100 thoughts on “FROZEN 2 Trailer (2019)

  1. I was in a deep deep deep depression when I fell in love with frozen, I could just relate so well with elsa. And now, this long later, as I’m out of my depression, it’s amazing realizing how far I’ve come. I’m so exited for this movie!!! And guys, this journey has been tough. It’s hard to watch frozen just because of the deja vou, so I’m exited for this new chapter.

  2. disney has such a distinct soundtrack for every trailer. it get super super loud in theaters then it just has a little sound at the end for the release date. also can you make a trailer more confusing i genuinely have no idea what the storyline is

  3. I just write a lyric for the vocal.Lyric:

    Ah ha
    Haah ahhaaaa

    Ahha ahha haha-
    Haherhaaaa (haheyhai)
    Wooo ahhhaah


  4. I heard Disney wants Gabourey Sidibe to play Elsa in the live action version. They said they did an extensive search and she just happens to be the best person for the role and if you don't like it then you must be racist and an unfortunate soul.

  5. Wow hindi kopa yan na papanood pero parang gosto kona syang panoodin kasi parang maganda yan kaylan daw iyan i lalabas sa cinema at sa T,V, at sa bala exayted na ako!!!

  6. 2013 : " LET IT GO ! LET IT GO!! "


    2019: " oh wow her coat is so stylishh wher , anna 's eyebrow is so perfect i think she uses maybeline or maybe… "

    * when you have turn into adult * uhuh

  7. At 1:24 the girl and possibly guy you see, they in a way resemble Anna and Elsa’s parents. The father had blonde hair, and the mother had a dark brunet hair color, am I the only one that thinks this? (This is clearly before they were married and were king and queen)

  8. What if Elsa thinks that her parents aren't dead and went to find them? Maybe That's why Anna said she won't let anything happen to Elsa..

  9. Hi, any one or can you tell me that why not get any copyright on movies trailer upload on your channel, and where to find to upload on your channel or download please

  10. Is it just me or did it take Disney so long to come up with a Frozen 2 that I don’t know if I should even be interested anymore.

  11. If it is I’m down 13 games I want to smoke and just saying Santa girl she’s in question are you sitting out before below to do an ass about this low so what does no I’m going to go out so I gowww56(6🍖🍿

  12. Guys wanna know
    Which one is/was the most anticipated movie you all are/were hyped for this year

    Avengers: endgame
    It: chapter 2
    Frozen 2
    godzilla: king of monsters
    Toy story 4
    The lion king
    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
    Terminator: dark fate

    For me its last one
    Just so in love with it 💞

  13. She's lesbian, folks. Can you believe that? I don't have anything against it either, but dude, wtf, this is for children and they shouldn't know anything about that yet! It's just stupid. Btw I don't give a single fuck about what y'all are gonna say, fucking social justice warriors

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