FSU Men’s Basketball vs GVSU Highlights 01-03-19

FSU Men’s Basketball vs GVSU Highlights 01-03-19

Ferris State wins it 86-79 over the
Grand Valley State Lakers and joined now by the head coach of the Ferris State
Bulldogs Andy Bronkema, coach got to be pleased with the way your team came out
and competed here tonight in a rivalry game we competed we competed very very
hard and you know to win a game like that shooting 36% just shows that we’re
growing all right there’s different ways that we can win the game and you know
it’s a great rivalry game that’s that’s one heck of a gritty half court defense
team I mean they can really guard you and block your shot and just contest
they’re an impressive team so today we were able to get them in the full court
enough and it’s kind of a crazy game but we came out on top obviously the
pressure really rattled Grand Valley State at times forced 26 turnovers up 34
to 19 edge points off turnovers as you’re able to tend a foursome to turn
the ball over a few times well we have some pretty distinct styles of play you
know between them and us and you just what you said just enough and
it’s just an impressive team they have they build an impressive team and you
know I wish we got the plan again because you know it brings out the best
in everybody these these rivalry games and they’re a lot of fun you know
sometimes it brings out the worst in everybody everybody wants to talk here
after this game about you know the chip penis it’s like that’s not the time to
talk about the chip penis all right we can all you know catch up later
obviously I hear a big win in terms of your team starting off the second half
of the year here a big game in terms of the GLIAC but one of many here at
another tough challenge coming up this weekend less than this league is loaded
I mean that team we just that was a heck of a win for us I mean they looked good
on film and they looked better life and you know
that’s gonna be more of that you know having every game you know Davenport
coming into town and then we got a road trip up to the U P with some fantastic
teams and you know if you if you choose to let us dress you out there definitely
will and it still does sometimes if you try not to but you got to have fun with
it and you got a you got a really enjoy of this this type of competition and you
can’t be afraid to lose you know we played real well today we could have
lost and we have to be prepared to do that too and you know it’s all easier
said than done but I’m just I’m happy with the effort today with the grit talk
about the leadership you got from some of your veterans obviously just Shaun
thrower 23 points Cole Walker made a couple big plays for you and in a
stretcher late in the ballgame for the second half finished with 16 points well
the leadership came from Greg all day today I mean he was amazing
I mean it his vocal leadership and leadership takes a lot of forms but he
was so vocal today and it was impressive leadership came from DeAngelo Hughes you
know it’s hard when you want to play six guys at the end you know for those
closing lineups and we can fire on you know more cylinders you know DeSean is
obviously a leader in the secondary for football leader on the court for us
I’m happy with how we’re rounding into shape here and I think we can get better
and we’re gonna need to Oh nice was it to get that big win in front of a great
group of Bulldog fans Bulldog alums that we’re here in the building tonight
the Bulldogs love to come to this game this is a favorite away game I don’t
blame them Grand Valley brought a great crowd
especially with the students not being here you know they don’t come back till
next week so just something about this game that that’s you know exciting for
everybody they should put these more of these games on national TV they deserve
to be on national TV this is Echo have a heck of a brand of basketball to GLIAC
and see small college basketball games on national TV obviously a game with a
lot of emotion here tonight how do you put that behind you now and get ready to
take on a very good to have a poor team coming on coming off a nice win to here
tonight it’s emotional you’re right he and
you’ve just got to try to do the next right thing and that’s all you got to do
there’s so much respect you know between the sides and back and forth so nobody’s
perfect and there’s always learning opportunities so you know just just
gonna celebrate this for a little bit and then you know get right right back
to the office and look at that important

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