France v Australia Highlights FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

France v Australia   Highlights   FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019

to get the all over the outstretched
hand of Dellavedova bills guarded by four new agents going to drive right
past him tries to go up in and gets the roll gets it back to Delhi nine seconds
on the shot clocks screen off Dean’s gets a wide open look
big shot there Matthew Dellavedova keep watching that as well Ingles number two
men a little bit of a chat the three-way chat between them in the officials pills
we’re shot that was Patty Mills in rhythm here the tube to get into
space colo up and in sit back up cool they’re gonna let it fly let’s find
inside one second up and in that’s gonna be your first quarter an
incredible first quarter son needs to play a point I’m looking forward to
seeing him against are the Dellavedova Mills on the defensive end take on LBC
himself up and then takes them to school go get them all of that you’ve got next
to the fans in the stands are going to be treated to a high scoring spectacle
for game 4-3 the big man can’t finish either he had to watch himself straight
to step on his a teammate Nicolo for the other end Nando de Colo
right on cue here we are getting back to the action
Mills works the screen off Bogut he’s just gonna let it fly and why not why
not seconds on the shot clock for negation just creates a space here comes
Patty Mills on the fast break up and in mr. Patty mill no good deli gets it back
he wants to reset inside Creek up and under midstream can he respond for
France the colo kicks it back out the tube OBC for three new shot Angela BC
the response don’t think any different don’t expect any different from him
angles on the inside Joe angles France timeout it’s got a fan in each
other here’s the Kolo back into the game Nicolo pissing off the glass with point
one seconds on the shot clock Australian needs a stop they’ve got to
go to Coney hey now they’ve got to go to pony ain’t for me that’s where they need
to be oh wow what a play but the goal I know Nando de Colo ever the agitator
always find it away hi I’m cope don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup
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