France v Australia FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

France v Australia  FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

a go-to for this Australian team
especially during the qualifiers strawberry from Bogut look at this
one-handed superb Benzing step to the side three-point shot rebound Batum
what about cuts down the floor was a native and from the big touchdown
extraordinary now it’s the outlet pass that beautiful touch pass the collar I
think it was on that occasion there but these are the times where when you
journey you’ve got to find a way to get something cheap a little fat dog cat to
kalos shop top down to the final three seconds to colo contest it from the
stripe able to move it onto our beat see who gets it away in time and bakes the
buzzer a bit of Defense he sits just the close
they are they’re in a tough shot where PC is 48 creates the room with the spin
on the step that misses the shot loan in Akina
grabs the offensive rebound it some by for three again automatic from there
they focus right now the winner of that one wins to fall snow calm another fast
break for fraks thrown up by a unloading some French firepower when he had two
points in Game one one of four from the field the man who
led them in scoring at the last two World Cups
it’s the saw white finish the less the sawdust saw over the top of the defense
and that poster that’s been saving than the Hussein was avoiding the play before
all of a sudden he’s now on it look at that a little bit of a lucky breaking needles again lovely pass out to vain
steps back to the three and drains it Aron Baynes there’s only one team in
that Serbia who scores more points than these two
so six three-pointers already delivered over our invade we knew both these teams
were gonna come out gunning for a win because of how important the win today
would be with the rebound and here is Mills oh and it’s sublime for patty mill
and let’s have another look at this from Patty Mills bills oh what a fine
right on cue not to be a little bit more craftier than that I mean right in front
of the referee is that Patty Mills look feed on the inside back-to-back big
plays for banks to be repeated there but banks said no thank you
they keep the scoreboard going that’s what they need right now discussed each
other obey the big green can they spark something political
hanging or PC fights on inside the Big Bear throws it down and foul number 17
Vincent Rory a to you he flies inside and there’s only one worth land it’s
disgusting elbow just hook round as we’ve seen a replay for Corey oh my
goodness meats looking down into the ring has to reach so far across to drag
the ball back your talent your power an explosive beauty of basketball hi I’m
Colby don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup
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