100 thoughts on “Galaxy A80 Official TVC: Football

  1. I have the samsung a70 is there a way i can change or upgrade this into a80 just add a little bit of cash maybe?

  2. Hi, please i recently bought the Samsung galaxy A70, and about the battery life it's 4500mhA capacity and it can't last for even a day, i don't know if it's a technical issue or that's how the phone was made please i need your help?.. Battery drain too fast.

  3. আমার চ্যানেল কে সবাই সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন

  4. And still stuck at note 4 since it was launched until now, though Samsung's smartphones are great the note 4 still works perfectly.

  5. ชื่อเพลงประกอบอันนี้ ชื่อเำลงอะไนคะ

  6. Hello I am a Samsung user i have j6 plus i have a request that can pls add an on screen finger print on the next update pls ?!

  7. อ๋อนี้โทรศัพท์เหรอเนี่ย
    กูนึกว่าระเบิดเคลื่อนที่ ❤️

  8. Note9 camera problem

    #dont_buy_note9 #samsung

    I had my note9 camera replaced one week before at Samsung kuwait and the problem reappeared again. went for the second time and the motherboard needs to be replaced which is not acceptable for any client paid 660 usd to have his brand new phone repaired twice.

    A brand new phone costs like kd 200 which is almost 660$ to be repaired twice!!!

    The company Samsung seems to be very lousy serving their clients …

    They are trying to manipulate to avoid replacing the phone even when they admit the problem …

    They are pushing me to call another country for negotiating about my problem and nothing happened even after two days of phone calls.

    Expected a big company like Samsung to treat thier clients in a better way than this….

    Seriously this is huge disappointment

    #dont_buy_note9 #samsung

  9. We want a device with the specifications of water resistance, dust and services always and Smart and screen with high accuracy and the fifth generation

  10. When Samsung A80 will be come in India? And why not some news about A80 ? pls confirm the date of A80 when it's come in India
    Plssssssssssss answer My Question

  11. O melhores Celulares do mundo hoje são os da Linha Xaomi. A samsung só sabe copiar as idéias da xaomi. É por isso que aqui no Brasil eu não compro mais esse celulares que são verdadeira cópias.

  12. No headphone jack, 48mp 2.0 aperture 😥, 6.7 massive display but battery is 3700mah, 220 gram, snapdragon 730 and price is are u kidding me Samsung ???

  13. I love Samsung
    But making too many phones sucks
    Can you just release one A phone every year
    To keep the brand well

  14. The music itself was even lit to the girls version than this one. And they should shot it in landscape mode. Sorry, samsung

  15. Hai samsung aku dari indonesia, sedikit usulan dari pada kalian bikin kameranya berputar di luar lebih baik bikin kameranya berputar di dalam hp, otomatis menghemat ruang dan bisa di pakaikan casing apapun di keseluruhan bodinya, walaupun bezelnya agak tebal

  16. Hi im 5 years samsung user here and now samsung j7 prime user now here i want your new phone i hope you give away your new version here :> i love samsung in other way and i need too, but i dont have money to purchase :<<

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