Funny Football Challenges • KONZI vs MAX

Funny Football Challenges • KONZI vs MAX

Hi guys! The fist challenge will be a simple crossbar challenge. Each player has 5 shots, the most crossbar hits win. Wow, don’t know why you are explaining this actually! Let’s do thiiis! Let’s go! This won’t be easy, Max! Now you have to hit each shot.. Air Rabona counts for three! Nutmegged! This also counts for three! I lost the first challenge – but i think it was close… But i will beat you in the next challenge.. The next challenge will be the Knuckleball challenge… …which you can’t do – as we all know. Let’s see, Max. Let’s see. The best shot of the day! I have to admit the goal wasn’t bad. So, I won, right? I think someone didn’t understand the rules… Well, the second challenge was a clear victory for me. Clear even is a bit understated, right? Yeah, you did have the better shots… …let’s say you had the shots with less rotation. And that’s what it was all about! Kudos! Ambulance needed? Undertaker…

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  1. Haha, So funny! Love those Funny Football Challenges – We should all meet one day and create one hilarious video all together! 4:08 takes the price! Great meeting you guys in Berlin. – SkillTwins.

  2. @freekickerz  could You watch our video and told us, what we doing good and what we doing bad and we need to improve to better shoots? You're our masters so please and thank You!

  3. Hey freekickrez
    My name is Edwin I'm 12 years old and live In Chicago I love your videos. I have anxiety and it fucken sucks
    I really love soccer and am really inspired by all you if I ever meet you I'll be blessed

  4. Konzi I was wandering if you or the guys could give me tips on how to get height on my knuckleballs. I'm ok at them but they come and go so I would like them to be controlled, it would be appreciated 🙂 P.S love you guys!

  5. Has the freekickerz team fallen away or have Dani and Michi gone somewhere and will be back? Anyway I would like them back but is still alive aslong as Konzi is in it!

  6. this is stupid i have seen many channels that do dizzy penalties they completely overreact they only do it about 10 times, the way they are acting as if they have doe about 150 spins, thats how many you would need at least to be acting like they were when they do 10

  7. Hocam şu uygulamanın adını söylermisin ??? şut hızını ölçen ???? Türkçe yazdım ama Almanya demek Türkiye demek seviyorum sizleriiiiii





  9. Find the open lock
    If you found it

    Close your hand ✊( don't let go )
    Wish 2 wishes

    Blow hard

    Pass this to 15 contacts without opening your hand

    Now look at your handhandbag and

    ▶ Computer: Click on the subtitles sign to the left of the settings button in the bottom right corner.
    ▶ Mobile: Tap on the screen, then tap on the three dots in the top right corner and switch on subtitles

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