Former Football Players Devon Gales and Marshall Morgan Find Friendship in Tragedy

Former Football Players Devon Gales and Marshall Morgan Find Friendship in Tragedy

100 thoughts on “Former Football Players Devon Gales and Marshall Morgan Find Friendship in Tragedy

  1. When he said: one side of me want it to cry
    I instantly thought “ but the other side of me could move “ hahaha lol

  2. Mr. Devon you’re true warrior! Prayers goes to Devon and his family. I truly believe One day you will walk again.

  3. I was at this game and this shit was hard to fucking watch. The whole stadium was dead silent for a solid 15 min

  4. Completely heartbreaking he's a much stronger man than me I couldn't live like that I would have took the easy way out somehow

  5. Marshal is a good person,he could have simply moved on with his life but he took the chance to reach out and Devon took the chance to let him in.ypu both inspire me, this isnt just another ordinary frienship,its beautiful.Bless you much love.

  6. Man I would have probably quit football if I had done that or been a part of doing that to someone. That would have wrecked me.

  7. Damn a MF play for college and go out there and gets fucked up and paralyzed and they dont want to pay these dudes a dime

  8. Going from being one of the most athletic people on the planet to the coordination of a 1 year old has to be heavy. This is where boosters are needed, take care of this guy

  9. No offence but Devon's mother is going to need back surgery if she keeps lifting him of the floor like that there has got to be a better way to do that .Also i think that its ridiculous that with all the money in collage football that the students who play and are exploited by there schools dont have proper insurance to take care of the kids that get hurt playing sports for them .AMERICA IS NOT THE PLACE TO LIVE IF YOU ARE MEDICALLY DEPENDENT.

  10. “He wanted to be there with me, through this journey. Because it’s not just mine, it’s his too.” -Devon
    What an incredible attitude of gratitude.

  11. Story bought tears to my eyes, what an inspiration this kid is.
    Hopefully he is able to walk again and lead a normal life.

  12. It's horrible that they experienced that but it was already written. I believe that there are no mistakes and that we have certain people that we are supposed to meet in our lifetimes. Without that injury those two probably would have never spoken off the field. They may one day figure out why or they may not. But they were meant to know one another.

    On another note, stories like this make me sad that athletes in college and some in high school cannot earn money from sponsors. I know why they can't and I fully agree with it but playing at that level isn't without risk. No school's athletic insurance will ever match the loss of potential earnings. Not saying that he would have ever played in the NFL. It's just a general statement. The most promising athletes could be hit wrong, land wrong, or whatever, and never be able to play again. I think it's sad.

  13. Man..he definitely lowered his head that’s no doubt the reason he got hurt but nobody deserves that kind of debilitating injury…I had never heard of this story somehow until now.

    They both are done with their football careers in very different ways but they both understand that life is bigger than football. Fuckin incredibly amazing my gahd

  14. Shazier made the same mistake with lowering the head while tackling. That's so dangerous. Hope Devon and Shazier overcome their injuries

  15. Damn that momma helping her baby boy got me man, y'all gotta love your mommas cause they do really are always there for you

  16. If you've ever seen the movie concussion, it's facts this game is dangerous .you risk your health to your life at times

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