France vs Argentina Fiba Basketball match résumé de match de basketball france argentina

France vs Argentina Fiba Basketball match  résumé de match de basketball france argentina

france argentina basketball match abstract, the USA frankly the lagina hit some big
shots in the fourth quarter at Evans for this is their third one of the century
Lewis Cole has been around for all of it all three of those but it’s been fuckin
de compasso who’s been a star of this World Cup he starts alongside Nicolas
booth good evening folks if you are just
joining us is the people basketball world compass in this country played
very well has been very good at this World Cup so has this man Neal Aquino that’s what he sees them with beards
bellowing years before ta this is his second tip to nel Scola out on the break
takes a little bit of contact it goes roster he tries to get a few minutes
here okay Hernandez a half-time here’s Gobert just blocks by to Lydia
Scola again pushing the break and clearly part of the strategy you know
quiet the other night took a knock to the nose compasso that’s good begin with
a dream start and Scola continually goes to the basket goes up again and banks it
in this time beats a lot M by become a hugely
important lawyer for France while he was there floor general for all 12 World Cup
qualifiers is not there be an aggression towards the basket he’s he’s a nice pass
and some possible deflected by to him got his hands on that or slower now Luca those dosa who I know
trust you so much the other night everybody outstanding in 2006
there’s the Colo driving in what a fetish by the Como what a move well Argentina now and the penalty France
just one foul so far and that but he’s already hit one three make it to Scola
backs up and scores e48 looking to make his mark next who’s checked in can’t
stop him that’s the Evan coordinates got it – Dex but he missed the reverse
layup shaky start for deck deck goes in and little underhand shot is good
teammate lots more viitala whips it over the deck
and that goes there’s a red rocker well happily all deck to just me or does
he go kind of like two days ago out there he is just so relaxed and
forty-eight inserts makes it look easy right back the same spot 28 battling Oh
defense SWAT from let’s soar soar SOA are how about that that would be a good
name for him mix a little bit of French in English he gets up there is build
otha let’s soar that time Nicolo pass to Alba see when is open
beautiful pass behind the back wide open good feels out the defense Parnes goes
up oh what a finish this meant strong street I saw how the
sea this time he had beautiful fast path to Leah and was almost affected there
five a tube to good looks for Batum hasn’t been able to knock one down by
Provost Allah it’s it right Alba see gets in puts it
up to the left hand is not there now Scola come Paso and hands it off the
deck who goes hitch tries to go strong lays it up and in just made a huge
impact on this game at all nice s to pick nearly keen eyes picks another jump
shot Gobert it doesn’t make an impact there
with a screening it’s tough for defenders to get around them and
obviously that’s one way to relieve the ball pressure of casters racino there’s
known for his stroke is calm Tazo and the tax is therefore proceed o go bare
hands it off– the sportier goes off one leg or what a tough shot Neal Akina
says behind his back puts it up all that sweet hey this kid can play
that’s why the New York Knicks drafted him so early in the first round
still only 21 years of age meter 98 6 6 garlic life skill I beat the lot
beautiful wraparound pass compasso launches and Barney was fouled
to get if you go bare alpha C open off in front of the iron pot tune gets it
back to Albus he’s gonna try again he gets her right back you mention these
low center of gravity de compasso and I’ll be C share dildo so for three
that’s good so much I’m sure that anybody saw this
coming 48 which is head-down passes out to fight to him for fries that’s good
RINs and this match it helps you go bad go up well instead something has to
shoot it Fournier gypsy boob drives in boy
wedding quality finish I mean he just the 40 is did a great job attacking the
basket just ho aside from three-point range decked open that’s good
why don’t mean while the other inch Scola is able to catch the ball the post
with no resistance Joey Coquina they had settled for the 318 a
makes it sure but whose nevertheless the only shots that were gonna get there you
see how easy it is for Argentina the fine room and to get it to the lane to
get open shots and then that’s not good so fun for himself his teammates
especially when he’s up 14 points there’s Scola going in the random what a
block from a tube and by been scoreless anakena tough drive it is again the Latina and five four
three that’s good we talked about it the two lap for viola
because face line gets it over to come faso lap movi to LA two three
well that’s ankle oh just hit that three nearly Keynes a long tube that’s good
Wow Martina didn’t have everybody back in
the kina hands it off to go back breaking
militina his past two way and at least two to one breaks that Ruby till the
behind the back pass finish by Scola
guess who I was once again defensively compasso and by God good looks in the
fourth quarter monster gets it back to Scola doesn’t mess around
he puts it on three raise another beautiful pass from compasso Luis Scola
and Akina season-opening goes right through the basket but he’s a player
who’s played well yeah I think the Knicks have potentially a really special
saying play see Luiz Scola crossing himself into the EVPs into the game 48 2
3 and the pass of the dump and the basket
you know some pasta
and set off Tata home he goes up ball slips out of his hand went for the
highlight announcing an opportunity there here is enough I’m talking about
mini clothes here is the drive and another basket for lack of insulin and
in the end they’ve made it easy they have really made it look easy luck
home off to the Colo and that’s going Tina that brings out the worse than
their opponents maybe we just don’t give them enough credit before o drives in
the ball blocked out – got any no and if if the victory was famous look at Scola
looking over it Ginobili look at Luis Scola and look at these players
celebrating this is a Cinderella story really Argentine wedding it 82 66 they
came they saw and for the second consecutive game they conquered they win
it’s 82 66

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