Ford’s Fascinating World of Football — Who’s got the loudest fans?

Ford’s Fascinating World of Football — Who’s got the loudest fans?

I’ve come to Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city of 17 million people and a crossroads between Europe and Asia. Football is huge in Turkey. I’ve come to meet some supporters of Galatasaray, who were last year recorded making the loudest ever noise heard inside a football stadium. I’m going to travel with them to a big game and see just how loud they are. I’m on Ali Sami Yen Street. Two hours to kick-off. Galatasaray fans, they meet on this street, they gather together, they make an incredible atmosphere and I’m with Atahan, who’s a supporter of Galatasaray. What does Galatasaray mean to you? (FAN) Everybody you see here has the same feeling. We don’t support Galatasaray. We believe in Galatasaray. “Star of our heart, yellow and red, champion Galatasaray!” I’ve just arrived at the stadium and the sound is incredible already. I can hear the fans loud and clear. I’ve brought my decibel meter reader, so we’re going to take this inside and see just how loud those Galatasaray fans are. “Come on!” The fans are still getting used to their new home, which over twice the size of their old Ali Sami Yen stadium. Other clubs have moved home but struggled to replicate the atmosphere in their new stadium – that is not the case with Galatasaray. The noise is sparked by four different vocal areas around the stadium. When one starts, the rest usually join in, and the noise cascades down from both tiers What an incredible experience. Even when Galatasaray were losing, the fans didn’t stop singing on all four sides of the stadium. It holds 52,000 people and the decibel meter reader recorded everything. That’s if it’s strong enough to record it…

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