Freestyle Soccer Trick Shots w/ Indi Cowie

Freestyle Soccer Trick Shots w/ Indi Cowie

You are now worthy of trick shot greatness. Please take your prize. Thank you. Give her her ball back. Wow! Let’s Go! Boom! Let’s go! Yeeh! Nice! This, is a throwing shot The throwing shot is in the net. Let’s go! Let’s go! I was so surprised. I think, cool I missed again. Thanks so much for watching. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. We had a blast, Phil Moore with Indi Cowie. Be sure to check out her stuff in the description below. We also had a great time working with our buddy, Darren, who got some epic slow motion shots for us, made this video come to life. But until next time, we’ll see y’all later. Let’s go! This one’s a shoo-in.

100 thoughts on “Freestyle Soccer Trick Shots w/ Indi Cowie

  1. why is soccer in the states a sport for girls?i mean basketball isnt harder for example ….greets from germany ,that girl has skills

  2. Não quero ser chato mas para eles acertarem aquelas cestas chegam a ficar chateados de tanto tentar duvido que acertam rápido ou de primeira

  3. 1:50 is so fake.
    He hit the ball with such an angle that didn't have a right to travel so high, and I'm sure he didn't generate enough force for the ball to go even 50 yards, as he was on that mark.

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