Game day recipes – Easy football party food ideas

Game day recipes – Easy football party food ideas

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Game day recipes – Easy football party food ideas [crowd cheering] [Tracy Metro for Kraft Kitchens]The game is on and suddenly your house is full of hungry people with attitude. [cheering] I guess that was a good play. It’s best to have your own game plan in place for these types of situations because you’re going to want to feed this crowd and feed them fast. I’m Tracy Metro here with the Kraft Kitchens. Your first play in the game is pure defense. Get the nuts and the chips out there now, and make sure you have enough to go around. [cheering] So next up, I’m going to make something a little more substantial for everyone. I went ahead and melted some Velveeta on top of some nacho chips. I’ve topped all of this with extra lean ground beef. Now what I’m going to do is just finish them up. I’m going to put some lettuce on them and some tomatoes, some black olives, and then top it off with some sour cream. [Ultimate Velveeta Nachos] And that should hold them over for a little while, I think. [cheering] Thanks, hon.>>You’re welcome. Since this is game day, I like to stick with the theme of sports. I’m using artificial turf as a tablecloth. I think it looks really cute, and it kind of feels like we’re on a football field. Believe it or not, these aren’t actually napkins. These are dishtowels, so they’re nice and big to make sure that my cute couches don’t get ruined. And it’s the same idea using these big platters as plates. That way everybody can eat right on their laps. When the guys are over, I like to serve a real hearty dish. And what I’m serving today is this double-cheese chili. So what makes it double cheese? Well, I’ll show you. You put your cheese in the bottom of the dish, then you put your chlli on top of that, and then top it off with some more cheese. [Double Cheese Chili] And then you can let the guys put on any onions, sour cream, or any hot sauce that they may want. And, of course, you’ll want to have a platter of great deli sandwiches. Yes, you absolutely can make these yourself at home. [Double-Stacked Oven Grinder] So what I’ve done is I spread some mayo and some parm on some bread. I popped it under the broiler for a few minutes until it turned golden brown. Now I’m going to stack some meat on a microwavable plate, and I’m going to top it with some cheese. Then just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so until the cheese is all melty. Now all I have to do is add my accessories to my sandwich, like tomatoes and lettuce. Put the lid of the sandwich on and cut it in half. [cheering] Another great sandwich you could make is the Blue and Turkey Cafe Cobb. [Blue and Turkey Cafe Cobb] First, what I did is I mixed up a tablespoon of cheese and dressing, spread it on the roll, then top the sandwich with lettuce, turkey, tomato, bacon, and avacado. And I like to serve this with some blue corn tortilla chips because I like the crunch. [cheering] If you’d like to get the recipe for these and lots more ideas for game day, or for any day, visit howdini. I’m Tracy Metro for the Kraft Kitchens. []

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  1. wow wow wow…
    I'm not a religious football fan but I would watch a game every day if I had all that food to pick at!!

  2. @skiracer110 Hi there – She sure can cook πŸ˜€
    We have a quick bio on howdini[dot]com if you'd like to know more.

  3. Be sure to check out the recipes in the description. Thanks for the comments – we read them all!

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  4. thank you kraft kitchens and howdini for providing me with such wonderfull ideas. i live in germany and not all the same products are available to me but they are great inspiration.

  5. @steverooni99 Glad the recipes were clear enough! I like to warm up my sandwich meat as well – it really brings out the flavors for me.

  6. @xXHelloKristinaXx Some similar ingredients (depending on how you like your nachos), however we didn't use taco seasonings on the ground beef here. Thanks for your comment! πŸ™‚

  7. @HowdiniGuru i tryed the one with melted cheese it was great πŸ™‚ wasnt for football couse in bulgaria there's soccer πŸ˜€

  8. AWESOME, I think it`s nice that you bring back the joy of cooking and eating at home together and with nice and happy disposition

  9. The bbq pit boys beet this. All u need is beef jerkey home made and burgers, pizza and cold pop and bbq pit boys style.

  10. @SkankinDevil89

    thats not the same as going to the kitchen and always have a beautiful woman give a new large plate of foods. anything

  11. these are awesome ideas! and when you go and get the ingredeince from the store i bet it isnt that much!!! thanks for these great yummy ideas

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