FSU coach Willie Taggart at 2019 ACC Football Kickoff

FSU coach Willie Taggart at 2019 ACC Football Kickoff

Another step when it comes to leadership. He’s working his tail off, I’ve seen
him around the office more than ever. And they’re learning and
going over football. I think he’s a kid that’s from
junior school and he’s matured. I think last year was beneficial for
him to be on the sideline and see it from a different angle.>>Would you see him having a big role?>>Absolutely, that’s our intention. I mean, that’s why he’s there, and
he’s worth it, like all the guys are.>>How good is it for him to have
Alex come in, give that competition. Not be a guy [INAUDIBLE]
>>Well I think James appreciate that, you ask James he’ll tell you that’s why
he came to Florida State just to compete. And that’s what he intended
to do when he came here. I don’t think any one of our kids came
to Florida State not to participate and compete. But James would be the first one
to tell that he embraced that, he loves competition and
thrives off of it.

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