From the German Football League to the Ravens: Chris Ezeala’s Journey to the NFL | NFL Undiscovered

From the German Football League to the Ravens: Chris Ezeala’s Journey to the NFL | NFL Undiscovered

for Christopher assala a chance to play in the national football league isn’t just any ordinary dream it’s a gold he’s been working towards his entire life I started playing football when I was 13 years old and what’s funny I play flag football I was really Charlie a good friend of my school hey Chris do you wanna play football hmm I’m not I’m not strong enough I’m not big enough that come over okay first practice I couldn’t do more than five push-ups but I loved how the team was how they stick together how do motivated each other how they just run the place how to just were flying around and being happy and I was like okay I have to stay here I really felt that I can make it to the next level and the first thing I said was I want to play fullback in the league but I didn’t even know what a food bag it was you know for me football it’s not just a sport I have to do you after climbing the ranks of the German American football leagues Christopher attracted the attention of Scouts from the NFL he’s been invited to join the NFL pathway program where he’ll train alongside for other international prospects for the chance to make an NFL roster I tried to be part of this program the first year but it didn’t work out I was so sad about it because am I able to play in the league we’ll have you going to America Chris has three months to prepare himself for pro-gay an event where scouts from across the league will measure and test Christopher in a series of drills designed to determine where he ranks against other aspiring NFL players I’ll get that phone call I’m speechless I know because it’s a dream since I was a child for Chris the journey to the NFL began long before he arrived in the United States in the form of a letter he wrote to himself promising he one day make it to the National Football League came back one day I said me yeah now I’ve found what is good for me like what I said I’d let it come football Wow American football I said what it’s not our pinky in Europe you know tell me Chris make me proud and fulfill that letter he like he could have thrown it away we could do whatever with it but he had it and left it at home because he knew what type of man I am because he knows me and he knew that I would be like pushing hard filling my dream he’s my mentor and I just wanted to show them that I’m able the schedule the worst day is a Monday and Friday because Monday and Fridays we have a triple date that means we wake up their combat moving after that we’re going to the gym have a good session and after lunch we hid in the bathroom then we undefeat feel their boom they go they go good good nice job now finish now you’re doing a good job with your movements I mean you have you have really come a long way since since we’ve been here you feel pretty good about it now coach can you see and can you and one of the things that I’d like for you to do as well just visualize the position that you want yourself in I mean right now so that when we get out on the field it’s it’s just carry over the people here the facility here for example denominator we’ll be using we don’t have that in Germany hyperbaric chamber never heard of it before we have a lot of other things like an affair mindset where they help us might odds in my head my mindset hearing yourself breathe can be relaxing for the brain for me another plate like really pro and it’s just a different type of pressure to deal with Oh petal you used to everything right when we can we could because it was so hard you start to sweat you do so much things and they try to bring everything out of us and it worked out I am shocked how much potential is in me and it’s just a beginning someone is able to do why I can’t change it as well like we’re just humans and that’s why I’m not giving up and so I want to grind and run and see how gay [Music] what are you pro day has arrived three months of hard work can be put to the test in front of NFL scouts the most important thing that I want to show them is how fast they can play running back guess what how figures were if they needed me with the players we look for Chris is so explosive and he’s such a competitor it’s so tough the way it plays the game it plays the game the right way and I think that value to teams it’s gonna be future if you really push and fight and grind who fulfills get to that point you want to be and that’s why I’m not giving up Chris’s tireless training pays off as he shines throughout the workout now all that’s left to do is wait [Music] I was waiting for this moment but yeah a couple minutes I get that call that come hello yep I’m good sir [Music] [Music] [Laughter] for Christopher is Allah wearing an NFL uniform isn’t just another accomplishment it’s a lifetime dream realized and a promise to himself fulfilled my life’s goal is to become the best player can get I don’t know where my limit ends I don’t know where my potential ends so I’m gonna plant as hot as possible but I know that I want to be great and I am willing to work my ass off the higher you raise the bar the higher your dreams are there’s no limit that’s where you no limit [Music]

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  1. Other countries play football? Why isn't there a global tournament then. That way the term, "word championships." Will make more sense.

  2. Glad to see when it comes to this sport, if you make it big your goal is to travel to the us. for other sports like soccer, it's the opposite

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