe comes off of a colonel on the play
can they get the first down out to about the 20 may get the 36 again or two
that’s what they want this is their game plan is to keep the ball away from me
from the other other team they want to run the ball control the clock and if
the other team doesn’t have it they can’t score on you okay but you know
it’s just boy I’ll tell you the special teams is hurt and hurt them and you know
that that second touchdown for the Patriots would came off that punt and
then you know gave him a short field the next
touchdown they’ve got to keep getting these first downs they’ve got to keep
the ball out of Lake view’s hands this time Turner’s met at the line of
scrimmage and driven back and he actually lost a half yard on the play
again making a full yard at the 35 you’ve got nine guys in the box
yeah you’ve got to mix it up a little bit you run it outside a little bit more
you can’t just continue to pound the middle sky that’s what you’re saying and
if Bobby’s yeah I mean you’ve got so many guys in there you can you can get a
couple of runs but consistently it’s gonna be very difficult to do boy it
must have been a hard 800 yards that cheek where Ian Turner is gained this
year running it on almost every play that’s pretty impressive that he’s had
you know eight yards there you go how about 98 carries in the first four games
that’s 22 carries a ball game my gosh he must be near 20 well he’s at least near
15 right now I would think 5 yard walk off Colonels remember they averaged 10
penalties a game and in this offense that is a bad combination yeah that’s
tough to overcome second 15 I mean you’ve got to stay with short yardage
when you’re running the ball every time so when you’re at 3rd and 3rd and 2 is
manageable but third and long it’s pretty tough we’re not gonna throw the
ball kernels inside 5 on the play clock but they get the play off in a hurry
there’s a handoff Turner hands at this time short of the first down goes Wilson
to the 31 that’s a gain of 1 and now we got a stoppage of play and I would think
maybe a Lakeview timeout here it’s an official timeout no now they say it’s
Lakeview then why did the referee touch the top of his shoulders after he waived
a timeout anyway it’s Lake Mead timeout 1:20 left
first half Lake Mead 28 South garland nothing back in a moment on gee
rs TV 13:15 coming for south garland if they
don’t get it they’re probably going to punt it away 120 left in our first out
this is a new quarterback DJ Williams wants to throw it and it’s incomplete it
was intended for Wilson the far sideline but it’s not a real good pass well I
mean it really but look at he’s got a cast on his hand yeah you know one day
it’s a soft cast ok worse but of course but they bring them in for one throw
third and long and they rolling opposite of his throwing hand so he has to get
set and turned and everything and I mean I don’t know if you’re gonna do that at
least roll right for him punch formation this is Reyes first third of the night
pretty lengthy punt end-over-end it’s gonna tell Colonel roll this could turn
out to be a heck of a punt and flick the field from the colonel 31 to the patriot
26 and that computes 243 yards for Reyes not bad when two punts ago he kicked it
six yards yeah that one was pretty good and you know it’s kind of like that
rugby punt where you kind of rolled one direction and kind of pun it huh it
almost got blocked but if you get away with that it’ll take a nice roll bounce
for you and that’s exactly what it did one effective flip in the field late you
might just run a couple of simple plays and let this clock run out and go to the
halftime although they do have 59 seconds and only one timeout left as I
look at the scoreboard yeah they’re gonna hand it off it is and then the
round sweep right and Wheaton kamar Wheaton was the
carrier of the ball out to the 36 that’s just barely enough for the first down DJ
Williams one that just through the pass was the one that made the tackle there
they restart the clock 45 in County Lakeview in no hurry here so they may
not be trying to take any shots downfield as we’re at 38 37 now they
snap it and the shotgun to Jones just a simple little give and down the
immediately was Mauricio Sneed and on that play was Jeremiah hey Helms number
24 for South now it looks like ladies just gonna let this clock run out
great job by held is there just to yank him down by the shoulder pad 15 seconds
in County and Jones looks to the sideline they may not even run another
play yeah I wouldn’t think so time on the play clock then the game clock and
they’re just saying hey let’s let’s go to the half don’t even run a play from
outside line got a great job man go in there and congratulate your team and get
ready for the second half well we’ll have our first half stats right as we
kick off the second half but we’re gonna go to the halftime with Lakeview
Centennial leading South Garland by a score of 28 to nothing district opener
for both teams both teams one and three coming in and cycle eight me as well on
their way to a 1a no start in district play 28 to nothing as we go to halftime
and that when we come back we’ll have the second half kickoff here on GRS TV yeah we’re about ready to start the
second 1/2 we’re gonna the first half highlights here in just a moment our
score 28 to nothing Lakeview Centennial / south Garland
Bobby’s got some stats and here come your replay highlights from the first
half the Colonel’s take the field and here
come the Patriots as the touchdown run by Hereford get the scoring started
their journey here a pump return for a touchdown to make it 14 to nothing
that’s what broke the backup kernels right there touchdown pass to Porter
made it 20 each of these perverts second touchdown
and there’s your four touchdowns of the half Bobby how about some of the
first-half highlights on the stat sheet yeah
Lakeview 228 total yards south garland 115 and south garland did get their
first pass of the year completion but it was actually a shuffle pass to Covanta
Wilson but Turner 17 rushes 87 yards Wilson five touches for 17 yards and
they’ve just had a long night ahead of them kickoff return from Lakeview it’s a
good one by Derek West all the way out across the 40 some more numbers yeah so
we’ll see Lakeview coming into this now they’ve had 228 total yards 158 on the
ground and 70 in the young in the air but I tell you they came at a good time
they were able to toss one little short pass out there that broke for a good
gain and then the touchdown pass we saw right there in the highlights but Jalen
Jones five of six in the air 70 yards and a touchdown and then Sneed on the
ground 7 7 carry 67 yards almost 10 yards of
carry Hereford 10 carries for 48 yards Jalen Jones 2 carries 32 yards and we
got the touchdown in the year to Porter one catch 7 yards for the touchdown
we’ve got a penalty before the first snap can come here in the second half
it’s gonna be procedure against Lakeview Jalen Jones is in there at quarterback
start the second half it’s the Patriots takes American each
team with a Jalen Jones when mentioned that yet to the better players for
either team Jalen Jones names first and 15 Jalen will keep it and be spilled for
a big loss boy South Carlin read that one all the way is on the play Jeremiah
Helms was there for the loss of five it’s actually it’s more than that’s a
loss of eight back to the 36 yard line it’s just a great read by Lewis one yeah
John Lewis again he’s he’s been holding down that left side over there that
defensive end spot make it a loss of three I forgot about the five-yard
penalty so it’s second down in 18 simple handoff to her furred who bounces it
outside tries to cut it up again still going breaking a couple of tackles and
has finally downed at the 41 yard line and that man again John Lewis with
another tackle for South garland yeah caller Kinsley comes up from safety
makes a good stop but he just breaks that tackle see there’s a nice stop got
his head down though and it just has to get finished up by number 9 Lewis gain
of five third and 13 coming for the Patriots or they’ll probably have to
punt it away here believe would be their first punt of the night also play-action
fake Jones looking beats the rush by firing over the middle caught it’s
enough for the first down and Haro Miranda with the catch out to the 38
yard line perfect pass Kijana threatened the needle as we mentioned earlier by
Jalen Jones yeah he’s under pressure and he takes a
good shot Ron when he releases the ball that squares his shoulders up and then
throws a bead out there and that’s a third catch from her on
gain of 17 to the South garland 42 Hereford takes a handoff but nowhere to
go he got a couple and bound maybe two and a half before he’s driven back to
the turf again the same two on the tackle Jeremiah Helms but John Lewis
with another tackle yeah I think I’d run the opposite side of him he’s really
sure opposite side Bobby of course it doesn’t look like it I think he covers
both sides let’s see where he lines up here I mean it’s a band on the left
there wow that’s an active end well pitch on the end around boom nice job
right there’s two by he made to stop that time Kyler Kenley with the stop
yeah he’s the one that we were just talking about coming up hitting good
just getting the tackle broken this time he made sure that he wraps up and takes
him down here again a five to the 35 safety just coming out of nowhere to
make that tackle he’s like nah he ain’t going he ain’t getting away from me this
time he says that’s Kinsey Cuyler Kinsey Junior DB its third and two-and-a-half
needed probably four down territory for the Patriots Mauricio Sneed around left
in he’s got the first down spins four more no going and finally knocked out
inside the 20 they’re gonna mark him a say he stepped out at the 17 that’s good
enough for 18 yards and another first down
well that’s a nice job right there spinning off of Kinsey this time Kinsey
comes up for the safety able to make the stop right here
no spins right off of him and picks up another 10 to 12 yards seeing a lot of
broken tackles by these Lakeview runners they’re gonna whistle the play dead and
South garland took a timeout we’ll take a break also 911 left third quarter
Lakeview Centennial 28 South garland nothing Lakeview driving four more here
on GRS TV back to play like me with the first and
10 at the 17 of South garlic pitch sweep breaking a tackle in the backfield is
Wheaton and he’s headed for the corner he will score for Lakeview Centennial
beautiful sweep there with plenty of blocking out in front an easy score for
Wheaton Kamara Wheaton that counts as a completed pass he just tosses it forward
missed the tackle there that’s all you need for him to get at the end time he
still gets super quick did he under hand it or shovel it Shug littler the roll
where did he that’s a that’s a pass I thought he underhanded it but your
eyes are better than mine your young eyes uh-oh hurry see I want to go back
you’re going but they’re gonna have to throw forward Adams just gonna throw
this way out of bounds so South Carolyn holds on the point after but with 901
left in the third quarter Lake Mead centennial now with a 34 to nothing lead
over south garland here on GRS TV coming next week
next Thursday and Friday here on GRS TV our games on Thursday night this coming
week will be north garland at namin forest from Williams Stadium on Thursday
Friday saxy will take on this same Lakeview Centennial team at homer beat
Johnson those are both seven o’clock kickoffs coming your way
this next weekend on GRS TV or the following week of course with the
replays there’s a kickoff where the return man is levelled the minute he
catches at about the 30-yard line and having a little trouble getting up
finally to his feet yes well that’s a kicker who caught that ball by the way
that’s their that’s their punter actually for south garland Kailyn Rae is
that might be the hardest he’s ever been hit what essentially that your punter is
making the catch on a kickoff yeah you know you don’t have a whole lot of guys
down there I mean you got to use everybody you got to participate just
because you can’t get done mean you can’t play scoring drive 56 yards eight
plays 249 off the clock for Lakeview so now 34 to nothing south garland comes
out for their first possession of the second half you need a long sustaining
drive right here Jalen Jones is also their quarterback number five in shotgun
look like they weren’t sure who to snap it to there were two men back there
another fumble off and another south garland turnover waiting for the
official signal and the referee Scott Davis says Lakeview football what’s the
turnover count Bobby on the statute there darling well it seems like more of
course a shorter punt right there you can count that as one
yeah just not everything counts as a turnover a lot all the mistakes that you
can make that kill you on a ballgame so another short field from Lakeview
this one at the 26 although they’ve had some long drives tonight 91 yards 84
yards 74 yards but they’ve also had some short fields first down in 10 as Jalen
Jones will continue to be the quarterback of the Patriots it looks
like they’re spreading the offense out a little bit too they got two receiver
sets on both sides Snead the running back takes a handoff he is in trouble
from the get-go because blowing up the play with Chennault jumps and a
sophomore in the Lakeview backfield there you go sophomore getting a little
action in there making a great play comes out that side he reads it perfect
you know they stayed home yeah I stayed home it’s that play-action quarterback
and either he hand it off or he can take off running with it
lost the seven back to the 33 just a nice way to play that Sneyd again will
be the lone back to the right of Jones two receivers each way four receivers
set two and two equals four Snead in motion Jones has plenty of time to throw
steps up fires over the middle quarter wide open as you are if they don’t call
a clip they did not touch down Porter touchdown Lakeview Centennial boy that
was close to being clipping right around the catch Bobby yeah you don’t you don’t
need to do that I mean it was walk-in touchdown there’s no need for that let’s
see the replay here he got him from the side but how much from the side that’s
the question here it is right at the bottom of your screen there the left to
your screen there well we didn’t say it there it comes you don’t even need to do
it it is the thing it’s touchdown already well that was close to being a
clip extra point up by yury co and good he is when he’s gotten the foot on and
he’s perfect the last time they tried it though it was a high snap and not his
fall but he gets this one and our new score Lakeview Centennial 41 South
darlin nothing 8 minutes straight up 8 minutes left here in the
third quarter back with more in a moment I’m GRS DV yeah looky there they’re having a good
time having fun out there’s beautiful night and Thursday night ignite for
football yeah especially when your team’s up 41 nothing as Lakeview will
kick it off a lot of these teams are getting ready for homecoming you know
it’s starting to be that time of year having to get all those moms and
everybody’s got their leather jackets and getting ready for the big dance and
whatever else they do at homecoming amber excuse me Aaron
Abercrombie on the kickoff return easy for me to say to the thirty first in ten
Colonels they did put together a nice Drive on their opening possession of the
game went all the way to the 12 of Lakeview but were turned away on fourth
down the deepest penetration one deepest penetration since there or since then
has been the looks like the 35 yard line of south garland and a new quarterback
that’s DJ Williams who takes the snap and runs with it out of the Wildcat
formation and he has dropped at the 31 for a gain of 192 Johnson he’s figured
out boy went you know when when these guards pull just follow that pulling
guard and boom you’ll run into the runner boy Johnson looks like a Saturday
afternoon player in the future he’s big he’s a load man he learns how to play
that position gets a lot of playing time he’s gonna be really good that’s a
pretty good looking defensive line for Lakeview Centennial Johnson lines up at
the nose guard position Turner back in at quarterback is two straight keep
found a hole up the middle gonna be dragged down just a little bit short of
the first down good open field tackle kept him short of the mark at the 39 and see it here just nice open hold
there and boy he just saves him well they’re dangerous tackle right there
when you get drugged down from behind third and one or South guard I might
have to punt this away already down 41 to nothing we haven’t seen him split out
like this before karien Turner again just keeps it up the
middle plenty for the first plus more he’s tackled at the 44 moved the chains
and you see South garland they were they moved two receivers out and one receiver
to the other side so they pulled three guys out of the box for defense the
defensive guys out of the box and it give them just enough room that they
could get that first down Kevon Jackson made the tackle but not before he got
the first down we are 15 seconds from being halfway through the third quarter
another fast moving quarter that’s what they’re doing now they’re trying to
spread them out a little bit give give them some room to run in there to karien
Turner same play same place as he runs over
right gar between garden tackle and another pretty good hole the offensive
line doing the job here as he gets to the Lakeview 48 for a gain of six see the hole there yeah it it helps when
you spread it out just a little bit yeah JM with the first tip you just got to
change it up every once in a while right they were lining up in that same
formation running the same play and Lake View has figured that out they figured
out what to do and what what movements they make no receivers here on 2nd and 2
just a tight formation the hand like somebody new on the depth yard here that
was that’s Kyler Kinsey we’ve seen him on defense tonight he got the first down
we’ve got a couple of injured kernels though end to end
22:40 was 45 that was a gain of seven on the play
here’s your replays here we can see what happened
another pulling lineman out in front he gets cut down from behind and that’s
your that’s your star that’s your leading rusher in the Metroplex right
there that in a little bit of pain to Quarian Turner and he is not up yet
although the pulling lineman who pulled out in front there Zana that was Omar
Castro he just got up I just read the wrong roster sorry
that would be a Lakeview number 62 for gone yeah you got it right the first
time and Turner is on his feet he’ll have to come out for at least to play as
he tries to walk it off that’s a good sign they’re letting him walk off under
his own power maybe his ankle got twist a little bit
he gets tackled by the by his feet and ankles and he kind of turns when he when
he falls and that’s when his shoe pops off but you know sometimes your legs get
caught up underneath people like that well someone else is gonna carry the
ball this time instead of Turner it’ll be DJ Williams in there in the
shotgun quarterback or the Wildcat in this office it’s
pretty much a wildcat take snap just gonna keep it up the middle breaks one
tackle spins forward for more pretty good run there to the 36 for a gain of
five yeah nice job right there by Williams of course he’s cast yes off
cast on his arm there it’s hard to see me almost fumbled the ball there as he
tried to catch it gave him a lot of credit for playing yeah absolutely
second and five at the 36 of course he’s the one that actually threw a pass
earlier as well same play another pretty good gainer this will be enough for the
first down well this is your game plan you know their game plan is to just run
the ball keep getting first downs and keeping that clock running it’s just
it’s it’s stalled out on them and they’ve had a turned a couple turnovers
and a in a crazy punt it down 41 to nothing come practice yes of course
ladies been playing a really tough game as well direct snap this time to
Blaylock Quentin Blaylock he tried to run off tackle and got a yard to the 29
you know I know that they they’re not a passing team but every once in a while
you’ve got to change it up just to make the guys on defense think that you could
pass I mean pretty much become practice so why not practice it you know well my
point is this it doesn’t matter if the pass is completed or not you’ve got to
make the guys be honest and play defense it’s in a different way it’s the
opposite of a passing team that runs the fullback everyone smile just to keep
them honest yeah you just got to keep those guys honest if not they don’t even
care about your receivers and they just crowd the box and just go straight to
the ball I mean it doesn’t matter if it’s completed or not you’ve got to at
least throw it and make them think that you can come I’ll tell you Wilson who
carried it several times the first half carries here it’s really a nice play the
hill shorten gain good job at just hanging on
from the side by the tackler Kamara Wheaton and once checking back in again
he’s poking take that snap and run it straight up the middle see if he can get
three yards third and three coming down 41 to nothing four down territory you
would think for South garland he picks it up I believe does it get it
Jace are gonna be close I don’t think he got it
yeah the mark is everything and he’s a half yard short at least of the first
down so they’ll have fourth down to try it one more time I always tell the guys
you know if you get your legs held up go ahead and go on down because if you’re
sitting there trying to drag somebody you’re fixing to get loaded on man you
get hurt that way so you know advice to him as if he’s getting he’s all hung up
there people are got your legs you might as well just go ahead and fall forward
they may end up taking a timeout where it’s six five seconds on the play clock
why not just take a timeout and talk about it and they will well in this
fourth down play coming why not discuss it on the sidelines and they will let’s
take a break 159 third quarter 41 – nothing Lakeview Centennial over south
garland on GRS TV as we get back to play South Carnival
try and keep this drive alive on a fourth and one at the Lakeview 21
directs now he does get it but boy they had a chance to block him at 3 yards
deep in the backfield there Williams did just barely get enough for the first
down even though he was close to going down for a loss so here he comes off the
field deserves a hand is for playing with that hand yeah he must be super
strong of course you can look at his legs and everything he said well he’s a
he’s a strong runner he had to break a tackle as soon as he took the snap
somebody was in the backfield and he just made the play you see on our screen
there Jack warious Turner has come back in and right now he’s gonna be the
running back to the left of Jalen Jones in shotgun nope they snap it to Turner
he’s touchdown 6 Turner touchdown South garland is on the scoreboard for the
first time tonight hey how about that just a nice little cut back to the left
the lane opened up and he was in it nice little 70 yard drive for South
Garlin oh he’s there 13 plays 71 70 yards and no penalty is which is the key
in this office yeah kept him in short running distance and that third down you
had third down and three third down and two fourth and one you took it to the
house just that nice nice drive right there good that encourages that whole
team looks like they’re gonna go for two why not
down 41 to six Turner will run it out of shotgun
five seconds see then get the play off yes they do a Turner looking for a hole
and he does that down runs right into a tackler that was number 42 on the play
drew Harper so the conversion comes up short but South Garlin gets a touchdown
and it’s now 41 to six Lakeview Centennial with 131 left in the third
quarter back with more on TRS TV sky fell Bobby George back at homer beat
jumps in the stadium wind continuing to blow lightly here at this bowl stadium
has not had much of an effect tonight that’s a moraine earlier today which
went and seen rain in about three four weeks here in the Metroplex but field
looks pretty dry tonight these fields are awesome pretty new
field it’s less than three years old just a nice field out there beautiful
Stadium actually you know over crumby with the kick it’s short good tackle
right there well return to the force that’s a good run and he’s still going
and finally down West on the return thought they had him tackled two or
three times got the breath knocked out of him I think it’s a hard sport right
here they hit hard every guys out there head hunting these guys what they get
their self put through during practice and you know the grind that he had
lifting weight this must feel running the mid-50s after all that heat wind is
out of the north by the way when’s the last time that happened head off
Mauricio Sneed tried to cut it out over right tackle and just nowhere to go it’s
a gain of about two Adams in their quarterback yeah that’s
what I think to say it looks like Adams is taking the snaps now Jared Addison’s
taking a lot of snaps has pretty good numbers coming into this game yeah he’s
he’s 33 a 58 coming into the game 429 yards and a touchdown it’s completion
percentage he likes to throw the ball a little bit well just a little over 50%
but he’s thrown for over 100 yards a game and this is his first snap of the
game tonight 13 yards of completion they got two pretty good quarterbacks as a
nice run right there go ahead and deliver the hit going down the sideline
West decides he’s going to go ahead and deliver the punch came in West on that
carry right you should have stepped it now he waited for an opening around the
corner nice gain of 15 first down Jarett Adams pretty good-sized
quarterback 202 pounds looks like about six feet penalty marker win have many
penalties tonight it’s gonna be a five yarder though against Lakeview they got
him listed at turn or two pounds you’re right
oh he’s big looking kid lot wider when you put the binoculars on he looks like
a linebacker almost probably 511 six feet Adams will go from the shotgun with
a couple of backs in there including Sneed to his left give it to Sneed sweep
right Oh gets a block from Porter wanted to turn
the corner nothing doing he did squeeze out a little bit about three yards I
tell you these these rester they’re kind of letting things go I think just to
keep the clock running you see that right there that’s just a block in the
back straight up and that’s usually a 15-yard penalty
thought we had a clip on the Porter touchdown catch earlier that’s going to
do it for the third quarter all Lakeview Centennial they’re going to start
District two one and oh we’ve got a quarter to go though as they lead south
Garland 41 to six here on G rs TV state takes the handoff just running in
circles looking for some kind of an opening and he it ran a lot for one yard
to the 48 officially two and third down long coming he’s played yeah to his
players hey Kent you’re cool buddy keep your cool what he’s telling me that’s
head coach Kendall Miller talking to Mauricio keep your cool number nine again would what a game he’s
had a lot of been know I was that number six
that came through there I sure thought it was number nine maybe not maybes
number eight they’re good the senior fourth and 11 it looks like a lake we
will pump the ball there time expire they call timeout there we
go you seen Kenny yeah I don’t think they had the right personnel on the
field Bobby and fourth and 11 I guess they’re gonna punt it away but kind of a
strange time to take a timeout I think they were running out of time
play clock was all the way down to zero something that’s gonna be a quick 30
second break here again games coming up next on our schedule this next weekend
North garland in a matte force Thursday sexy and leggy Centennial Friday sacks
he’s still number seven in the state going into there well actually they’re
off this week somebody has to take a week off each week when you have a 17
district saxy seventh in the state third in the area at least at this point yeah
I let my jailer mate in quarterback he’s he’s pretty good he gets pretty good
pitch except like me you can give him a gaucho way over the head of the punter
he spouts that hell on it that
number 46 that’s the first thing that’s went right for south garland tonight
Alex this Herrera all the way back to the 17th on other break south cars got a
chance to put some more points on the board here not that they could come back
and win this down 41 to 6 but should make it a little bit more respectable
folks yeah it’s a terrible snap right over his head well what do you bet they
run the ball I think that’s a given DJ Williams the quarterback in shotgun let
me be the most right you’ve been all night Bobby yeah a little sweep right
pretty good gainer four seven hey you know what you can you can take a
positive out of this those guys in the red jerseys they have their hustle under
the ball I mean there’s no give up on this team I’ve not seen one guy give up
yet and it’d be real easy to read them defeat it to this point the game but you
watch these guys hustle it’s pretty impressive had a great defensive stop
had a great Drive their last possession second and three it’s gonna be short of the first down Turner still in there he went out with
an injury but came back quickly and carried the ball there Graham made the
tackle that was a Jalen Graham for Lakeview boom-boom 13 one but they got
to Dallas to get a yard here south garland does just trying to add to their
point total and make this a little more interesting sure now they’re trying to
spread them out a little bit again they got four guys on the line funneled snap
but Williams picks it up and is gonna be tackled immediately by that big guy and
that big guy we’ve called his name a few times tonight three Johnson three
hundred and twenty pound nose guard that size and quickness can play on other
days of the week in the future that’s right on Saturdays oh that was not a
hard play right there yeah you had to get through his guys so now it’s fourth
and they had a third and one now it’s fourth and five actually four and a half
South obviously going for it Turner in shotgun looking for a place to run he’s
gonna get it he’s into this area and he’ll go all the way to the six yard
line for a first down he got it by about a yard and a half and so South will have
a first and goal now 11 yards wanted to go left immediately realize
think I’ll go right found that huge hole right there yeah I mean and look at the
blocking there you’ve got to give credit to these guys in the red I mean they’re
they’re doing a really good job look how many there are on the right hand side I
bet they go right there let go Turner took the hand off it he’s gonna
be tackled almost immediately yeah I sound like Tony Romo calling these plays
I know exactly where they’re going with the ball a very late flag way after the
play it ended believe the referee threw it we’ve got some unpleasant trees being
exchanged it looks like an injured plane we also have an injured Patriot who’s
pounding the turf with his fists this may not be good when you see that kind
of frustration on an injury let’s take a break this one may last a
while officially 754 left in our ballgame 41 to 6
Lakeview Centennial over south garland here on GRS TV unsportsmanlike conduct on both teams so
we’ll stay at the same line of scrimmage the eight of Lakeview and a second and
goal for South garlic Turner weights in shotgun looks over a four-man front
fakes the handoff he’ll keep it up the middle bounces off
that’ll buy him a few extra yards but he’ll be down to the five there’s just
so many people you almost have to wait for it to develop for a second before
you can take off running Caleb Ferguson and Jordan Wilson on that stop
third and goal coming many times I thought we’ve seen a play start left and
then bounce it to the right he’s just finding a lane and taking off running
through it uses athleticism here we go on third and goal Turner will take the
handoff and he can’t turn the corner but stays on his feet reverses his field
he’s gonna beat everybody that corner and he does touchdown about that
touchdown South darling we’ve seen a lot of reverses of field tonight
well I’d say they had him they had him well going going right they got the
tackle on him but you got to wrap up you’ve got to finish it off right there
he has him you’ve got to finish it off and again
you see all these red jerseys they’re making blocks downfield and all around
they never give up on the play and he just created a wall for him to sneak
left set for them 41 to 12 South will go for two here and it appears yes they
will this is Williams who takes the snap
barrels toward the end zone and scores the two-point conversion so south Carlin
was given a short field they took advantage and make it 41 to 14
Lakeview Centennial over south garland 701 left in our ballgame back with more
on GRS TV Scot pal Bobby George back with you
again those next games on October the 5th of Thursday North garland and Neyman
Forest week 2 of the district season link me Centennial and saxy on October
the 6th that’s a Friday night at Homer be Johnson Stadium right here where we
are tonight short kick and a pretty good return still going to the 40 now I got
to be gang stopped and tackled took a lot of red to get him down yeah again
it’s that’s what people can get hurt – you go ahead and you start getting
wrapped up getting held up you need to go ahead and go down for your own safety 41 yard line 652 remaining so we jarred
Adams back in there quarterback takes the snap and hands it off whoo
he’s fast he got through the hole in a hurry hello kamar wheaton with the carry
Necessary Roughness there again no flag she was run out of bounds to the 47 of
South Darla just keep moving those chains if that
works there yes on the cure that’s unnecessary they should have done a 15
right there he’s out of bounds out of bounds out of bounds and then you slid
around such I mean what these referees got to get control of that pretty
obvious it’s gonna lead to some fighting if they let it go any further that’s
what they’re there for first and ten Lakeview Adams he snuck
Aladin on the quarterback option pretty good a run to the 41 more he has slammed
backward good hit there yeah obviously he likes to throw the ball because he’s
different different type of runner there he looks like he wants to finish it any
minute any huh-huh he didn’t want he didn’t want to get tackled you watch
this he gets to the land he’s like I know takes a good took a good hit too
yeah I mean he’s not much of a running quarterback as far as sticking that nose
down is he but it’s just a little different than what we’ve been seeing
and another flag by the way way away from the play unless it was right at the
start of the play lakeview looks like they’re being talked to about options
here and here comes Scott Davis if his mic is
working it is not personal valence sports been like conduct against
Lakeview miksa 1943
they’re gonna give him a game to the 39 then the dead ball foul 15 the other way
to the 44 of Lakeview almost to the halfway mark of the fourth quarter another handoff to Wheaton where we’ve
seen a lot of second effort tonight by the the backs on both sides very few
times is the first hit got the got the ball carrier down tonight a lot of
spinning a lot of broken tackles both ways yeah you know a lot of that’s
because you’re not really allowed to hit in practice anymore and really learn how
to tackle so you go through a lot of the motions but you’re never taking anybody
down to the ground in practice anymore and it kind of shows that that’s kind of
what happens out here on the field when you’re going in real life but you got to
just get used to that because that’s just the way it is nowadays you
especially on a smaller team and you only have 45 players or so you just
can’t afford to get people hurt third and 16 for Lakeview a little bit of a
reverse the field by Hereford but nothing doing he’s gonna be dropped
after a two-yard gain fourth down and here comes the punt team for Lakeview boy did we hit when I was in high school
regardless of the temperature oh well all the time to five days a week you’d
get over there ace to get in there and you’d run Oklahoma drill and then you’d
run the Texas drill then you’d run this drill everything was going all the way
to the ground and you wanted to learn how to tackle and they want coaches got
fired up when you hit people hard and they just don’t do that anymore comes a
punt beautiful end over is gonna go out to the one I didn’t get in I don’t know
it’s gonna be hard for these officials to see it I can tell you that this will
be kind of an educated guess on where that went out of bounds they’re still
trying to sort it out I think they’re gonna give it to him on the one-yard
line you called it one-yard line what a punt
I don’t see a penalty marker what a punt by Herrera
that was beautiful Wow 50 yards out at the 1 what else can you ask for again
they do that rugby punt where they kind of move to the side and kick it
crazy bounce it just took a perfect roll all the way to the one-yard line
Wow first and ten South garlic timeout South garlic will take one to
440 left 41:15 no it’s 14 well following this time out South
Carnival first intent their own one-yard line as the backfield is in the endzone
as comes free play and let’s see where they marked him out
pretty good gain out to the 12 that’ll count for 11 and stand as long as
there’s not a penalty against south and copy said probably offside yeah they
list the ball they let the ball continue to be played out so that would be on the
defense it’ll stand 11 yard game now they’re out of the hole of the 12 yard
line Gudrun see just knew where his block was look at that walking by number 61
just awesome effort you said the earlier South is still playing hard down 4114
yeah with four minutes left and they’re playing to try to win those guys are
still just battled they have scored the last 14 points the game that that that
that gives you a little bit of confidence about their coach teaching
them character second and seven coming as we near the four-minute mark DJ
Williams will hand it to Turner who turns the corner but runs right into a
defender and on the stop this time was Antwon Jackson you know if you if you
have a coach that you really love to play for if you will you’ll play to the
end form because you you want to run through a war and coach that you really
enjoy and play for it that’s kind of what it looks like is happening here
these guys are playing to win but little lot over three minutes left and they’re
down by this much so you know that’s that’s a good sign
third and six DJ Williams he’ll keep it first down still going still going still
going Wow he’s finally down at the 39 it carried those defenders about 10 yards great effort might have been the best
effort of the whole game 24 yards and a lot of it with people all over it
Sheringham – that’s Johnson the first carry for johnson was joined by a couple
of other potential tacklers by the way we had a penalty marker I couldn’t see
it until right now and it’s gonna go against South garlic ah what a shame to
wipe out that play so what they call mr. musta been
personal foul yeah it look like catches what with the cast mr. director we’re
gonna see it right here oh he called the caught the ball
Wow great job by our cameraman wow the cast came in handy there makes that hand
a little bit bigger you know he probably would been used a whole lot more if he
didn’t have that cast you know he’s he’s what a great athlete he is great job
again by the entire crew of gr s TV bringing these wonderful pictures we
Bobby many times I watch the replays I’ve done a lot of radio through the
years they do a great job with the camera work at gr s TV it’s almost like
the cameras are in the Huddle’s and right on you know almost a part of the
tackles they’re so close at times it’s the most impressive thing is how close
they get on these replays yeah a great job yeah did you see the referee I’m not
sure exactly what happened they moved the ball up then back then up then back
yeah I think they’re just correcting a mistake it all ends up in a 1st and 10
at the 17 well they’re gonna throw it and he’s wide open so they can’t do it there it is this
shows that you can do it I wouldn’t do that on the very first play of the game
in that way they’d have to back up Wilson with a catch I mean that was
right on the money beautiful throw beautiful catch caught the defensive
backs supporting the run first and ten at the twenty sixth South Gunners got a
chance to score some more unanswered points Turner just the simple keep up
the middle but he’s a big kid and he got just enough to across the 20 to the 19
to 25 in Counting now south garland would no timeouts left but little under
two and a half minutes on the clock it was 41 to nothing before they’ve
scored 14 and now they’re looking for more now they’ve done pretty good job
this into the third quarter all of fourth quarter they’ve had the ball most
the time you know the game plan is working the problem is it just didn’t
work well in the early go when the game was almost gonna score right here easy
touchdown untouched to carry and Turner well they have stayed in the game and
they have played hard and fought hard the entire time and it looks like
Lakeview has kind of let their guard down because you know they’re winning so
big off to the races 19 yard touchdown run
there let’s see if they’ll go for 2 or 1 also try for all the points you can and
they will go Turner and shotgun now they’re gonna snap it to Williams who
hands it and this is Wilson who scores just barely sneaks into the corner of
the end zone for two more points timeout on the field 154 left our new score like
me isn’t any ole 41 at South garland 22 on GRS TV how about a 99-yard scoring drive for
South garlic and it didn’t take very long to do it 99 yards the final 19 on
the touchdown run by Turner and the two-point run and all of a sudden it’s a
19 point Lakeview lead South darling with the short kickoff well they get
another big turnover or something he then you you’ve got a different ball
game going came in West on the kick return for Lakeview to the 36 men at 44
and no timeouts left for south garland so late you’ll probably be able to run
this out again we just you can’t you can’t give enough credit to the guys in
red they’ve really really battled the entire game they’ve not given up they
haven’t slowed down they’re playing to win with two minutes left of the game
and you got to give them a lot of credit and that’s the way you want to finish
games too you want to finish games with success so they you know they put 22
points on the board the second half done a great job their defense is held
Lakeview the entire half they haven’t done anything you know so defensively
they’ve won the second half and offensive League they’ve won the second
half and that’s got to make you feel pretty good
Jared Adams the quarterback just throws it away on first down of course on the
other side you’ve got Lakeview now they’ve played a heck of a game
offensively they mixed it up they threw the ball a
little bit they ran the ball real well and you know they’ve also got a lot of
guys switching in and out getting to play right now because they are up on
the Colonel’s Adams hands it off oh and he’s he’s fast look how fast he is look
at this just leaving people Wow Darion Braun will score now there’s some speed
right there 64 yards is there a penalty marker yes hi yeah I see it right here
on the 45 yeah I see it now he’s saying bring it back yeah the the one of the
officials are still on the other end he says let’s bring it all back it’s gonna
be some kind of a legal block about the 44 well that’s that’s a tough one to get
wiped off the boards right there it’s a great run as you said great speed he
just literally just broke down any angles the Colonel’s had at him you
gotta hold him because what angle he broke right there oh then he just boom
he leaves him I mean in a hurry right there there were two or three guys who
had angles at him and really never got close that’s the speed burns they got a
holding though that’s a holding call that actually broke the run so that’s
why you can’t hold ten yards from the 44 to the 34 and all that for a second and
12 I wouldn’t surprise me if they come back
the same play well they run it the other way around there goes and he’s gone
again there’s this baby oh look at that angle he beats oh my goodness isn’t any
oh oh he had the angles easy angles on him and he just outran the angle wow
I’ve never seen a better example of what speed can do there’s one guy had a
chance at him but not much of a chance see number 7 he had close angle and it
just that’s what I mean by breaking down an angle just burned right through it
yeah beautiful you got speed it’s hard to stop speed extra point coming
Mauricio Adams the holder of the kick looked good
is good 109 left in our ballgame new score Lakeview Centennial 42 south
Garland 22 on GRS TV well there he is man this man with some
speed right there and he’s getting a much-deserved water break on the
sidelines yeah you can’t teach that that’s just you got it or you don’t have
it and he’s a little bit tired he just ran 63 and in 43 right so I mean that’s
a lot of running he’s having to do yeah I’m backed up that’s a really good point
that second one was right after the first one at the very next play he had
to be a little bit winded that’s a great point
he still he’s still burning it man real short kick
oh there ball free ball that’s the pooch kick right there out of bounds I guess
they’re still gonna give it to Lakeview now here’s the problem Bobby fell on it
but it squirted Lucy immediately so he never had possession so they’ve got to
give it to South garlic is like me you never possess the football officially
well they again they pointed the wrong way already once tonight and they just
did it for the second time the officials pointed the wrong way for the second
time tonight and they are going to give it to lady incredible well that’s what that straight-up that
kick could go straight up in the ball was outside points that I was making
they never possess the football yeah never he got on the ball and the ball
looked like it was on the white being the kicked on team South Garlin
possesses it until Lakeview possesses it yeah I mean maybe maybe maybe from that
angle the referee sees it he’s standing on them on the out of bounds so maybe he
feels like oh good job right there with our camera crew I mean if all you guys
that fall is out of bounds but he gets I’m talking about the first one they
also touched it before that the guy tried to fall on is squirted away toward
the boundary well that’s fine it’s that would have been at that point that would
have been south garland’s ball because they never gained possession they gave
him gaining possession on that last bit right there when he grabs it as he’s
rolling out of balance but it looked to me that ball was on the white when he
gained possession of it Adams in shotgun will just take a knee
again in south garland with no timeouts so they just have to do that a couple of
times maybe three times again before we go tonight let me remind you and Bobby
here’s what we got this coming weekend this next weekend on October the 5th of
Thursday at Williams you and I will do North garland and Neyman Forest North
Garland’s an improved team this year that might be a pretty good ballgame
name it Forrest undefeated going into play this weekend and then saxy seventh
team in the state will play Lakeview Centennial at Homer B Johnson on Friday
October the 6th those are both seven o’clock starts right here on GRS TV yeah
that sexy game probably be a pretty good game as well because they’ve got a lot
of great athletes on the Lakeview team so and as you saw tonight they can
actually run the ball and throw it both teams are starting to shake hands
at least a head coaches and now the players will start we still got ticks
left on the clock we still got time 3 2 1 now we’re officially finished in our
final score ladies in teneal 48 south garland 22 Bobby enjoyed it as always
enjoyed it as well thank you much and for Bobby George I’m Scott Powell
for our entire crew here at GRS TV from Homer V Johnson Stadium in Garland so
long everybody

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